20 Best Responses to “Glad You Made It Safe”

When people show concern towards us, it usually gives us a warm feeling because we know there’s someone who cares about us.

“Glad you made it safe” is one of the statements that show concern for someone’s safety.

So, when someone tells you “glad you made it safe,” it shows they’re happy you made it through a journey, a treatment session, or any session without harm or any form of hassle.

So, how best do you respond to such remarks? Fortunately, this article is about the best responses to give when someone says “glad you made it safe.”

I’ll be discussing the 20 best responses to give so you don’t have to worry about what to say when someone says that to you.

20 of the Best Responses to “Glad You Made It Safe”

  1. Thank You
  2. I’m grateful
  3. I’m glad too
  4. You are very kind
  5. Thank you for always reaching out
  6. I appreciate your concern
  7. Thanks for being amazing
  8. I felt your love all through
  9. I couldn’t do it without you
  10. Your prayers were with me
  11. What will I do without you?
  12. I’m more glad
  13. I’m glad that you are glad
  14. It’s good to be back
  15. I couldn’t wait to get through it
  16. It’s a relief
  17. It feels amazing
  18. Thank you. But, I don’t feel it
  19. Thank you. But, I don’t feel great

Thank You

Responses to Glad You Made It Safe

“Thank you” is the most common thing to say when someone says “glad you made it safe.” It’s the simplest way to show your gratitude, whether they’re someone you know or a stranger.

When someone tells you that they’re glad you are safely back from whatever journey you embarked on, you should say “thank you.”

This reply will work well if you don’t want to bother yourself about saying more or being too emotional about it.

It’ll convey the message well to a colleague, an acquaintance, or a stranger. However, you can show a little more emotion if it’s family or a loved one: by smiling, hugging them, or adding endearments.

I’m Grateful

Another response that can work like “thank you” is “I’m grateful.” This response is also a simple way of showing your gratitude towards someone for what they did to you.

You can use this statement instead of “thank you” when someone says they’re glad you made it safe. It’s a cool response when you don’t want to say much about the incident.

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You can simply give this response in passing while smiling to emphasize your gratitude. It can work for just anyone, especially someone who isn’t particularly close to you.

I’m Glad Too

When you want to show that you’re happy about your safe return, a perfect response is “I’m glad too.”

This reply is quite simple but it can express that you share in their happiness and also show your gratitude towards their concern.

In addition, you can use this reply when you don’t want to be overly emotional about your response.

“I’m glad too” can serve as just a basic response when someone expresses gladness over something that concerns you.

So, depending on your tone you can use this response as it suits the situation; the person in question, and the relationship you share.

You Are Very Kind

When someone shows concern for your safety, it’s most times out of kindness, so it isn’t out of place to compliment them on their kindness.

Saying “you’re very kind” expresses your thankfulness for their remark. And if it’s someone who has been reaching out during your travels or sick journey, this is a great response for them.

Thank You for Always Reaching Out

If it’s the case that the person has been with you through calls, texts, or cards, you can show your appreciation and mention it.

“Thank you for always reaching out” is a good response that expresses your gratitude for their care while you were away.

Giving this kind of response will make the person feel happy that you felt and acknowledge their efforts to reach out.

For instance, if it’s the case that you traveled and got caught up in a crisis or you were seriously sick, having someone constantly reaching out to you is usually a great relief.

Therefore, let them know how much you appreciate their loads of care.

I Appreciate Your Concern

One of the ways you can also express your thankfulness is with this response.

So, when someone remarks that they’re glad you made it safely through anything, use this expression to let them know you’re appreciative of their care.

“I appreciate your concern” is a wonderful response that you can use with anyone; whether it’s your colleague, boss, or a stranger.

It’ll work in conveying your gratitude either in person, over a text, or on a call.

Thanks for Being Amazing

A great response is “thanks for being amazing.” It’s always nice to be surrounded by amazing people. Amazing people add color and love to our lives.

So, we should always seize opportunities to let these people know that they’re amazing; this will always make them feel good.

Therefore, when someone tells you they’re glad you made it safe, and that someone has always been there for you, you should tell them they’re amazing.

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Perhaps, they contributed to helping you out of your situation or they reached out all the time for support, “thanks for being amazing” is a great compliment to use.

I Felt Your Love All Through

Do you want to give a sweet response?

