20 of the Best Responses to “Why Not?”

You must not look for an overwhelming response to why not; you can simply place your hands around a reply like, “I never knew you would like my idea,” especially if you were surprised that your idea would make so many waves and even make people excited or fired up.

Since, “why not” sounds like a sharp permission to get you to do something you long to do, then you shouldn’t fail to thank someone who granted you access to that opportunity by giving an appropriate response.

You will figure out some “why not” responses in this article.

20 Great Replies to “Why Not?”

Here are the 20 best responses to “Why not?”

  1. Thank You
  2. I never knew you would like my idea.
  3. I’m so glad you consented without taking so long.
  4. But do you think that idea makes sense, or should we come up with something much better?
  5. Oh really? Thanks for the opportunity.
  6. I am glad to know that you have no problem with that.
  7. I’m amazed to know that you share the same opinion with them.
  8. I don’t understand. Do you mean what you just said?
  9. This is getting really interesting.
  10. Why on earth will you agree to that?
  11. I thought you had strict principles with which you worked.
  12. I feel we shouldn’t go with that because it is not as profitable as you think.
  13. I am much more excited, and I am sure that we will do greater things together.
  14. It’s none of your business.
  15. Get set for an awesome experience then.
  16. I am glad that you are such an understanding person.
  17. Because I have the right to make choices, and I know that it is best for me.
  18. You do not deserve an answer from me in the first place.
  19. Since you agree to it, can we begin the work already?
  20. Okay, I won’t insist.

Thank You

You can respond to someone’s “why not” by saying thank you. It could be that in a situation, where you are in need of permission to get something done you can decide to make a move and ask.

So, after asking someone if they want you to do something, they may say to you, “Why not?” This clearly shows that there is no hindrance, or you shouldn’t waste time to begin.

I Never Knew You Would Like My Idea

Sometimes, when presenting your idea to someone, it is possible that you may feel that they may not fully buy it, and so you might be thinking about what their perception may be when you tell them.

At the point when you tell them what you had in mind while waiting for their response, you get to hear them say, “Why not?” Your response at that moment could be, “I never knew you would like my idea.”

This response fully conveys your intention in a unique way.

I Am So Glad You Consented Without Taking So Long

Waiting for someone’s reply can be quite demanding, especially when you need to take quick action regarding that situation.

In a scenario as such, after consulting and doing your research, you get to ask someone experienced in that regard or someone who is known to be a critic, “Why not?” At that point, you can say, “I’m so glad you consented without taking so long.”

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This reply will give them more information about the motive you have conceived about them over time and maybe encourage them to do the same for others who appreciate it.

But Do You Think That Idea Makes Sense, Or Should We Come Up With Something Much Better?

Responses to Why Not

When someone’s “why not” is shaky, you may need to look deeply into their intent and the message they may be trying to convey.

By observation or experience, you may not be so sure that they really love and appreciate your idea. Also, while telling someone about your plans, ideas on how to make them better may pop into your mind.

If any of that happens, you could notify them that if they do not think the idea makes sense, you can come up with something better together.

So, it leaves them with two options: either they will choose to go with your idea, or together you will come up with a better one.

Oh Really? Thanks For The Opportunity

On getting “why not” as permission, you can say, “Oh, really?” Thanks for the opportunity.

The person from whom you asked for permission may not understand what their yes mean to you, but at the point when they give you a pass by saying, “Why not?” they give you a rare privilege you have been praying for some time now.

So, when they say “why not,” you can express your gratitude by saying, “Oh, really?” Thanks for the opportunity.

I Am Glad To Know That You Have No Problem With That

You can acknowledge someone who looks far from your weaknesses or go out of your way to ensure that they acknowledge you.

You can say to them that you are glad that they have no problem with that. After getting their surprise, “Why not?” you can express your surprise to them using your gestures and let your words complement it.

After contemplating whether your idea will be a good one or not, you may want to try or make a move to share your thoughts with someone, maybe a superior.

If their “why not” brings you into a new or better opportunity, a suitable response to that is, “I am glad to know that you have no problem with that.”

I’m Amazed To Know That You Share The Same Opinion With Them

In a group where people are discussing something, they could come to an agreement that seems odd to you.

And someone close to you may consent to their idea by affirming, “Why not?” and you may be so surprised as to how their opinions tally with the others.

