25 Best Responses to IDK Text

Okay! you’re texting or chatting with a friend or that girl or guy you really like and just minutes into the text, you receive an “I don’t know” text and you do not know what to do. 

There are many many reasons why people would respond with “I don’t know” during a conversation, one might be that they are afraid of the consequences of the truth. 

It might be that they do not want to acknowledge what is really going on, and the change they need to undergo if they accept reality. 

Maybe, they are afraid of what their critical friends might say to them. They may not want to disappoint you – not ready to take that step.

It might also be that they are too logical and rational and may think their answer is ridiculous, childish or immature, like thinking that the girl won’t like them anymore if they said their mind. 

But, the moment we do not acknowledge what we’re actually thinking, we are rejecting a truth about ourselves. That makes us more focused on who we should be than who we really are in reality. 

And when you do this, you literally block yourself from moving forward, because what you’re saying is – I’m ashamed/embarrassed/afraid of that part of me.

What IDK Means

Idk simply means “I don’t know.” Idk is most commonly used during social media communications.

There are no laid down rules to the use of IDK. It might be that you’re nervous, tongue-tied or having a “brain fart,” it is important to know what to say in such moments. 

If you’re in a romantic relationship with someone, knowing how to communicate in a relationship is one of the key skills that will allow you to move past the honeymoon stage and feel confident in becoming fully cuffed — or maybe even develop a more serious, long-lasting connection. 

But when you’re giving your everything while communicating and the other person isn’t showing much interest, that’s enough to discourage you and question what he or she feels for you.

Starting conversations after receiving a “I don’t know” text can be pretty difficult but there are ways to handle the issue.  Here are 25 best responses to idk text

The Best 25 Responses to IDK text


Best Responses to IDK Text

First of all, you have to understand that such responses are natural. The person you are chatting with could have had a bad day at work or isn’t in the mood for conversations especially if it’s a lady you’re having a conversation with. So relax and be yourself.

 A conversation is all about stimulating emotions and getting to know each other better. An “I don’t know text” could really be discouraging but hey!, don’t lose hope just yet. You got this! 

“I love your hair”

If it’s a lady, find something about her to compliment. It could be her profile picture,her Bio info or her status update.

For example,if she has a new hairstyle, you could say “I really love your hair”. Compliments will help to get him or her excited and more interested in conversing with you. 

If it’s a guy, you could compliment his shirt or his smile. You can also say “I so much love dark, tall guys. Your profile picture is lit!”. Or you could say “You’re a good listener” or “You’re my favorite person to talk to”.

Statements like this will cause them to say a thank you or send a blush emoji. It’s a sign you’re interested in the person you are chatting with. 

However, make sure you’re not complimenting him or her all the time. This can become really boring and can make the relationship turn cold. 

“I should tease you, then”

Another way of responding to an idk text is teasing the person you’re chatting with.

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You could say these words back, “You’re so muscular, I thought you were Dwanye Johnson”, that’s if the person is a guy. If you’re a guy chatting with a lady, you could say “Your hair is on fire!!!” . 

But make sure not to over tease the person so you don’t end up mocking or insulting her in the process of conversing with her.

For example,if she loves cats, you can call her “Cat girl”,”Cat woman” or “Katie”. Just be careful not to offend the person you’re chatting with. 

“You’re so amazing”

You can use this statement if you intend to make the person blush. This means that you’re more concerned about the person you are chatting with and not just yourself. 

One of the ways of strengthening a relationship is selflessness and comments such as this shows that you are thinking of the person . Make sure not to over do it. 

“You’re one funny guy”

Best Responses to IDK Text

You can use this statement if you intend to make the person laugh. This brings what we call comic relief. It’ll help to ease your nerves as well as that of the person you’re chatting with. 

There’s a high tendency for the conversation to go on for a long time after giving such a comment. You could call the person a “idk boy” or “idk girl”. It will definitely attract a reaction from them

“Like don’t know, don’t know?”

This is another way of producing ease in your conversation. It’ll most definitely make the person laugh. There’s power in laughter. The next point will explain that. 

“Don’t know, don’t know” is a way of confirming if the person does not really know or if he actually doesn’t want to talk. Even if it’s meant to be funny, it also makes sense. 

“This is funny, right?”

According to research, laughter is strong medicine and you definitely want the person to laugh while being free with you to talk. 

You can share a very funny video of you tripping over a banana peel, Mistaking a piece of cake for red meat or doing an evil laugh like a villain. So if you want to keep that conversation going, then make them laugh

“Can we hang out sometime?”

If you’re interested in the person. This will be a good time to call for a date. It could be the person ,A lady I mean, was eagerly waiting for you to ask her out and not just text her every time . 

If you’re a guy, you can ask her out for lunch or to see a movie or walk together after school. Maybe, she would know the answer to give you after doing any of these. 

“What’s your hobby?”

Again, this shifts the focus from you to the person. Ladies especially, love attention. Asking people for details about their lives shows they matter to you and you’re interested in them. 

This also shows that beyond whatever you asked the person, you are interested in other things you need to know about the person. 

“Who’s your celebrity crush?”

This could help to know one or two things about the people the person you are chatting with admires and can even help you start conversations in the future. 

If you have an interest in the person, it is not a bad idea knowing who they admire on social media. After getting this information, you could veer back to the previous question you asked. 

“Who’s your favorite artist?”

Same as the previous point. It’ll help you know more about what he or she loves and hates. You could also ask her about their favorite toy, their favorite movie, their favorite game, their favorite animal or even their favorite food. 

