15 Best Answers to “Como Eres?”

If you’re a visitor to a Spanish-speaking country, a typical get-to-know-you question you’re likely to be asked is, “Como eres?”

This question is quite common among locals who show interest in visitors and many of them do show interest.

So, chances are you’ll be asked, “Como eres?” However, how do you respond to this question?

If you’re wondering what this question means and how you’re going to respond, you don’t have to worry.

In this article, I’ll show you the correct ways to answer this question. First, you’ll know what it means.

15 Correct Responses to “Como Eres?”

Spanish provides two ways to ask, “how are you?” which is: “Como eres?” and “Como estas?”

“Como estas?” means “how are you?” Here, you’ve to describe your feelings at the moment. On the other hand, “Como eres?” seeks to know what you’re like.

In this article, our focus is “Como eres? You ought to describe your physical appearance and your trait when someone asks you “Como eres?” That’s what they expect.

Also, your response would be influenced by the context because this question is vague, so it requires context for clarity.

For instance, if you’re discussing religion and someone asks the question, your response will relate to religion.

So, your response will be something like, “I am kind”, “I am a core Catholic”, and the like. Below are 15 correct answers to “Como eres?”

  1. Soy alto y delgada – I am tall and slim
  2. Soy guapo y inteligente – I am good-looking and smart
  3. Soy rubio – I am blonde
  4. Soy terco – I am stubborn
  5. Soy una persona tranquila – I am a quiet person
  6. Soy trabajador – I’m hardworking
  7. Soy aventurero -I’m adventurous
  8. Soy divertido estar con – I’m fun to be with
  9. Soy muy religiosa – I am very religious
  10.  amo comer pizza- I love to eat pizza
  11. amo los juegos – I love games
  12. soy el tipo de fiesta – I am the party type
  13. odio estudiar – I hate studying
  14. Soy introvertida – I am introverted
  15. amo las películas – I love movies

Soy alto y delgado – I am tall and slim

Depending on what you’re discussing, a typical response to “Como eres?” describes your height and size.

The “alto” and “delgado” are for males. If you were to be a female, you should use “alta” and “delgada” instead. Note that most adjectives in Spanish use “o” for male and “a” for female.

In some cases, people use “yo soy alto y delgado” which means the same thing.

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Here, “yo” means “I”, which is not necessary and can be dropped in sentences, since the verb form changes depending on the subject to tell you the information.

Probably you met on social media or got your contacts through a third party, you can use this answer when asked the question.

Answers to "Como Eres?"

Therefore, it’s only a suitable answer when you want to describe yourself to someone who hasn’t seen your physique.

Soy guapo y inteligente – I am good-looking and smart

“I am good-looking and smart”  is another answer you can use for the question, “Como eres.”

This is a good reply when you’re on a first-time talking basis with someone who’s trying to know you.

Whether you’re discussing physically or not, you can use this response as a way to let him know your looks and personality.

In addition, depending on the discussion, you can also use this reply when having a friendly chat with someone.

Probably, you’re both arguing about how intelligent you’re, you could give this response to praise yourself if they ask “Como eres?”

Soy rubia – I’m blonde

You will need to describe your hair or color to someone who hasn’t seen you or someone who doesn’t know skin or hair colors.

So, “soy rubia”- “I’m blonde” is a suitable reply when you’re discussing  with someone who wants to know more about you over the phone; through a call or chat.

Also, it can be a specific reply when you’re talking about your hair or skin color.

Soy terco – I am stubborn

“I am stubborn” is another suitable answer to “Como eres?”

This is a necessary reply to certain people. For instance, being in a relationship with someone or speaking to someone who has romantic interests in you.

Here, it becomes necessary that you tell them this part of you.

However, if it’s someone you don’t have any interest in, you may not give this information, except you intend to scare them away.

So, you can answer “I am stubborn” to an intending partner or when the context of your discussion with a friend is about the way you behave.

