12 Best Responses to “I’m Glad I Met You”

Has anyone ever told you that he or she is glad to have met you? It’s a beautiful clause that can make your day – but it can also be difficult to know how to respond, irrespective of whom it is coming from. It could be a romantic partner, a mere friend, or a family member.

It is crucial for us to understand the emotion that has been expressed and how our reaction to it matters. This makes it even more difficult to find an appropriate response.

However, you have come to the right place in search of answers. With the right response, you can successfully turn this statement into a lasting moment of connection.

Read on to find out how to respond in a meaningful way that expresses your appreciation.

12 Great Responses to “I am glad I met you”

Best Responses to "I’m Glad I Met You"

  1. Aww!. Same here.
  2. It’s funny because I feel the same.
  3. My pleasure.
  4. Not as glad as I am.
  5. It’s great to hear that.
  6. Are you sure?
  7. That sounds like an understatement
  8. Don’t flatter me.
  9. No one’s ever said that to me.
  10. Thank you.
  11. I would be super excited if I met me
  12. I’m more than glad to have you.

Aww! Same here.

You may wonder what the first exclamation is for and what it means or maybe you don’t. It is not new and neither is it strange to many people, especially women.

When you hear a woman say Aww, it is usually after someone has said something that they consider romantic or sweet. It does not have to be to them. It is just a sweet reaction to a good or romantic gesture.

The word is also used sarcastically but that is not the point here. Take note that if you are responding with this statement, you are telling the person that you are also glad you met him or her.

I am glad I met you suggests romantic attraction, though not necessarily, and this response suggests that you may be feeling the same. Also, you don’t necessarily have to feel the same way.

It’s funny because I feel the same.

The effect of this statement may be quite ironic. Just like the earlier option on this list, this suggests that you feel the same way about the person you are talking to. However, this one may be easier to believe and take seriously.

When you say it’s funny because you feel the same, you will most likely be wearing a serious look on your face. The serious look will be considered a sincere expression of how you truly feel.

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You should not try to fake a reaction unless you are good at acting. If you don’t want the person to believe that you like him or her equally, this may not be the option for you.

This sounds like something you would say if your crush suddenly tells you that he or she has admired you for a long time.

My pleasure

Can you imagine giving this reaction to someone showing affection to you? It is not as weird as you think but it is definitely absurd if you say this in a romantic setting.

This is something you would most likely say in an official or platonic setting. When a person claims to be glad to have met you, it is not necessarily romantic. You may have offered some help to the person and the person is only showing appreciation.

You can simply respond as if the person has said Thank you. Saying My pleasure is okay and, as mentioned earlier, should only be used in an official setting.

Not as glad as I am

This response is okay for a romantic setting but may not be as effective as the other options on the list. You can consider this similar to a situation where you say Love you more in response to I love you.

When you say this, you are implying that you are even happier to have met the person talking to you. It does not sound very romantic, despite what you actually mean, but you can use it.

It also responds in an official situation. You can say this if the person has been of great help to you too.

It’s great to hear that

If you are not looking to fall into an awkward romantic moment, this may be the response you are looking for. Hearing someone say I am glad I met you can make you feel quite uncomfortable, especially if you don’t really like the person.

By giving this response, you are indirectly showing that you are not thinking of anything romantic. There is no hint of romance in this response but it does not stop the person from repeating the statement so he or she can get the desired reaction.

However, this response can discourage the person from making more romantic innuendos without showing that you are uninterested in a romantic conversation.

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Are you sure?

Best Responses to "I’m Glad I Met You"

This question may seem pretty weird but it’s a pretty cool option. Funny responses can help you lighten up the moment. You get to choose how you want the conversation to go.

When you ask this question, you can wear a doubtful look which will be considered funny. The person will most likely continue talking about his or her feelings and you will be able to react appropriately.

If you are not interested in romance, you can easily turn it into a joke and the person will play along.

If you are interested in romance, you will only make the conversation more enjoyable for the person and yourself. Making the confession seem like a joke will make the person more willing to open up since you won’t seem to be taking it seriously.

That sounds like an understatement

This is another pretty cute joke that may sound proud while you are reading it. When a person says I am glad I met you, he or she is being romantic and will definitely be open to flirting.

Flirty talks often combine funny ideas with romance so saying something funny will make the conversation feel better for both of you.

By saying this, you are implying that Glad is an understatement for how the person feels about meeting you i.e. the person should be happier to meet you. The person will find it funny.

You can continue making jokes about this idea and the person will most likely play along and express himself or herself fully.

The person can also respond with a joke by saying he or she is not too happy about it. Whichever way the person responds, you should find yourself comfortable in the conversation and keep a smile on.

Don’t flatter me

The statement, I am glad I met you, is not something you would likely hear from someone who’s merely trying to flatter you. However, you can make a joke by feigning suspicion.

You can act like you think the person is only joking with you. You can laugh widely and sincerely. Enjoy the moment and hear how the person feels about your presence in his or her life.

The way you feel about the person can affect your reaction, however. If you are not interested in the person, you may be unable to laugh sincerely and enjoy the conversation.

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This response would still work if you don’t want the person to continue the conversation. You can keep a serious face and act like you are sure that the person is joking with you.

No one’s ever said that to me

[I am glad I met you] sounds much like a compliment but it is rarely used as one. When you hear this from someone, he or she is most likely interested in you.

By giving this response, you would be sincerely showing the person that you appreciate the compliment and the person would be happy to know it.

If you are not interested in the person, this may be a pretty bad idea. The person may only get to like you more after knowing that his or her comment was appreciated.

You should thank the person and say how you feel about him or her if you are interested in the person too.

Thank you

This is okay. You can choose to just say Thank you as a response but that would sound quite dismissive unless it is an official setting.

A person can simply be saying I am glad I met you because you have done something that he or she cannot forget easily. Saying Thank you is okay.

However, if the person is being romantic with you, this would be dismissive and you will be shattering his or her heart. If you are not interested in the person, good luck with this response.

I would be super excited if I met me

You can employ this funny and seemingly proud response to make the conversation more comfortable for both of you.

If you are interested in the person, this is the right response for you. If you are not, you may want to consider something else so you don’t get the person too excited by your reaction.

I’m more than glad to have you

You are saying the same thing back with just a bit more emphasis. This is something couples can say to each other but it is not exclusive to romantic relationships.

You can use this in an official setting also. You would be implying that you are also happy to have met the person you are talking to. Say this if you believe the person has had lasting impacts in your life.

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