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Get him or her to talk by asking about what appeals to them. The sudden change of the train of conversation will make the person know that you’re not particularly interested in the previous conversation. 

“I’m looking for a book on Anthropology. Any ideas?”

This will be great if the person you’re chatting with is somewhat a “nerd”, meaning someone who loves reading books. This could be a good way of not just killing the boredom but learning new things as well. 

It doesn’t have to be a book that concerns anthropology. It could be one thing : literature, science or history. You could also ask for his or help in looking for which library to go to for personal or group study.

“Smiles 😊☺️”

Best Responses to IDK Text

This will show the person you’re chatting with that her weird response is totally okay by you and it’ll make him or her likely open up more to you. 

Obviously, you can only use this response in written conversation, especially when you’re chatting. It shows that you’re not bothered by the person’s response. 

This could help when you want to tease or make someone laugh. And please,do not over do it . It can become overwhelming for the recipient of the message.

“By the way…”

You also fill in the blank with these tangent phrases. The purpose of these phrases is  to introduce a new line of conversation easily. Some of these phrases include :

“By the way…”

“Oh, I have been meaning to mention…”

“This is so random, but today I was just wondering…”. And you can go on and on just to lay aside the previous conversation. 

When the person is more relaxed, you can bring back the previous question or you can decide to ask the person another day. This will help a lot in getting you what you want. 

“Are you okay?”

You could ask questions like “Are you okay?”, “Hey, are you OK? It’s been a minute.” or you could ask “How’s the week been for you?” By saying that, the person will be at ease and he or she might tell you something. 

Sometimes, what people need is just a bit of empathy and care to be able to loosen up and help other people. Do this if you’re trying to get information concerning your investigation. 

“I prefer not to talk now”

Simply use silence. This may sound rude but it’s a good way of finding out if the person is still interested in having a conversation with you. It could be that the person became tied up with something like an errand or emergency. 

Don’t be nervous. Be still and wait for their response. And if it takes hours or days,no problem. Remember the goal of the conversation is to strengthen your relationship. So, no rush!. No pressure!

“I feel that too, sometimes.”

This also shows that you’re patient and considerate and you’re emphatic to the person. Everyone will agree that there’s definitely moments where they don’t know what to say. 

Sometimes, you don’t think you know what to do in some situations and it’s totally normal. So, to not make that person feel bad, let him or know that the feeling is mutual. 

“What if you secretly knew the answer?”

This statement would likely trigger laughter from the recipient of the message. And again, it’ll bring ease in your conversation. Secret, being that he or she is not allowed to share. 

So, it’s possible that the person knows what to say but can’t say it because it’s a secret. If what you’re asking is actually a secret, you should probably not probe further. 

“So, what’s underneath the ‘I don’t know? What are you avoiding?”

This sounds a bit strict. This will be more suitable if you have a serious relationship with that person. Surely, you wouldn’t want to use this to someone you’re trying to ask out. 

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If you are having a confrontation with your partner and he or she is saying “I don’t know” to a question you asked, you should probably say this in response. 

I’m certain that he or she will eventually open up and tell you what’s going on. No one wants to be regarded as a coward. 

“What is it like for you to not know?”

Best Responses to IDK Text

This question sounds pretty weird. It’s advisable to not make use of this when you’re chatting with the person for the first time. It also shows that you’re concerned about the person. 

This also implies that you are critical in your thinking and that you are inquisitive about the nature of things. Come to think of it, what is it like not to know a thing? 

“Approximately, what’s your answer?”

You can use this if the question you’re asking is really serious or formal like the mathematical formula or equation. This is a way of telling the person to make the explanation brief. 

This can take away the burden of the pery having to say what exactly is in his or her mind. Tell the person to make it short and direct. That will go a long way in helping the person to open up to you. 

“Do you know what’s trending?”

Another way of reviving your conversation is to share a trendy story. You can talk about things like the latest Grammy awards or a celebrity having a tattoo. 

You’ll not just get her views on the issue but you’ll get her to talk. This is because we humans are social beings and finding a topic that you can engage him or her with will be great

“A poem for you?”

If you’re a guy chatting with a lady who responds with an idk text,a good way to change course is to write a poem. 

A good poem can make more meaning to many women, and when they fall in love with the poem you send, you will definitely have a place in their heart. 

“Okay. It’s cool”

This would mean that you’re not in a hurry to get a reply from the person and that the issue can wait for another day. It also shows patience and of course, maturity. 

You don’t want to be someone who misunderstands them? And that might even make the person be at ease to give you a more elaborate reply. 

“Alright then… Take care”

Instead of leaving the conversation rudely. You could end the Conversation politely. It could be that the person you are conversing with needs a time off or a good rest but doesn’t know how to tell you.  

You may say “I’m off to bed, do have a beautiful night’s rest”. Or, you may say, “I think you’re stressed out at the moment. Maybe we can continue this talk tomorrow”. You end the conversation politely. 

Why leave without ending it well. This shows maturity and thoughtfulness. Ending conversations can be tricky business.  I know you don’t want to appear rude, but sometimes, you can’t escape it.


You’re not going to text her forever. It’s always going to sting a little when someone doesn’t give a nice reply to your text, but it isn’t always an intentional offense. 

And although it can be tricky to distinguish between what’s personal and what’s not, paying attention to how the person you’re chatting with treats you overall can help you find some clarity.

At the end of the day, if they’re really interested, they’ll respond nicely next time. If not, someone else will.


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