17 Best Responses to “Take Me With You”

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to go somewhere or need to head to a particular destination but this one person or group of people want to go to that place with you?

Ever tried to step out and had that little sibling or child hit you with the “I want to go too” or “take me with you” line?

What about hopping out in a rush and having someone follow you and saying they want to accompany you to wherever it is you want to go?

This is almost everyone on the planet because all of us have experienced these scenarios or something similar to them at least once in our lifetime.

But what do you say to respond to their request? Like telling them they’ve got school, or asking them why they want to follow you, here are some good responses to that request depending on the situation.

17 great responses to “take me with you”

  1. I was just about to ask if you would come with me
  2. Alright you have ten minutes to get ready
  3. It’s not your kind of crowd
  4. Maybe you should sit this one out
  5. Not today cutie. Maybe next time
  6. I already have some friends with me. Sorry.
  7. I’m going with my girlfriend and three is a crowd, sorry
  8. There’s a lot of work to do over there, sorry you can’t come
  9. It’s late, you can’t go with me now
  10. It’s not where you think, we’re going
  11. It’s too far for you
  12. I didn’t know you were into sports
  13. Take you? Mum will deal with me.
  14. I’m going to Dan’s
  15. Why do you want me to take you with me?
  16. If I must, then I will only under these conditions
  17. It may take a while.

I was just about to ask if you would come with me

This is one of the better responses, this would be best used in a situation where you previously wanted him or her along on your outing to wherever you’re going. Assuming you had the person in mind for a companion on your journey, this would be a fitting response.

Alright you have ten minutes to get ready

How to respond to take me with you

In this case, the person in question is added to your plans or schedule last minute. And it also puts in mind that the person in question won’t affect the schedule negatively and might even affect it positively or not affect it at all so they can be allowed to follow you.

Usually, this response is followed by some rules on how they’re meant to behave while with you and conditions for following. But make sure to use this only if they won’t cause your plans to go awry.

It’s not your kind of crowd

How to respond to take me with you

This response is mostly used with people you know well enough to know their style, eccentricities, and the kind of people they’re most comfortable with.

Using this response would mean you have considered the others that will be going with you or you are going to meet and found that they are not the kind the person would want to be around.

For instance, if you were going to a rock concert and your buddy, who’s a jazz fan and dislikes rock, wants to tag along, you’d want to keep them out of it but you also wouldn’t want to give up going simply to make them happy.

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Maybe you should sit this one out

Using this response means the other person has more important things to do or would be better preoccupied with something else.

In a situation where they have school, work, unfinished chores, errands to run, or studying for say an exam, trying to convince them not to go is a way better option than letting them go and you both regretting it afterward.

Not today cutie. Maybe next time

For the boys especially, this line is probably one you would love. If you met this girl in class or at the store and you get talking, which becomes pretty frequent and you don’t go a day without a call or a text, then you start meeting up and hanging out a lot.

But it’s Friday and Friday is for the boys. Game night, chugging eggnog, paintball matches, bowling, you can’t give it up, and regardless of who it might be, bringing a girl over would cramp everyone’s style because everyone has to walk on eggshells to look good in front of her, for their sakes and yours.

Or, it could be vice versa with the girl going for a girl’s night out with movies, shopping, and truth or dare. Having a guy there would only make things awkward.

So, this response would be well suited to those situations without making it seem like you don’t want them around all of a sudden.

I already have some friends with me. Sorry.

This one deals with your schedule more. In this case, you already have plans or are with a particular group of friends so the ones asking to be taken with you cannot fit into that as it would be unfair to the ones you’ve planned with first.

Especially if it is one of those sacred meetings like Alumni meetings, your folks from your place of worship, an appointment with your stylist, etc. Then this will be perfect as a response to them.

I’m going with my girlfriend/boyfriend and three is a crowd, sorry

Being with your partner naturally comes with intimacy. There are sides to us all that we would be willing to show the ones we are intimate with that we would rather not show anyone else.

So, naturally, it doesn’t work out having a third party to crash that romantic, secret-sharing, lovey-dovey private time.

So, yes, in this case, two is a company, and three is a crowd. So this response might be appropriate for that when they are annoying about it.

There’s a lot of work to do over there, sorry you can’t come

How to respond to take me with you

This is for when you mean business and the other wishes for fun. Like your child wanting to go to work with you when it’s not Take Your Child To Work Day.

It is only going to be an unnecessary distraction and sometimes, being straightforward and honest about it saves you the trouble of making promises you may not be able to keep.

Why take them to a place where you’d be busy when you wouldn’t be able to spend any time with them anyways?

It’s late, you can’t go with me now

Sometimes, certain nightcrawlers (as they are often referred to as), tend to live to go out at night, in the wee hours of night.

