15 Sample Emails to Collect Money for Farewell Gift (Including Reminder Samples)

Have you been charged with collecting money for a colleague’s farewell gift? And you need some help with writing a nice email so everyone contributes?

In this article, I’ll be giving 15 sample emails you can use to create your email to send to your colleagues asking for a farewell gift.

Hi Team,

Our dear colleague, Bella, is being transferred to Chicago and she’d be leaving next week Friday. We’d be saying farewell with a gift, and we decided on $7 per person. You can send in yours when you can…

This is a good example of the first email you can send to your colleagues, requesting money for a farewell gift.

It’s a polite request stating when they’d be leaving and the amount for contribution. In this case, since they’d be leaving in about a week or more depending on when you send the email, you’re not pushing for a deadline for the contribution.

Also, stating the amount to contribute makes it easier for your colleagues to send in theirs, without worrying if it’s too little or too much.

In addition, telling them to send in their contribution when they can gives them breathing space.

Hi Everyone,

This Tuesday, our beloved manager, Stacy, will be leaving us to continue her studies. For this reason, we’re contributing a farewell gift.

We’re leaving contributions to any amount, so you can meet me in my office with your cash or transfer to…

Here’s another sample email requesting money for a farewell gift for your colleague. In this case, you’re asking for a contribution for your manager.

Here, you’re allowing them to send in whatever they can. It’s a good tactic also, especially if you know your colleagues are hard in making contributions like this.

So, asking them to make contributions of any amount makes it easier for them to send in what they’ve.

In addition, since the date of her leaving is Tuesday of that week, it’s something that would be impromptu for many people. Therefore, asking for any amount can also prevent delays in responding.

You should employ this format if you need to make impromptu contributions in the office.

Hi Team,

One of us, Steve, will be leaving this Friday and we’ll be meeting that same day to say goodbye to him. However, we won’t be sending him away without a gift.

For that reason, we’re contributing $10 per person, but you can send in more. Also, send in suggestions for a gift we can get him as we haven’t made arrangements yet.

Here’s another approach to use to solicit funds for a farewell gift for a colleague. It’s a polite and very straightforward message, letting your colleagues know the need to say farewell with a gift.

In this case, you’ve pegged a particular amount they should send in for their contribution. But, you didn’t stop there, asking them to send more if they can will motivate those who’ve more to send in.

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However, since the colleague would be leaving Friday of that week, you should send the email Sunday or Monday of the week to make it easier for them to send in their contributions without feeling pressured.

In addition, you should use this sample if you’re yet to agree on the gift to get the said colleague; makes it easier for everyone.

Hi Team,

As we are all aware, Nancy leaves us for The US next week. And to that effect, we will be giving her something to always remind her of us. You can send in whatever you’ve to my office from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. You can leave it with my secretary if I’m not on seat.

This is another excellent format you can follow to solicit contributions for a farewell gift.

Using this approach can touch your colleagues and make them eager to get a farewell gift for the person leaving. Saying you need to get her something to always remind her of her colleagues is a good tactic.

In addition, this format makes it easier for them to make their contribution as they can send in any amount within that time frame to your office.

So, whether you’re on seat or not, they should be able to make their contributions.

Hello Team,

Our boss, Mary, is being transferred, and to that effect, we’re organizing a small farewell party this Thursday.  Also, we’re arranging a small package to say thank you to her. We’re asking everyone for $8 each. Kindly send in yours as soon as you can

This is another good sample email to use to raise money for a farewell gift to your boss. If it’s the case that you want to organize a small party, here’s a format to follow.

Here, you’re convincing them that the farewell gift is to say thank you to her for all that she has done. This message should encourage them to send in something if she’s deserving of it.

Also, asking them to send in their contributions whenever they can, won’t pressure them.

Hi There,

Darlington has done so much for us here at Leeds Communications. Unfortunately, he’d be leaving us this Tuesday for further studies. To make that day memorable for him, we’re saying goodbye with a gift. Kindly make your contribution of any amount via transfer to this account…

This is another excellent format to follow if you want to raise money for a colleague’s farewell present.

Here, starting with saying how much the receiver has done can encourage them to want to make contributions if they agree with you.

In addition, stating “It’ll make that day memorable by getting the person a gift” is another good move that would be encouraging.

Finally, asking for any amount will make them respond quickly, especially if it’s an impromptu arrangement.

