46 Best Ways to Respond to “I Hope You Are Doing Well?”

When you bump into someone you know at the supermarket or the sidewalk, or you are replying to emails or just meeting people, this sentence “I hope you are doing well” will come up.

It’s a way to show care and ask how you are doing. Replying to this might prove difficult because you are stuck with simple answers like “yes” or “sure”, so today I will be taking you through a list of replies that you can use to reply to this.

These replies apply differently to different situations some are happy and cheerful, some are for sad moments, some are for rough times, and on and on.

46 Best Replies to ” Hope You Are Doing Well?”

The important thing is to understand how you want to sound and pick out whichever one you would like to use from this list:

  1. I am. Thank you for your concern
  2. Never been better
  3. Indeed I am
  4. How about you?
  5. I am very well. Thank you for asking
  6. Very well in fact
  7. I assume it’s the same with you
  8. I hope you are doing well too
  9. As well as you
  10. I am doing okay
  11. Oh it’s not that bad these days
  12. Let’s see. I…
  13. I am alive
  14. Could be worse
  15. I guess
  16. I can say the same for you
  17. Looks like life has been treating you good
  18. How is life over there?
  19. All thanks to God
  20. I hope you are doing better
  21. I’m holding up alright
  22. Well I can’t complain
  23. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will say 5
  24. I’m better than well. I’m super
  25. It’s hard to tell these days
  26. I can’t be sure
  27. Till you said that, yes. Now I am way better
  28. Are you kidding? I’m blessed
  29. You bet I am
  30. Could be better. Could be a Friday
  31. It’s been a great week
  32. And you have been having the time of your life
  33. You tell me
  34. Will you give me a million dollars
  35. As right as rain
  36. I hope not
  37. Still finding my feet
  38. So far not bad
  39. I am great! That’s what I am
  40. I am doing better since we last met
  41. The times have been hard
  42. It hasn’t been the best of times for everyone
  43. I wish I was
  44. It’s been quite rough
  45. Don’t I wish
  46. Well there are always better days ahead

I am. Thank you for your concern

This is a very simple reply. It isn’t exactly happy or cheerful but it says that all is well and then you appreciate them for showing you care.

Never been better

You want to tell them that things have gone better than well for you, you can use this to show how excited you are and tell them how you are actually doing.

Indeed I am

This reply is a little formal but it works. If you just want to stick to giving a reply without asking about them too or continuing the conversation you can use this.

How about you?

People know that you care when you ask about them too. You just hope that you’re doing well so you can reply in the affirmative and then ask about them to show that you hope the same for them that’s why you are asking.

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I am very well. Thank you for asking

You can use this in emails, letters, and in a professional setting. It is warm but not too friendly. It applies to their hopes and appreciates them for it.

Very well in fact

Another very exciting answer. The phrase “in fact” at the end makes it sound factual and much more interesting. You’ll be getting more questions that will lead to a conversation

I assume it’s the same with you

They hoped and you assumed. You’re not exactly on the same page but do understand your good intentions anyway and they will reply to you accordingly.

I hope you are doing well too

You can choose not to affirm their hopes and just skip right to this response. It’s a bit rigid but if it is in a formal setting and none of you wants to dive deep, this should be fine.

As well as you

Respond to “I Hope You Are Doing Well

This reply is kind of a compliment. Although you can never be too sure, if they are doing well, maybe even better than you, you can use this to point that out in a complimenting way while replying to them.

I am doing okay

Or great or fantastic, or any adjective that you would want to use to describe how you are doing. It may be sad or happy or exciting but whatever you choose to use, you can’t go wrong.

Oh, it’s not that bad these days

This reply is trying to say that things have gotten better from what they used to be so you are really doing well. If you don’t intend to share what was formerly wrong maybe you shouldn’t use this reply.

Let’s see. I…

If you want to launch into the conversation because you’re very close to these people and they’re willing to listen then you can use this reply.

It starts like you’re ruminating on what’s been going on and then from there you will decide whether you’re doing good or not.

I am alive

As true as this is it sounds sad like you’re trying to say life is not worth living with how bad things are getting.

