15 Best Responses to IFG on Instagram

When someone says IFG in a comment section or inbox, they usually do so by being expectant of a response from you.

For want of clarification, IFG is an abbreviation for something meaningful and bold. It literally means ‘l feel Good’. So, with this statement, you’re telling the person that you feel good and ecstatic.

However, this article will dive into explaining everything there is about the various responses you can say when someone you use IFG on Instagram, whether or not it is in the comment section or dm.

With this, you can better serve an outstanding line of response to IF. To know more, keep reading on.

Best 15 Responses to IFG on Instagram

Some of the best things to say to IFG on Instagram includes saying any of the following replies such as ‘I feel nostalgic, although I’m fine’, ‘I’m feeling more fulfilled than I’ve ever been’, ‘No, I feel good, you’re pretending’, ‘Keep up with the the good energy’, and ‘Why do you feel good?’

The aforementioned responses are crisp and intentional. This is you saying different things while trying to curate the best piece to put forward when you want to respond to ‘ifg’ on Instagram.

It’ll interest you to know that there are other responses so let’s get into them without further ado.

You definitely look like you feel good

‘You definitely look like yyfeel good’ is a response that  allows you give thumbs up to the person that you’re replying ‘IFG’ to.

Here, you’re saying that the person isn’t lying. You’re implying that the person is indeed good and you can tell about this judging from how the person looks.

This means you’re supporting that the person is good, having analyzed their physical outlook which might’ve made it obvious that the person is living good and is feeling same.

Keep up the good energy

‘Keep up the good energy’ is a supportive and encouraging response you can pose to ‘IFG’ on Instagram. With this line of response, you’re telling the person that they should keep up the good energy with which they’re navigating through. 

You’re telling the person to be steadfast and consistent with the good feeling. This is because it is one thing to feel good for a short period of time and it’s another thing to be consistent with it. 

I also feel good, way better

‘I also feel good, way better’ is a line of response that posits that you also feel good just as the person you’re replying to. In the same line, you’re saying that you even feel way better than the person. 

This is you basking in the euphoria of self love and care because they’re the two things that can upgrade your mental picture of yourself. I’m sure the person you’re addressing will feel the emotions in each word, only if you will deliver it well enough.

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And that entails putting up the most bright face around, during and after saying this response to the person. That way, they get an unfiltered message about how good you also feel.

If it’s about the carnival, everyone feels good

‘If it’s about the carnival, everyone feels good’ is a line of response that has you tie the good feeling of everyone to the success of a particular carnival. If the carnival is massive, then there’s a reason for you to employ this line of response. 

Here, you’re telling the person that if their good feeling has anything to do with the carnival, that they’re not alone.

And this is because you and everyone else you know are also pumped up with good energy for the carnival just as the person you’re responding to.

I feel nostalgic, although I’m fine

‘I feel nostalgic, although I’m fine’ is a classy response you you can save up real quick. With this response, you’re making a statement that although you’re fine, you still feel nostalgic.

And by nostalgia, I mean that you may feel the sudden need to relive a memory of the past, one that holds a significant place in your life.

This past memory may be that of an old family house, old car, Ex-partner or something as subtle as missing a flavor of beverage due to relocation.

You feel good, I feel ecstatic

Best Responses to IFG on Instagram

‘You feel good, I feel ecstatic’ comes up as a sound response to give when someone says ‘IFG’ to you. If someone does, what it means is that they’re saying they feel good. 

However, with this response, it’s a different ballpark. This is because this response asserts that just as the person is feeling good, you’re feeling ecstatic which is a whole mass of feeling to experience.

Indirectly, you’re telling the person that what you feel is deep and almost magical compared to theirs that’s just ‘good’.

I feel content and grateful

‘I feel content and grateful’ is one of the best lines of response to ‘IFG’ in this article that you can count on to get you a good result. From the diction I used here, you can see that I laid emphasis on contentment and gratitude.

Here, you’re implying that just as the person you’re responding to said they feel good, you yourself feel different from them because no two individuals are the same.

Hence, your theory of a good feeling transcends just feeling good to include feeling contented with what you have and also grateful to people who have shown you pure love up till this moment.

With this said, the person you’re responding to will understand that you feel things way deeper than they do.

Only good, what else?

