How to Respond to “Glad I Could Help” (20 Appropriate Responses)

There’s no doubt that keeping up with some social conversations can be quite difficult except you’re a very skilled person in handling conversations.

For example, “glad I could help” is a statement that expresses happiness over rendering help to someone.

It’s the common response when someone thanks you for helping them, and for some people, marks the end of the conversation.

So, knowing how to respond to this statement can be very tricky. For some people, a simple smile will do the trick.

However, for those who’d need to respond, you don’t have to worry because that’s what this article is about. I’ll be discussing the 20 best responses to “glad I could help.”

20 of the Best Responses to “Glad I Could Help”

  1. I owe you one
  2. I’m indebted
  3. I owe you my life
  4. You are the best
  5. You are special
  6. You are a darling
  7. You are so nice
  8. Awww! You’re so sweet
  9. This means a lot to me
  10. I value this
  11. Alright. Can I buy you a drink?
  12. Alright. Do you mind if we hang out someday?
  13. Alright. Do you mind if I get your contact
  14. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything to do
  15. You can always reach out too
  16. I’ll always remember your help
  17. Alright. Let’s keep in touch
  18. I’ll be glad to help when I can
  19. You are the real deal
  20. Thanks again

I Owe You One

When we receive help from people, most times we feel the need to return the gesture in one way or the other.

It isn’t that they expect us to repay them, it’s just natural to have this need to do some good to them also, especially if they had gone out of their way to help us.

So, when someone tells you they’re glad to be of help, one of the responses you can give is telling them you owe them.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you’d have to begin looking for ways to help them. This reply is just a basic way of responding when someone renders help to you.

In addition, this response is a nice way of letting the person know that you’re also willing and open to helping.

Furthermore, you can use this reply when you intend to do something in return. So, this statement is one of the best responses you can give.

I’m Indebted

This is another response you can give to reply to someone who tells you they’re glad to help you.

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Just like the previous response, it shows your utmost readiness to be of help too. This is the kind of response you use when the person has done so much for you.

However, it also doesn’t mean the person would take it to their heart that you owe them. They’d understand that you’re only expressing your deep gratitude for their help.

I Owe You My Life

“I owe you my life” is an expression that shows how much you value the help that was rendered. You say this when you feel very touched by the help you received.

When people use this expression, they’re usually very emotional as a result of what was done for them.

They say this not because they intend to do anything that will match the help they received, but to show how much it means to them.

So, this is one of the ways you can respond when someone says, “glad I could help.”

You Are the Best

Complimenting people’s efforts in your life is one of the wonderful ways to show how grateful you are.

After you might have said your thanks and the person who renders the help says they’re glad they could help, this is a response you can use.

“You’re the best” is a very nice compliment to use with your loved ones to emphasize how much they mean to you.

Also, it can work with a colleague or an acquaintance to let them know how much their help and their happiness at helping means to you.

You Are Special

It’s not every day we meet special people and when we meet one, we shouldn’t hesitate to let them know.

Someone who has done a great help to us and expresses happiness at it is one special person. So, this is a good response to someone who says they’re glad to be of help.

Especially to our loved ones, this is a response that’ll let them know how happy they’ve made you. In addition, telling someone they’re special can make their day.

So, don’t hesitate to respond with a compliment like this to someone who helps you.

You Are a Darling

“You’re a darling” is another way to respond to someone who says, “glad I could help.” Also, this is a compliment that you can say to someone very good to you.

Usually, we call someone very dear to us, darlings, without waiting for any special occasion. Here, it’s an endearment we use on our loved ones.

However, in this case, using this expression on someone who says they’re glad to offer you help shows they’ve done something very special.

This response should make them feel valued.

You Are so Nice

When people are nice to you, you should let them know by complimenting them. Someone who has helped you selflessly is definitely a nice person.

So, you can respond with this phrase when they say they’re glad to help. Here, you’re being selfless by making the person feel good.

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It isn’t that these people don’t know that they’re nice, but some people aren’t used to hearing them. So, it’ll be a nice way of responding.

Awww! You’re so Sweet

Now, this is a sweet response for your partner or loved ones. It’s a nice way of conversing with them to lighten the mood.

Also, you can use this with your crush or when trying to flirt. With your tone and body language, the person should see your intention.

