How to Respond to “Ready Freddy”

Have you ever been called Ready Freddy? Or heard it in a conversation? Or being asked a question with it? Many people may not know this. This old phrase can be used in the three forms mentioned above.

Ready Freddy was believed to have originated in the early 1950s but no one seems to be able to trace its exact origin or who started using it. When you hear Ready Freddy, how do you respond?

What does “Ready Freddy” mean?

The phrase has a basic meaning but it can function in three different forms. This does not make it special since there are many similar phrases that can function that way.

Below are the three meanings of Ready Freddy:

  • I am very ready.
  • Are you ready?
  • Nickname

Ready Freddy meansI am very ready”

When a person asks if you are ready, you can say Ready Freddy. The phrase implies that you are ready for whatever you may plan to do and you should get it over with.

It also shows a level of eagerness to go somewhere or get something done.

It is said in the same way as its other forms. The intonation has to be low. From the context in which it is used, you will know what it means.

Ready Freddy means “Are you ready?”

Just as the phrase can be used to mean you are ready, it may also be used to ask if you are ready. This means a person can walk up to you and say, Ready Freddy? Then you can also reply Ready Freddy. You will both be correct.

This is often used for kids or your colleagues. It is an old phrase so adults may want you to say something that sounds more mature. While it is said in the same way as its other forms, the intonation is different.

Since Ready Freddy is asking if a person is ready, it is considered a polar question. All polar questions require a high intonation. From the context, you should be able to tell if a question is being asked or not.

Ready Freddy meansNickname”

 The phrase can be used as a statement and as a question. It can also be used as a nickname.

When a person calls you Ready Freddy, it is because you are always ready to take action or you are eager to get things done.

Some people may like this and some may not so the response that will be given has to be different.

As mentioned earlier, the phrase, Ready Freddy, has one basic meaning which is [Very Ready]. In this case, it refers to a person who is always very ready.

When it is a statement, a person is implying that he or she is very ready. When it is a question, a person is being asked if he or she is very ready.

12 Responses to “Ready Freddy” when someone means “I am ready”

How to Respond to "Ready Freddy"

  1. Old school.
  2. Let’s get going.
  3. Are you sure?
  4. There’s no going back.
  5. You’ve wasted enough time.
  6. So fast?/ So early?
  7. Let’s wait a bit.
  8. I’m not ready
  9. Get it over with.
  10. What are you waiting for?
  11. Good luck.
  12. I love the spirit.

LOL. Old school.

The phrase is old. Since the 1950s, better phrases and idioms have been created to mean the same thing. You can simply point that out when responding.

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Considering the childish tone of the word, you may want to express the humor in how it sounds. You should say this before giving your real response.

If a person is telling you that he or she is ready, you must know what the person is talking about already.

Alright. Let’s get going.

When a person tells you that he is Ready as Freddy, he or she is prepared to do something and is eager to get it done.

You can just suggest that the thing gets done instead of wasting time in search of a perfect response. It is the same thing you would say if the person simply said that he or she was ready to do something.

You can say this if you both plan to go somewhere. If not, find the appropriate response on the list.

Are you sure?

When a person says Ready Freddy, the person must be prepared to get something done. This question may be unnecessary unless the thing that has to be done requires care or preparedness.

The person may also appear untidy or may seem to be forgetting something. You can ask this question before reminding the person. You can also ask the person to make sure he or she is not forgetting anything.

There’s no going back

This response sounds quite intense but it may be required. When a person says Ready Freddy, it may be for something very important like an exam. You can ask if the person is sure about his or her preparedness.

You can even tell the person to check or think again to make sure nothing is left behind. Then you can state that there is no going back.

While this may make the person nervous and feel less prepared, it can also make the person think about what he or she may be forgetting.

You’ve wasted enough time

If a person tells you, Ready Freddy, after you have been kept waiting, you can simply reply with that before you start with whatever you planned to do.

You may also be going to a place together. If you happen to be late already, you can tell the person how much time has been wasted so he or she can maintain eagerness.

So fast? Or So early?

This shows your surprise and may also show nonchalance. When the person says Ready Freddy, there is a high chance that he or she is very eager to do something or go somewhere.

Saying this will make you appear like you plan to be a bit slower than him or her later.

This response can make the person lose his or her eagerness. However, you can say this if it’s too early and unnecessary.

Let’s wait a bit

You can say this if the person’s eagerness is needless. When something has to be done or you have to go to a place but it does not have to be at that moment, you may want to calm the person down.

Keep in mind that the person can get less prepared within the short whip of waiting.

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I’m not ready

If a person has to tell you that he or she is ready to do something or go somewhere, it means you have to be involved in it or play a crucial part. Therefore, you both have to make the decisions together.

