25 of the Best “Your Mom Comebacks”

Your mom’s jokes are comebacks that are used in bantering humour. Often than not people get into conflict, confrontational, or try to rule the other up.

During a banter or conflict, people like to tell or make snide comments or remarks about you. Mostly giving remarks about how you look or appear or telling nasty mom jokes about you.

Giving a comeback lets them know you are as well a hit cup to handle also and equal to the task. A good comeback would keep them away from you, in this article we would list and talk about twenty-five of your mom’s comebacks, stay tuned.

25 Best Your Mom Comebacks

1. I’ve heard that one before, and it was funnier the first time.

A good comeback for your mama jokes is saying I’ve heard this one before and doesn’t have value or even sound funnier. This is a good comeback to get back at whoever is dissing you, it shows them that the joke is dry and they have exhausted its use with you.

Some jokes only sound funny once, repeating them doesn’t make them funnier. When you use a comeback like this you stop the joker dead in their tracks. Deploy this comeback because it’s perfect for a wide range of your mom jokes.

2. That is so funny I forgot to laugh

This is so funny I forgot to laugh is a demoralizing comeback for your mama jokes. When you tell a mouthy person this comeback line, it breaks them down. They make it extra spicy. You should chin up when you say this with no atom of a smile.

They would see that whatever they said is not funny and doesn’t hold water. This would leave them angry because the main aim of throwing up mama jokes on you is to pause you off.

Hence you don’t get pissed off or smile in regret if the joke thrown on you makes you a winner at the comeback.

3. I think you need to take your humour to the club and not here

I think you need to take your humour to the comedy club and not here sounds like a good comeback to your mom’s jokes. Telling them to take their humour to the comedy club shows them they are not in the right place to be doing that. 

Tell them that if they want to be comedians, they can take their jokes to the comedy club or parlour and for them to be here with you giving these less humorous jokes shows they are not good comedians in any way

4. Why don’t you try to make a funny joke 

Replying with a diss “why don’t you try to make a funny joke would put them to shame and keep their mouth where their money is worth, and guess what it’s worth nothing. 

Telling them this statement means that their jokes are not funny. A jester’s greatest sin is to see you sad and squirm from shame after the jets you. When your chin up and tell them straight up their jokes are legitimately not funny keep them away.

5. You call that a joke, I call that a bad attempt at humour

You can shoo away a jester saying- you call that a joke, I call that a bad attempt at comedy. Jesters are proud of their jokes as what gives them eminence is talking people down with their words in front of people.

This silly act makes them feel big as they are verbal bullies.

Calling their joke a bad attempt at humour in front of people shames them too. They dislike this and do not react well to it. They feel way more ashamed when you have the guts to down them and also give them a dose of their own medicine.

6. Am not laughing, but I’ll try to laugh for you

Commenting on your mom’s jokes saying I am not laughing but I’ll try to laugh for you is like medicine after death. A bad situation even you cannot salvage in their jesting career, I’ll try to laugh for you is more of a sarcastic insult than actual empathy.

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A reply like this proves to your jester that what they say has no effect on you and doesn’t even sound pleasant or humorous to the ears. This tells them to keep their words of jest to themselves as it is of no use and has no effect.

7. Am sure you spent the whole night coming up with that one

When you give a comeback saying “I’m sure you spent the whole night coming up with that one” this shows that your jester is just a mouthy person who does not affect their mouth, no matter what they say.

This comeback shows they are slow and lack spontaneity in their jest. Spending a whole night only to come up with one or two silly jokes means they are bad at what they do and slow at that one. 

8. That joke is older than the Egyptian scrolls

That joke is older than the Egyptian scrolls, no one likes stale jokes. A jester is only proud of his jokes when it has a good effect on the receiver and when it sounds good to the ears of the onlookers or crowd.

Telling in public that their jokes are as old as the Egyptian scrolls would expose that they are ordinary mouth jesters who do not have any good jokes to tell.

9. You must have confused the joke with a bad pawn 

You must have confused jokes with a bad pawn, I guess you should stick to bad jokes as that is the only thing you are good at. This comeback is good for whoever tells your mama jokes about you. 

It makes them know that they have no good jokes to tell, the idea of your mom jokes is to tell a good joke that makes your opponent get emotional. A bad joke does not affect emotions as it is rather a bad pawn than a good joke.

10. I don’t think humour is your strong suit

When you tell someone who thinks they are all out to jest you say “I don’t think humour is your strong suit means they are not humourus and neither are they good at it too.

This is going to break his morale in trying to get a good Caine back at you, remember that jokesters don’t like to be teased or not be in control of their podium. So he’ll yes you can take advantage of this situation by telling them you don’t think humor is their strong suit.

11. I don’t think that joke is ready for stardom 

I don’t think that joke is ready for stardom. Any comedian or joker you hit with this point is going to feel it hard. It would be more of an emotional taunt and a comeback, let’s call it a super combo.

Imagine telling a cook that you don’t think their recipe is ready for any chef competitions. You have hit the nail where it hurts and they are not getting away with this point when you tell them.

12. Your jokes are always awkward they sound like a quacking duck

A funny comeback to your mom’s joke is making fun of their joke, you do this by calling their joke awkward. You should do this by telling their joke and using yours to down their joke. Telling them their jokes are like a quacking dock, you expose their joke as it has no humor.

This is one way to get people laughing at them, your opponents would know that you are good at comebacks as this will lead them to back down from telling your mama jokes at them.

13. Please don’t waste time and money trying to pursue a career in comedy

Advising a joker not to waste money trying to pursue a career in comedy already tells the public that their jokes are of no good and a waste of time. Time is money you know, express to them how listening to whatever joke they tell is a time wastage.

