20 Best Replies When Boss Says Sorry

Everyone makes mistakes, including a boss. But it isn’t all bosses that’d accept and apologize. So, if your supervisor accepts that they’re wrong and apologizes, it’s a good thing.

However, how do you respond to your boss when he says sorry? It can be quite difficult to know how to respond. In fact, it might leave you confused and speechless for a while.

But, relax. A boss is human too. However, you should respond in a manner that maintains professionalism.

You wouldn’t want to throw it in their face and make them feel that they should feel less than themselves.

In this article, I’ll help you with the best replies when your boss says sorry.

20 Best Replies When Boss Says Sorry

When an employer says sorry, you’d want to accept the apology professionally. In this way, you’d still maintain the formal environment.

However, you don’t have to be always uptight and formal. If your boss is someone you’ve known for a good time and you two joke quite often, you can always reply jokingly.

‘Thank you. It means a lot to me’, ‘alright Sir, I’ll handle it’, ‘there’s no problem sir’ and ‘okay, but I won’t forgive you this easily next time’ are some of the replies you can give when your boss says sorry.

Below, I’ll discuss the 20 best replies to use when your boss says sorry.

  1. Thank you. It means a lot to me
  2. I appreciate your efforts, sir
  3. I appreciate you apologizing, sincerely.
  4. It’s Alright Sir
  5. Alright, Sir, I’ll handle it
  6. No worries, I’ll take care of it
  7. There’s no problem sir
  8. It’s alright, you don’t have to be sorry
  9. I understand sir
  10. It’s okay, it comes with the job
  11. Don’t stress over it, boss
  12. Don’t bother about it, I’ll meet you at your convenience
  13. Don’t mention, boss
  14. Don’t be sorry, sir. I handled it well
  15. You don’t have to worry boss, I’ve got this
  16. Okay. I’m happy we are past that
  17. Okay, sir, we are good
  18. You have got no problem, sir. What matters is that it’s all over
  19. Okay, but I won’t forgive you this easily  next time
  20. Alright, boss. Let it not happen again

Thank you. It Means a Lot To Me

It’s not quite often you find an employer humble enough to sincerely apologize to their employees. Some may appear apologetic but may not bring themselves to say it.

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So, if your boss says sorry, it’s natural to feel grateful, especially if you’re sure they’re being sincere. Therefore, you should express that you’re thankful that they’re apologizing.

Saying your thanks and further expressing that it means a lot to you is a great way of communicating with your boss when they say sorry.

They would see the need to not hesitate to apologize if they’re in the wrong, irrespective of whom they’d wronged.

In addition, this is a good response you can use if your supervisor doesn’t stop at saying sorry.

You can always say this if they accompany it with a gift, or make more effort to show that they’re sorry. For example, apologizing in front of your coworkers.

I Appreciate Your Effort, Sir

Replies When Boss Says Sorry

This is another wonderful way you can reply to your boss when they say sorry. It’s also a way you can appreciate them for apologizing.

“I appreciate your effort” shows that they might have put more effort into expressing that they’re sorry.

For instance, did they try to correct their wrong? Did they make effort to save your name publicly if they’d wronged you publicly?

This reply tells them you’re grateful that they took their time to set things straight aside saying sorry.

I Appreciate You Apologizing, Sincerely

This is another way of telling your manager that you’re grateful that they could apologize to you for their wrong.

Yes, they might have wronged you, but you see their humility in coming to you to say sorry for the wrong. So, here you’re appreciating their humility and willingness to say sorry to you.

It’s Alright, Sir

Replies When Boss Says Sorry

Bosses are human, and when they do wrong, some of them may feel uncomfortable about it.

So, another way you can reply to your boss when they say sorry for wronging you is to reassure them.

“It’s alright” doesn’t only tell them that you’ve accepted their apology, it also tells them that you’re feeling good.

Maybe they’d hurt your feeling, this reply would assure them that you feel better already.

In addition, if it’s the case that they’re apologizing for not keeping to a plan, this reply assures them you understand why they might have been delayed.

Alright, Sir, I’ll Handle It

Did your boss promise to help you with something and couldn’t meet up? Did they try to do a job and it came out ruined? Did they miss an important task because of lots of engagements?

This is a good response that comforts them and reduces their workload. Here, you’re telling them you’d see to whatever it is they’d failed to do.

It’s a good reply that doesn’t only show that you accept the apology, but also seeks to make things easier for them.

Instead of mounting pressure on them, you decide to manage the situation yourself to save them more stress.

With this reply, your manager won’t only be apologetic, but they’d also be grateful that they have you.

No Worries, I’ll Take Care of It

This is another good reply that assures your boss that they can always rely on you.

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Maybe your boss isn’t available to see you as planned or grant a request, you can assure them that you’d take care of it if it’s within your power.

Also, are you a personal assistant that can stand in their place? You can always give this reply if they can’t be available to see a client or appointee and they reach out to you to apologize.

In this way, you’re relieving their stress, as they’d worry less.

