15 Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy (Number 5 & 10 Are My Favorites)

BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) comedy shows are a popular way to enjoy a night of laughs with friends while enjoying your favorite drinks.

However, choosing the right drink to bring to a BYOB comedy event can be a bit challenging. You want a drink that complements the comedy, enhances your experience, and is easy to transport.

Some of the best drinks to bring to a BYOB comedy show are light and refreshing beverages, such as beer, hard seltzers, or wine coolers.

These drinks can help quench your thirst and offer a low alcohol content, which is perfect for sipping throughout the show.

If you prefer a cocktail, consider bringing premade mixed drinks or small bottles of spirits that can be easily mixed with a mixer at the venue.

It’s important to also consider the venue’s policies on bringing drinks, as some may not allow glass bottles or require drinks to be in a certain type of container.

Ultimately, the best drink to bring to a BYOB comedy show is one that you enjoy and can comfortably transport to the event.

BYOB comedy events usually don’t sell alcohol hence the encouragement to bring yours.

If you are perplexed about what to bring, look no further. I have you covered:

Here are 15 of my favorite drinks you can bring to a BYOB Comedy

  1. White Claw
  2. Spindrift Spiked
  3. Kirkland Signature
  4. Budweiser
  5. Heineken
  6. Guinness
  7. Bud light
  8. Strongbow ciders
  9. Angry orchards
  10. Citizen Cider
  11. Casamara club
  12. Smirnoff Ice
  13. SOUND sparkling beverage
  14. Sparkling Codorníu Zero
  15. Spanish Cava

White Claw

When you say hard seltzer, what most people think of first is White Claw. That’s how popular it is and there has got to be a reason for it.

It comes in so many varieties of flavors, it is easy to find and it is very low in sugar. It contains 5% alcohol which is in line with BYOB comedy policy.

One con about it? It has an artificial taste so if you are looking for a natural taste, this is not the one for you. I will recommend white claw mango, as the most natural-tasting flavor but hey, you go wild with your choices.

Spindrift Spiked

Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy

Spindrift spiked seltzer is another seltzer that you should consider taking to BYOB. It is the best natural-tasting seltzer and the spindrift spiked half & half is fire.

It has the right amount of everything – the combination of fruits blends well and you still taste them in all their individual goodness.

Another thing about spindrift spiked is that it has no added sugar. I mean, none at all. If you are worried about the sugar content, this is for you. For the alcohol percentage, it is at 4%, among the lowest on the list.

Kirkland Signature

Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy

Costco’s Kirkland Signature has an advantage in price as it is the best budget-friendly among the three. It is just like a White Claw with more flavor and less price.

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It has this in all its variety, from black currant to Lime Jell-O (yes, a real Jell-O flavor). It has 0% juice (yes, all-natural fruits) and 5% alcohol volume.


Budweiser beer is also known as the king of all beer, topping the beer charts everywhere, this premium blend of hop varieties, barley malt, fresh rice, and filtered water all produce a crisp flavored drink.

Budweiser comes in different flavors. The Budweiser Select 55 has the lowest alcohol content with 2.4%.

The Budweiser Chelada is good if you are going for that fruity rich taste. Budweiser Select has more honey malt and my personal favorite, Budweiser Select with only 4.3% alcohol is more refreshing and full flavor.

What sets Budweiser apart from others in its varieties is the delicateness of its flavor. It is light, subtle, and yet refreshing.


Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy

Just as popular as Guinness or Budweiser, Heineken is another refreshing beer you want to have in your hand at a BYOB comedy event.

Aside from the basic ingredients of malted barley, hops extract, and water, the yeast used is a unique A-yeast that gives Heineken its pure, fresh taste.

That aside, Heineken is also known as an international pale lager. It has a pale color that stands it out from the golds of other beers. It has an alcohol volume of 5% and it’s best when it’s served on the rocks.

Guinness draught stout

Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy

Guinness draught stout is one of the best-selling divisions of Guinness beer. With its iconic dark brown color, it has a velvety feel on the palate and it goes down smoothly.

With the chief ingredients being roasted barley, malted barley, hops, and yeast, it gives it an intense burnt taste. It is low in sugar but high in carbs with an alcohol content of 4.2%.

Guinness draught stout is a good choice for a BYOB event because you get to take a good amount of alcohol without going overboard or being restricted.

It’s also almost anywhere so you don’t have to worry about availability. Fun fact a bottle of Guinness draught stout is roughly the same price as a Smirnoff ice.

Bud Light

Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy

Brother to Budweiser, and one of the most popular beers in America, Bud Light makes its mark as the lightest beer.

Smooth on the tongue and easy down the throat, this bright golden liquid with an elegant aroma and rich foamy head has only 4.2% of alcohol content, is low in calories, and has an appealing taste.

The only issue with bud light is, as a light version of Budweiser, it is not tasty and doesn’t even have a variety of flavors. One thing about you can be sure that bud light has a consistent taste.

In the end, if what you are looking for is refreshment with a bit of alcohol (good criteria at a BYOB event), you can take Bud Light with you.

Strongbow ciders

Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy

This beer-looking cider doesn’t look like what would say “apple cider”  at first glance and I can see why. It has this frothy beer look although it tastes so much like an apple.

One pro about this Strongbow cider is it is very low in alcohol volume. How low? 0.5%. It’s a big hit for cider lovers who want a bit of alcohol and beer lovers who want a break from anything strongly alcoholic.

