20 Best Responses to Zaddy

The trend of sugar daddies which is common among a lot of young women has continued to be a dating formula that has come to stay.

It has been in existence for so long that it has become a normal formula between an older man and a younger lady.

This type of association has ushered in a lot of things, terms, and practices alike. And calling a man “zaddy” is certainly one of them.

While many utter the word, only a few know what it truly means. Likewise, it would make absolute sense to first understand the meaning of zaddy before discussing how to respond to it.

I’ll be doing all of these in this article, i.e explaining in detail what Zaddy means as well as how to respond to it.

What Does Zaddy Mean?

Zaddy is an informal term that denotes an attractive male usually in his early 50s and above, who is financially sound, fashionable, and charming.

Once the word is mentioned, you should assume stylishness and swag, accompanied by charisma to bring people, especially women to the person.

Usually, this term is used by young girls to refer to their benefactor spouse who is an older man with money and still looks fashionable in his old age.

However, the term has exceeded that circle of association and made its way into the mainstream culture where it now resides as an ordinary term that refers to an older man who’s still got the vibes and style.

This is why someone who is even not a sugar daddy will still be called “zaddy” by those who perhaps, know the true meaning of the term.

20 Best Responses to Someone Calling You Zaddy

You might have been called ‘zaddy’ by someone and you’re left startled by what that means.

This uncertainty will also downplay how you intend to reply to the gesture, as you’ll have to know the meaning of what you want to reply to before you go ahead with it.

Fortunately, I have explained in detail what it means to be called ‘zaddy’ and we’ll be moving forward the plausible replies to the term.

On that note, I will be putting into context a list of up to 20 best responses to someone calling you zaddy. These replies include the following.

  1. How’re you doing, sugar plum?
  2. Excuse me, I’m no zaddy
  3. What do you think that means?
  4. Can you keep that to yourself?
  5. You sure know how we roll
  6. I haven’t heard that in a while from you; you must be up to something
  7. Don’t tell me you learned a new word from the dating pool again
  8. Yes, baby bunny
  9. Are you implying that I’m getting old?
  10. Zaddies have enough money to throw around. Your zaddy has none so cut the crap already
  11. You can stop pulling my legs now
  12. Is that what you think of me?
  13. You seem to be happy today; what is it about?
  14. You can take back your praise; I don’t have another dollar to give you
  15. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re owing me
  16. Is that the sexiest word/term in your dictionary?
  17. Come to zaddy, mamma
  18. I see you’re in the mood, let’s get lit then
  19. You always know the best time to bring it on
  20. You can’t play that game on me. I know your cards, sis

How’re you doing, Sugar Plum?

There’s something about this line of response that screams ‘I acknowledge your gesture, so let’s get on with it’.

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That shouldn’t be the case if you already know the fact that you meet all the qualities that qualifies you to be called zaddy.

It also hints at a possible affair with the person who had called you zaddy. This implies that this response is most suitable if you find yourself in a ‘sugar daddy and sugar daughter’ type of relationship with the person who used the term on you.

Even if that is not the case, the fact that she (because it is mostly women that use the word) used that term on you and the nature of this response means you guys already have an understanding concerning what your relationship looks like.

So, without your face, you can show the speaker that you’re also in sync with the trend by using this line of response which further brings out the charisma which you already possess.

Excuse Me, I’m No Zaddy

Do you feel awkward about the whole ‘zaddy’ thing and the term doesn’t sit right with you? If that’s the case, you can use this line of response to debunk what the speaker has already assumed and made verbal.

The nature of this response shows that you feel disgusted having been addressed by a young woman like zaddy.

Being open to explaining right away that you’re not a zaddy is your best bet response and go-to line if you’re planning to debase whatever claims the speaker has on you.

Perhaps, the speaker used the term to entice you in return for a favor or any other request that they may propose to you.

Presumably, you may have discovered this loop and don’t wish to move ahead with the person’s setup. In such a case, you can use this line to make your stance clear and comprehensive.

What Do You Think That Means?

How about we feign a little bit of ignorance just to get more information concerning the details of what the person who called you zaddy means?

I think that’s a good idea, and it will go a long way in helping you confirm whatever pre-conceived thoughts you have about the person.

With this question, you tend to put the speaker in a position of validating whatever claims they have on you being a zaddy.

I bet, there are a lot of ladies out there who throw the word around like it’s some lip gloss. Probably, if you want to test out how intelligent the speaker can be then you shouldn’t sleep on this line of response.

This is because it is the perfect arrangement of words that queries the person’s assertions about you being a zaddy.

Can You Keep That to Yourself?

I discovered that the ‘zaddy’ term is often used to tickle the fancy of some older men who still look young and energetic.

While it works on many, some people are still immune to its magic. You may be one of those who don’t like getting tickled in such a manner and would rather not have the term tagged along with your name again.

If that’s the case, then you should consider employing this line of response to make your assertions known.

At least, the speaker will know for certain that you don’t wish to condone such terms being used to refer to you.

