15 Good Excuses For Not Giving Money

Life comes with its trials, some days we are fine and up and another may come with lows. Money is now a means of exchange for goods and services hence the most scarce commodity in the globe.

We must keep a good record of our finances if we want to be responsible as an adult. Not doing so would make you always run into hitches as you could not afford things in the long run. 

Many people are not diligent, and wise in money matters, causing them to ask frequently. This can be quite inconvenient in this article, we would help you know about fifteen excuses for not giving money.

15 Good Excuses For Not Giving Money

1. I am on a tight budget

Oh! My dear friend, I know it’s shameful for you to be in this situation. I know it is a tough place for you right now but I hope you find a way out soonest.

I would have loved to be of help to you in these trying times if my situation were less demanding than it is right now. This is not the best time for me because I am currently on a tight budget for now.

I have to be diligent and keep to it to avoid being misplaced right now. Sorry for not being of help to you because of circumstances beyond my control. 

I hope you find a good way out of this unpleasant situation you face sooner, sending you to love and light in your endeavors.

2. Sorry I am back on my taxes 

So sorry I am back on my taxes for now, I would have loved to lend you a helping hand. For a while now I have been behind on my taxes, late payment of taxes doesn’t put me in a good light with my government.

I have resulted to pay up my taxes so I would not be in the bad books of my country. I am currently working double shifts to pay up my taxes before I am wanted. This situation came when things are tight for me. 

Please take things easy in these trying times, try not to do anything unlawful so you do not get in trouble. Keep your mind and head focused so that eventually you would be out of this mess.

3. No salary yet

I am saddened to hear of your hard time, for two months now my salary has not been paid by the management. I struggle to transport, feed myself even use coupons for now. 

We are currently on strike to revolt about this issue, I only hope that the release from our payments so I can get back on my feet. My heart goes out to you in this period of need, do not relent on doing what is best for you now and in the future. I hope you make it out of these hard and trying times.

The lack of salaries has tied me down for now. Am looking forward to hearing from my management. Wish you luck in all his endeavors.

4. My health

My health has been down for a while now, the doctor gave me a series of checkups to keep up with. Health care for me is expensive right now and all I can do is save up adequately so that I can be able to take care of myself.

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These are hard and trying times for me because of my alienating health, right now a caregiver is highly necessary for me even though I cannot afford one because of my little financial instability.

My health made my finances very unstable, and right now I am trying to bounce back from that when I am up and healthy again. I wish you success in all your endeavors and hope you find a good way out soon.

5. My rent 

Presently I am behind on my rent because of money constraints, not paying on time would cause me to be evicted from my house. My rent costs quite an amount, that is why I have tight money management.

Always know that bad times shall pass too and the only way to make it pass is by doing the most needful thing one at a time. This may take a while but in the end, the compounding effect would show or speak for itself through your deeds.

Don’t lose hope or be weary because I cannot help you for now instead hold on and be strong for yourself knowing that you have this under control. I wish you luck in all your endeavors.

6. I don’t have money 

I don’t have funds presently to give to you and it hurts me to know that you are in need. Money has been a constraint for me for a while now the reason why I can’t afford to lend you a helping hand.

It is a shame for you and I know it is hard right now. Be of good cheer so that you don’t dampen your spirit, you need to be up and doing so you can find back your feet. My heart got you in these hard times.

Not having money does not mean that I cannot give you emotional support. You know I am always here for you. You can always reach out anytime, I am here for you emotionally.

7. Am in debt

Am currently in debt because of a lack of financial strength. There are some loans I have to pay up before my debtors call for me. Debtors do not joke with their monies lent out. I am trying to pay back all that I loaned before my time runs out.

Helping you would not have been an upheaval task for me. The problem is that I am presently choked with my bills piling up. I have to clear them up so I don’t run into negatives in my finances.

Reach out to me on how it is going down at your end. No matter what I will always lend you a listening ear, even if it is all I can do for you, peace.

8. Why don’t you have savings

Savings is a very important aspect of one’s life, living entails spending some amount of money to get good services. Without savings, we cannot take care of ourselves.