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The downside of this is it has so much more sugar than your average coca cola. Well, we can’t all be winners. You can check out the range of flavors. They come in original dry, rosé apple, and pear secco

Angry Orchard crisp apple

Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy

The thing about this cider is that it has a crisp taste that balances out all the sweetness. It gives the cider a dull sour taste but it is something that you will like even if you are not into ciders.

The best comparison I can give to angry orchards is taking a bite into a honeysuckle apple. It has a nice fruity aroma and it is light to drink.

I would recommend this not just for a BYOB event but also for a nice adult picnic. It has a lot more zest to the taste which makes it seem more natural.

Aside from the fruity taste and smell, this flavor has an amber look, unlike most gold-colored ciders. It has a 5% volume of alcohol.

You can also try out their other flavors but I will give this a ten out of ten and I will recommend it.

Citizen Cider

Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy

For those with a sweet tooth, I give you Citizen Cider. I must say that for a cider it is not too sweet.

It’s light on the gut so it doesn’t leave you feeling heavy and bloated. It has a light fizz to it and a refreshing fruity aroma.

Processed from fresh apple, this cider is sweetened with natural occuring sugars. This is also gluten free so you won’t be worrying about calories or weight gain anytime soon.

It has an alcohol content of 5.2% so you have to be careful not to have one too many cans. Another good thing about this is it pairs well with cheese of any kind – fresh, blue, soft, hard-aged, or semi-nutty – and pork too.

Best served and taken chilled.

Casamara Club

Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy

If you are going for something non-alcoholic, you should consider these amaro club sodas.

With a combination of sparkling water, grapefruit, lemon and lime, orange extracts, juniper, clove, and so many other fruits, Casamara has that citrusy flavor.

Another thing about it is with all of these fruits, the sugar and all, it has a mild taste. That’s something you want to go for all night.

It will pair well with any meal since it won’t overwhelm the taste and at the same time, it is subtle. Casamara Club comes In four flavors, something you might not notice until you take very regular swings (I will advise getting the variety pack so you can try out all the flavors at once). What’s more?

They look like beer bottles so you might have the appearance that you are drinking while you enjoy some wonderful comedy.

Smirnoff Ice

Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy

Good old Smirnoff. Can you remember a time when this didn’t exist? Exactly! This baby has been around since 1864, and while it has many different types and strengths, we chose Smirnoff ice and you will see why soon.

First, although Smirnoff has a lot of alcohol content, Smirnoff ice has about 4.5% of alcohol. It is also very easy on the bank. You can get a bottle for 6 dollars.

And to the taste. What makes this malt beverage so popular aside from price and availability is the fizz with the natural lemon and lime taste. Goes down smooth and tastes good. Nothing beats that.

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SOUND Sparkling Beverage

Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy

If all you look for in a drink is some fizz and natural taste, you should try Sound Sparkling beverages. What makes it stand out is the ingredients.

They are a combination of sparkling water and lots of fruits. The best part about their flavors is they are non-GMO (Genetically modified organisms), have no botanical flavors, and have no artificial taste.

You just have fresh real fruits infused with organic teas and fruit extracts. One more thing, they are really low in sugar so though they are unsweetened they still have a lovely taste.

Their flavors range from tangerine to grapefruit, and they come in a variety pack.

Sparkling Codorníu Zero

Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy

And if all you ever drink is anything sparkling then I got you. With a combination of lemon skins, stone fruit, and that good citrus rind, this bottle of wine will have a pleasant lingering taste in your mouth.

One good thing about this wine is that it is a great accompaniment to a diverse range of foods.

From appetizers to seafood to salads and 3ven desserts, you can basically pair this with any meal at. BYOB event. Codorníu Zero also comes in whites and reds, so you can go for whatever makes you happy.

Spanish Cava

Best Drinks for BYOB Comedy

A list of drinks will not be complete if it didn’t include cava wine. That’s something for wine lovers who like a bit of alcohol in their glass. Spanish Cava is made just the way champagne is made.

The only difference is the grapes used. The popular ones like Xallero, Macabeo, and Parellada. They fermented to give the base of the Cava wine we all know.

The alcohol content in Spanish cava ranges between 10.5 to 12.5, nothing that BYOB comedy will not allow. If you are new to Spanish cava, it means more to a fruity taste but with intense flavor.

It’s less acidic than champagne and it has high notes of Mediterranean fruits.

BYOB Policy on drinks

No liquor

You are allowed to bring alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as long as it is not against the rules or limitations of that restaurant or event. Keeping all alcoholic beverages under the alcohol content of 12% is safe.

A means of identification

Usually, depending on the location and type of events, there are ways to identify people. You will be carded and asked to show a means of identification.

It’s best to avoid problems and to go there with a clear means of identification. You have to be above 21 years to be allowed to consume alcohol.

No sharing of drinks

Not all BYOB comedy events will let you share a poured drink. While some will let you share your drink as long as it is allowed within the premises, others are absolutely against it and will ask that everyone come with their own drink

No shakers or mixers

The making of any beverage is prohibited. It is best to come with something that will not need any type of preparation like canned sodas or wines.

No coolers

You are not allowed to come with more than 2 drinks so you are told not to bring coolers to keep them. It’s a good way to prevent people from sneaking in drinks or going against the policy laid down.


At a BYOB comedy event, you can have a good laugh while enjoying your favorite drink brought from home if you don’t want to spend as much or they don’t offer what you’d like.

It’s a great way to loosen up and hang out with friends and family on your days off.

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