21 Great Responses When Someone Says “YKTV”

“YKTV” stands for “You Know The Vibe,” which is a slang phrase often used in social media and casual conversations to show agreement or shared understanding about a particular mood, atmosphere, or sentiment without having to explicitly define it.

Typically employed by younger generations, YKTV is one of many acronyms and abbreviations that have emerged in the digital age, reflecting rapid and evolving communication styles. It represents shared experiences, cultural moments, and a common, unspoken language among peers.

This kind of slang can be tricky to reply to. However, we have done all your thinking for you and we have categories of responses that you can use to reply.

If you are in support and you just want to agree you can go for nice and casual replies like, “yeah”, “you bet!”, “that’s how we roll”, and many others.

You can also frame your nice replies as compliments, for example: “you sure know how to have fun”, “you are a vibe yourself”.  There are also other replies if you are not in support. Let’s check them out:

15 Casual Responses to ‘YKTV’

If you are in the right mood and someone sends you this slang, you would want to say something that shows that you encourage them and you are happy for them. Here are a few responses you can use:


The first response is of course an agreement. It’s easy, it’s simple and there is not much thought to it. Now depending on who sends yktv to you, you can add anything at the end.

For example, I can say “yeah men” to my guy friends and acquaintances, and I can say “yeah girlfriend” to my female friends.

I can also say “yeah dear” or use any other term of endearment to people I know really well and am comfortable with. That aside, you can say:

Yeah, can’t wait for you to tell me all about it.

Yeah. I bet you are having the time of your life.

Yeah. Wish I was there.

Yeah. Enjoy every moment of it.

You have fun

If someone texts you this, you might wish you were in their shoes or with them having as much fun. Well instead of whining about it and complaining you can send them a simple reply like this one.

It tells them you wish them well and they should enjoy themselves to the fullest. It has “nice guy” written all over it but it is an Okay response. If you are close friends with them, best not to use this so you don’t seem jelly and uninterested.

That’s how we roll

I like this reply because it makes the two of you seem like a group. This reply tells them you are totally cool with them having fun, even without you and if you were there you would have just as much fun so you are in support of it.

If you are typing you can use other variations of ya if you want. For example, yeah, yh, Yas. Another alternative to this response is oh yeah. When you type it, put an exclamation mark to show excitement so it doesn’t take another meaning.

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Yeah, I know

Some people may be able to accept this response. In what you say, “I can feel the vibe. Make sure you enjoy it.” At the same time, this reply might sound dull and interesting and the sender might feel you are jealous.

To make things clear, try to send an emoji with this reply if you are texting it so that you will clearly be understood.

That’s what’s up

This reply sound’s like you are relaxing with them but then you are cool with them having a blast so yes it’s a good reply.

This phrase means that whatever is happening is great, amazing, fantastic, pick your own adjective and that’s what you are trying to tell them.

Heck ya!

This is a very popular phrase, you must have heard. It’s a casual exclamation and it’s mostly used by teenagers in agreement to something.

If you have texted a picture with the caption yktv, you can reply with heck ya and a lot of exclamation marks. It shows you know the vibe and you feel them.

You sure know how to have fun

This reply is similar to the “you have fun” response above except it compliments this person saying that they really know how to bring fun to the table, like saying “you bring the party to the party”.

As it makes them feel good maybe next time they would invite you over but for now, you are telling them they’re having fun and having a swell time. You don’t think it’s lame at all.

Good vibes bro

This reply makes it sound like yktv is a kind of question but then it is great because you know they are having fun. You can also use “great vibes”, “cool vibes”, and even “nice vibes”. They are a simple response.

Not much thought just chill as the slang itself. Note, don’t use positive vibes. You will sound like a Zen trying to detox a place from negative energy. Nice but boring!

Vibes are decent

This is a nice one and it just means you feel them having fun but it’s not something to get crazy about. For example, a night party at a friend’s house.

That’s nice but it may not be all that lite so it’s just decent. This reply will make you sound cool-headed and nonchalant like nothing really bothers you. It’s great, it’s cool and it’s easy to use.

Have a blast

What to Say When Someone Says “YKTV”

When someone, (mostly teenagers) says swell, they mean something is amazing and it’s awesome and this is great because you don’t have to reply with the same words like “yeah”, over and over again.

