19 Ways to Politely Ask for Money from Cousin

Family members are often the best options when it comes to asking for financial help. That’s not to say that it’ll be easy asking them for money.

Asking for money from your cousin can make you feel awkward, but if you sit and plan on the best way to go about it, it can make a huge difference. What’s more, sharing a good relationship with them can make the most difference.

So, if you’re looking for ways to politely ask for money from cousins, whether you share a strong relationship with them or not, this article is for you.

In this guide, I’ll take you on the various ways to politely ask for money from cousins. Read till the end.

19 Ways to Politely Ask for Money from Cousin

There are different ways you can politely ask your cousin for money. If you need a loan or you need to get the money they owe you, or you just need them to give you some little money, there are different ways to go about it.

You should be honest with them, ask at the right time, tell them when you’ll pay back, and offer assistance in exchange.

Here are 19 polite ways to ask your cousin for money:

  1. How to ask for money you’re not returning
    1. Ask at the right time
    2. Be honest with them
    3. Pay them a visit
    4. Call if you can’t visit
    5. Be prepared to be turned down
    6. Offer some help to them
    7. Be appreciative
  2. How to ask for a loan
    1. Have a plan
    2. Ask at the right time
    3. Tell them why you need the money
    4. Call if you can’t visit
    5. Be honest about how and when you will return the loan
    6. Offer to pay interest
  3. How to ask for money when a cousin owes you
    1. Send them a text
    2. Be straightforward
    3. Ask for time
    4. Be firm but not confrontational
    5. Call them
    6. Be prepared that they might not pay back

7 Ways to Politely Ask for Money You Are Not Returning From Your Cousin

Sometimes you may just need some little money to take care of things at school or some other things. So, if you want to ask your cousin for the money, I’ll be discussing the ways you can go about asking below

Ask at The Right Time

Even if you need money urgently, your cousin might not be in a position to offer any assistance.

So, if you’re aware that that time isn’t the right time to ask for financial help from your cousin, don’t bother with asking. It’s safer for you to look for some other family member to ask, so you don’t put them in a difficult situation.

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It could be that they just started a business, or they’re handling a project, or just having a difficult time. So, if you know it isn’t a good time to ask them for help, let it go.

Be Honest with Them

Honesty is a virtue that virtually everyone should have. It’s important to be honest in every situation. Yes, your cousin is family and may not check whether you’re telling the truth about why you need the money, but it’s important to be truthful.

It won’t be nice if they found out you’re being deceptive. So, you should ask for money if truly you’re in need, and tell them the exact thing you’re using it for.

You shouldn’t try to exaggerate things or tell a half-truth. Moreover, your chance of getting anything from them will be zero if you’re caught in your lies.

Pay Them a Visit

If it’s possible, you should visit your cousin to make your request known. In this way, they’ll see that you truly need the money.

Also, visiting them would make it easier for you to explain why you need their help better and also get to see their reaction and body language better.

Seeing the way they react to your asking for help will guide you better in the future. In addition, if they’re older than you, paying a visit is more respectful if you’re close by.

However, visiting them doesn’t mean you’ve to blackmail them or appear to be forcing them.

State your reasons calmly while being open that they might not be able to help.

Call if You Can’t Visit

If you can’t visit your cousin, call them and make your request known. I know that calling might feel awkward, especially if you’re not very close to them. But calling instead of texting will help you better express yourself.

Also, it’ll help you to read their reaction better. In addition, it’ll be a sign of respect to call instead of texting, especially if you don’t chat with them often.

Be Prepared to Be Turned Down

Yes, they’re your family, but you’re not their obligation. So, while you state your request respectfully, you shouldn’t feel entitled to receive it.

It could be that your cousin doesn’t see any reason to help you or they aren’t able to help you at the moment.

So, be prepared to be rejected when asking for money from your cousin, especially if it’s money you won’t be returning.

Therefore, you also have to maintain your polite gesture even when responding to their rejection.

Offer Some Help to Them

You could offer some help to your cousin when asking for money. This tip is important if you don’t have plans to return the money.

Depending on the relationship you share, you could offer to help with their assignments if they’re schooling. You can also offer to help them at work or trim their garden.

Your offering for assistance can move them to help you without then needing any help from you. But you should also prepare to be rejected.

Be Appreciative

Expressing gratitude is great. While some may not pay attention to it, others would. So, if you get the help you request, show your appreciation gracefully.

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Appreciating them will increase your chances of getting more help from them in the future, and it doesn’t have to be financial.

So, you should show your appreciation when you ask your cousin for help. Even if you don’t receive it, thank them for listening.

Ways to Politely Ask for Money from Cousin

6 Ways to Politely Ask for a Loan From Your Cousin

You may need a loan from your cousin for business or any project. If you need a large amount of money, it’s better you ask them to loan you and also have plans to return it, even if you think they’re buoyant enough.