You can make the sound better by adding “we hope for the best”. Now you don’t sound pathetic.

Could be worse

It’s not cheerful and at the same time, it’s not exactly a grateful response. This reply just says you’re not actually doing good but you are not in the worst situation and there is hope for you to get better.

I guess

I like to use this reply to anything that isn’t what others say it is. If you really aren’t doing well this is a subtle way to say you aren’t without sounding negative or outrightly saying it.

I can say the same for you

If it’s been a while, the line, “I hope you are doing well” is not out of place. You can use this to reply instead of just thanking them or asking them how they are like everyone normally does.

This reply means that they are doing well and you can see evidence from it. If they are not however and it’s clear, this will sound sarcastic and taunting.

Looks like life has been treating you good

This is a different way to say that they are doing well or they look great. You can use this if it’s been a while since you saw them.

It’s also a great compliment that will make them smile. They will try to return it and you have a good conversation.

How is life over there?

Asking about them is a way to show care and if you are talking over the phone, this is not a bad way to reply. Of course, you can say the city they are in or the country.

You can also ask based on what you talked about last, or what’s going on currently.

The times have been hard

People say the world is getting more expensive. Crime rates are going up, there is a recession if you feel this way and more, you can just summarize all of it into “the times have been hard”.

Not everyone has had the best of times lately.

Use this to slightly modify the previous response if you’d like to. It passes across the same message but this time it won’t sound like you are the most unlucky and most unhappy person in the world.

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I wish I was

This is a full-on sad reply and it tells whoever you are talking to that you really I’m not doing well.

It can’t be that there is a very huge problem going on in your life or everything is just not working for you.

It’s been quite rough

I like how brave it sounds. It sounds like yes there’s been problems but you scaled through and you’re willing to go on, no matter what will come.

Notice how it is in the past tense which means that you are doing better than you were before. You can say this without sounding sad or pitiful and people will completely understand you

Don’t I wish

What is another reply that says that you’re doing the opposite of what they hope for you?

If you’re wishing now that you’re doing well that means you’re not doing well and while you might not want to say this to others and embarrass yourself, you can also use it if you don’t care what they think and you just want to be honest.

Well there are always better days ahead

And it’s true, especially walking towards it full stop, another brave reply that says that no matter what you’ve been through it will get better. Replies like this make you sound optimistic, grateful, and content.

All thanks to God

If you won’t offend or upset the other person with this reply and you feel this way, then go right ahead and use this. There is no problem with giving praise to the Almighty.

I hope you are doing better

It’s a nice wish if you think of it since they hope you are doing well, why not hope they are doing better? It’s not selfish, it shows you care for them and they will find this funny and life or try to top it by using “best” somehow.

I am holding up alright

Let’s say you’ve been in a crisis or you have experienced some sort of loss, they will be saying this to know how you’re feeling and dealing with the problem.

In this case, you’re not going to use a reply that ignores their care, like how about you? This reply tells them just how you feel without sounding too sad or what they mean.

Well I can’t complain

This response implies that you’re doing well since if you can’t complain, it signifies that your life is good and you have nothing to be unhappy about.

It’s a modest way of expressing how amazing your life is. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing well or not; you can still make this funny.

People will laugh if you say anything like, “No one ever listens to me.” You completely alter the meaning of my response. You’ll go from saying, “I’m doing well,” to saying, “I have no one to complain to.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, I will say 5

Respond to “I Hope You Are Doing Well

Try this if you don’t want to provide a definitive response. In essence, you will be stating, “I am doing too poorly because I am in the middle of the rank.”

It’s fantastic because it’s not well-liked. Give them this unexpected response and give them some time to reflect.

There are no restrictions, so you can select any other number from the scale. If you want to make it even more interesting, add some things to it like:

A: Hey bailey. How are you?

B: I am good. How about you? I hope you are doing good.

A: Let’s see. On a scale of 1 to 10 of happiness, I am at a negative one.

I’m better than well. I’m super

Respond to “I Hope You Are Doing Well

Since they hope you are doing well you can do better. You are not limited to just being “well”. This reply will make people who truly care about you smile.

