20 Polite Ways to Say You Dislike Something

We frequently discuss the things we like and dislike. In actuality, learning what a person enjoys or dislikes aids in our ability to get to know him (or her) better.

Or consider the case where someone is curious about your interests or hobbies.

What reaction would you have?

However, it can be difficult to express one’s disapproval, which can be problematic in social situations.

Some people interpret this as being proud, while others view it as a poor form of communication. For this reason, I’m here to offer suggestions for effective ways to express disapproval.

20 Polite ways to say you dislike something

  • To be really honest, I dislike Red
  • Thank you, I don’t have the personality for it
  • I don’t click on it
  • It’s not favorable to me
  • I don’t appreciate that
  • I’m not a fan of it
  • That’s not for me
  • I’m not into it
  • I’m not fond of it
  • I’ll pass
  • I’m disinterested
  • It doesn’t tickle my fancy
  • I’m not pleased with it
  • It’s not healthy for me
  • I’m not impressed
  • I don’t feel positive about it
  • I don’t conceive of it
  • I don’t concur
  • It’s not my thing
  • It’s not for me

To be really honest, I dislike Red

One of the greatest ways to convey your disapproval is to emphasize your sincerity or honesty, especially when a large portion of your audience agrees with one opinion while you have something different.

This will prevent your audience from taking your response or opinion against them with contempt.

If you use this approach, I’ll advise you to be sensible and provide a justification for how to strike a balance with your response or provide a solution in case you come across multiple people that have a single-minded strategy.

Your attempts to hold back your disapproval can frequently backfire. People can suspect that you’re lying to protect their feelings.

The other person might be more hurt by your lying to them, as you might guess. Instead, simply state the truth while emphasizing your sincerity. Here are a few illustrations:

Question: What do you think of the color of my shirt?

Answer: To be really honest, I dislike red.

Question: What do you think about the great plan by the team

Answer: To be honest, I think we should look at a preferred option.

Question: Is it possible to borrow your vehicle?

Answer: If I’m being completely honest with you, I’m not comfortable giving out my car.

Thank you, I don’t have the personality for it.

Your personality defines your environment, your personality defines your likes and dislikes, your personality is all that you represent, and your personality determines what you are attracted to and what you respond to.

Personality is a set of qualities that distinguishes one person from another; this simply means that people resonate differently, which can be a safe ground for expressing one’s dislike.

When you are offered a job, the person who is offering it may think of it as a way to help you, but you know you don’t like it or it goes against your principles and standards, which makes you dislike it, you can express yourself in this way so they don’t feel rejected.

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The following examples are appropriate for this response

Question: can you be of service as a bartender at my friend’s lounge?

Answer: Thank you, I don’t have the personality for it.

Question: let’s play hockey.

Answer: Thank you, I don’t have the personality for it.

I don’t click on it

This method can be used to express your disapproval in a variety of ways, and it doesn’t have to sound unpleasant because you can voice your disapproval in a mature and sensible manner because sometimes audiences may mistake your sincere expressions of free choice.

These are a few examples:

Question: Can we go out and skate in the snow?

Answer: I don’t click on it

Question: Will you eat beef?

Answer: I don’t click on it.

It’s not favorable to me

Polite Ways to Say You Dislike Something

This is another means of expressing your dislike, this can be expressed in the aspect of certain choices whereby, something doesn’t suit you to a preferred advantage.

Example: Do you like to sail on the ship

Answer: It’s not favorable to me.

I don’t appreciate that

This is another way to communicate your disapproval. It can be done by expressing how some decisions don’t benefit you as much as they should.

Below are a few examples that will enable you how to use this expression:

Question: Can I come along with a friend to your place?

Answer: I don’t appreciate strangers’ visitation due to security reasons.

Question: Can we go out on a date?

Answer: I don’t appreciate that.

I’m not a fan of it

For instance, in sports, there are a variety of teams and individuals participating in various sports, and among the spectators, there are a variety of fans who support various groups and participants.

When a person declares they are not a fan of a team or individual, both knowingly and unknowingly, they are expressing their distaste for that person or group.

This observation, which is related to sports, aims to shed light on how it has evolved over time.

Something that many people use and that we like a lot. Consequently, when we say I am not a big fan means we do not like something very much.


Don’t ask her to go to the Concert restaurant! She’s not a fan of a large crowd.

That’s not for me

It is a general method of expressing that you find something unattractive and uninteresting. For example;

Everyone in my home loves football but it’s not me.

I’m not into it

Saying you’re not into something implies that you don’t find it to be alluring or desirable.

Saying you’re not into something implies that you don’t find it to be alluring or desirable.


I’m not into reading novels.

I’m not fond of it

The verb “to be fond of”typically refers to a fondness or love for something or someone. Therefore, to not be fond of something is to not really like it. It is really casual.

I’ll pass

This is a very quick and smart way of saying you are not interested in a suggestion or opinion. It also helps in a situation whereby you don’t want to talk about a situation you dislike.

