32 Creative Ways to Respond to “Happy New Year”

Every year we celebrate a new year, the start of another 365 days where we can live out our dreams, try out new things and enjoy many opportunities.

We would always wish each other a happy new year. Others go for long prayers or wishes or blessings. If you find it difficult to respond, especially in person, I have a lot of replies for you today.

They are all in different categories and some in different languages. Browse through them and see which ones you can use for the new year:

32 Best Ways to Respond to “Happy New Year”

  1. Happy new year to you too
  2. Thank you
  3. Same to you
  4. You too
  5. My hearty appreciation
  6. Right back at you
  7. Likewise
  8. Many happy returns
  9. Thank you for the wishes
  10. Wish you same
  11. The greeting is mutual
  12. Have an amazing year
  13. Yeah, let’s hope this year is better
  14. This will be our best year yet
  15. And all new year’s greetings/blessings
  16. Have a blessed year
  17. Enjoy a prosperous new year
  18. Best wishes
  19. Here’s to a great year for all of us
  20. Fresh start right? Let’s give it all we have got
  21. Ditto! This year will rock
  22. It already looks like a happy year
  23. Is it? I think it’s a splendid new year
  24. It’s a whole year already? Guess time goes by quickly with the best people around
  25. Congratulations on surviving last year. Welcome to a new year
  26. You will glow this year more brightly than all the sky’s fireworks
  27. You will glow this year more brightly than all the sky’s fireworks
  28. It’s happy because I have got you
  29. Let’s do more together
  30. Happy New month
  31. It’s not a new year. It’s a New month you silly goose
  32. May the new year bring you more difficulties, tears, and suffering. Don’t misunderstand me, it makes you tougher as a person

Simple Replies

Ways to Respond to “Happy New Year”

You can also call them casual replies. These replies are the normal responses to any wishes you will get whether it’s a new month, new week, or a holiday.

They are listed below and you can use them as you deem fit. You can beer go wrong with them:

Happy new year to you too

Simple and straight to the point. You can just wish back what they have wished for you. You can try to switch up the word too.

If you don’t want to use the word happy you can use, thrilling, amazing, delightful, or lovely. You know, whatever works for you.

Thank you

Accepting the wish with a thank you shows that you have manners. It makes it sound like when someone says happy birthday. They might find it odd but it is your response and it’s polite.

Same to you

The usual reply that will pop into your mind. Most people use this for several types of wishes and prayers so it’s okay.

You can merge this with a thank you so they know that you really appreciate them.

You too

It is shorter. It may not be as warm as the ones above but it is okay for strangers or acquaintances.

For those who are close to you, like your loved ones and family members, use something else

My hearty appreciation

A fancier way to say thank you. With this reply, you don’t need to say the same to yourself or even combine it with any other replies on this list.

It’s good alone and it works well in a formal setting.

For your loved ones, you might sound far away and formal so stick to using it with important people and professional settings.

Right back at you

You might be able to use this for people older than you but it is a nice fun way to return the greeting.

Besides, it will remove any awkwardness of trying to modify a greeting that will come off goofy or weird.


You won’t hear this a lot and it’s really a fun word but it is a way to say “the same to you”.

It will sound formal and stiff because many people don’t use this so you might want to avoid this except with people who talk that way and won’t mind or stare at you.

Many happy returns

Most people use these for only birthdays but they can be used for all kinds of celebrations. Why? Well, it means that you will get to enjoy that celebration many more times.

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That’s the whole idea so you can use this for Christmas, and you can definitely use it for the new year. If you get raised eyebrows, just explain.

Thank you for the wishes

Most people like to attach wishes to their greetings. For example, they will say, “happy new year. May this year give you laughter, joy, and happiness”.

A good reply to this is a simple thank you. Adding “for the wishes” differentiates it from a simple thank you because it recognizes the wishes.

Wish you the same

You can start it with an “I” if you want to personalize it. It’s another way of saying “same to you” without saying it.

It may not be a wish since a happy new year is more like a greeting but you can wish them a happy new year out of care and love.

