10 Funny Ways To Accept An Invitation

Using a particular response to each of them to accept an invitation can be uninteresting. It sounds too regular and frequently used. Words like “Ok”, “Yeah”, “No problem”, and “I accept” are all ways to accept an invitation but they’re regular and overused.

It’s better to accept an invitation more interestingly and funnily. It sounds nice when you’re able to use humorous responses to accept an invitation.

This is because it shows that you’re friends with the person and it creates a casual and relaxed atmosphere for a conversation. 

This article will explore 10 funny ways in which you can accept an invitation. These phrases are cool and perfect for any kind of invitation.

Some of these ways are; “Oh yeah! We are so going to be there”, “Come rain or come shine…we will be there on…” “I’m so ready to dance”. You can also use “I’ll be there before you know it” and many more options that would be shared in this article.  

10 Funny Ways To Accept An Invitation

Oh Yeah! We Are Going To Be There.

This statement shows that nothing can stop you from being at the event. It implies that you’re really confident and sure of being there. You’ve made plans and you’re ready to attend.

By using this statement, you’ve accepted the invitation in a humorous and really exciting way. Though, you did not just accept it for yourself but also others.

This is seen as the pronoun “we” is used in the statement. This shows that you’re not just the one accepting the invitation but others as well. This means that you’re positive that others too are interested in going for whatever it is the person is inviting you for.

This statement is best used when you want to accept an invitation for a group of people or when you want to accept an invitation n behalf of a group.

Come Rain Or Come Shine… We Will Be There on….

This is an idiom that is often used when you want to say that a particular thing will take place no matter the circumstance. This statement means that whatever happens and no matter what it will cost, you’ll still go for the event.

It means you’ll still go for the event no matter what happens. It is a cool way to accept an invitation as it tells and also assures the person that you would be at the event no matter what happens.

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With this statement, the person is very sure that you’ll be there. Also, this statement specifies the time at which you plan to be there. The statement ends with “we will be there on…” meaning you’d have to specify what day or what time you’re going to be there.

It implies that you’ll let the host know at what time you’ll be arriving or on what day should they expect you. A phrase like this means that you’d be there at a particular time regardless of the weather or any other circumstances.  

I’m So Ready To Dance.

Funny Ways To Accept An Invitation

This phrase is mostly used when you want to accept an invitation to a party. It tells a person that you accept to be their guest at their party. It’s a way of saying that you’re excited about the party just as they are.

The word “dance” here implies that you’re rejoicing with them, it also implies that you’re happy for them and you’re going to be at the party. You don’t have to be a good dancer to use this statement.

It’s just a funny way of accepting the invitation and showing that you’re as excited as they are. You can also use this statement if you’re a good dancer, though it is not restricted to dancing alone.

I’ll Be There Before you know it.

When you use this phrase, you’re going to be there in no time. You can use this phrase when you want to say that you’ll be at the event quickly. It could also mean that you’ll be there at a time the host isn’t expecting.

This statement does not give a specific time but it shows you’ll be there very soon or as soon as possible. It means you’re going to be at the place quickly at a time the host isn’t expecting.

This statement can also sound funny when you want to convince a person that you’ll be at the place early, it’s a cool way to show that you’ve accepted their invitation.

Probably, the person doesn’t believe that you’ll attend the party and to convince them, this statement sounds like the best to use.

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Nothing Can Stop Me From Celebrating You That Day.

Funny Ways To Accept An Invitation

You can use this statement when you want to assure or convince someone that you’ll be at their event. It’s also a great way to show that you’ve accepted the event because you’re trying you’re best to convince the person that you’ll be there no matter what.

You’re saying that nothing at all can prevent you from honoring them on a particular day. It’s an assurance that you’ll celebrate them on a particular day which means you’ve accepted the invitation.

The statement implies that no matter what happens, you’ll do your best to celebrate with them.

You Know You Can’t Start The Party Without Me Right?

This is another funny statement that shows that you’ve accepted the invitation. It doesn’t literarily mean the party can’t start without you.

It’s just a way of saying that you’re part of the party. It’s a great way of showing you’ve accepted the invitation and you’re definitely going to be there. 

I Can’t Miss It For Anything.

Funny Ways To Accept An Invitation

This is a great way to accept being invited without being too serious. It simply means you’re not willing to miss the event. You’re not willing to miss the experience of the event no matter what happens.

No matter what might get in the way, you wouldn’t like to miss it. It means you really want to go to the event. This statement also implies that you’re definitely going to attend the event. It shows that it’s impossible to miss the event, in fact missing it isn’t even an option. 

I Can’t Wait. It’s Going To Be So Much Fun.

Funny Ways To Accept An Invitation

To show that you’ve accepted the invitation and you’re as well excited about it. Saying you can’t wait is a way of saying you can’t wait to experience the event. It shows that you’re eager to experience something.

This statement also means that you’re sure that you’re going to have fun at the event. This shows that you’re impatient and really excited about going to the event.

Probably, you’ve been waiting to go for the event or experience for so long and now you’ve got the invitation. You’re eager to go because you’ve waited for so long for it.  

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This Is Going To Be Exciting And Fun, Who Wouldn’t Want To Be There?

This is also a funny way to show that you’ve accepted the invitation. With this statement, you’re trying to say that you’re positive that the event will be fun.

Starting a statement like this shows that you know how the event/party is going to take place. Not only do you know about the party but you also know what would happen at it.

This statement also ends by asking a rhetorical question, “Who wouldn’t want to be there”. This is a question that implies that nobody would like to miss an event like that.

It’s also a way of saying that you would not miss it and that you would love to be there. It shows that anybody who truly knows about the party and what’s going to happen there would not want to miss attending it.

I’ll Be Looking Forward To Having Fun That Day.

Using this statement to accept an invitation is a way of making your expectations known to the host.

Unlike the previous statement which looks like you know what’s going to happen at the party/event, this statement shows that you have no idea about what will happen.

You’re trying to tell the host that you’re expecting a fun-filled day and not a boring one.

Saying that you’re looking forward to the day shows that you’re expecting something from that day, and in this context that which you’re expecting would be having “fun”. This statement also implies that you wouldn’t want a day that is boring or that lacks fun. 


Accepting an invitation in a funny way may not be one of the easiest things to do. You have to add a bit of humor to the statement when saying it.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you really say but how you say it, the manner and attitude you put into saying it.

We’ve identified 10 different funny ways to accept an invitation, some may not exactly sound funny to the ears but the attitude you use in saying them would make a person smile. Sometimes, even the look on your face can make the reply sound funny and exciting.  

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