How to Respond to “Rain Check” | Best 14 Responses

You know how devastating it is when you try to make plans with someone and you expect them to agree and then suddenly they tell you they can’t, and they are pulling a rain check.

It’s painful and it’s even more painful because what the heck is a rain check? Let’s get right to it.

A rain check is actually a formal thing. It’s a sort of ticket used to postpone an event due to bad weather.

It’s also a kind of coupon ticket you give a customer for them to pay for discounted goods that are out of stock at a later price.

However, rain check as slang is refusing an invitation for something to do at a later time.

It is saying, “I can’t do this right now, right here. I can’t accept it now but if you are up for it some other time, I am down for it”.

If you were texted, “I might have to take a rain check” or “can I take a rain check on this?”, They are saying they can’t participate now but a later time will be fine.

So what do you say to a rain check? Some replies work well, and these replies cover different moods, and types and you use them however you like.

Best 14 Responses to “Rain Check”

  1. I don’t mind
  2. It’s cool
  3. Fine by me
  4. So when will you be available?
  5. You can’t see any no. I have everything planned
  6. Not again
  7. Oh really? So when will it be sunny?
  8. Clear skies soon then
  9. I wish I asked you earlier
  10. What a letdown
  11. Are you sure? You will miss out on all the fun
  12. Alright, any particular reason?
  13. When will it be okay for you?
  14. Bummer! I was looking forward to a swell time

I don’t mind

If it wasn’t a serious appointment. Maybe it was for them to walk you home to get a book or return something you don’t have to do urgently, you can use this reply and they will get that you are not offended in the least and there is no rush.

This is different from I don’t care where you do sounds either hurt or like a jerk.

It’s cool

It’s the same with “I don’t mind”. You can also use “no worries” or “no problems”. They all have the same meaning. If they were fretting about your reaction, this will calm down completely.

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You can suggest that they choose a time that’s fine by them so they are not burdened if another time you choose doesn’t suit them.

Fine by me

How to Respond to “Rain Check”

Another casual reply. Most people who take a rain check have something already scheduled so they can’t fit you in at the time you asked.

If you inform them of the time it will be more convenient for them, that’s even better. You can also say “all good at this end”.

So when will you be available?

No harm in asking this question. It shows that you don’t just want to dismiss what you have planned to do together and you are still willing to give it another shot.

Asking them will help them choose a time that will most likely not take another rain check. If they seem unsure and indecisive, try to narrow it down for them using your schedule. For example,

A: Hey I am sorry but I might have a rain check on that drink. I’m babysitting my siblings.

B: Aww. That’s so nice of you. So when will you be available?

A: Um, I don’t know.

B: Will next Friday be good for you?

A: I have an afternoon shift at the joint but I can squeeze in an hour or two in the evening.

B: Excellent. See you then.

You can’t see any no. I have everything planned

Or “oh no. I didn’t expect you to say no. It’s already laid out” or any other reason you feel will convince them to postpone whatever activity you have planned.

It is like asking them to reconsider without directly saying that you are really eager for it or making you seem lonely.

While some people might feel this reply is forcing them to do what they don’t want to do, it is a good one. If you know they won’t be comfortable with it, you can try another reason or another reply.

Not again

If they have pulled a rain check more than once then you say this to them you let them you don’t appreciate them always postponing you like you are not important.

This reply is even more valid if the last rain check was just a turndown with no postponement. It’s telling how you feel without saying much.

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If they then proceed with flimsy excuses, you can give them a piece of your mind, nicely so that a small issue doesn’t become a big deal.

Oh really? So when will it be sunny?

This reply is a joke about the phrase rain check. It’s assumed that something is going on so they can not accept your invitation, just like when it starts raining.

This reply is asking when it will be sunny to mean when will whatever that is going on be over so you two can still hang out. Remember, rain checks don’t cancel permanently. They turn down and postpone.

This will make anyone who gets it laugh. The “oh really” may seem sarcastic so try to send an emoji when you text it so they don’t misunderstand you.

Clear skies soon then

You say this as a hopeful remark or ask to know if they are still serious about the appointment. It’s another reference to the weather.

Clear skies mean no clouds, especially not rain clouds that will deter them from keeping the appointment that they had with you.

I wish I had asked earlier

When you say this, you are telling them that you don’t want to wait till later to do something with them or spend time with them.

It also means that you believe they pulled the rain check for a good reason and if you had asked earlier they would have accepted the right way.

You can then proceed with asking them when they would be free and available. Take it up a notch and ask them what they would like to do.

Maybe they pulled the rain check because they didn’t feel comfortable with the first activity. If you are flirting with them this should work

What a letdown

How to Respond to “Rain Check”

This reply doesn’t seem like it is directed to them. It’s a soliloquy but sending it to them tells them that that is what you are thinking and you are really disappointed that you have to wait till later.

From their reply, you can tell if they are sorry or they are not sorry about the letdown. Nice way to tell them how you feel without saying too much and at the same time analyzing their behavior.

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Are you sure? You will miss out on all the fun

It’s best if it’s a group gathering. Before you protest that it doesn’t apply, imagine it’s a clique or a gang of friends and they hang out regularly.

With that scenario, you can use it to convince them. If they are gullible, they will easily join but if they have a good reason then you will wait until the next outing or hand out for the group to be complete.

Alright, any particular reason?

How to Respond to “Rain Check”

I don’t see why not. They might have asked the same if you had pulled a rain check. You don’t have to worry about sounding demanding or rude.

Your reply already has “alright” in it meaning it’s fine by you, you just need to know why. If you feel asking for a reason directly will not go well, you can try suggesting and getting it from their replies.

When will it be okay for you?

Reason or no reason, if all that matters to you is spending time with you or getting the activity over with, this will be the reply you will use.

It does sound nonchalant and uncaring but it gets the job done. If they give you a sad reason, you can respond with, “I’m so sorry about it. When will it be okay for you?” Now you sound caring and nice.

Bummer! I was looking forward to a swell time

How to Respond to “Rain Check”

Or I was looking forward to spending time with you. This reply will make anyone who is giving a rain check think twice if they are just trying to run away.

They will understand that you cherish the time you spend with time and the time you will spend with them. Plus you think they are fun and that’s why you are going to have a swell time.

If they can’t take back the rain check, they will at least try to make it up to you by setting it soon.


And that’s all about this topic. Have you ever used a rain check or received a rain check text? Tell me in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and have a sunny day.

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