The greeting is mutual

It is definitely formal, something that you can say to someone who you don’t really talk to in the office or people in a club that you are not acquainted with.

It is acting the same to you but without the friendly air in it. If you are the kind of person that likes to remind people of your boundaries and keep people in the space that are you, you can use this.

Not the friendliest way to start a new year’s convo but it is an okay reply.

Wishful Replies

Ways to Respond to “Happy New Year”

These replies have more affectation to them. They sound like you are really replying. You can use them on people who mean a lot to you to show care and love. Here they are:

Have an amazing year

Happy new year is something you say to welcome you to the year because it is new. You can reply by telling them to have an amazing year or a great year or a productive year.

It is more than just a welcome wish and they will keep it in their hearts and strive for it.

Yeah, let’s hope this year is better

For someone you have had some rough times with in the last year, this is a great way to inspire hope in them.

It may sound a bit droll but if you say it with a smile and some conviction they will understand that you are willing to do more and better with them in this new year.

This will be our best year yet

The joy of living is making progress so no wishing it will be your best year yet is saying that this year will be better than the last year and all the years before that.

Using “our” shows you wish them the same for them as much as for yourself. It’s a simple way to drop a sweet wish.

And all new year’s greetings/blessings

I like how it sounds. It’s like a greeting split in halves where “happy new year” is the beginning and all while” and all new year’s greetings/blessings”, is the end and response.

Some people might not get it but it’s the same way you say “merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”. It’s beautiful and you will make people smile.

Have a blessed new year

Or a glorious or a wonderful or a fantastic new year. “Blessed” works because everyone flows with it, the religious and irreligious alike.

It is like a simple prayer that they may not have to reply yes to but they will appreciate and affirm or thank you for.

Enjoy a prosperous new year

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t want to be prosperous so just the way they wish it in the birthday song, you can wish it for them at the beginning of the year.

If you don’t want to use prosperous, you can say fruitful or productive. Whatever works for you. You can use this in formal emails to sound friendly and caring.

Best wishes

There is no time to start reciting wishes to people. Even if there was, you probably don’t want to so you can just summarize it to best wishes.

It’s then up to them to think of the wishes you would give them and for them to accept it. If you however are tested with long new year wishes or prayers, don’t reply with this.

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It will sound like you didn’t take your time to read the message and you don’t care. In that case a simple thank you will suffice.

Here’s to a great ahead year for all of us

If you are at a party, you can offer to give a toast and use this. It sounds like the kind of thing you would say for a toast and the new year a celebration worthy of the toast.

If you aren’t toasting you can go around with a drink, clink glasses with people, and say this with a smile anytime they wish you a happy new year.

Nice Replies

Ways to Respond to “Happy New Year”

These replies are motivational and can be compliments to people. They are great ways to show people that you value or care for how important they are to you and a way to also support them:

Fresh start right? Let’s give it all we have got

Another motivating reply. A new yes is a new start. 365 days to try new things and learn from the last year.

Giving it all you got is trying your best but saying this to someone says that you are willing to start with them and they are part of your year. It will make them feel special.

Ditto! This year will rock

Ditto means the same, as in I wish you the same. Saying this year will rock means you have high expectations for the year and you are ready to get things into action and have a great time.

It already looks like a happy year

A positive, cheerful reply. If they used any other adjective aside from happy, you can use that too. It is saying that their wish for a happy year is already coming true for you. It may seem like you are teasing them but it’s the truth.

Is it? I think it’s a splendid new year

This reply is funny because it questions what they have said. It means you don’t believe the year is just “happy”.

A year bustling with fresh opportunities, fun and all the best things can’t just be “happy” so you can say it’s a splendid new year.

They might not get it but once you explain, they share your point of view and this reply.

It’s a whole year already? Guess time goes by quickly with the best people around

It’s a compliment to anyone you are saying this too. Instead of just replying with happy new year or the same to you, you can just use this complement.

It is saying that you didn’t realize that we are in a new year because you are spending time with the best people and having fun.

Besides, it’s common knowledge that you don’t watch the clock or count time when you are having fun.