So, here’s how you can ask your cousin to loan you some money.

Have A Plan

The first step to asking your cousin for a loan is to map out a plan. You’ve to be well-prepared before going to your cousin for financial help as a borrower. This plan can include:

  • Stating the amount you need and what you need it for
  • You could write out a business plan to show how serious you’re
  • How do you intend to make your request
  • How do you plan to pay back
  • A plan B if you don’t get the money you need

Ask at the Right Time

While you’ve got the intention of returning the money, you must ask at the right time.

If you need to start up a business, but you’re aware your cousin is in a financial crisis, you shouldn’t ask them for a loan.

Knowing the right time to ask will help prevent tension between you both. So, you should be aware it’s the right time before asking your cousin for a loan.

Tell Them Why You Need the Money

As I’ve earlier established, you need to have a plan before meeting your cousin for a loan. And that plan includes stating clearly why you need the money.

So, while asking for money, you should explain clearly why you need it. Whether it’s a business loan or some other thing, you should tell them clearly what you need the money for.

Also, you could create a business plan and show it to them. This step can make them take you more seriously.

Call if You Can’t Visit

Instead of sending a text, you should call your cousin and make your request if you can’t visit them. Calling offers you an opportunity to better express yourself.

Also, it’ll help you both discuss better, including discussing the project or business you might want to venture into.

In addition, it’ll help you read their reaction too, which will guide you in the future.

Be Honest About How and When You Will Return the Loan

Another thing you should bear in mind when asking your cousin for a loan is to state how you intend to pay it back and when you will.

This part is necessary to convince them to loan you the money. Moreover, before asking for money from your cousin, you should already have a plan of how you’d raise the money to pay back.

So, don’t just say you’d pay, but rather explain how you’ll get the money to return to them and when you intend to achieve that.

Offer to Pay Interest

Another thing you can do when asking your cousin for money is to offer to pay it back with interest. Even though they’re likely to reject the offer, give them this offer to convince them how much you need the money.

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Doing this will show them how serious you’re. However, you should not go back on your word if they consent to it.

6 Ways to Politely Ask for Money When Cousin Owes You

Now, it could be the case that your cousin is owing you, so how do you politely ask them for your money?

Here’s how you can go about it:

Send Them a Text

You should send your cousin a reminder text if they fail to pay you back after the time they promised, or if you need some money. Remember to be polite in your request.

Also, don’t send them the text before the time they said they would pay back. Wait until the time passes without hearing from them before you send the text.

Here’s an example of text messages you can send to your cousin to ask for money they owe you:

  • Good day sis, I hope you’re doing fine. I want to remind you of the money you promised to return a few days ago. If there’s a problem, please do let me know, so we can talk about it
  • Hello buddy, how’s it going with you? I haven’t heard from you about the loan I gave you. I need some money really good. When can you pay up?
  • How are you doing, James? I know I said you can pay me back anytime, but I’m in dire need of some cash now. How soon can you pay?

Be Straightforward

When you want to ask someone about the money they owe, there’s no point in beating about the bush or trying to mince words. Ask them nicely and be direct with them.

If your cousin owes you and they haven’t reached out to you as promised, reach out to them and remind them about it nicely in your text.

Ask for Time

Another important thing to take note of is to ask them for time. Don’t be afraid to ask them when they can pay up.

Perhaps they’d given you a date by themselves earlier and didn’t meet up. When reaching out to them, ask them firmly when they’d fulfill their promise.

However, if you don’t need money urgently and if they can’t pay you immediately, you can tell them they can pay later. But, it’d be nice to work with a time.

Be Firm but Not Confrontational

You should also be firm when asking your cousin for the money they owe you. However, you don’t have to be confrontational or rude to them.

But you should let them know you’re serious about it, especially if you need the money and they’re not showing any commitment.  One way you can achieve this is by telling them the time you’d need the money.

Call Them

If your cousin isn’t responding to your text or after a series of texts, you’re yet to get your money, you should call them and discuss it with them.

Calling them will give you both the opportunity to discuss extensively, and make them more open to you.

Be Prepared That They Might Not Pay Back

One thing you should’ve in mind when asking your cousin for money, especially if they’re delaying in responding is that they might not pay you back.

You can’t predict humans accurately, and your cousin may decide to take advantage of the fact that you’re family and not pay you back.

Therefore, you should prepare yourself that you might not receive your money back so that it’d be easier to move on.

Concluding Note

When asking your cousin for money, either as a loan or as the money they owe you, it’s important to be polite.

You don’t want to spoil the relationship you share or cause unnecessary tension. If you’re not going to return the money, ensure you’re not asking for much and be sincere too.

You should offer them some assistance when you can. If it’s a loan, share with them how you intend to pay it back and work towards keeping your word.

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