20 Good Responses To “MLady”

It may come as a surprise to hear someone calling you my lady, and often time you find yourself struggling to come up with a good response.

Here in this post, I am going to cover 20 good responses that are appropriate for malady. Though this greeting doesn’t sound modern, it’s a classic used in the last centuries. 

As with any good response, you need to be sure you mean it without malice or contempt. Also, when greeted in ways that you don’t find appropriate, it’s good to inform them about your preferred choices and feelings.

Our list covers a wide range of responses that are befitting for multiple scenarios. They are short, powerful, and intentional. 

Here are 20 Good Responses To “My lady”

1. Yes my dearest man 

A good response to my lady is this mentioned right here. This response is perfect for partners, husbands, and boyfriends and even friends too. It shows that you reciprocate the same level of affection for the person.

Use this response, especially when in doubt and you won’t go wrong. Also, it equates or carries the same measure of accordance or respect my lady has, good for when you are uncertain of the correct response to give.

2. My knight and rescuer how may I help you

When being greeted as malady, it is often from a lover, and admirer. This response is good for you. It makes your lover feel protective over you and will do if not almost anything for you.

Calling him your knight, really drives down how you feel about him, and it pays homage to the classic times and era. If you call him your knight, then he’ll be there to always rescue you.

3. Yes my prince charming

This response is one of my favorites, it tickles my toes and has a soft spot in my heart. Anyone called a prince charming melts almost instantly and giving this response disarms the same way that mlady does. If you are in the mood, you can make a reply to both friends and new people alike. It holds a neutral tone and showing intimacy. 

4. My husband man, I salute you

A real loving spouse will absolutely love being called my lady any time and day. It is an affectionate term that has been popular through the ages. A response like his is best suited for a husband.

It is like a well-placed response for a befitting salutation. It denotes ownership, want,s and respect, attributes which any spouse will clearly be happy about. Do this more often and watch the smile across his face.

5. Yes, my heart 

Yes, my heart is a response that is for the most romantic. For those lovers under the moon and enjoying the gift of partnership. This response is a declaration of feelings of love for your lover.

You are telling them you hear their call and feel the same way. The heart is the engine of the body and your spouse should feel this close to you after such a response. Don’t throw this answer around to those who are undeserving of it. 

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6. Lover of my youth I am here

A wonderful response to being called my lady is mentioned right here. My lady is a classic greeting and a befitting response is declaring them the lovers of your youth.

It’s a reminder of how it felt to be young and in love, your lover will reminisce on your younger days in love. It feels good to be reminded how far you have come together, your struggles and wins plus how strong you both are. Being in love is not always rosy, but one that last needs encouragement and acknowledgment,

7. My endless passion, I am yours

A response that is for the ages is this one right here, it’s good for a flirtatious situation and carries an air of friendliness and play. Calling someone your endless passion shows that you are serious about them or you approve of their flirting.

Almost everyone has a crush or admirers and this is a way to relay your feelings properly. Telling them you belong to them also lets them know you recognize and accept them.

8. My liege sir, and fair prince

Sometimes you are in the mood for some old-time responses too. The modern reply to this classic salute doesn’t just cut it for you. In such a case, you use this response to match the energy of the greetings.

This is very applicable especially if they are a gentleman and hold themselves in high regard. It lets them understand you acknowledge their position and status in society. Also used for someone who you deem to be very honorable. 

9. My lord my rock

 One response that never gets old is this. My lord and rock is much ascribed to an individual of high value and esteem. It can also tease playfully with a friend or lover.

Staying true to its definition, it describes a man who is firm and caring. The rigid nature of rock here showcases the deep strength this person provides for you. My lord is a perfect answer for mlady under most circumstances. 

10. Who seeks my presence?

Sometimes a total stranger on the road, mall, subway, or workspace can use this in your direction. When you are confused and not sure of your relationship with this person, it’s only ideal that you respond to them this way.

Here you are answering their greetings and asking about them. With this, you will get an answer on who they are, why they are talking with you too. I like the response because it’s simple and direct and ensures you get the required answers.