After that, you can share whatever is making you so happy and bubbly with them so you can both be in high spirits. You can use words other than super if you want.

It’s hard to tell these days

During periods when you’re just down in the dumps and things seem hard, this type of reply is okay to use. It’s a sad reply and it tells whoever you’re speaking to just how you feel and how things have been.

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The reply means you can’t really tell if things are going well or if they are terrible because you’re working on things and you want them to go well.

I can’t be sure

This is similar to the one above. When you use this kind of reply you’re going to get questions like “what’s wrong?'” or “what’s going on?” so people can understand and maybe find a way to help you.

Till you said that, yes. Now I am way better

They might not understand it at once but it’s a kind of compliment. Since they said they hope you’re doing well and you responded with yes that means you are doing well.

But then, since they met you you’re doing way better which means the brightens up your day or you really love their company or something about them makes you happy.

Are you kidding? I’m blessed

While this reply might not particularly fit with this phrase, it is a way to show that you are excited and happy about your condition.

It is also good if someone is seeing this to console you and you want to tell them you are alright.

For example, when a problem becomes a blessing in disguise, and they start with “I hope you are doing well”, this reply works.

You bet I am

A strong exciting way to affirm that you are doing well. There can be no confusion after this reply. You can also say you bet your lucky stars I am.

Could be better. Could be a Friday

If you look forward to relaxing, work-free weekends, then you can use this reply because as great as your life is, it being a weekend makes it greater.

You can also use “could be a payday” or “could be snowing” or whatever you like.

It’s been a great week

If you are close, then this reply is okay because they are not just hoping you are doing well so can you affirm I?

They want to know what’s going on. You can start from the week, and how it was a one-cup-of-coffee kind of day throughout.

If you don’t want to talk about your week you can talk about your weekend or your bake sale. Stuff like that.

And you have been having the time of your life

If you don’t want to respond to that, this reply will seem flattering and remove their minds from how you are doing.

It’s a nice way to say that they are enjoying life and having a swell time. No one will be offended by it. It’s a great intro for them to talk about themselves and show off.

You tell me

I like to use this whenever someone else knows the answer or it’s very obvious and I don’t want to say it. You can use this reply alone or follow it up with news about your life.

It’s also a reply that they won’t expect and one way to make it work is to sound like you don’t care and you have beef with someone while doing something else.

Will you give me a million dollars?

This is a hilarious reply, a silly way to say you are feeling good but you also need some money. It may seem like that’s all you have your mind fixed on but no one is going to hit you for it.

You can also change it to whatever you feel will suit you or make the other person laugh.

As right as rain

Feeding you something cheesy or corny like idioms. Being as right as rain is being in perfect health, especially after an illness.

You can find other ones like as happy as a lark, as happy as a king, as bright as the sun, and so on.

I hope not!

This is silly! No one would expect you to say this because you’re supposed to be doing well. Using this reply makes it sound like your doing well is something wrong or evil that should never happen.

You will shock people with it and then laugh. Make sure that after you tell them you are joking and that you are doing fine.

Still finding my feet

Respond to “I Hope You Are Doing Well

If you are in a new place and you are still trying to adapt to a new environment, this is an honest reply you can use.

It doesn’t say that you are struggling, just getting used to it and coping. Very brace if you and very nice.

So far not bad

This reply means I have been good so far. It doesn’t mean you are on top of your face but at least you are alive and okay and you are moving forward so you are good as far as things go.

If you want a little cliche, then just say so far so good.

I am great! That’s what I am

Let’s say your nat I give some exciting good news like you got a new job or bought a car or you got a scholarship or anything at all, this reply is a great way to begin.

It will let them know that something is up and you are really happy about it.

I am doing better since we last met

And you have to show proof for this reply. It’s saying since we last talked I took your advice and I was allowed to achieve this and that, and accomplish so and so and this has been going in this direction.

It’s good if you are talking to someone you want to share this with, a therapist, or someone you are accountable to.


If you had some answers before this list gave you way more replies and surprised you. Have fun trying out these replies just be sure to use them appropriately so you don’t get into trouble.

If you have any more ideas, I would like to see them in the comments below.

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