Perhaps the person who makes the statement is your partner or loved one; Perhaps they supported you through everything; then you should give a response that tells them so.

One of the wonderful responses you can give is by saying, “I felt your love all through.”

In this way, you’re letting them know their love was one of the biggest support you got.

I Couldn’t Do It Without You

Another wonderful reply you can give to someone who stood by you in a tough time is letting them know you couldn’t do it without them.

When someone tells you they’re glad you made it safely through whatever difficult situation you had, this is a beautiful response you can give.

First, it shows your profound gratitude for their help and at the same time acknowledges their efforts in helping you out safely.

Your Prayers Were with Me

Did they pray with you throughout the journey? You could give a reply that acknowledges their prayers for you.

Many people believe in the effect of prayers, and if you’re one of them, then you’ve got a perfect response.

So, if your friend prayed with you while you went through that difficult situation, you should let them know their prayers were helpful.

This reply doesn’t only acknowledge their prayers for you, but it also expresses your gratitude

What Will I Do Without You?

Another good response that’d work is “what will I do without you?” This reply is a rhetorical question that expresses your deep appreciation for their help.

You can say this when you want to be emotional, accompanying it with smiles and hugs if they’re someone close to you.

So, when someone who helped you through your journey welcomes you with “glad you made it safe,” this response will help them feel your appreciation better and make them feel valued.

I’m More Glad

Responses to Glad You Made It Safe

If you’re also very glad that you’re out safely, you can give a reply that shows it. “I’m more glad,” is a great response.

So, you can give this reply when you want to express your happiness at being safe.

In addition, this expression is also a response you can use without any feelings, especially with someone whom you feel is only saying so out of courtesy.

As I have earlier said, people can make this remark as a polite response to your narration or as a welcome remark upon your return. So, it can serve as a courtesy reply to a stranger or a colleague.

I’m Glad That You Are Glad

If you’re indifferent about the whole matter, you could say something like, “I’m glad that you’re glad.”

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Also, you can make this statement when you can see that the person remarking is clearly happy at your return.

Also, you can be sarcastic with this reply. If you feel the person doesn’t mean what they say; probably didn’t reach out when they could have, you could say “I’m glad that you’re glad.”

With your body language and the tone of your voice, the person will hear the sarcasm.

It’s Good to Be Back

If you feel happy to be back around your friend or colleague, you could give a response that shows it.

“It’s good to be back” is a good way to express your happiness at your safe return and your happiness to be with your loved ones.

I Couldn’t Wait to Get Through it

Did you go through a very tough time and had longed to be out of the whole situation? You could give a response that shows your relief.

When you give this type of response, the person is likely to take it as an invitation to ask what happened. So, you should use this statement only when you wish to share your experience.

It’s a Relief

Responses to Glad You Made It Safe

This is another response you can use to express your happiness to be through with everything and out safely.

It’s a cool response to use with anyone, and it also shows your readiness to share your experience.

So, if you’re cool with telling your story, you can give this response.

It feels Amazing

If you feel on top of the world at your safe return, a good response that expresses the feeling is “it feels amazing.”

This statement also shows your relief at your return and your happiness at being around people you know or around a familiar environment.

You Can’t Imagine

This response shows that you went through a lot during the journey or whatever situation.

It’s a reply you can give to express the relief you feel at returning safely and letting the person know they’ve no idea what you’ve been through.

Thank You. But, I Don’t Feel It

Sometimes what we go through may leave us feeling empty afterward. If you’ve gone through a lot and you come out not sure of what you feel, you can express it in your response.

If you’re not enthusiastic about your return, you can give this response too. This reply is good for a friend or someone you can share your experience with.

So, instead of just saying “thank you,” you can try to share your feelings for more support.

Thank You. But, I Don’t Feel Great

This is another reply you can give if you don’t feel happy about your return.

When you need someone to talk to, this is a good reply to use. You can use this reply for your colleagues at work, your friend or family, or generally someone you can talk to.

Parting Words

When people say “glad you made it safe,” it shows they’re concerned about your safety. Usually, a friend or family will say this after you experienced a tough journey or process

However, a colleague or acquaintance can also say this out of courtesy upon your return. So, your response will depend on what you make out of their statement.

A common response is to express your gratitude for their concern. But, you can also acknowledge the efforts of those who reached out.

In addition, you can express your unhappiness when you feel so.

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