20 Best Comebacks to Being Called a Brat

Being called a brat is very offensive. This is one of the insults you may not take likely and would need a smart comeback to put the person in their place.

Oftentimes, it might be reasonable to walk away to avoid some drama. But, comebacks are good to have handy for some scenarios.

Ultimately, the best comebacks should turn the table around and get the person wishing he had never tried you.

However, it’s not everyone that has very good comebacks for a situation like this.

If you have been in this situation, stranded for what to say in return, then, this article is for you. I’ll be discussing some very smart comebacks for when someone calls you a brat.

20 Best Comebacks to Being Called a Brat

There are countless good comebacks to use on someone who calls you a brat. ‘Who cares?’, ‘it takes one to know one’, ‘alright. ‘Try better next time’, and ‘spell brat’ are some of them.

You just need something to wipe the smirk or smile on their face. That being said, here are 20 smart comebacks for your use:

  1. I’ll pass because you speak trash all the time
  2. It takes one to know
  3. You are not different you know
  4. Alright. Try better next time
  5. Who cares?
  6. Take some chill, you look like shit
  7. You don’t even check yourself before you speak
  8. Your character stink
  9. Are you done being sick?
  10. Who asked for your opinion?
  11. You are not better
  12. Thanks. But I don’t need your spittle on my face
  13. If I were you, I’d think before I spew nonsense next time
  14. Hey, calm down. Jealousy isn’t good for anyone. I hope you heal soon
  15. Are you normally this horrible, or do you take lessons?
  16. Don’t you ever take a day off from being a pain?
  17. I guess this is the part where I say something rude too. But I’m sorry, I’ve got no time for fools today. Look somewhere else
  18. Okay, bye. My dog is worth this attention
  19. Spell brat
  20. Alright, but it isn’t a crime, yea? So, can I go now? I can’t wait to breathe fine

I’ll Pass Because You Speak Trash all the Time

This is one of the perfect responses you’d get anywhere. Some people may advise that you walk away from someone who insults you to be a better person.

And I agree with that, albeit partially. Sometimes it’s good to ignore a jab from someone. And what other way to do that than leaving a perfect retort in passing?

When someone calls you a brat, you could tell them you’d pass. Yes, you’d ignore that they just insulted you.

However, why not drop yours while passing also? Who says you can’.

Tell them you’d ignore their insult because they always speak trash. So, their calling you a brat is part of their nonsense.

Believe me, it’ll get to them. No one would want to believe that they’re filled with only trash.

It Takes One to Know

This is another perfect comeback you can try when someone calls you a brat. It’s a great response that gives them a dose of what they’ve given you.

Also, this is a smart comeback, in that you can say it casually, throw it at them like you don’t care what they think, and leave them feeling more insulted.

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When you say, “it takes one to know one,” they’d find no better comeback to say because you have just flipped the table over.

You Are Not Different You Know

This is another perfect way of returning what they give you back to them.

When someone calls you a brat, maybe due to something you’ve done, and you give this response, believe me, it should leave them searching themselves well.

This kind of comeback tells them, “sure, I’m a brat, but there’s no difference between us. It’s a great response when you know you did something bad, but you know the person also has their fault.

Alright. Try Better Next Time

When you want to let the speaker know that they failed in getting to you and spoiling your day, this is a great response to give.

“Alright” shows you acknowledged that they said something, probably tried to insult you. Then, “try better next time,” tells them they’d failed in their attempt.

Also, this is the perfect response that tells them directly that they suck at insulting people. Here, you’re advising them to put more effort if they want to get the reaction they’re looking for.

In addition, it’s a good comeback for someone who loves being a jerk or a bully to people.

Who Cares?

Best Comebacks to Being Called a Brat

This is another great way of responding to someone who’s being petty and calls you a brat.

“Who cares?” indicates that you’re not moved by what they think about you.

So, if they think you’re a brat, they should keep it to themselves. Also, it’s a good comeback you can say, and go on to ignore them.

Take Some chill, You Look Like Shit

Another way you can reply to someone who calls you a brat is with this response.

It’s a perfect retort that gives them the same energy in a more punchy way. When you tell them to take some chill, it’s like telling them they’re overworking themselves just to try to hurt you.

And as a result, they look like shit- looking awful. Also, it’s a great comeback that tries to tell them that being saucy isn’t worth it; they’re only hurting themselves.

In addition, this retort sounds like a piece of advice, a bit of insulting advice that’d fit someone who’s being rude.

You Don’t Even Check Yourself Before You Speak

Here, you’re letting them know they’re not worth trying to insult you. It’s a perfect response that tells them that you could take the insult from another person but definitely not them.

This is a condescending response that fits someone who’s being rude and who’s a jerk most of the time.

When you tell the speaker that they don’t check themselves before speaking, it lets them know that they’re not in any way better than you.

