How to Respond When Someone Says They’re Happy (Our Best 15 Responses)

Have you found yourself in a situation where someone tells you they are happy but you don’t know how to respond? It can be an awkward moment for you, especially if you are feeling blue yourself.

Such a situation may call for your humanity, to at least share in the person’s happiness, and to say something in return.

This article presents some of the best responses to give someone who tells you they’re happy. But first why is what you say important, and why say something in return?

Why You Should Say Something Back

There are at least two reasons why you should say something meaningful.

You have emotional intelligence

This is not the forte of everyone. When someone says they’re happy, or they share any other type of good news with you, it is usually because they have some connections with you.

They’d expect you to say something that shows you care about their feelings. Knowing exactly how to respond along with a matching expression is golden in that situation.

You are not a jerk

Only jerks shrug and let a moment in which they could have shown they care pass. Hopefully, you have a great personality that appeals to your friends, which is why they’d most likely share their moment of joy with you.

To show you are not one to rain on someone’s parade, you should say something nice back to them.

So now let’s launch into the appropriate things to say, and why those are the right things to say.

If someone tells you they are happy, here are 15 best responses:

What’s The Occasion?

You ask this question when you genuinely aren’t aware of the reason for their happiness. It is only appropriate to ask because you are not about to act like you know. This will only make you out as a phony friend.

A sincere answer shows consideration. So ask, what’s the occasion? This means you want to know why they’re happy. From here you can determine what else to say as the conversation continues.

Wow, Congratulations…

How to Respond When Someone Says They’re Happy

This is the most popular response people often offer to someone who says they’re happy. Note that it is in response to the reason for the happiness. It is second on this list of suggestions because it usually follows the inquiry into the declaration that you are happy.

You are assuming that the person has received something they longed for – an engagement ring, a scholarship, or they passed a job interview, or a bar exam.

It can be anything at all. It is usually appropriate to say congratulations if you already know the reason for the person’s happiness.

I Always Knew You Would Get/Make It

There are words that warm the heart and bring light into a darkened world. When someone says they’re happy, telling them you have always known they’d do something to make them feel this way inspires confidence, something fewer people feel these days.

Once again, you say this when you already know why they’re happy.

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Further, you should say this with the appropriate facial expression. Your words have to match your tone too.

Why Are You Happy?

It is assumed that you know why the person says they’re happy. But you probably don’t agree with their position.

Depending on your relationship with this person you may ask this question, and not come off as being a jerk. A few factors would determine how this question is perceived.

For example, you may believe their happiness is based on something hurtful. If the person is a workmate and he or she is happy a fellow workmate has been axed, this question would be a legitimate one.

The question allows the person to examine their own motive.

Oh Well, This Calls For A Celebration

This is a direct response – no asking why, no doubting the motive. You know the person deserves how they feel. You expected what happened to make him happy.

So now, the next thing is to round up your group of friends and hit a bar or club later in the day. Likely, the person is your friend, he or she left for the hospital for a test and it came back negative.

They are actually going to live for another hundred years or more. You can say this even if the celebration is nothing but sharing a hug or drinks by the fireplace.

I’m Proud Of You, Buddy

How to Respond When Someone Says They’re Happy

Still in the line of sharing positivity, you can tell the person without mincing words that you are proud of him or her.

This is a more specific response that you give to someone you know personally or a family member.

Parents can say this to their kid who graduates from college and says he’s happy. Instead of simply saying something bland as I’m happy for you too, a parent can say they are proud of their child.

You can tell your coworker who gets a promotion and says he is happy, that you are proud of him. Especially if you witnessed how much work they put into making this progress.

Well, Aren’t You The Lucky One

Give this response if you feel ambivalent about the reason for the happiness. But be careful how you say this, and also be choosy about the situation.

If you know the person personally but think he or she did something underhanded to achieve the source of happiness, this response with a touch of sarcasm could be appropriate.

People do all sorts of things to achieve happiness, and not all of those things are moral. If you have inside information about the person who says he’s happy, giving this reply further sparks a discussion where things are set straight with the person.

I Hope It Lasts

Human relationships are very dynamic. And sometimes there’s a lot of subtexts to be discerned in the tone of voice.