There’s No Problem, Sir

This is another reply to use when your boss says sorry. It works like “alright,” assuring them that they don’t have to worry.

Also, it shows that you’ve accepted the apology and you’re okay, so they should be at ease. Maybe they’d hurt your feelings, but this reply tells them that you’re fine.

Or probably, they missed out on a meeting with you as planned, or couldn’t fulfill a promise that’d help your task. You can reassure them with this reply if you’ve managed it or have it under control already.

It’s Alright, You Don’t Have to be Sorry

If it’s something minor that you can handle or let slide, then, this is a perfect reply you can give your boss.

It isn’t that you’re encouraging them not to apologize when they’re in the wrong, but with this reply, you’re letting them know that you understand the cause.

Also, with this reply, you’re letting them know that you’re not blaming them for whatever transpired.

I Understand, Sir

Replies When Boss Says Sorry

Another good reply that’d set your boss’s mind at ease is letting them know that you are okay and understand the situation.

Maybe there’s a lot on their table and they skipped your work, or they just couldn’t keep up with an appointment with you, you can let them know you understand why.

In this way, you are helping them feel better.

It’s Okay, It Comes with the Job

You can also give this reply to your boss to let them know you understand that problems like that are likely to happen.

For instance, maybe it’s a critical time when there are lots of projects to be done, and your boss losses track of something that directly concerns you, you can use this reply.

In this way, you aren’t overreacting or blaming them, but rather making things easier for them.

Don’t Stress Over It, Boss

You can also use this reply to tell your boss not to worry about what they are sorry about. Maybe you see the discomfort or the worry in them, this reply should set them at ease.

It’s like assuring your employer that you’re very fine or you’ve handled the situation, so they shouldn’t bother.

Also, this reply is just like telling your boss that they didn’t have to apologize, that it’s a small thing you’ve taken care of.

Don’t Bother About It, I’ll Meet You at Your Convenience

If it’s also the case that your employer was too busy to meet up with a planned meeting, you can use this reply when they apologize.

It shows that you understand how tight their schedule is and you can wait till they’re free.

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With this kind of response, your boss should work towards making out time for your meeting because they’d see how understanding you’re.

Don’t Mention It, Boss

Replies When Boss Says Sorry

This is a reply you use to tell your boss that they don’t have to apologize. It’s a great way of letting them know that you’re okay and the matter is over.

In addition, it’ll make things easier for your employer, in that, if they were worried, this would save them more worries.

Don’t Be Sorry, Sir. I Handled It Well

This is another good reply to use if you’ve already taken care of things.

For instance, maybe your boss was supposed to attend a meeting and was held up on the way. You can use this reply if you were able to manage the meeting in their absence.

In addition, it lets your boss know that he can always count on you in situations like that.

You Don’t Have to Worry Boss, I’ve Got This

This is another wonderful reply you can use when you can manage a supposedly bad situation.

Let’s say your supervisor couldn’t grant you the help they promised in a project, if you’ve gotten things under control, you can reply to them with this statement.

It also eases the stress on them as much as it helps you learn more.

Okay. I’m Happy We Are Passed That

If the incident that happened caused some drama, you can use this reply when things are over and your supervisor comes to apologize.

Maybe they had judged you wrongly, which led them to suspend you or give you some undeserved punishment.

If that’s the case and they realize and say sorry and go on to correct the wrong, then this is a suitable response you can give.

Okay, Sir, We Are Good

This is another reply that tells your employer that you’re okay and accept the apology.

Also, it’s a response that tells them that your relationship with them is still intact or back to normal.

Maybe the incident that happened caused some hurt feelings for you, when they apologize, and you’re over it, or can still stand them, this is an appropriate response to give.

You Have Got No Problem, Sir. What Matters Is That It’s All Over

When the matter is under control and all wrongs have been corrected, this is another wonderful way of expressing yourself.

It shows that you’ve passed the hurt and have accepted the apology and forgiven them.

Okay, But I Won’t Forgive You This Easily Next Time

Of course, it’s good to be professional and keep things formal in a formal environment, but it’s also true that it isn’t all managers that are strict about this.

It could be that your employer is your friend or you both have gone a long way, and they joke a lot with you, then you can keep things light while replying.

This is a funny reply to give to your boss when they apologize for any wrong.

It shows the easy relationship you both share, and at the same time lets him know you have forgiven them and are no longer hurt.

Alright Boss, Let It not Happen Again

This is another funny reply you can give your supervisor to ease the tension and let them know that you’re feeling good and have things under control.

However, ensure you’re comfortable using this response, and your boss too will be good with it. It’ll work if your manager is the jovial type that jokes often with you and your other colleagues.

Parting Words

Not all bosses know how to apologize verbally for their wrongs, so when you meet someone who says sorry, it’s good that you know how to reply.

You wouldn’t want to confront your manager for their wrong or make it uncomfortable for you both.

So, the above expressions are good examples of replies you can give your boss when they say sorry to you for a mistake, unavailability, or lateness.

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