While the person may be ready, he or she has to wait for you to be ready too. If you are not ready, tell the person while you get prepared.

Get it over with

This implies that the person should get something done. In many cases, telling a person about your readiness may suggest that you need the person to be involved in whatever you are ready to do.

However, kids can say this to their parents just to get the go-ahead.

You can tell the person to go ahead with whatever he or she has to do.

What are you waiting for?

This may sound quite harsh. It implies that the person may be wasting time by informing you about his or her readiness.

By saying this, you are telling the person to stop wasting time and just do something or go somewhere.

Good luck

As mentioned earlier, a kid or anyone can say Ready Freddy to another person just to get the go-ahead.

When your child tells you “Ready Freddy”, you can simply say Good luck which is also a way of giving him or her a go-ahead.

I love the spirit

The phrase, “Ready Freddy”, is often said with a lot of eagerness. You may want to address the eagerness you see in him or her before proceeding with whatever you plan to do.

If you are both involved in the action or movement, you can say this before you commence. If you are not, you can just say this compliment and give a go-ahead.

10 Responses to “Ready Freddy” when someone means “Are you ready?”

How to Respond to "Ready Freddy"

  1. Ready as Freddy
  2. Give me a minute.
  3. I will take some time. Sorry
  4. I’ve been waiting.
  5. How do I look?
  6. I’m almost done.
  7. I kept you waiting. Sorry.
  8. I just finished up.
  9. Are you?
  10. We still have time, don’t we?

Ready as Freddy

You can say Ready Freddy back when you are asked about your readiness. The phrase sounds quite childish but nothing stops you from saying it back when it is said to you.

You can say Ready Freddy or Ready as Freddy. They have the same meaning and are used in the same contexts.

Give me a minute

When you are asked about how prepared you are, you can simply ask for some time to get yourself prepared well enough.

Even if you may be taking a while, you should say this instead of asking for an outrageous time to get done.

I will take some time. Sorry

You can simply be honest about how long you will take in getting yourself prepared so you don’t delay the other person by asking for more and more time.

This gives the person the choice to do something without you or wait for you.

Sure. I’ve been waiting

This should be used if you have been ready before the person even thought of asking. You may have been prepared before the person.

Instead of ranting about the person’s waste of time, you can say you’ve been waiting and proceed.

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How do I look?

When you have to go somewhere, you have to look good and this may take some time. If the person asks if you are ready, you can ask how you look before saying yes.

I’m almost done

You should say this if you will be taking only a few minutes. Sometimes, a few minutes can sound like a long time. You can say you are almost done so the person does not get hasty.

I kept you waiting. Sorry

You may want to apologize if you have kept the person waiting for a while. This implies that you are prepared. If your answer is not yes, you may choose another response.

You may also say this if you are going to suggest that the person should go ahead without you since you are still going to take some time preparing.

Yes. I just finished up

You should say this if the person did not have to wait for you. It is possible that both of you get ready at the same time. No one has to wait for another.

Are you?

You can ask the person also before answering. Whether you are ready or not, this question will still work fine.

We still have time, don’t we?

This suggests that you are not prepared and you are not planning to hurry. You will get the person angry if it turns out that you are running out of time.

8 Responses to “Ready Freddy” when it is used as a nickname

  1. Aye, aye, Captain.
  2. Stop calling me that.
  3. Get out of here.
  4. That’s not my name.
  5. What’s up, latecomer?
  6. What’s the nickname for?
  7. To hell with that old-school name.
  8. Where are you from? The fifties?

Aye, aye, Captain

This was derived from the popular children’s cartoon, SpongeBob SquarePants. Since the saying is childish, you can reply with a childish response. It shows you are okay with your nickname.

Stop calling me that

When you are called Ready Freddy as a nickname, you have the choice of accepting or rejecting it. If you don’t like the name, tell the person to stop.

Get out of here

This is a joke. It will sound like you are flattered when you are called Ready Freddy. Since the phrase has a good meaning, you can just accept it unless it is sarcasm.

That’s not my name

You should say this and wear a frown if you don’t like being called a childish name like Ready Freddy.

What’s up, Latecomer?

You can also choose a response from the meaning of the name. This won’t stop anyone from calling you “Ready Freddy.” It may even be an encouragement.

What’s the nickname for?

When a person suddenly calls you Ready Freddy instead of your name, you can ask why. There may be reasons you are unaware of.

To hell with that old-school name

The nickname is not only childish but also old-school. You can reject it immediately. This is a friendly way to reject it.

Where are you from? The fifties?

This suggests that the phrase is old and you don’t expect the person or anyone to say it anymore.


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