Normally telling them to have a blast means they should have fun to the fullest. The good thing about this reply is that it says what everyone has been saying in a different and more relaxed way.

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That’s dope

If you’re not a teenager this reply probably made you think about drugs. Well actually means cool or amazing. In fact, if anything that belongs to you is referred to as dope then you should be very proud of yourself.

This reply doesn’t really focus on the slang but on the kind of fun you’re having. For example, if someone sends a picture of them at a party having fun with friends, and it has the caption yktv, this reply will focus on them having fun whether or not you know the vibe.

You can say “that’s lite” if you don’t feel comfortable with dope.

No cap, fam

Since we are talking about slang, how about we reply with more slang, right? “No cap” means that it’s the truth and there’s nothing false about it.

This reply just agrees with the fact that you know the vibe but what it actually means is that they know the vibe and they are having fun and that’s for real.

If you don’t use this slang a little it may not make a lot of sense but those who say it know it and you can say this to them and it will be fine.

You bet!

Or you can just say bet but with an apostrophe in front if you are texting this to someone (like this: ‘bet!). This reply is a simple affirmation to you knowing the vibe.

It’s the same as “okay”, “alright”, or “sure”. It is also an exciting reply because you know they are having and you are happy for them.

I feel you

This is slang for “I get it,” “I totally grab”, or just “that is something I can relate to.” If you stop to think about it, the final interpretation encompasses the entire vocabulary. Simply put, the response is a more comprehensible way to say it.

You have got the vibes

This is a kind of compliment to whoever sent you yktv. It’s like they are saying, “I’m having fun and you know how fun is” and then you tell them, “you are fun yourself. You bring the fun to the party.” It’s nice, it fits and it’s a great way to reply to this.

3 Rude Responses to ‘YKTV’

What to Say When Someone Says “YKTV”

If you feel you want to be harsh or a basic killjoy this category is for you. It’s not all that bad and it’s appropriate, especially for adults:

Um no. I don’t

Let’s say you are not in support of it. Maybe your friend snuck out of school and is telling you about the wild fun they are having.

Using this reply will tell them you don’t like what they are doing and that they should stop. Of course, this won’t make them change their ways so you will have to add your own speech.

You are too old to say that

You would be giving off mum vibes with this reply. It will make you sound boring if all they are trying to do is have a little fun but it will tell them that you really don’t think they should be saying that because it makes them sound silly.

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Have a disapproving look on your face when you say it so they know you are serious. if it sounds too harsh, you can say, “don’t you think you are too old to say that?”

That’s nicer. Best if it, make it sound like a harmless opinion by staying it with “I think’. For example,

A: Games and drinks at my place tonight?

Sid. I have a band playing too, you know the vibe. It’s gonna rock.

B: I think you shouldn’t say that.

A: Huh? Why?

Don’t you think it’s meant for teenagers?

If you want a lighter way to scold someone who is using slang then this should do it nicely.

Some people are allergic to social slang and abbreviations like lol and omg, and if you are one of them you can use this reply to remind them how you feel about such things.

3 Question Responses to ‘YKTV’

What to Say When Someone Says “YKTV”

If you want to divert attention from the whole fun atmosphere or you just want to start a conversation not based on their activity, these replies should do the job:

You know that slang too?

Many people don’t know this slang. This question will make them seem to know more and will make them happy and then you don’t have to reply at all.

Everyone likes to show off knowledge once in a while so this reply is not out of place. You might get done replies like:

Yeah, I do

Of course

Who doesn’t know this?


Maybe even a shrug. And from there you can continue the conversation as you please.

I’ve heard that before, what does it mean?

What to Say When Someone Says “YKTV”

Now if you have heard this but have no idea how to reply to it, you can use pretend ignorance to cover up your ignorance.

That’s a new one. What do I say to that?

Some people think it’s charming to be honest when you don’t know something. It is appealing too, way better than lying. You can be that charming and appealing person with this reply.

They will tell you what you can say and then you can ask about other slang words, praise their knowledge and then get talking. A wonderful way to boost a conversation, and make a new friend.

Of course, it may not always go that smoothly. You can be laughed at but it’s up to you to decide whether or not you will use this reply.


And that’s all for this topic. Slangs can be tricky but must not be caught unawares if you have any more ideas on responses free to drop them below. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Have a day full of great vibe.

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