Soy una persona tranquila – I am a quiet person

“I am a quiet person” is another suitable reply to “Como eres?” This reply also describes your personality. So, you can use this answer when talking to your colleague or someone you’re acquainted with.

Also, when conversing with someone who’s trying to know more about you, you can give this reply if you wish to.

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Soy trabajador – I’m hardworking

Answers to "Como Eres?"

If you’re hardworking, you may need to brag about it in some situations. So, if someone wants to know more about you and asks, “Como eres?,” one fantastic reply you can give is, “I am hardworking.”

This can be among the list of responses you can give to someone who’s getting to know you. After all, people would prefer a hardworking friend or partner.

Also, it can form part of your job application if asked to describe yourself. So, don’t hesitate to use this response whenever you can when asked “Como eres?”

Soy aventurero – I’m adventurous

If you’re the adventurous type, I’m sure you would seize opportunities to talk about this trait to anyone who cares to listen.

So, “I am adventurous” is another cool answer to “Como eres?”

When you’re speaking to a date on a general topic, if they ask “Como Eres,” this reply is one of the answers to use if it describes your personality.

In addition, when it’s a specific discussion on adventure, hiking, or topics that involve risks, “I am adventurous” is also a suitable reply to the question.

Soy divertido estar con – I’m fun to be with

Answers to "Como Eres?"

You can also say you’re fun to be to “Como eres?” This answer also talks about your personality, so it’s a good reply to get-to-know-you discussions.

For instance, in a discussion with a date or someone getting to meet you, “I am fun to be with” is a very suitable response to “Como eres?” if you’re looking to impress the person.

Soy muy religiosa – I am very religious

Sometimes, you may find yourself discussing religion with your colleagues at work, in school, with a friend, or even with a stranger. So, “I am very religious” is one of the answers to give.

In addition, if this question is asked generally; on a date or over the phone with someone wanting to know you, you may deem it fit to use this response.

Especially, if you want to scare the person or if you feel you need to warn the person, you should give this response when the person wishes to know what you’re like.

amo comer pizza – I love to eat pizza

If the discussion revolves around food, “I love to eat pizza” is a typical response to use.

And sometimes, you may need to warn a potential partner that you love pizza when they ask, “Como eres?”

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So, don’t hesitate to use this response when you want to.

amo los juegos – I love games

“I love games” is another response to the question “Como eres.” When you’re discussing games with your friends, this is a typical response to use.

You can use this reply in any informal setting.

soy el tipo de fiesta – I am the party type

Another ideal response to give when someone asks, “Como eres?” is to talk about your social life.

Especially, if you’re discussing with someone who has an interest in you, this reply is important to give them an insight into what they should be expecting.

Also, when discussing social lifestyles with friends, “I am the party type” is one of the replies to give to the question.

odio estudiar – I hate studying

Answers to "Como Eres?"

Is the discussion related to school, studying, or education generally? An ideal response will be, “I hate studying” if that describes you.

Also, it can be a necessary reply on a date with someone looking to know you more.

Soy introvertida – I am introverted

“I am introverted” is another reply for “Como eres.” You may need to warn someone approaching you for friendship that you’re introverted, so they’d be prepared for what to get.

This is a necessary answer to give to someone who wishes to get to know you, especially someone showing a romantic interest.

amo las películas – I love movies

If you love movies, this is one of the typical date discussions. So if someone asks “Como eres?,” boldly say you love movies.

Also, it’s a good reply when describing yourself generally to someone who asks the question.

End Note

“Como eres?” is quite common. You’ll hear the Spanish use it among themselves and with people visiting too.

When someone asks you this question, they expect that you describe your personality or physical appearance and not how you feel.

Generally, this question is asked within a context and your answer will depend on the context in which it was used.

Also, when asked generally, you could give any answer that describes your appearance or personality. The above answers are examples of how your reply should look like.

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