11. My good sir, it is an honor

Chances are when someone calls you my lady, they are looking for a chat or hoping to hold a conversation with you because they don’t really know your name. A befitting response when you are hoping for a conversation will be to invite them too for a conversation.

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My good sir is polite and fitting for anyone and this way they are encouraged to have a conversation with you. As much as responses go a good one goes a long way.

12. My king, your queen awaits

Mlady is commonly used to refer to ladies who one finds pleasant, fair, and in a relationship with. Your boyfriend will adore you if you respond to him in such a manner. You have elevated both of you by describing yourselves as royalty.

This is a higher form of exchanging pleasantries. A habit that is encouraged because it fosters a deep bond between individuals. I love this response because it tells your special person who you are available to them. Keep this response close to your heart for your spouse, lovers, and partners.

13. My one and only man

Personally, I know a man will fall deeper in love with such a response. It’s good and can tease children, lovers, friend,s and basically anyone who calls you milady. As the reply shows it allows one person to understand deeply how you care about them and the unique spot, they have in your life.

This response is strong and carries a direct meaning that is felt immediately. Don’t forget to add a smile when you say this and watch someone’s day become significantly brightened. It’s pure, simple, and very appropriate for different ages, and persons.

14. I see you today and always

A good response to mlady is saying you see them now and always. This reply matches the classic mlady greetings with a modern, and timeless one. You have assured them they are seen by you and also acknowledge them for who they are.

The ability to be seen by others is universal and everyone wants that at one point or the other. Use this if you want that special person to be seen by you, in addition, it also makes them appreciate and cherish your presence in your life.  

15. Your words are a comfort to my heart

Mlady is a lovely term for endearment, it makes a woman feel young and special. A response to this would be to acknowledge that it brings comfort to you.

Soothing words have a candid way of reaching deep into your soul. When one is sent your way, it is polite to reply to them with a compliment of yours. A response like this gone a long way to tell your special person how meaningful their words mean to you. 

16. Take me so I can be a queen of your kingdom

A rich response to my lady is this mentioned here. You are held in high esteem if you are called this way. Saying you are ready to be a queen to their kingdom puts you in the same league as them.

You become royal by accepting the fact that you are his lady. Responses such as this have deep meaning and should not be used with little thought. You find that a lover, husband, and boyfriend swept away by such a response from you.

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17. Sir you can take my side

A good response to this salute sounds exactly like this. It is classical and perfectly made for this. In the past men of character walked side and side with their lady, their arms intertwined.

By responding this way you is paying respect to the past. Responding and telling him to take your side tells him you are comfortable being around him. This is good for a crush or potential lover.

18. Sweet words will get you far in life

A playful response will sound like this. It’s a statement that is a light joke and used to break the ice when you don’t have the right words to say. It is simple and comments the boldness of whoever directs such greetings at you. It’s good to use among friends and harmless flirtations. I recommend it because it helps to ease tension and is a great conversation starter. 

19. My joy bringer, it’s you again

A good greeting or salute is like a cup of fresh cold water on a hot dry day. A good response is an equivalent of hugging a friend in need. It makes them feel whole, loved, and seen. With this response let them know you are glad to see or hear from them.

Suitable for parents, siblings, and older folks. If you spend time apart from a such a person, this response is how you let them know you miss them dearly. Anyone who brings joy to another is good in my books.

20. Oh handsome one, good tidings to you

If we are sticking to the classical responses to being called mlady, I think this takes the lead. Declaring them handsome is a winner and bidding them good tidings completes the greeting circle. Men of good character, physique, and good charms have attributes that make them handsome.

A response like this is for someone who you find attractive, kind, charming, and charismatic. A salutation from, Shakespearean time is bound to bring any literary romantic to their knees. 

Wrapping Up 

Greetings My lady is uncommon in our modern 21st century but it is used by a significant number of folks who remember the past and love to keep the best parts of the century.

It isn’t strange to see oneself having no proper way of responding to this salute. Worry not because with these responses mentioned in this you have every response base covered. 

It’s important to also understand the context of the meeting so that you dish out the response. Mostly mlady is used among lovers, spouses, and individuals who are trusted friends.

This makes this post the perfect read for you. Familiarize yourself with them, say them out loud, and practice the best ones, so you are never short of words. 


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