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Question: Will you like to go for summer break?

Answer: I’ll pass.

I’m disinterested

When something simply doesn’t interest us, we use this phrase.

Example: let’s all go and play outside in the rain.

Answer: I’m disinterested because of the cold outside.

It doesn’t tickle my fancy

This phrase implies to amuse, entertain, or appeal to someone; it also means to positively excite someone’s imagination.

Therefore, when we say something did not tickle our fancy, we are referring to whether we found it to not be fascinating, funny, or enticing.

Example: The game is magnificent?

Answer: It doesn’t tickle my fancy.

I’m not pleased with it

Polite Ways to Say You Dislike Something

This is a way to demonstrate your disapproval of something by expressing your hate for it.

Example: What’s your take on swimming in a public pool?

Answer: I’m not pleased with it.

It’s not healthy for me

Healthy is frequently used to refer to a person’s physical well-being. For instance, a person with a headache is known to be ill, but what about someone who is mentally ill but still seems fine?

There are also circumstances in which people are emotionally unwell, financially unwell, etc.

We must be sensitive to people’s reactions when they don’t have an interest in a thing, rather than viewing a way of approaching unhealthiness(dislike) as being rude.

The dislike of a person can seem to be unhealthy for him. Unhealthy can be used to define a state of dislike because what a person accepts can determine how stable the person will be.

This is a creative method to show your distaste for something, and distaste is defined as something that you find unhealthy – not necessarily physically, but cognitively, emotionally, etc.

Healthy implies sound, and this refers to both mental and psychological well-being as well as physical health issues.

People with health issues may not be allowed to exercise or even consume certain meals, but they can still convey their disapproval of the things they don’t like by using the word “healthy.”

Example: Do you like to swim?

Answer: It’s not healthy for me because I get to choke while swimming.

I’m not impressed

This is a quick way to express your dislike.

Example: How do you see the performance of the team?

Answer: I’m not impressed.

I don’t feel positive about it

Everyone possesses a unique intellect that considers emotions. Because you have a mind of your own and can convey your feelings and analyses on a subject, especially when it involves decisions, this is one wise way to express one’s disapproval of anything.

I don’t conceive of it

Polite Ways to Say You Dislike Something

This is a discreet method of expressing your disapproval. To generate, or create anything in one’s thoughts, is to conceive.

It is common to refer to a pregnant woman as having conceived, and you can interpret this as a sign that a person is developing inside of her.

It also indicates that she has engaged in sexual activity with a man or has accepted a man into her bosom, which is a way of expressing your disapproval of her.

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When you say you are unable to conceive, you are expressing your refusal to accept a circumstance, policy, or another aspect of life in order to make room for that which you find objectionable.

You are also expressing your refusal to dwell on that which you find objectionable.

Here is an example that will enlighten you more on the usage of this phrase.


What’s your thought on marrying a foreigner?

Answer: I don’t conceive of it.

What’s your take on the project?

Answer: I don’t conceive of it.

I don’t concur

This is a quick way of expressing your dislike. Concur means to accept; to agree; to have common knowledge; to correspond to an opinion or idea. What a perfect way of expressing your dislike!

Example: let’s go to the zoo

Answer: I don’t concur

It’s not my thing

Alternatively, I could say, “It’s not my thing.” And this may seem like a pretty strange place to respond because, often, when we say “that’s not my thing, “we’re referring to a pen or a notebook.

We’re claiming that it’s not mine, that I don’t own it.

However, when it’s employed in this context as a fixed term, it’s a casual but still rather polite approach to express disapproval of something.

Question: Interested in joining our bike club?

Answer: Cycling is not my thing.

It’s not for me

It’s a very informal, laid-back way of conveying that it’s not something I like. I don’t find it enjoyable. I’ve learned that eating late at night is not a good idea for me.

In fact, if I were being completely honest, I’d say that eating out is not for me I enjoy cooking my meals myself. How are you doing? Do you prefer to stay in bed or wake up early?

Final words

No matter if you’re talking about your personal or professional life, communication is crucial. A language that is widely used for business communication is English.

When speaking with others and expressing our support, opinion, and suggestions, we do so in English.

But occasionally it gets challenging to convey our criticism or disdain for anything in English. Am I coming off rude? Is that too blunt? We worry that if we choose the wrong words or expressions, we’ll irritate the other person.

I’ve noticed lately that using words to communicate dislike can create a commotion and a terrible attitude about communication, but it can be changed by using language correctly to still indicate dislike or disapproval.

You should not feel guilty for expressing what you dislike, but you should do it in an appropriate way, which is why these solutions will assist you in finding proper ways to do so.

The examples are only meant to assist and direct you in how to use them in an appropriate manner depending on the question being posed to you by your audience or the person you are conversing with.

You are free to use these idioms and phrases to express your disapproval in any way that is appropriate.

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