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Tell them that listening to their jokes is a waste of time and no one wants to pay for bad jokes or even afford to waste their time. This would put them in there a place for good.

14. If these jokes make it to the comedy podium you would get booed.

A hot comeback for your mom jokes is telling a jester that their jokes would get booed if it makes it to a podium. This comeback would mar a jokers effect on you if you tell it to them. Their jokes must be so dry that onlookers would boo them away.

Telling this to them would get them away from you as they would know that their jokes are not worth a penny or even rich enough for a genuine reaction. This would keep them away from you knowing that you stand for yourself.

15. I’ve heard better jokes from a 5-year-old

I’ve heard better jokes from a 5-year-old, imagine saying this as a comeback for your mom’s joke. As a jokester, for a five-year-old to have better jokes says a lot about their jokes. Tell them how their jokes are not funny not even good e enough for a toddler.

Diss them in a way that the knowledge that their jokes don’t hold water. They do not do well with you downing them in front of others.

This brings down their ego and they do not want that. Telling them that a five-year-old has better jokes than them means they do not have a good career in telling jokes.

16. Now I know why your mama told me you were a disappointment

A snarky comeback to your mom joke is this one right here, it makes fun of their mama by implying so many things.

It turns the joke on them and is a funny comeback that can get the crowd laughing at the expense of the other person. The comeback makes fun of them by implying their mom told you things about them.

It is a way to shame them into submission and also gets the crowd happy and content. Comebacks should always be sharp, witty, and without delay. This way it will be hard for them to regroup.

17. Keep my your mom out of your mouth

Your mom’s joke can become personal for some and even be seen as insulting, or maybe you aren’t just in the mood to be making jokes. Whatever the reason, this comeback is perfect for moments when you are not taking jokes.

Telling them to keep your mom’s name out of their mouth is banning them from making any kind of funny jokes or remarks about her. Anyone smart will get the message and will discontinue any jokes about your mama instantly. 

18. At least I have a mom who loves me

This is one of those comebacks that savagely hit your opponent. It is confrontational and packs a punch delivered and wrapped in words. The comeback implies they do not have love from their mama, resulting in them making jokes about yours.

With this comeback, you can get the crowd roaring and a visible cringe on your opponent. People are strong on the love their mama has to give and playing on that can give you the upper hand. 

19. You should get a stage and start a career at making the worst joke in history. 

Comedians should get a stage and a comeback like this is a perfect way to remind the joke teller that they need a stage if they want to make jokes.

This comeback also takes a direct jab at them, making fun of their jokes by telling them to go big for making bad jokes. Doing this will have you upstaging them and taking the lead from them.

They will desist from making more jokes directed at you. Anyone who wants to make jokes should have a stage and not use you as a training ground.

20. You are so bad at jokes I am losing my funny bone

A witty comeback you can try when someone directs your mama joke at you is saying that joke is so bad you have lost your sense of humor. Have you ever heard a joke so terrible you can’t tell if it’s funny or not? Replying to them with this comeback is a similar situation.

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You have reversed the tables for them and they will lose trust in their ability to make funny jokes to anyone. This comeback cripples them by taking away their confidence in a crowd.

21. Come back when you have a good one

This comeback is especially perfect for people who constantly throw jokes your way. When you say they should come back when they have a good one, it shows that their jokes have had no funny retort in the past and present.

This tells them that the joke is weak and they should work to improve their game. Weak jokes sound bad every time it’s told, and this comeback is a reminder of how weak their joke will always sound.

22. This joke is so dry, got children crying

The idea of a joke is to cause laughter. A wonder comeback that dissuades further joke attacks is replying by telling them their joke is so dry, it’s got kids crying. When the purpose of the intended joke is thrashed by your witty and instant comeback.

You will have the joker feeling small and invisible because they can’t get the reaction that they had hoped for. What this comeback does is strip them of the funny snarks and remarks.

23. Is that the best you can do?

Telling them is that the best you can do is a classic comeback for your mom joke. It means that all the effort they put into making that silly joke is a waste. The joke isn’t funny, and the delivery suck shows replying in such a manner.

You will have them scrambling to make more funny jokes that won’t just work. It helps to have this comeback ready because it can disorient anyone that drops your mom’s joke on you.

24. Don’t worry I’m sure ill be seeing your mom later, we can discuss how I can be a good daddy to you

This reply is savage and hits below the belt. It is a point for you and zero for the joke maker. This comeback alludes they don’t have good upbringings, and that’s why they go around making jokes about people’s mothers.

When you use this comeback, you are trying to save them by being their daddy. Anyone who hears this comeback will refrain from publicly trying to make jokes about your mama. It’s also a sign of a lack of good parenting on their part. 

25. Don’t make fun of my mom the whole county knows she isn’t better

One of the best comebacks to your mom’s joke is responding by telling them not to make fun of yours because there is way worse.

This is perfect when someone wants to paint and make fun of your mom for something they lack or obviously can defend. It turns their joke watery because it’s a classic example of the kettle trying to call the pot black.

If anyone should make jokes, it shouldn’t be someone who doesn’t measure up in no way. And that is exactly how this comeback makes them feel. It elevates you above them by exposing the sham or fake life they are hiding under. 


Comebacks are important to know and have especially when someone is trying to tell your mom jokes on you. There are many comebacks available and some are even popular for their humorousness. 

You should have comebacks for your mom jokes, this notifies whoever is coming unto you that you are as well equal or more to the task.

Teasers like to be the only ones teasing, having a comeback for their jokes is like giving them a little of their coin back, and trust me they don’t like it.

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