Like, it’s so dark out you can’t see your arm in front of you kind of night. These are mostly juveniles.

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They want to be with you outside, but it is in no way good for them as they could get lost, bad things can happen to them, they mostly do not know or want to know and believe that and might throw a tantrum, but a stern “it’s too late”  would be more than enough to make them understand that they shouldn’t head outside with you.

It’s not where you think, we’re going

This is a case where you want to go to a certain location but it isn’t a place that the other person would like. Like going to a museum and them thinking you are going to an amusement park.

Usually, this line is highly disappointing to the other person after they receive the explanations that would follow.

Mostly it is because the place you wish to go, and their preferred destination have such a stark difference in level that it makes them disappointed.

It’s too far for you

Too long a distance can cause some people to turn from company to inconvenience really fast.

You both could be walking a while or in transit to the destination and the person could just start complaining about how far it is and continuously, asking annoying questions like; “how much longer?” “Are we there yet?” “Are you not moving too fast?” “Why don’t we take a break?” Which would make it a stressful journey.

I didn’t know you were into sports

This involves you going to a sports-related event. It could be a game, an autograph signing, and could be any sport like soccer, basketball, etc.

It can be used in two ways; one way would be the straightforward surprise of just learning they liked sports and you just happened to be hopping off to one.

In this case, you’d probably feel giddy to show them the wonders of your favorite sport or appreciate it with them.

The second way would then be when you’re trying to gauge their reaction while also letting them know that your reason for going out is for sports-related matters.

Then they could either show enthusiasm and wish to go with you or they could feel disappointed and decline the adventure.

Take you? Mum will deal with me

This will be more popular among the older siblings in the house who would have a bit more freedom to go out or hang out with friends and the like.

Then the little sibling comes around trying to be a part of it. Like going camping with your friends and your 10-year-old little sibling comes running up to you to ask if they could go too.

This is something all older siblings can relate to and would experience many times growing up.

Sometimes these adventures could be dangerous or would hurt the ones asking to be taken along, which of course would bring down the wrath of the parents for being irresponsible and taking the young ones where they shouldn’t have.

Although exaggerated, as no reasonable parent would deal with their offspring for such things, it gets the message across that you wouldn’t want either of you getting into trouble with your parents for doing something you shouldn’t or going where you ought not to have gone. Like taking a 10-year-old to see an R-rated movie.

Big siblings beware!

I’m going to Dan’s

Or Stacey’s or anyone’s for that matter. Sometimes when someone you know doesn’t like another person you know, your visiting them makes it an easy excuse to get the other party off your tail.

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Say you have a friend named Todd, and your other friend Brenda doesn’t get along with Todd because he ate her pop tarts by mistake when they were little, if you wanted to go somewhere alone or didn’t want them to go with you, you could always say you were going to Todd’s and watch them instantly back out and walk away.

It gets kinda funny sometimes, but do try to help reconcile them maybe? But this is a convenient excuse because sometimes just mentioning the name is all it takes to make the other person quit asking to be taken with you. While sometimes sad, it makes things easy.

Why do you want me to take you with me?

This is a good response question to their request as it could help you understand what exactly it is that they wish to accomplish while going with you, and you could also use that to decide whether or not you want to take them with you on your outing or leaving point A to point B.

Sometimes they might be a huge help to you or be great company, other times they might be a drag or something you wish you could have avoided for that particular point in time.

Which of those they would be could sometimes be determined from the answer they give to the question “Why?”.

If I must, then I will only under these conditions

In this case, you are willing to agree as it wouldn’t be much harm to have them along for the ride. But you’d rather lay down some rules or set conditions beforehand so that they could comport themselves accordingly to make things easier and less of a headache for everyone.

This is especially good as a response when troublemakers are involved. Sometimes you might seriously regret taking certain people with you because they either cause trouble, complain, or don’t want to do anything.

Which can be quite annoying. With this response, things like that can be avoided early on and you’d all have smooth sailing.

It may take a while

When you know that you might spend a longer time at the location you plan to be, then this would be a good response to inform them of that possibility.

Then it would be in their jurisdiction to find out how long and decide whether or not they’re up for the wait. It can also be used if it’ll take a while to get ready or to go there.

Like when you’re preoccupied for a while before you have to go, or getting ready to go will take a while with, maybe, makeup, finding what to wear, deciding if you want to call someone else too to join in, tidying up your current location before leaving, etc.

Parting Words

Sometimes, giving a reason or an excuse not to have to take them with you, one would need to be stern, other times, it’s better to be soft, and sometimes, just being witty makes it easy to convey a message.

So, next time, if someone asks you to take them with you, you know what to tell them depending on who they are or how the situation is. Cheers!

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