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I urge you to take a better step toward your finances for your betterment of yourself. This situation should teach you how to save for rainy days. As a friend, I urge you to take better steps in your finances.

I hope that with time all your effort will prove more positive than abortive, it may be hard but all will be well in the end. 

9. I have a family situation 

My family is in a sensitive situation at the moment. I am putting in all my effort to make sure that this situation is arrested. I would have loved to help you out but this family situation is out of my control.

Sharing money with you now would put me in perilous times as the money situation in my family is sensitive for now. Am making plans to make sure everything falls in place before the situation goes out of hand.

Always remember that you are family too, do not look upon me with eyes of disappointment. You know I would lend you a helping hand if it is okay for me to do so. Right now is not a good time for me.

10. Child support

Child support drains my money, this has taken a down toll on my finances. Children are a gift of life, I have to take care of my child and stand for them as a parent.

I have to pay tuition fees and hire and pay a caregiver to look after my child as I go to work daily. Getting the services of a caregiver is expensive currently. A child is not allowed around my workspace as I don’t work from home.

Failure to pay for my child’s support would make the court of law summon me, this is not a good reputation for me. As a parent, I have to be there to show love and support to my child. I hope you understand me.

11. Currently working on a project 

Am currently working on a project I plan to achieve soonest. This project is very important to me as it has been my dream for a while now to execute this project. 

At this stage my project is capital intensive, any lapses will lead to a big setback in my project. I have no money to lend to you because all monies have been set aside for this project.

The ongoing project has a duration on it, and failure to comply makes my project not actualize and that would make me sad. Therefore, I am putting my all into it. I would have helped you if not that I have a project at hand. Please bear with me.

12. I don’t have that cash lying around 

I do not have that cash lying around, this is the truth about the matter. Cash is hard to find these days because of economic fluctuations.

The price of food in the market has risen to where I can barely afford it. Now I make use of coupons and food stamps to pep up food bills. Money has really put a constraint on me for now.

I hope to bounce back from this soon and never relent on the best decisions to take. You can always reach out to me when you are unsure, at least two heads are better than one, especially when in conflict with thoughts.

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13. Insurance

My situation is dire at the moment, a property of mine got seriously damaged. Right now what really matters most to me is to get this ugly situation arrested, before it gets out of hand.

My insurance on the property got canceled because of a breach of contract. Unknown to me that my property agent and my lawyer did not handle their own end of the job. I am sad and confused.

Presently the case is in court as we speak. I hope the judge looks well into the case so that I may have my justice and rights. Keep me posted on your situation, even if I cannot help you monetarily my heart goes out to you during these trying times.

14. I’ve got bills to pay

Good day friend, I’ve got bills to pay at the moment. It is the right time for the money when I pay up my bills like rent, gas, groceries, toiletries, etc. This is the toughest time of the month for me.

I would have loved to help you but the problem is that I haven’t even saved enough to pay up for all my fixed expenditures because of a lapse in my last month’s payments. I have been hard on myself just to afford my meals for the day.

Let us keep up with the work, I hope the compounding effect would yield positive results in no time. You do well, you reap good and vice versa.

15. I’ve got only job offers

Sorry I’ve only got job offers, money is scarce these days dear one. What I can do for you is to help you talk to someone who would give you a job offer so that you can earn whatever amount you want or need.

No matter the amount of money I give to you, it would never be adequate for your needs. But with a job, you can work and estimate the cost of what you need or want and work towards getting it. If you don’t work, then how do you expect to earn?

So if you are ready, you can hit me up so we can look for something to do for your own betterment, at least what friends do for each other.


The economy is not making it easy for money to command its full value because of the frequent inflation in the price of goods and services. The time’s people get stranded and need monetary help.

This can put us in a tight corner as we do not want to look bad or uncaring, but there is no need to worry as there are polite ways you can use in putting someone off if you don’t have money to give out.

No need to feel bad or put yourself on the judgmental pedestal of emotions. 


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