20 Best Responses to “No Need to Thank Me”

Unusually, there are people who do not want to be thanked after they have done something good for someone or some people around them.

Their reasons may be justifiable as to why they do that; however, you shouldn’t simply fold your hands and turn away from them when they tell you that there is no need to thank them.

Instead, you can simply ask if there is something they want you to do or even acknowledge their help and say how their help has impacted you.

Even though someone tells you, “You don’t need to thank me,” you shouldn’t assume that you are freed from every responsibility of expressing your gratitude; it leaves you with a greater one to assist others as well. In this article, you will get to know suitable responses to “no need to thank me.”

20 Correct Responses to “No Need to Thank Me”

Below are the 20 best responses to “no need to thank me.”

  1. God bless your kind heart.
  2. Your personality is unique and so beautiful.
  3.  It is obvious that you are so warm-hearted. I appreciate you.
  4. I am still thinking; how best do I appreciate you from my heart for everything that you have done for me?
  5. Then who should I thank? Didn’t you do this?
  6. In fact, I wish I could do much more. I appreciate you.
  7. Indeed, so much love is in your heart.
  8. Encountering you has made my day so beautiful. You’ve got a kind soul.
  9. I long to be as good as you are.
  10. Seriously, I thank God for you.
  11. Do you want me to do anything for you then?
  12. Do you mean it?
  13. Then how should I repay you?
  14. I am simply blown away by your disposition toward me.
  15. Everybody come and help me say thank you.
  16. Giving thanks alone is not enough for what you have done.
  17. You don’t know how much you have blessed me. May the works of your hands flourish
  18. This is so thoughtful of you. I appreciate you greatly.
  19. What more can I say? You are so kind.
  20. As you have done this, I pray your heart’s desire becomes reality.

God Bless Your Kind Heart

Responses to No Need to Thank Me

It is accurate to say that after someone does something worthy of thanksgiving, we ought to say thanks.

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But in a situation where they do something mind-blowing and they are looking for the right words to put together to express your appreciation in full, they can see the expression on your face and simply say that there is no need for you to thank them.

Looking at them, you could feel how large their hearts are, and since words may fail you to express yourself and they ask you not to thank them, you can simply say, “God bless your kind heart.”

Your Personality Is Unique And So Beautiful

This response is so nice in place of a thank you. Your words will simply strike a chord in their hearts and maybe even do much more than saying “thank you” might have done.

It Is Obvious That You Are So Warm-hearted. I Appreciate You

When someone does something notable for you and they express humility by saying that they did it from their heart and they simply do not want you to exert energy saying thank you, or you simply do not need to tell them thank you for what they have done, then it seems that they are warm-hearted.

So, since it is this nature of theirs that makes them have that disposition towards you, you can point it out to them and thank them afterwards.

However, before giving this reply, ensure that you observe them and confirm that they are really warm-hearted.

I Am Still Thinking; How Best Do I Appreciate You From My Heart For Everything That You Have Done For Me?

If you are overwhelmed by what someone does, you tend not to pay so much attention to them when they say that you shouldn’t thank them.

However, you shouldn’t fail to express your gratitude to them, even though you won’t do what they don’t want.

You can simply tell them your state and how you are thinking of the best way to appreciate them for their good deeds towards you.

Then Who Should I Thank? Didn’t You Do This?

On seeing tremendous work, organization, or anything at all done in your favor, you might feel indebted to thank the doer.

Or let’s say someone does your tasks or simply does something to lift a burden off your shoulders.

Immediately you step into the venue or get to see the level of help you enjoy, you may begin to appreciate the nearest person you see around or someone whom you assume has been the reason for the ease you experience or will experience.

However, they may burst your bubble by saying that you should not thank them. At that point, you shouldn’t fail to ask them the next possible question of your kind: “Then who should I thank?” “Didn’t you do this?”

In Fact, I Wish I Could Do Much More. I Appreciate You

It seems confusing for someone who deserves thanks to willfully say that they do not want it.

Most times, as a result of the subconscious and the default setting of thanking someone who does you well, you could respond by saying, “In fact, I wish I could do much more.”I appreciate you,” to someone who tells you that you shouldn’t thank them after they have favoured you.

Indeed, So Much Love Is In Your Heart

One of the ways to know someone who loves you is through their words and deeds. After they do so much for you or say something beautiful to you, you may decide to express your gratitude to them, even when they say that they do not want you to thank them.

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Encountering You Has Made My Day So Beautiful. You’ve Got A Kind Soul

Saying “thank you” to someone is not the only way to express your gratitude to them.

If it is in your heart to appreciate someone and they do not want you to thank them, you can simply narrate an experience of how contact with them has blessed your life in a manner that they may not fully be aware of.

You can narrate a funny or emotional story that will pass your message clearly. You can say to them, “Encountering you has made my day so beautiful.” “You’ve got a kind soul.”