This Means a Lot to Me

You can also use this expression to let the person know how much you value their help.

This is a nice way to respond to your loved ones and even a stranger to make them know how much good they’ve done for you.

I Value This

Here, you’re also open about how much their help means to you. This is a good response to use with anyone and in any environment.

Someone who knows that you value their help will be willing to help some other time.

Alright. Can I Buy You a Drink?

As I have earlier established, it’s natural to feel in debt to someone who has done well for you; not minding that the person who renders this help may have done so willingly without expecting anything in return.

However, it’s good to sometimes offer something very small such as offering to buy a drink to someone who did something nice to you.

So, when someone says they’re glad they could be of help to you, this is a wonderful response you can use. Conversely, this person may decline politely; you shouldn’t be bothered about that.

In addition, you can use this response when you’re interested in knowing the person who helps you. This is a great way to start a friendship if you’re lucky enough to get accepted.

Alright. Do You Mind If We Hang Out Someday?

You can also use this response with someone who says they’re glad to help. However, it should not be used with just anyone.

Just like the above, it’s a good way to start a friendship. However, it isn’t everyone who helps you that you should try to start a relationship with.

If it’s your crush who made the statement, then this response is a good way to start something. Also, you could use this response with a colleague at work or a coursemate.

However, you wouldn’t want to say this to your boss or some random person. So, you’d have to apply wisdom when giving this kind of response.

Alright. Do You Mind if I Get Your Contact?

This question is also one of the ways to respond when someone shows happiness in helping you out.

Depending on how you present the question, this is a harmless question you can use with anyone whoever their status is.

However, it’d be better to include the reason for requesting their contact, especially when speaking with someone of higher status, or a stranger. For instance:

  • Alright, do you mind if I get your contact? I would love to keep in touch.
  • Alright, do you mind if I get your contact? I have some business to discuss with you.
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Don’t Hesitate to Let Me Know if You Need Anything Too

Another good way of responding to someone who says they’re glad to help is by letting them know they can always reach out to you when they need help.

Of course, some people willingly help strangers and go their way or help their friends without expecting anything in return.

However, it’s good to let your friends, families, acquaintances, and colleagues know that you’re open to helping too.

When you give this kind of response, people who ordinarily wouldn’t think about you in time of need will likely remember this.

Also, it’s a good way of reassuring someone of a lower status that they can always reach out to you without fear.

You Can Always Reach Out Too

This statement is another way of letting the person know that they can reach out too.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to let people know, especially those who are used to only giving out help that they can also reach out to you if they need help.

So, to someone who says they’re glad to be of help, let them know that you too can be of help and of course be ready to help.

I’ll Always Remember Your Kindness

Here, you’re open about how you feel about their gesture. Telling them you’ll always remember their kind act is a way of letting them know you’ll always have them in mind.

Alright. Let’s Keep in Touch

This is another way you can respond when you want to remain in touch. Instead of asking directly for a date or their contact, you can use this reply first.

So, if they agree to keep in touch, you can then go further to ask for their contact.

If you feel the person might feel offended if you ask to hang out or ask for their contact directly, you should use this response.

I’ll Be Glad to Help When I Can

This is another way you can let the other know that you too can also be of help. When someone says they’re happy to help, it’d be nice to let them know that you’d be happy to help them too.

This is a nice way of starting a relationship, so don’t hesitate to make this offer even to someone of higher status.

It can win the heart of your boss or someone of influence because when they need help, they’d be quick to remember you.

In addition, be quick to offer this reassurance to anyone irrespective of their status or relationship with you.

You Are the Real Deal

How to Respond to Glad I Could Help

This is a simple response you can give to a friend, partner, or family. It’s a cool response that shows that you both share a bond.

It shows that they can always count on you when they need help.

Thanks Again

Yes, you’ve said your thanks. However, when the person reassures you that they’re happy they could be of help, it’s worth another thanks.

So, rather than re-iterating “thank you” again, you can just say “thanks again” to end the conversation.

Final Words

Some people may not find it necessary to say anything more after someone says they’re glad to help, except to smile.

However, there are different responses you can give after someone says they’re happy to be of help to you.

The 20 above expressions are some of the best ways you can respond. However, some of them shouldn’t be used on every occasion or with everyone.

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