Hi Team,

One of us, Landon, is leaving for London next week. He has been a wonderful part of us. We want to make that day special for him by getting him a gift. We will be contributing $12 per person. Send in your contribution to my office as soon as you can

If you’ve got one of your team members leaving, you can also get them a farewell gift. It doesn’t have to be a team at work. It could be in school, in church, or in a non-profit or profit organization.

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Whatever the case, you can ask for money for a farewell gift with this format. Moreover, reminding them that the person was an amazing part of the team will encourage them to make their contributions.

Also, sending them emails early enough while asking for a specified amount won’t be too much for them. So, you should send an email on time if you’re following this format.

Hello Team,

Lucy, our data analyst, is leaving us next Thursday. It’s quite sad but we’re happy she’s taking a great step in her career. We will be saying thank you to her with a farewell gift. Send in whatever you’ve via…

This is another simple way to phrase your request when sending an email to raise money for a colleague’s farewell gift.

Letting them know the gift is a way of saying thank you will motivate them to make contributions. Also, asking them to contribute what they can is another good tactic you can try.

In the case that your colleagues don’t respond to your email accordingly, you can send another email to remind them. It could be that they got too busy and forgot about your earlier request.

Therefore, sending them a reminder email will help you achieve your purpose. Also, your email subject should be the aim of the email. For example, “Reminder: Farewell Gift for Mary’

So, here’s an example of sample reminder emails to follow:

Hello Team,

I hope you’re doing great. This is just a reminder email regarding our farewell gift for our dear colleague who would be leaving us soon. We’re still in need of your contribution. Kindly respond accordingly as we’re running out of time. We agreed on any amount

This is a straightforward and polite way to remind your colleague of their contribution towards the farewell gift.

Asking about how they’re doing first is a good way to start. Also, letting them know that they’re running out of time is a good way to encourage them to pay up.

Hi Team,

Our farewell party for Steve is tomorrow and we’re yet to meet up with our target. We have only from now till tomorrow at 8:00 pm to finalize what we’d be getting him. Kindly make your contribution of $7 today to help us plan well

You can also tell them that their contribution will make planning successful. Also, remind them of how much they’re to contribute again to help them if they’ve forgotten.

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So, this is a good format you can follow when organizing a farewell party.

Hello Team,

Concerning our colleague, Mary, who’s leaving us, I’m yet to get your contribution as regards the farewell gift. We’re already running out of time, so kindly send in your quota as soon as possible to help us give her a memorable farewell. It’s still $12 per person

Here’s another simple format to follow to remind your colleagues of the contribution they ought to make.

It’s a polite way of letting them know that they’re yet to make their contributions while reminding them that time is not on their side.

Hi Folks,

This is just a reminder of our contribution to a farewell present for one of us, Lucy, who’s leaving us this Friday. We’re yet to meet our target and your contribution will help us. Kindly send yours to my office anytime from now. My secretary will be available to receive it if I’m not on seat.

Here’s another good sample email you can follow to remind your colleagues of the money they ought to contribute for a colleague’s farewell gift.

Letting them know you’re yet to meet the target should encourage them to make their contributions quickly. Also, letting them know your secretary will be available to receive from them is another way to encourage payment.

Hi Folks,

How are you doing today? We’re still soliciting your help to get a gift for Landon who’s leaving us for further studies in a few days. Kindly respond with any amount you’ve as soon as you can. You can make your transfer via…

You can use this format to remind your colleagues when they’re yet to respond to make their payment. Reminding them again of who’s leaving and the reason for it can work to motivate them to do the needful.

Also, you can make payment easier for them by asking them to make a transfer.

Hi Team,

How are you doing today? I hope you got my first email about our dear boss leaving us on transfer. Kindly send in your contribution today, as we only have today to plan. It’s still $8 per person

Telling your colleagues that they only have today to plan should hasten them to bring in their contribution.

So, this is another good format you can use to get money from your colleagues who delay in responding. Also, remind them of the amount they ought to make.

Hello Teammates,

In regards to Lucy who’s leaving us tomorrow, we’re still collecting $10 to get her a farewell present. Kindly respond appropriately. We only have today to plan.

This is another short and polite way to remind your colleagues of their contribution to a farewell gift.

Here, you’re reminding them of the amount and also letting them know you only have today to plan.

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