Your Character Stink

When someone calls you a brat, tell them their character stinks to keep them shut.

This is a good comeback that lets them know that calling you a brat, irrespective of what you’ve done, is a bad one.

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It lets them know that you won’t let them get away with trying to stain your character, they too should get a stinking character.

Are You Done Being Sick?

This is another perfect response that you can use on someone who insults you.

A good comeback lets the speaker know that them trying to spoil your day only means that there’s something wrong with them.

So, when someone calls you a brat, ask them this question. It should get to them adequately, as you give them back what they’d intended to give you.

Who Asked for Your Opinion?

Best Comebacks to Being Called a Brat

When someone insults you or makes a derogatory remark about you, ask them who asked them for their opinion.

It’s a good comeback that tells them that they were not qualified to speak in the first place, talk more of attempting to insult you.

So, when someone calls you a brat and you use this response, you’re letting them know that you don’t need to hear what they feel about you.

This retort should get at them, as it lets them know that they’d failed, while you try to let them feel less of themselves.

It’s a good comeback you can use when you both have an audience around.

You are Not Better

This is another great way of letting someone who insults you know that they’re not worth trying to belittle you.

When someone calls you a brat and you use this response, it tells them that you may be a brat, but they’re not anywhere better than you.

It’s a good retort that tells the speaker they’re worse than what they feel about you.

Thanks. But I Don’t Need Your Spittle on My Face

Here, you’re letting the speaker know you’re pissed off with their attitude. They could try all they want to be a jerk, but they shouldn’t come near you.

When you use this response, it isn’t that the speaker spat on you, you are only telling them to stay away from you.

It’s just like telling them, “Okay, I get you, but can you get the F out of your face.” It’s a perfect comeback that’d make the speaker feel that they shouldn’t have tried you in the first place.

If I Were You, I’d Think Before I Spew Nonsense Next Time

Another great comeback we’ve got here. When someone calls you a brat, make them feel that they’re the one who should feel little and not you.

With this response, you’re letting the speaker know that they should think better before trying to insult you next time if they’d ever have the courage again.

Hey, Calm Down. Jealousy Isn’t Good for Anyone. I Hope You Heal Soon

Jealousy isn’t good for anyone. It’s a vice that gradually eats a person’s mind and makes them turn evil. If you see this character in anyone, it wouldn’t be out of place to caution them.

So, when it’s the case that someone calls you a brat out of jealousy, you can use this response with them. It sounds like you’re advising them, whereas you’re only letting them know how bitter they’re.

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Are You Normally This Horrible, or Do You Take Lessons?

This is another wonderful response you can use on someone who’s being insultive. It’s a great retort that’d work on anyone who calls you a brat.

Here, you’re letting them know how horrible they’re for calling you a brat, and at the same time letting them know they didn’t get at you with their insult.

Don’t You Ever Take a Day Off from Being a Pain?

Some people are a real pain in the ass. These people may never let a day pass without annoying someone.

So, when someone calls you a brat, you can use this response with them, especially if they’re someone you know who’s always a bully.

Ask them if they’re not tired from being a pain. This is a perfect comeback that fits them, letting them know how annoying they’ve always been.

I Guess This is the Part Where I Say Something Rude too. But I’m Sorry, I’ve Got no Time for Fools Today. Look Somewhere Else

Now, this comeback should shake almost anyone. When someone calls you a brat, calmly give them this reply and watch them turn red in the face.

This is a great retort that’d give the person ten times as much as they’d given you. Moreover, using this comeback where there is an audience will make the person regret ever trying you.

Let them know they’re not worth your time, and at the same time let them know they’re fools.

Okay, Bye. My Dog Is Worth This Attention

Best Comebacks to Being Called a Brat

Believe me, no one would like being compared to a dog, neither would anyone like a dog to be chosen over them.

You can use this comeback on anyone who calls you a brat. Let them know you’d prefer talking to your dog than talking with them.

It’s a great retort to use before walking away. This comeback should make them feel they made a mistake calling you a brat in the first place.

Spell Brat

Well, of course, they’re likely going to know how to spell brat, but make them feel they may not have this knowledge.

This is a funny comeback to use with anyone who calls you a brat. It should take them unawares and ruffle them so that they’d end up not knowing what to say in reply.

Alright, but It Isn’t a Crime, Yea? So, Can I Go Now? I Can’t Wait to Breathe Better

Yes, it isn’t a crime to be a brat. So, you can throw this retort in their face, letting them know that their insult did not get to you.

And while at it, make them know you’d love to be anywhere other than near them. “I can’t wait to breathe better,” tells them their presence is bad air.

Parting Words

So, when someone calls you a brat, don’t let them get away with it. Let them know you can’t be easily ruffled by their unkind words.

These comebacks are useful to put them in their place. Use any of them as it suits you and make the person wish they’d kept their thoughts to themselves instead.

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