It doesn’t mean you just had fun. It could be at your office and you have a really productive year. You can use this too.

Congratulations on surviving last year. Welcome to a new year

This is good for really hard years, for example, the coronavirus year of 2020. It’s more of an achievement and they will appreciate it more than a simple same to you.

If you shared their pains, and their worries and had some rough times together, this reply will make a whole lot of difference. They will know that you care and you remember all they have been through.

You will glow this year more brightly than all the sky’s fireworks

It may sound cheesy but it’s a great wish that you get some limelight and become a star. You know someone popular and to be reckoned with. Best for your partner or loved ones.

It’s happy because I have got you

This is really cute and it will make whoever you tell smile as long as you mean it. It is saying that it is not their wish or their prayers that make the year happy or good or fun.

It is their presence and the fact that they are in your life. It shows you value them and would want to spend this year and many more years with them.

Let’s do more together

If you are speaking to someone who has helped you in many ways, someone you value and you want to keep, this reply is good.

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It’s saying that whatever you did last year should be smaller compared to what you want to achieve in the coming year.

And no matter what it is you are doing, you want them involved in it.

Silly Replies

Ways to Respond to “Happy New Year”

And what’s a list of replies if there aren’t a few to crack your audience? It will make you appear funny, witty, and way more interesting to converse with it.

Besides, it is a great way to get a conversation going. Let’s see a few:

Happy New month

The year starts with January, which is a month. A new month. Since most people just say happy new year, you can say a happy new month.

You are not wrong, you are just something different and it will be silky because even though you are right, it isn’t what everyone is saying. Nice right?

It’s not a new year. It’s a New month you silly goose

It’s the same as the one above but in a different way. We all know that January 1st is a new year and a new month.

You can use this reply to make them sound wrong. Calling them silly makes you sound silly because you are both right.

If they are not confident in themselves or they are gullible, they will be confused. Well, they figure it out eventually.

May the new year bring you more difficulties, tears, and suffering. Don’t misunderstand me, it makes you tougher as a person

Don’t try this with someone you are not close to or someone who won’t get the joke. It’s true that even though they are wishing you a happy new year, you won’t be happy every single day.

And it’s common knowledge that challenges make you stronger. You will become tough but this kind of reply is not a way to wish that for them. It will shock people so use it for people that will understand it.

I was just about to say that

Yes, it’s not a competition but you are saying that you did have it in mind to wish them a happy new year first because they are important to you.

This reply will tell them that, make them happy that they wished you first, and then you can use any other sweet reply on the list.

When you say this, look sad or droopy even if you are feigning it do they know mean it?

Say It In Different Languages

You can also say a happy new year in different languages or use the equivalent for it. It is great for your foreign friends, those who speak other languages and it’s just a nice way to impress others.

Here are three common languages and how to say them:

If you want to say a happy new year in Spanish, you say “Feliz Año Nuevo”. Año means year. For a toast, you can say “Brindemos al Año Nuevo” which means cheers to a new year.

And if you want to go for something simple, you can wish people happy holidays by saying “Felices fiestas”. If you are writing or texting, use upside-down exclamation marks like this “¡”.

Place them at the beginning and end of the sentence.

“Bonne année” means happy new year in french. If someone says this to you, you can respond with best wishes which is “Meilleurs Voeux”.

Since the new year is a holiday, you can say “Joyeuses Fêtes” or “Bonnes Fêtes”. They both mean happy holidays.

The Chinese are one of the people who celebrate the new year in the last week of January. Despite that, they still wish each other a happy new year.

You can say it “Xīnnián kuàilè” (zin-yan kwai-lea) or “Xīnnián hǎo” (zin-yan how)to mean new year goodness it new year happiness. It’s very beautiful.


I bet you have never thought of most of the replies on the list. Use the replies however you please, keeping in mind that their use must be appropriate so you don’t offend or upset someone and kill the new year vibe.

If you have any other ideas for new year replies drop them in the comments below and let’s all learn. Thank you for reading. Cheers to a wonderful new year.

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