‘Only good, what else?’ is the first question-like response in this post. It interrogates the person that said ‘IFG’ on Instagram to state if they only feel good and nothing else. 

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The sarcastic spice in this line of response makes it come off as a low-belt blow to the person you’re responding to. This also enables you to encourage the other person to be definitive with how they feel.

With this response, you want the person to get into the details and let you into the other things they’re feeling that’s different from just feeling good.

I’m feeling like the luckiest person on Earth

‘I’m feeling like the luckiest person on Earth’ is a bold response to ‘IFG’ you can always put forward.

That is to say, whenever someone sends you a message that reads ‘IFG’, you should and can reply to them by telling the person that you feel like the luckiest person in the world. 

This way, you make it known to the person that you’re not only happy for their win, but you’re also in a celebratory mood as you feel like the luckiest person on the planet. Maybe, you just won a contract, got a job, had a child or just got married to your heartthrob.

I guess I’m feeling stronger than my past

‘I guess I’m feeling stronger than my past’ is a thoughtful response you can give to ‘IFG’ on Instagram. Here, you’re telling the person that you’re feeling stronger than your past. 

This in effect, means you’re feeling good just as the person you’re directing your response to.

This response also has you going back to past memories – both pleasant and ugly ones. From this place, you relive those moments and compare how you handled issues plus your reaction to that of now.

If there’s any obvious improvement, then it validates this line of response which asserts that you’re now stronger than your past storms.

I don’t feel wonderful and you know why

‘I don’t feel wonderful, and you know why’ is a good response you can pose to ‘IFG’ on Instagram.

Given that when someone says ‘IFG’ it means they feel good, you can employ this line of response to assert that the person you’re replying to knows why you’re not feeling as good as they are doing.

You’re alleging that the person knows about your plight, of which has deprived you the opportunity to be true and feel pure ecstasy.

Since this response is provocative, it’ll draw in the attention of the person and by so doing, give you the chance to get the closure you’ve been longing for.

Good for you, I want to feel better than just good

‘Good for you, I want to feel better’ is a sensitive line of response you can use to reply ‘IFG’ on Instagram.

It is so because with this response, you’re making it known to the person that you’re happy for them being good but as well, you’d rather feel better than good. 

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While some people may see this as an envious statement, it is not. Instead, it is an affirmative word of progress and goodness. In which, you’re positing that you’d appreciate anything better than just good.

I’m feeling more fulfilled than I’ve ever been

Best Responses to IFG on Instagram

‘I’m feeling more fulfilled than I’ve ever been’ is an affirmative response you can put up when someone sends you ‘IFG’ on Instagram. With this response, you’re telling the person that you’re more fulfilled than you were before or in past time. 

400;”>This response works best if you’re responding to ‘IFG’ on the basis of private messaging or what is popularly known as DM.

The person you’re replying to must’ve sent you the message to show how elated they feel and your response depicts you’re as much in that stream of good feeling as them.

Why do you feel good?

‘Why do you feel good?’ is a question you can pose as your response to when someone comments, post or even sends you a message that reads ‘IFG’. With this question you’re asking the person what is the source of their good feeling. 

You’re simply asking them, ‘why are you feeling good?’ Perhaps, your curiosity stems from the bid to emulate how the person in question acts or moves, which apparently seems good to you.

No, I feel good, you’re pretending

‘No, I feel good, you’re pretending’ is the last response to ‘Ifg’ on Instagram. Since this abbreviation means ‘I feel good’, whenever someone sends it to you on Instagram or you were tagged to it, and you want to come off funny then you can use this line of response.

With this response, you’re telling the person that they’re not the one feeling but it’s you. Rather, you’re telling the person that they’re pretending.

Although this response may come off as condescending to the person you’re replying to but with my intended mode of delivery, it’d rather come out as funny and sassy.

Final Words

A lot of things come into play when someone says they feel good. This good feeling may be a product of many things, of which a recent recorded success may be one.

Perhaps, the person in question just set or broke a record, hit a major milestone in business or they’re just passing through a phase of self appreciation and gratitude.

Whichever case it may be, this good feeling is what prompts the person to confess about it. 

In this article, I’ve done a resounding job of walking you through 15 best responses to ‘IFG’ on Instagram. Each response in this post passes a unique message, and contributes immensely to it too.

To use any of these lines, you just have to find the one that resonates best with you and employ them when necessary.



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