What to Say When Someone Says “Your Wish Is My Command” (27 Things We Know!)

The first time we ever hear this phrase “your wish is my command”, is in an old movie where the genie wants to grant Aladdin his wishes.

Today people who aren’t genies say this to other people as a joke to mean “hey, I care about you and what you want and I’ll be able to help you in any way I can”.

They might say this without meaning that so based on how they say it we need replies and that’s what this article is all about.

If it is said as a joke, maybe the class clown is messing around or someone from the office just wants to get your attention you can say “buzz off genie”, or “what are you, a genie?”

If your intention is to entertain everyone by playing along, you can then say “really”, to make them think you believe them or “let’s test it out!” so they can start granting your wishes.

If you are not in the mood and you want to express that without seeming rude or hurting anyone’s feelings, there are some helpful replies here:

As it should be

This is a cocky response if you want to play the role of an arrogant, entitled person, or (a nicer way to put it) if you want to play along to this joke.

It will make others smile and you can pretend to be in a position of power and look down on them because you are their master. You can also say, “that’s the way I like it”.


I like replies that have more than one meaning depending on how you say it. If you say this excitedly, you will sound like that what you have wanted your whole life and it will make them beam for joy that you made them happy.

If you say it sarcastically, you will sound like they are voting you to be childish and that won’t make anyone happy.

Then let’s test it out

Action speaks louder than words. Why hear them say it when they can prove it? It may not be the best way to reply to this, especially if they can’t grant your first wish.

If they can, on the other hand, assuming it’s something simple, it will be fun for everyone. They will appear reliable, you will thank them and everyone will be happy.

No, your wish is my command

You know how people have those arguments by trying to top others, this can be one of them. It’s great for people who you are close to. It’s like saying, “I love you”, and they say “I love you more.”

You are trying to tell them that just as they will do anything for you, you will also do anything for them.

What are you, a genie?

It’s another not-so-cheerful reply. This reply is telling them not to say that because they can not actually grant any wishes you might have and they would definitely not take your wishes as their commands.

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The question tells them that only genies can do that and since they are not genies, he shouldn’t bother. It’s realistic. Sadly realistic.

And still, you wouldn’t be able to grant my wishes

It’s on the same level as the reply above. Sad and realistic. You are telling whoever said this that they won’t be able to grant your wishes even if they want to because they have the power to. It’s sad and it can also sound angry. It all depends on your tone placement.

You always listen to me, that’s good

A compliment never hurt anyone, especially not one to someone who deserves it. They will understand that you see what they do and you appreciate it. They might have said it cos you have one too many wishes and they would help you with it if they could.

Thank you for being obedient

It’s a nice reply to play along with the joke. You can use this to anyone and have a good laugh because they weren’t really expecting that. You can switch it with any adjective of your choice. For example

A: This is great. Thank you for your help, Alicia.

B: Your wish is my command, master

A: Thank you for being loyal

You are one of my few loyal employees

Perfect for the workplace. It’s a nice compliment to give a hard-working, illustrious employee who does pull his or her weight around. It will make them feel could and could even make their day.

If you are not in a work setting. Let’s say a school, you can tell your students, “you are one of my best students”. Puts a smile on their face.

I owe you one

This reply can be used if they have done something you really wanted or a big favor and they modestly said “your wish is my command”.

This reply doesn’t actually mean they will keep this in mind to call on the favor one day. It means you really appreciate what they did and you would return the good turn because they deserve it – that is, if they ever need one.

What would I have done without you?

For friends, family, partners, and those who just understand us, this reply is very cliche but two cliches never hurt anyone.

They will know you value their opinion and presence and you really rely on them. If you don’t want to use it in this tense, you can say, “what will I do without you?”

I like that you pay attention to details

While this might not seem like an exact fit, it’s a compliment to that nice human who understood your need for help. They might have said that to mean that they are there when you need them or they are someone to rely on.

This reply appreciates them and compliments them at the same time. Afterall, it takes careful observation to note details and see what’s wrong so that’s a good one.

