20 Best Replies to “You Are A Keeper”

Compliments are nice. Some are true, some flattering, and some very shocking. One of them is “You are a keeper”. It will make you all giddy and bubbly on the inside.

It might even make your day, unless, of course, you don’t know what that means. So what does it mean? When someone calls you a keeper, it means that you are someone who has a lot of admirable qualities that make a great partner or friend.

That you are someone of value to them and they don’t ever want to lose you. It’s a nice compliment to get and basically, anyone who tells you this is saying that you mean a lot to them and you are very important.

Now that we have it down, let’s see some replies to this compliment. We have normal replies to “you are a keeper” like “Of course, I am” and “Aww shucks. So are you”. There are also funny and silly replies on the list.

Let’s check out these 20 best replies to “you are a keeper”

  1. Of course, I am
  2. Aww shucks. So are you.
  3. You are lucky to have me
  4. Look who’s talking. I don’t deserve you.
  5. Do you really think so?
  6. You give me too much praise
  7. What keeper?
  8. Yeah. Your heart is in safe hands
  9. I thought you were
  10. Thank you. That’s really nice of you
  11. I really appreciate that. It means so much to me
  12. So you got your eyes on me huh?
  13. Finally, I was starting to think you didn’t notice everything I do for you
  14. Oh yeah? Why do you say so?
  15. No, I play defense
  16. That’s flattering. I’m sure my partner would agree with you
  17. Is there a prize for that
  18. I’m glad I, have you. You push me to become better each day
  19. Of course, I am. I like to keep odds and ends. I got a whole trunk full of junk
  20. Well I hope I can keep that up

Of course, I am

There is something special about everyone no matter what they think of themselves or how others perceive them. You are special and that’s why you are a keeper. Know it and own it.

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The next time someone tells you you are a keeper tell them that you know you are and not just because they said so but because you have so many special qualities that make you you.

Aww shucks. So are you

Receiving a compliment is nice, returning it is nicer. Most times the people that will say this to you are people that are very close to you and mean a lot to you.

If you feel that they are true friends or honest-to-God-good people then why not say it back? Don’t just blush, share the love.

You are lucky to have me

This expresses playful confidence in oneself. While it might sound proud, a lot of the time when this is used, it is used with laughter that expresses joy from having received such a compliment.

When relationships are healthy, both sides not only have self-confidence and healthy self-esteem, but they also see each other’s potential and have high regard for one another.

So, when this is used, it isn’t shown as pride, but more of expressing playfully an understanding of their worth in the relationship.

Look who’s talking. I don’t deserve you

Now while this might sound condescending to oneself, it is nothing of the sort. This is simply an expression of deep and overflowing gratitude for a person’s presence in one’s life.

The statement alone speaks volumes about how the speaker can’t quantify the good they have received more than once, in more ways than one, from the one they speak it to to the point that they feel overwhelmed and wonder what they did to deserve such good deeds or such a good person.

Do you really think so?

This sounds like something that some who feel insecure would ask. At times, even for people without such thoughts, it is difficult to acknowledge truly being appreciated.

It always seems they are not enough or they are not doing enough to deserve to be recognized this way.

Hearing it still makes them happy and appreciative and feeling wanted or appreciated goes a long way for anyone but sometimes a little reassurance about it would do the most for the ones close to you.

You give me too much praise

A playful way to get around flattery. This gets used a lot when you don’t know what to say or don’t think you’ve done much and are getting complimented all of a sudden.

While enjoying the compliment, sometimes one would like to show restraint or be a little humble after that.

Mostly used playfully, this would be someone being cute about being complimented while feeling giddy and not wanting to show it for some reason.

What keeper?

Ah, well this is said for two reasons. The first is that they don’t understand the saying and take it rather literally. They ask this in ignorance of the generally accepted figurative meaning of the phrase “you’re a keeper”.

And the second is a play on ignorance usually accompanied by a playful show of oblivion. They know what you mean and are flattered by it but pretend not to know and act in a cute child-like manner to express their feigned misunderstanding of your words.

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Your heart is in safe hands

Used by couples or close friends flirting, it alludes to the assumption that the speaker has given their heart to the other party to keep, hence the word “keeper”.

And so this reply is a flirty quip that could be an inside joke for the ones involved. This is mostly used among people that are close to each other.