If you detect that a person who tells you he is happy seems to want to mock you with the news, you can give them back in their own coin.

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Why would you want to respond in this manner? Well, it depends on you. If the person’s happy feeling is valid, so is yours. If you think the person hardly manages his success well, you may give this response.

If you also feel the source of the happiness leaves much to be desired but don’t want to talk about it, then this response is a great one too.

I Want To Be Happy Too

This is also a possible response when someone tells you they’re happy. Let’s say in this situation you don’t know why the person is sharing this information with you.

You hope the person is truly happy, and that it will last but you admit that happiness is elusive and you wish to be the one sharing such information in time.

You are by no means a pessimist, and this doesn’t necessarily mean you begrudge the other person for his happiness.

You are rather a realist who accepts that not everyone is happy. You are looking at the bigger picture. You can accompany this response with a smile. This response is best given in person.

If you are texting it, accompany the response with a smile emoji, for a lighter context. Hopefully, the person will let you know they want you to be happy too.

Thank You For Telling Me

This response should follow a hug, a smile, or an ecstatic cry of joy. Also, the tone should not be terse or curt. Tone is everything when you respond to someone who tells you they’re happy.

Your tone either suggests animosity or indifference. So when you give this response, be sure to let it come at the right time. For instance, say this over a meal or after the person has shared more details about the source of this happiness.

You may add a little background information for your choice of response by letting the person know you’ve hoped the person would succeed at what brought the resulting happiness.

Tell Me About It

How to Respond When Someone Says They’re Happy

This response shows you are unaware of why they’re happy, and even though you are smiling, equally elated about their feeling, you need more information. ‘Tell me about it,’ is a response that indicates interest.

You are not about to be passive about the news nor unimpressed. You and this person are buddies, friends who share this sort of news all the time. Once again, tone is key.

Let your tone express inquisitive interest. You want to know why the person is happy so you can share in their happiness.

When the person tells you why they’re happy, you can further say any of the aforementioned responses that apply. A tone of surprise is also a fine way to say this response.

It Feels Good, Right?

Trust that when you say this the person nods and agrees. You personally have been where the person is at that moment: he aced an interview and the result is out already, he proposed to his lover and got a yes, she got a promotion she worked hard for.

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The list of feel-good situations are endless, and so are your responses. This response is most relevant if you were already in the loop. He is your friend who told you he was going in for an exam.

The results are out and he passed. You have been to college yourself and you remember just how sweet the feeling of fulfillment is.

This Is Wonderful News!

Along the line of showing support for someone who says they’re happy, you can let them know it’s news, and you think it’s the best one yet.

Saying it’s wonderful news sparks off an excitable discussion of the details. They can share details of the exciting journey with you. Hopefully, this response won’t come as cliche.

Much depends on your relationship with the person, the tone you use, and your overall body language.

So, What Next?

This is an interesting and thought-provoking question. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. And when someone says they are happy, it begs the question: what do you do to make it last?

Of course, you don’t have to go all philosophical on the person. If the person is close to you, they’d surely get the point. This is a response that usually comes after an initial congratulations, when the excitement is past and everyone is sober.

If the person landed a job out of town, you may ask this question to help them focus on the next steps which include packing, moving, and getting new accommodation.

The question can even remind you both that there ought to be a send-off party.

I’m Happy For You Too

You can just let the person know you are happy they are happy – with a smile – and leave it at that. This is also a popular way to respond to someone who says they’re happy.

In this case, you know why they’re happy. Says this because you genuinely feel happy for the person. Show it in your tone and facial expression.

You appreciate that they shared their success with you. Of course, this response can roll off the tongue without much thought. What’s important though, is to not be mute when someone shares their happiness.

Further, this response should not be mistaken as a direct acknowledgment that you have experienced a similar thing. But you can share your experience if you do have one.


Happiness is contagious. It would be nice if people are able to share their happy moments. Many do this by posting about it on their social media pages.

How nice it would be though if instead of virtual people, they have real friends around them to congratulate them. It is even more important to be able to give an appropriate response.

This article has presented different and creative ways to reply when someone says they’re happy. Remember to let your tone be pleasant, and your words to be true.

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