21 Best Responses to “You’re a Catch”

When someone calls you a catch, it means two things: the first is they have noticed you and are trying to appreciate you for who you are and what you do, and the other is they have an eye on you and they want you to know about their feelings.

Either way, we will start with what it means when someone calls you a catch. If anyone at all calls you a catch, a brother, a friend, or an admirer, it means you are someone with amazing qualities, one who is loyal, kind, funny, smart, and good to look at.

All in all, you will make a terrific friend and partner. That said, let’s look at how to respond to this sentence with much more interesting things than “thank you so much” and “I’m flattered”.

How to Respond to “You’re a Catch”

I’m very thankful for your kind words

You might not have expected it but one should always appreciate a compliment and graciously too. This response is a great way to do it.

Of course, there are several alternatives. You can say, “Thank you. You are so sweet”, or “Thank you.

This brightened my day”. Just do you, whatever it is that you want to say but be sure that you say thank you and they know that you are appreciating them.

I appreciate the compliment, thank you

What’s the difference between the response and the one above? Well, this one focuses on the compliment. It is a good way to make a quick acknowledgment so you don’t seem rude or arrogant.

Also, if you know there are specific reasons they have for telling you that, other than appreciating you for who you are, you can use this to appear naive but steer the conversation away from that.

Aw, thank you! You’re pretty great yourself

And there is nothing wrong with returning a compliment. Telling them this lets them know that you also see the same qualities they see in you in them. Or not. It can just be that you see them as Amazon people that anyone would be lucky to have.

I am flattered by your compliments

The thing about this response is how it can be understood in two ways. The first is, you are just joking with them. If they are joking, it’s a nice indulging reply to say back to them.

On the other hand, it can actually be that it is flattering to you probably because you don’t think of yourself as such or you are glad that you thought that if you.

Either way, give your cheeks a bit of blush so they know you are sincere in your thanks.

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You’re making me blush! Thank you

Why blush when you can say it? It might not mean that much to you but you don’t want to seem ungrateful so you can use this response as an alternative to the one above.

Another way to say this is “You are making me blush” or “I feel bashful”. There are many other ways to say you are making me blush ♥️♥️.

Oh yeah? And what makes me a catch?

It will be interesting to find out what exactly it is that people see in you when they give a compliment such as this.

Maybe they feel you are homely, or a great and loyal friend. It might just be that you are very caring. If you have the time to spare, why not sit back and listen? You learn something new about yourself.

Big fish or little fish?

Silky right? This response is a way to ask how they see you. Yes, they think you are a catch but are they just saying that as a compliment, or do they have some interest in you?

Now you see the reason for this response. Before you rush out to use this reply, be sure to note that their answer might be a bit saddening or upsetting, so if you can’t handle that just skip to the next response.

I caught you honey

Most times guys think that they have scored a girl when they think the girl is I to them. News flash: most of the time, the lady has a setup that makes you fall into their trap.

If you feel that they have a crush on you and you are ready to be with them, you can let the cat out of the bag and let them know.

And if you didn’t try any plans or traps, you can say this to let them know that you are aware of how they feel about you. At best this reply is bold, at worst it is seemingly proud.

Pierce thinks I am a catch! I’m honored

We have all seen those high school movies where the hot quarterback or football captain or the hottest guy in school compliments someone who wasn’t expecting it.

Well, if the person saying you are a catch is someone of that status you can use this reply to tell them that it means a lot to you, it’s a huge deal and you really appreciate it.

Don’t make me laugh

This response is a good way to tell someone that you don’t believe what they just said because it seems like a joke, something that is funny because it isn’t possible.

It is quite sad because it shows that you don’t believe in yourself but at the same time you can say this to know if they are serious if it really was a joke.

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Thanks, but I prefer to be called a fishing net

Another fish joke. They might not get it but it’s a way to say that you are not one that just falls for people, people falling in love with you and that makes you the net that fishes people.

I know it goes completely against the meaning of being a catch but that’s the problem with fish jokes… They are fishy.

Don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head…or my stomach if you’re buying dinner

This reply is such a smooth way to kick-start things with someone you have you have an eye on. They finally noticed you, and bit just that, they think you are a catch. That’s a good sign.

Why not speed things up a bit by finding a way to ask them out on a date? They will be caught off guard and unless they are busy, they will admire your guts and say yes.

Well, you better let go now. I bite

This reply is a joke implying that not only a catch but they have in fact caught you. The joke here is you saying you would bite because animals trying to defend or protect themselves attack in some way.

It is a great joke because well, they will definitely not let go because you are a catch and they might be willing to put up with that bite no matter how painful.

I have always been told I act a little fishy

Still on fish jokes, here is another. If you really are into shady things, you would be scaring them by telling them. If you think about it, it’s like an affirmation that you are some kind of mysterious or shady weirdo.

If you are not, this should make them laugh and that should keep the conversation going.

I know right. And yet I am single

If you are hearing this from a friend then there is no silky response. Just give them a frank response like this one. Who knows they might be able to find out why you are single.

Just saying, it might be because you don’t use really good replies, or there is something fishy about you. And if it’s a stranger who told you, one you know doesn’t have feelings for you, you can still say this to them. It’s quite amusing.

Catch? No way. I am a whole seafood buffet

Why sell yourself short? You are a dynamite and you have to be proud. If they think any less of you, you should use this reply to remind them who you are. This reply is also in line with the fish joke.

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Seafood comes from the sea, where fishes come from. This will leave them astounded and lost for words.

It’s not my fault I have a magnetic personality, what can I say?

If you missed the joke, here is an explanation: you get attracted to a catch hence the magnet part. And hey, isn’t this just the most modest reply?

Giving all the praise to a personality you have no control over makes you sound humble and more of a catch.

Well, I do come with a warning label. Beware of sarcasm and weird dance moves

This silly reply is one way that they will never expect you to reply to “You are a catch”. The one thing about this response though, is that as amusing as it is, it says too much.

With this reply, you are agreeing to give them a chance that’s why you are already telling them about you.

If you are not up for that then this response is not for you but if you are going ahead to use it, maybe change that sarcasm and weird dance moves to something you are more comfortable with.

Thanks, but have you met the rest of my family? We’re all pretty much the same

Another modest way to acknowledge that you are a catch is this response. It tells them that you love your family and that they are pretty much like you – all amazing people that are fun to hang out with.

It gives you a good image in their eyes.

No Thanks. My boyfriend thinks so too

Someone hitting on you and you don’t like it? This reply should shock them and send them running. The best part is seeing them shocked and trying to disguise the shock, especially if they are not aware that you are in a relationship with anyone.

Also, if you are a catch, why didn’t they realize that someone else got there before them?

You should be the one that thinks that or I would be in a relationship

Another sad reply but I promise, it’s the last (yes, of the sad replies, and the last one in the list).

You are telling whoever said this to you that they are the only one who thinks that about you, if not other people who think the same would have approached you and you would probably be in a wonderful relationship.

All said and done, just use these replies as a guide. Just make sure that you don’t get on anyone’s bad side with anything that might sound upsetting. Got more responses? Drop them below. Cheers.

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