Used with a stranger, this reply may come off as tacky and inappropriate, bordering on creepy.

I thought you were

You can use this response to return the compliment to whoever that to you. Most people who will say this to you, are not people who barely know you and just see from afar.

They will be people really close to you, even in your close circle of friends. A boomerang of niceness so to speak. You get a compliment and return it right back and let them know you think the same of them and the compliment given to you also applies to them.

Telling them you also think of them as they think of you shows you’re both on the same page and that you both think good about each other.

Thank you. That’s really nice of you

A courteous and more formal way to reply to this compliment or any compliment for that matter.

Mostly used in high society, a compliment is usually met with graceful gratitude, not too monotonous as to show disinterest, but not too giddy either, which would show excitement at the compliment.

A simple and courteous reply like the one above should suffice. With this reply, you can easily wave any further conversation that might lead to things you are not interested in or don’t want to talk about.

I really appreciate that. It means so much to me

From certain friends who had needed that bit of validation and those who had probably had a rough time and needed to hear something nice or even those who seem to be walking on eggshells in the relationship, such a compliment would greatly boost their mood and their confidence.

Because it means a lot that the fears they had are assuaged and the ones they care about see them the same way.

So you got your eyes on me huh?

You know that friend you know that has a crush on you but is such an old friend that you don’t take them seriously?

You can use this flirty quip to acknowledge that crush that they have on you. Also, you can use it to finally show interest if you are interested.

Finally, I was starting to think you didn’t notice everything I do for you

This is mostly used in a situation where one side does a lot of favors and the other side does not appreciate it much.

A lot of the time, people fail to see and appreciate the things others do for them. In this case, when they are finally

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Oh yeah? Why do you say so?

Best Replies to You Are A Keeper

You might not have thought of it yourself. You just went around being the best of yourself and being an amazing friend to everyone.

Well someone else did, maybe more than two people or three, and when they tell you, you can ask why?

For some people being conscious of it makes them screw up while for others it helps them do things better. If you are in the latter group, then don’t hesitate to ask why.

No, I play defense

Sports jokes. You have to know at least one sport that needs defense to be able to laugh at this response. And so should the person you are telling. If you don’t get it, I will explain.

Aside from the keeper or the goalie, other people have different functions on a soccer team. One of them is defense. Do you get it? Saying you are playing defense will make them laugh.

In fact, since the defenders stay close to the keeper, you can tell them not to get it twisted.

That’s flattering. I’m sure my partner would agree with you

If this is a way to make advances then you can use this response to shut them off. Accepting the compliment is only right. It is courteous.

Then the other part of the reply will tell them that you are taken and that you should just back off because you are happy where you are.

The best part of this reply is how subtle it is. You sneak in that last line like it isn’t such a big deal and they get the message.

Is there a prize for that?

Since being a keeper is such a really good thing then there has to be a reward right? After all, there are rewards for all kinds of good things. It’s a teasing reply so don’t go about looking for a real prize.

The fact that you were noticed and they said this to you is already a reward. Think about it and let it make you very happy.

I’m glad I have you. You push me to become better each day

Sometimes we owe our growth, our changes, and development to people around us who are deliberate about us and want us to become the best version of ourselves.

When you throw this at you, don’t just say thank you or ask how. Throw this reply back at them so they know that you are also aware of all they do for you and you appreciate it.

Of course, I am. I like to keep odds and ends. I got a whole trunk full of junk

Here is another silly reply. Being a keeper can also mean one that takes care of things like a zookeeper. In this case, you are the keeper of all odds and ends.

That is of course not what they meant but this response will make them confused before it makes them laugh. It’s nice to do silly things sometimes. Lighten the mood and make others smile.

This reply will convince them that you are one of a kind and that you really are a keeper.

Well I hope I can keep that up

Someone telling you that you are a keeper is a pretty big deal because if it has been something you are not conscious of, now you are and they expect that of you.

Although it is not said seriously, you just mean that this is something that you will keep doing because that is who you are.

One compliment can brighten up your whole day but don’t be selfish, you can share that shine back with any of these replies.

If you feel you have more to add, you can drop them below and we will have to check it out. Till then, keep being the best, keep being a keeper. Cheers.

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