20 Best Responses to “Eat Your Heart Out”

The best responses to eat your heart out have to be well thought witty and adaptable. This article has done the work so that you can fly. With our 20 best responses, you are always going to know what just to say.

What Does It Mean When You Tell Someone To Eat Their Heart Out

This expression is often used when you want to be boastful about something to someone else.

“Eat your heart out” means that you are so confident in what you have achieved or won that you don’t mind daring another person to compete or envy you. 

How to Respond To Eat Your Heart Out

Say, thanks but no thanks, eat yours if you are hungry, I am not hungry for such cold meat.

1. Yeah, I Am Coming For You Too 

When someone says to eat your heart out, say yeah, I am coming for you too. It’s a way to show them you are not losing any confidence in your ability to succeed.

Their present success does not affect you and you will make it a life goal to get what they have.

This shows the speaker that you have what it takes to achieve the same thing they did. It tells them to be on their toes because you will be right there to overtake them in anything they have gotten.

This response shows how confident you are, they will consider saying such things to you in the future.

2. Yes, I Always Knew You Could Do It

If you want to sound supportive to the speaker, say yes I always knew you could do it. This response is a way to relate your congratulations to the speaker.

You can show them how much you have been rooting for them with this response.

It shows the speaker that you are to support their recent wins and have nothing but love for them.

You must use the right statement when showing support in such a situation. This tells them you never doubted them for a minute.

3. I Will Rather Eat Yours

When someone says you should eat your heart out, say I will rather eat yours. This response tells them their recent wins have nothing on them.

If they were trying to make you feel less because of their wins, this will make them know you still fight you.

This shows the speaker that you are not backing down from your goals. Their achievement means nothing to you and will rather have won over them.

4. I Have Been There, And Done That

If someone boasts loudly in your face about a recent win, respond by saying I have been there and done that.

This reply is a sign that you aren’t new to winning, and nothing they do will shake your resolve. The speaker will have to leave you alone because they can’t get to you.

Replying this way shows your satisfaction with your achievements. It shows the speaker that they are only amateurs and cannot be compared to a seasoned pro.

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This will put off any future bragging from the speaker and introduce respect whenever they see you.

5. Is That All You’ve Got To Show Me

One of the best responses, when someone says to eat your heart out, is saying that all you’ve got to show me.

This reply downplays whatever kind of achievement or wins they are flaunting in your face. It will thwart any kind of snide comments or remarks from them.

This response shows them you have no time to listen to their whinings. It tells the speaker nothing they have done means anything to them. If you do this, they will no longer have any kind of superiority complex over you.

6. That Doesn’t Make You Special

Sometimes you are irked and irritated by the speaker’s unnecessary bragging and want to do something about it. A response that does well to hit the right nerve is saying that doesn’t make you special.

This response is a direct attack on the speaker, it underplays whatever achievement that has had them boasting.

It shows them you see nothing special in what they have done because it is an ordinary feat. Using this response will weaken any kind of bashful or boastful intention from the speaker.

7. I’m Sorry, I’m On A Strict Vegan Diet Right Now

A sarcastic response to eating your heart out is saying this here. It is an elaborate joke directed at the speaker; it waters down the proud statements they uttered.

This response takes the statement of the speaker to eat your heart out literally and respond with a funny comeback of yours.

This response tells the speaker that you will not eat flesh because you are a vegan now. They will see that you have made a joke about their bragging and it has no effect on you.

8. Thanks For The Suggestions But I’ll Keep Eating Real Food

One of the best responses to eating your heart out is saying this here. It makes fun of the speaker by literally rejecting their offer to eat flesh.

This throws them off guard because they realize you are taking them literally instead of figuratively.

It sarcastically tells the speaker that you won’t be taking their suggestion. Instead, you are going to be eating real food.

This will keep them out of your hair for a long time. They will know that using such a statement close to you will be a mistake.

9. No Thanks, I Prefer Eating Things Served Without Disrespect

The statement Eat your heart out is boastful and sometimes can sound disrespectful. If you want to inform them you don’t allow disrespect around you, use this response here. It is a way to tell them you will not take such disrespect from anyone.

I love this response because it’s a polite but firm way of indicating that you will not tolerate disrespectful talk from anyone. It will show the speaker that they have made a wrong move by telling you such things.