You Sure Know How We Roll

This line of response leaves me thinking that you may have an affair with the speaker who called you zaddy.

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The nature of the response shows acceptance and reciprocation from your angle.

Therefore, if there exists any slightest form of chemistry between you and the person who called you zaddy, you can throw in this line of response.

With this reply, I’m convinced that the person who called you zaddy will have the feeling that you’re in for the ride and would go to any extent with them.

I Haven’t Heard That in a While from You; You Must Be Up to Something

Responses to Zaddy

You know how kids only tell their parents how much they love them whenever they want to ask for a new toy or a play station?

That’s how some girls also employ the term ‘zaddy’ to solicit favor from the person they are using it on.

So when you perceive this is the angle from which the praise of you being a zaddy is coming, you can bust their cover using this line of response.

By telling the person that they must be up to something, it shows that you are wearing your detective hat and suspecting them of something.

Don’t Tell Me You Learned a New Word from the Dating Pool Again

Were you called zaddy by your biological daughter who has just started hanging out with guys and girls alike?

Perhaps, she is in her early 20s and is now allowed to mingle with people of the opposite sex, and she suddenly calls you zaddy instead of the regular daddy which whom she normally addresses you with.

Shocked by this unseen switch, you can use this line of response to posit that she must’ve learned another new word from the dating pool which is also a new member.

Yes, Baby Bunny

Are you planning on being flirtatious with your response when someone calls you zaddy? If that’s the plan then I’ve got you covered.

With this line of response, you’re sure to send the message of flirting to the person who called you zaddy.

Are You Implying That I’m Getting Old?

Having discovered that the term is mostly used on men in their 50s and above; you should be worried when someone calls you zaddy while you’re still in your early 40s.

It doesn’t sit well, so you can assert that the person implies you’re old using this response.

Zaddies Have Enough Money to Throw Around. Your Zaddy Has None So Cut the Crap Already

The truth of the matter is that; if it is in a dating formula involving an older man and a young lady, the men are usually rich.

This would make sense as one of the strongest reasons why a young lady would settle for an older man instead of a young man.

However, the speaker may have similar thoughts that you’re packed. In that case, you can floor their expectations using this line.

You Can Stop Pulling My Legs Now

If it sounds like the person who called you zaddy is doing that to manipulate you and you’re not cut out for it, you can push pause to it using this line.

The best interpretation of this statement is that they can now stop trying to get you to align with their thoughts when it is not what you want to do.

Is That What You Think of Me?

Do you have a different perspective of yourself, different from what the person who called you zaddy assumes when they used the word on you?

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You can employ this line as a query to find out more about what they think when they look at you.

You Seem to Be Happy Today; What Is It About?

If the speaker only calls you pet names when they’re happy, then we’ll take it that they’re also happy for calling you zaddy. Since we’ve established that, you can inquire what their joy is all about using this response.

You Can Take Back Your Praise; I Don’t Have another Dollar to Give You

If the speaker only calls you sweet names to extort money from you, you can dead their hope using this line of response.

It does only one thing, and that’s being clear that you won’t be giving them any money irrespective of the sweet name.

That Doesn’t Change the Fact that you’re owing me

Assuming the person who called you zaddy suddenly starts doing that to entice you and get you to forgive their debt which you don’t agree to, you can say this line to them since you won’t be having any of their drama.

Is That Sexiest Word/Term in Your Dictionary?

I understand that most ladies think calling a man zaddy is romantic; how about you give them a little shock and tell the speaker that ‘zaddy’ feels lame as a romantic name? You can achieve that with this line of response.

Come To Zaddy, Mammi

Responses to Zaddy

Let’s make a quick switch and return to being all sweet and accommodating.

This line of the response shows acceptance like some of the others in this list. With it, you’re beckoning on the lady to draw closer to you.

I See you’re in the Mood, Let’s Get Lit Then

In a light different from it being a means of extortion or enticement, a lady can call a man zaddy to indicate her current mood.

Perhaps, she wants to get laid and doesn’t want to sound too dirty about it so she thinks calling you zaddy will do the magic.

If you sense this as the reason, you can acknowledge her feelings by using this line.

You Always Know the Best Time to Bring It On

If you think being called zaddy gives you a good feeling about yourself, then you can say this line of response when someone calls you zaddy, especially when you’re feeling low mentally.

You Can’t Play That Game on Me. I Know Your Cards, Sis

If you discovered that the person who called you zaddy is doing that to entice you, you can also make them understand that you know their ploy using this line of response.

With this line, you’re also making a stance that you can’t fall for their tricks since you know how they present them.


Being called zaddy by someone with whom you share nothing personal can raise eyebrows and send your mind into a quick search for the meaning of this term if you don’t know it already.

The same feeling ensues when someone who you share a personal affinity with addresses you as such too.

To elude confusion, this article seeks to bring you clarity and also help you decide the best replies to use if you find yourself in such a circumstance.

Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comment box, and drop any questions you may have regarding this topic.

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