You can take them aside and tell them this privately if need be, or say it in front of the others if you want to make a point clearer or challenge them.

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I Don’t Understand. Do You Mean What You Just Said?

People make decisions in a rushed manner without giving a second thought about their effects.

So, as a result of coercion or out of their emotions, they may simply say “why not” to a request or statement that they ought not to.

Instead of assuming that they are fully persuaded, you can say, “I don’t understand.” “Do you mean what you just said?” in order that they should have second thoughts about their “why not?”

This Is Getting Really Interesting

Let’s say you are planning to go on an adventure, and after explaining the whole storyline of your plan, you may need to get the go-ahead to begin setting things in place for the adventure or party.

If you ask someone, they can say, “Why not?” with a positive posture and well-meaning intent. In that regard, your reply can be, “This is getting really interesting.”

Why On Earth Would You Agree To That?

It may seem strange as to why someone close to you or someone whose actions are usually guided by strict principles finally gives in to something that they either did not believe in before or that is not related to what they used to believe.

The shock of their “why not” in acceptance of something that is far from their values can cause you to ask quickly on the spot, “Why on earth will you agree to that?”

I Thought You Hinged on Certain Strict Principles?

Responses to Why Not

Instead of cutting through corners and trying to find words that will be blunt and may have no effect on someone who needs to change, you can be more direct, tell them; “I thought hinged on certain strict principles?” so that their mind recalls their values.

I Feel We Shouldn’t Go With That Because It Is Not As Profitable As You Think

After gathering various opinions, you can begin to scrutinize them to get the best out of them and maybe utilize them for the purpose you deem fit.

While looking through and analyzing the ideas, it is possible that you may stumble on something that looks profitable to you, but someone else around you may say, “Why not?”

If such an idea seems to be so clear in your mind, you can say, “I feel we shouldn’t go with that because it is not as profitable as you think.”

I Am Much More Excited, And I Am Sure That We Will Do Great Things Together

Responses to Why Not

Let’s say you brought a new concept, and immediately after you finished sharing it, the people there looked confused.

When you try to change it or raise a motion that someone with a better idea comes up with something else, they can say, “Why not?” We’ll go with your idea.

In that situation, your response can be, “I am much more excited, and I am sure that we will do greater things together.”

It’s None Of Your Business

The reasons why you make the decisions you do must be made public if you do not want to voice it out. So, one of the most suitable responses to ‘why not’ is that it is not your business.

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This affords you the chance to keep what you want to yourself and it shows to a large extent that you are aware of what you are doing, whether bad or good.

Get Set For An Awesome Experience Then

After agreeing to your terms or putting things in place to favor you, what is left counts simply as a permission grant from you.

And when you respond with a ‘why not’, then you can tell them to get set for what is coming to them.

I Am Glad That You Are Such An Understanding Person

It’s not so good to know about someone’s good qualities and not acknowledge them for it.

It is possible that they know about it already, but you can take it a step further by saying it to their hearing and you should not fail to say that you are glad because someone concurred to your terms by saying, ‘why not’.

Because I Have The Right To Make Choices, And I Know That It Is Best For Me

Knowing what is best for you and doing it is a great place to be. So, if someone counters you by saying why not because you do not agree with something or someone, then you can remind them that you have the choice to make and since you are so conscious of your every move, you know what is best for you.

You Do Not Deserve An Answer From Me In The First Place

Truth is, not everyone deserves an answer to the question ‘why not’. So, instead of keeping their ears open waiting for answers, tell them that they do not deserve one.

Since You Agree To It, Can We Begin The Work Already?

If ‘why not’ is the key to unlocking a door, then you are most fortunate. Simply ask the person involved if you can begin already.

Okay, I Won’t Insist.

You must not try to change people or coerce them into something they do not want to do. If their ‘ why not’ indicates that they doubt you and you have tried to convince them, simply say; ‘Okay, I won’t insist’.


“Why not” is a great short response to someone whom you disagree with. After coming up with a significant idea, it is possible that someone can counter it by saying what they feel is best.

However, when they challenge you by saying ‘why not’, you should respond to them in a manner that best suits the situation you are in at that time. If they say ‘why not’ as approval of what you say, then it is a great idea.

Anyways, it can as well apply in a situation where someone is not pleased with your idea and to them, something else should be done or said instead, in that case, your “why not.”

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