13 Correct Hasta Pronto Responses

If you are Spanish, you probably already know what this article is about. However, you don’t need to be Spanish to know the Hasta phrases. Many people don’t know the meaning but virtually everyone has them once or twice.

When you hear Hasta Pronto, what comes to your mind? Before thinking of a response, you must understand the meaning.

Hasta Pronto Meaning

Hasta Pronto is the Spanish translation of See you soon. It is something you only hear at the end of conversations or when a person is leaving a place.

There is a Spanish clause that translates to See you later in English. Hasta Pronto is only used when the time being referred to is closer to the moment of speaking (i.e. the person is on his way to your place OR the time to meet is already close).

13 Best Hasta Pronto Responses

Hasta Pronto Responses

  1. I’ll be expecting.
  2. Maybe not so soon.
  3. Are you done already?
  4. I won’t be early.
  5. Is the meeting over?
  6. I’m not ready yet.
  7. Be early.
  8. Maybe later. I’m busy.
  9. I won’t be coming anymore.
  10. Where are you?
  11. Are you coming home already?
  12. Goodbye
  13. See you soon.

I’ll be expecting

There is a difference between Soon and Later. While neither of the two gives a definite time, Soon suggests that the person you are talking to should be expecting whatever you are talking about.

Later, on the other hand, suggests that the person does not have to wait but it will happen.

When you hear Hasta Pronto, you can just acknowledge that you heard what the person has said by saying Alright. You can also add that you will be expecting the person so you don’t sound dismissive.

Simply saying Alright can sound like you are carefree or unwilling to receive the person, though that may depend on how you sound when talking.

Maybe not so soon

When a person says something to you, there is usually more than one possible response to consider. It is not an RPG game so you get to choose what message you want to pass.

When a person says he or she will show up at your place soon, you can simply acknowledge that you have heard what the person said. You can state that you are expecting. You can also choose to say why the person should not come to where you are.

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A person can say Hasta Pronto if you are meant to meet with the person in a place. By responding with this phrase, you are implying that you may not be meeting with the person as soon as he or she would expect. You should also state why.

Say this if you will be taking a long time to meet with the person or if you are going somewhere else.

Are you done already?

You can consider asking this question if it fits into the situation. Imagine a situation where you have to meet with a person at a party or some sort of gathering.

You have to get dressed and prepare to appear in your best form of you. It probably takes you a few hours to get prepared so you give your friend a call to know if he or she is also prepared.

Then you realize that he or she is yet to prepare so you offer to wait till the person is ready. He or she may call you back after 20 minutes and say Hasta Pronto (i.e. he or she would see you soon). You can ask if he or she is done already.

It is not only applicable in this situation. You should say this if a person has to get something done before coming to you and you expect the person to be late.

I won’t be early

When a person says See you soon, it doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is coming to you. The clause can also be used when you are the one going to meet the person.

You may have told the person that you are close to the place already or, at least, on your way to the person’s place. The person can say Hasta Pronto believing you both would be meeting in a few minutes or a few hours due to the short distance involved.

You can say you won’t be early if you are planning to take a longer time in your travel. You may want to stay back for a while longer than expected or go somewhere else before going to meet the person.

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Is the meeting over?

Hasta Pronto Responses

This is probably too specific to be used in many situations. You can’t say this unless there is a meeting that you know of. That is why we have the liberty of thinking before saying things.

If the person you are talking to has gone to a meeting, it should be surprising to hear the person say that he or she would see you soon. In that case, you can probably guess that the person may be on his or her way back. Then, you can ask if the meeting is over or not.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a meeting. The person may have gone to a party, a gathering, a show, or to complete a task. You can simply ask about it.

I’m not ready yet

As mentioned earlier, See you soon goes both ways. When you say you will see a person soon, the person may be coming to you or you could be going to the person. Both of you may also agree to meet at a place and be heading there.

You can say you are not ready yet when a person says he or she will see you soon. By saying Hasta Pronto, the person may expect you to be on your way to his or her place or somewhere you both were supposed to meet at.

This response informs the person that you may be later than the person expects.

Be early

A person may say Hasta Pronto or See you soon when he or she is coming over to your place. It does not have to be your home. You both may be planning to meet at a place. You are both heading to the same place but from different ends.

You can simply ask the person to be early. This may seem unnecessary because the use of Soon implies that the person is on his or her way to wherever you both are supposed to meet. Also, the use of Soon does not necessarily mean the person is being honest.

Some people use Soon instead of Later and that is only to keep you patient. To make sure the person is not employing this idea to make you keep waiting, you can urge the person to be early.

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Maybe later. I’m busy

See you soon can be used when a person thinks you are coming over to his or her place and you have almost arrived. However, things may not be as the person expects.

You can explain to the person that he or she should not expect you to be very early. You can also explain why you may be arriving later than expected.

I won’t be coming anymore

This is the first response that directly negates the idea. First, when a person says Hasta Pronto, it means the person is expecting you or wants you to expect him or her.

If a person expects you to come to his or her place and you don’t think that would be happening, you can simply say so.

You can say Later but it is better to respond with this if you don’t plan to visit the person.

Where are you?

As mentioned earlier, Soon suggests closeness but it is quite indefinite. When you say See you soon to a person, you are not giving a specific time so the person may just keep waiting and hoping you would arrive at any moment.

Instead of being left in suspense, you can ask how long it would take for the person to get to you. Better still, you can ask how close the person is or where the person is, then you can calculate how long you would have to wait.

Are you coming home already?

This question is probably unnecessary but you may want to ask if you don’t expect the person to be coming home already.

This question may show that you care. Also, if there is a reason for the person to come home early, you wouldn’t have to ask.


While See you soon is not meant to be said to someone you are departing from, people usually say it when they plan to return quickly or meet at another place.

You can say Goodbye if a person says See you soon on departure.

See you soon

 Saying Hasta Pronto in response to Hasta Pronto may sound weird but it isn’t incorrect. A better option is to say it in English; See you soon.

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