17 Best Replies to “Do You Trust Me?”

Trust is very important in every type of relationship. Without it, there will be doubts and suspicions and a lot of drama.

So, what do you say when someone asks you if you trust them? It’s a big question and no matter who they are to you, you either trust them or you don’t.

Of course, I do

Simple replies like this will assure them immediately and remove any doubts or worries they might have. When you say this, look into their eyes.

Even if the question takes you by surprise, fidgeting will make them think the opposite of what you said. You can also say, “yes, yeah, sure” or any other affirmation you want.

I would not be with you if I didn’t trust you

Many times people have said that a good relationship has love, communication, and trust.

Trust is not the least and without it, even no emotional relationships will not last. This is a good way to say that you don’t just trust them, your whole relationship is built on trust.

With my life, my money and all I am worth

Sounds like an old quote, something from a sixties film but it’s cute. If you say it with emotion you won’t sound scripted.

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This reply is trying to mention every important thing that you could possibly have and saying that you would give it to them or leave them in charge without worrying what they would do with it because you trust them.

You can always alter it with something more personal or silly to make them laugh.

After all you have done for me? I don’t think you need to ask that

Try to say this as clearly as possible so there won’t be a misunderstanding.

The question at the beginning is saying that they have done so much for you, probably more than others have ever done and for that, you trust them so much.

If this question really surprises you then this reply is a good one. It’s a nice way to say they should know you trust them for all the wonderful things they have done.

You are in fact the only person I trust

Replies to Do You Trust Me

It can be true. Some people have few people around them and trust just one person like their spouse.

Whether you have a few or a lot of friends or people in your circle, if you have one person you trust and they ask you this you can reply that they are sincerely the only people you trust.

Is anything wrong?

Let’s be honest, if there is mutual trust a question like this, especially out of the blue will come as a shock so you can ask what’s wrong.

Maybe they have something bothering them and they feel it’s because you don’t trust them. Maybe they are insecure, worried, or have seen or heard things that make them uncomfortable.

Getting straight to the point instead of using any of the replies above will allow you to discuss the matter and resolve it immediately.

There aren’t a lot of answers but if you share a good relationship with them, there wouldn’t be a need for this question.

You would know right away the place they have in your life and that you trust them.

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I find it hard to trust people

Replies to Do You Trust Me

Notice how this reply doesn’t directly answer the question so you don’t have to outrightly say that you don’t trust them.

You can say it bitterly so that they understand that when it comes to trust, you have had some bad experiences you don’t want to talk about and so they will leave the question.

It’s too risky to put your trust in anyone these days

And how true that is. So many mean people out there that trusting anyone can lead to your doom.

With a reply like this, they will feel it’s not a matter of them now and you not trusting people (whether or not you really do) is a general thing.

They will most likely nod in agreement and drop the question.

Trust is something you earned, you haven’t quite earned it

For people who just think that hanging out with you for a few days or sharing a meal with you can get you to trust them, this reply will burst their bubble. Trust can’t get gifted.

You earn through kind acts and standing through, respecting boundaries, and keeping to the rules that bind you both.

If they haven’t done any of these things, you might as well tell them this so they can set themselves straight.

With all you have done, it’s hard to

Replies to Do You Trust Me

Plain honest reply. It is not harsh because they were the ones who did you wrong.

The reply also tells them that you might have forgiven (or not) what they did in the past but you haven’t forgotten it and it has scarred your trust in them.

They will feel ashamed. Some rebuffed, others angry but hey, they hurt you first.

There are levels to trust but I can’t say I trust you completely

This reply says you trust them but only because the levels of distrust surpass those of trust. It’s like “I trust you take the trash out but not take a bullet for me”.

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This reply actually answers the question and it tells the other person that if they want to be trusted they have to put in more work.

Honey, I don’t even trust myself

I would say this with a laugh. It doesn’t mean that you won’t protect yourself if there is a need for it or you would betray yourself.

Maybe your distrust in yourself is about your values, priorities, and issues like procrastination.

It may be worse and it will push you to not trust others, or it’s an excuse and a really good reply to avoid answering the question.

Let’s have this conversation some other time

Avoiding the question but putting off any conversation about the matter is a good way to say “I don’t trust you” because if you did you would say it to them quickly.

Anyone who is smart will understand what you are trying to say, respect your decision and start to work on it if you really mean something to them and they want your trust.

I would trust tabloids more

It’s a hurtful reply but if you are trying to spite someone, then this reply will work. Tabloids are barely ever factual. If that doesn’t work for you, you can say politicians.

There is no argument for that. If it’s banter, this reply is also good. They understand it’s a joke and no one is hurt.

Do you trust yourself?

It’s an accusing question to ask. If they are someone with a shady character or who is always involved in something fishy, ask them this so they know that first, you know the kind of things they do and it doesn’t speak of them.

Second, it makes it hard for anyone to trust them, including themselves.

I trust you to take a bullet for me but not to keep a secret

This just echoes the reply on there being levels of trust. It tells them you trust them, but not so much, or at least, not in every situation.

It is also something that they can laugh at and take note of. You can also go for something silly that says the same thing but subtly.

For example: “I  trust you to take a bullet for me but not to keep my taco”. Good right?

How do I put this delicately… No

Replies to Do You Trust Me

You can be sincere about this or you can just say it with a grin that tries to soften the blow of them realizing that you don’t trust them.

This reply answers them clearly and leaves no room for another discussion.


And that’s it for this topic. When you use these replies, be sure to use them carefully so you don’t hurt or offend people.

If you have more ideas for replies, drop them in the comments below and I will be happy to check them out.

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