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Prove it!

It’s a bit serious but it should be alright if you are a daredevil. It’s their fault for testing you because next you will ask something impossible and they will be in trouble.

If you are naughty and a crush says this, you will want to use this reply to text how true their feelings for you are or to get things in motion.

Is it?

Usually, this phrase is used as a joke so asking them this tells them that you really doubt that they would. This reply doesn’t fit into any category so depending on how you say it, is how it will be read.

If you say it sarcastically they will understand you are not in a good mood, if you say it teasingly they will keep up with the joke. However you say it, make sure you are not hurting anyone’s feelings.

You are so sweet

If you are told this by a partner or a close friend, there is no need to be mean even if they may not always do this. You can appreciate them for it. You can also truly say a nice thank you with a term of endearment. They will understand that you know that you matter to them.

I don’t think so

You can start with an “umm”. This reply is better than a straight no or asking them to get out or leave you alone.

It clearly says you don’t believe that they would take your wishes that seriously and it’s best not to give it a try. Try to get busy with something else. It should tell them enough.

Buzz off genie

If you want a playful way to brush them aside, you can use this reply. It will make them smile because a genie said this and you called them a genie which means you get the joke and you tell them that you don’t believe that they would, however take your wishes seriously.

I will pass

This is a common phrase in teenage lingo and it means no. Putting it this way is a gentle way of telling them you are not really interested in whatever wishes they want to grant.

At the same time, if they are messing around with you, they are just trying to be friendly and you just have to play along.

Then I wish you will leave

On a bad day, you can use this reply to tell someone that you are not in the mood for their jokes and you will rather be alone. Since it’s your wish that they leave, they will have to take it as their command because they said so and you want it.

Depending on how you say it, you will sound rude or angry. Watch the tone to get the right message.

Unfortunately, I don’t have wishes

This could be true or it could be a nice way to say, nothing you can help with here Jeremy. Be on your way. You don’t have to look for structural ways to say no to someone with this reply.

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Then I will call you when I have wishes

This reply keeps the speaker enthusiastic. It’s the kind of reply you have to a child: “oh of course my wishes are your command.

Thank you so much. I live with a genie. In fact, once I have a wish I will give you a call just not right now.” If they were joking, it’s a nice way to play along with the joke. If they were serious, this will still make them feel good and relied on.

Good for you

Have you heard this before? This reply is the uninterested response people give you when they are not interested in what you are saying and are not listening.

You can also use this sarcastically to say you don’t care what they are saying. Might break someone’s heart but hey, you gotta put your feelings out there and be honest even if you are mean about it.

Oh yay. I have a genie!

You can pretend to be excited. Being a genie is not bad at all and I’m sure anyone would love to be a genie and have cool powers to grant wishes.

This reply will make them happy and they will feel important even if it’s not true.

Dreams do come true

It’s starting to sound like a Disney fairytale script but if they are granting your wishes they are genies, and genies can make your dreams come true.

You can ask them how many wishes you have or if they have any rules it gives them a wish immediately.

Isn’t that from a movie?

There’s no harm in killing the vibe. This question is not very fun but if you want to talk about the movie where the line came from, this is a great conversation starter for that conversation.

You can share some of your ideas and views and then discover what you can hand out later. Nice right?

Thank you. It’s nice to have someone who cares around

Whoever said this, said it to be nice so this reply tells them that you know they care. It’s genuine appreciation and it’s a great way to say you value them too.l

I wish

Say this with a sigh to mean that you really wish that your wishes were their commands. It would mean that they would do whatever you want and that would be helpful to you because you might really need the help.

It might turn the fun moment into something serious and deep but you have passed across how you feel and they will know not to play that kind of joke around you anymore.


If someone says this to you because they really care, try your best to show that you can return and you appreciate them, nothing wrong with being nice.

If they are joking feel free to mess around however you’d like. Just be sure that you are kind and courteous and no one is hurt.

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