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10. Sorry, I Only Eat Things That Are Worthy Of Me

A response that easily put the speaker in your rearview is saying they are not worthy of your time. Here, you acknowledge their comment, while stylishly dishing out a comeback yourself. It shows them you are far better than them.

It shows them they are not worthy of your attention and that their words mean nothing to you. Their wins or achievements also mean nothing too.

The right response will strike the perfect nerve which will paint a sign that says you are not to be trifled with.

11. Thanks For The Invitation, But No Hearts On The Menu Today

When you need a response that is subtle use this here. It mockingly appreciated the speaker while telling them no hearts on the menu.

This translates to you not seeing any kind of value in their wins or latest achievement. A response like this will ensure the speaker stays clear of your path.

It’s a polite way for you to separate yourself from anything that associates you with their achievement. This is a lighthearted way for you to inform them your heart is not on the main course.

12. I’d Rather Eat Your Heart First

Saying I’d rather eat your heart first is one of the best responses when someone says to eat your heart out.

It’s a response that shows that you value your heart and will do no such thing. Telling them this will make them understand it is a wrong move to boast about you.

It shows them you find the phrase they have used absurd. This response uses humor to tell the speaker that you will rather have one over them.

13. Sure, I’ll Eat Mine If You Eat Yours

The response that suits eat your heart out is saying I’ll eat mine if you eat yours first. It’s a humorous way for you to show them you are not feeling any kind of vibe from them.

This response deflects their bragging, showing them it means nothing to you.

It shows the speaker that you are playfully deflecting their comments. When you reply in a humorous tone, it’s unlikely anyone will take offense to what you say.

Saying you want them to eat their first, is a dare that calls them out.

14. If You Are Looking For Something To Eat, Try Some Respect

This response is best when you have been disrespected by the speaker. It tells them you are not pleased with them for talking that way to you.

The speaker will understand that they need to keep a respectful demeanor around them.

Using this reply will show them you have boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. It uses humor to indirectly inform the speaker that they should grow some self-respect before talking with you.

15. I’m Sorry My Heart Will Always Be For Those Who Value Them

With this response, you are telling the speaker you value your heart and can’t be worrying about their business.

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It’s a way to cheapen any boastful achievement they are throwing in your face. Use this reply to tell the speaker that you are made of better value and quality than them.

It shows them you have a much higher standard or principles. Whatever they were feeling boastful about will become lukewarm and mundane before them.

Do not engage them further after directing this response their way. This tells them you value your principles.

16. I Would Rather Try A Salad

When someone says eat your heart out, say I would rather try a salad. It is a humorous response that relates to their bragging about you eating a salad.

Instead of eating your heart out, you prefer to eat a salad. This response is how you show the speaker their win doesn’t mean much.

Saying you would prefer eating a salad, is below the boat blow. It takes a shot back at the speaker for bragging about their achievement in your face.

17. Sorry, But this Heart Is Going To Keep Beating

You know the heart is important for survival and anything that tampers with its function might jeopardize your life.

By using this response mentioned here you are telling them you are not going to ever eat your heart out. It shows them you do not see or recognize any kind of winning.

This response is the best way to stand your ground when someone wants to rub their achievement in your face. You should let no one look down on you in any situation.

18. You Have Nothing To Boast About, Try Eating A Food Truck

When someone says you should eat your heart out. They are trying to splash some new wins in your face.

This should not concern you and the perfect response is this right here. It acknowledges the speaker’s comment while making a sarcastic remark of its own.

It shows the speaker that their wins cannot move or make you envy them. You see nothing special in what they are boasting and this reply translates it.

19. Eating My Heart Sounds Like A Terrible Idea

This response here is a way to distance yourself from whatever meaning the speaker meant by their comment.

A response like this informs the speaker they need to come up with witty comments.

If you respond this way, it shows the speaker you are not aligned with their values.

20. I Am Sorry But No One Tells Me What To Do

One best response that rebuffs the idea of the speaker’s comments is saying no one tells me what to do.

This response enforces your values to the speaker, it shows them they have to be careful with the words they use around you.

Wrapping Up

Our list of the best responses is guaranteed to fulfill any kind of task or message you intend to pass. They have been formatted properly and written with consideration for a wide range of topics, contexts, and places.

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