I Long To Be As Good As You Are

Responses to No Need to Thank Me

When you admire someone’s qualities of having a kind heart, being generous, and being loving, as you get closer to them, you may begin to enjoy these amazing fruits of theirs.

In fact, they may do something for you out of the goodness of their hearts and not require so much from you or even place you under an obligation to do something in return.

For such persons, you can simply let the cat out of the bag and tell them how long you long to get them as they are.

Seriously, I Thank God For You

It is possible that someone may not know that saying thank you to them seems like the only thing that they can do on certain occasions, and at that point, they really mean their words because they are blown away by what has been done to them.

So when someone says that you shouldn’t thank them when you are in awe of what they have done, simply say to them, “Seriously, I thank God for you.”

Do You Want Me To Do Anything For You Then?

Responses to No Need to Thank Me

Do not completely fold your arms after someone whom you thank says to you that you shouldn’t thank them.

Hold on a bit before getting so excited and walking away. It is possible that they want you to do something for them.

You may be pretty occupied at that moment, but you shouldn’t fail to ask them if they want you to do something for them in exchange for what they have done for you.

Do You Mean It?

In shock after someone tells you that you shouldn’t thank them for doing something other people paid for but gave freely to you, your mind may be driven into a state of wonder.

You mustn’t fall down shouting “thank you, thank you” all over the place since they say so; you can simply express your state by asking, “Do you mean it?”

Then How Should I Repay You?

This reply is most suitable for someone who hardly or seldom does things for you without asking for something in return.

These kinds of people always expect that they receive payment in cash or kind for anything they do that you benefit from or that they favor you.

So, when they try to thank them, they already assume that you should have known them at least, and they may try to remind you about who they are by saying that you should not thank them.

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In that case, since you know them already, you can simply ask them, “Then how should I repay you?”

I Am Simply Blown Away By Your Disposition Toward Me

Someone’s disposition towards you can simply be so beautiful and unique in the sense that they are so free with you; they love and relate with you in a manner that they see helping you as helping themselves, so you may find them saying to you “no need to say thank you” on different occasions during your interaction.

At that point, if you admire their character and how they treat you, you can let them know. Tell them that you are simply blown away by their disposition toward you.

Everyone Come And Help Me Say “Thank You”

This is a hilarious response to someone who says that there is no need to thank them.

You can spice up the moment with your family or friend anytime they do something mind-boggling and you feel like exploding after seeing their deeds.

Sometimes, in your heart, you may know that you need more than thanks to appreciate them; however, that’s the best you can do at that moment, and they may tell you that there is no need for it.

Because it is an informal gathering in which you are familiar with the people there and you know that the persons involved are not dealing with serious business at that time, you can come up with a comic response by telling everyone around to help you thank them.

Giving Thanks Alone Is Not Enough For What You Have Done

Don’t fail to be frank with someone to whom you need to show your appreciation.

Although they may tell you that there is no need to thank them to show you the level of their humility, you shouldn’t fail to express the truth that you are so grateful to the point that you are doing little right now and rendering thanks alone is not enough for what they have done.

You Don’t Know How Much You Have Blessed Me. May The Works Of Your Hands Flourish

This is a suitable response when you are flabbergasted by someone’s good deeds and they tell you that there is no need to say thank you to them.

Tell them that they do not have a slight idea as to how they have blessed you. Afterwards, you can say a prayer for them and the works of their hands.

This Is So Thoughtful Of You. I Appreciate You Greatly

Encouragement means a lot to people, especially when they do good deeds without demanding your appreciation. It inspires them to do much more for you and others.

So, you can appreciate someone and acknowledge their thoughtfulness towards you even when they say they do not need to be thanked.

What More Can I Say? You Are Kind

It is so beautiful to be around kind people because there is a lot to enjoy. However, it is most appropriate to keep in mind that it is best if we also reciprocate acts of kindness so that people around us will be comfortable as well.

As a result of a kind person’s nature, they can say to you that there is no need for you to thank them even after you have done them well.

When that happens, tell them to their face that they are being kind.

As You Have Done This, I Pray Your Heart’s Desire Becomes Reality

Do not underestimate the power of prayer. Since you may not need to thank someone for blessing you, you can pray for them that their heart desires materialize into reality, and it is certain that they will appreciate it, especially when it comes from a pure heart.


One of the reasons why it is important to be humble, kind, and of good character generally is to have a large heart that will not bear grudges against people who will not appreciate every single thing you do for them.

And if you do that, you will freely and intentionally do good deeds that others will benefit from without being monitored or coerced.

Although saying thank you or expressing sincere appreciation is important, not everyone may see it as necessary.

This is why you should not always look out to receive thanks from people but instead freely render assistance, and you may be miraculously repaid. Did you get value?

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