20 Best Responses to “I’ll Let You Know” Text

When someone tells you “I’ll let you know”, what comes to your mind? You don’t need to stress yourself to think about what it means because the question is a brain teaser.

I want to get you in the mood for discovery, and teasing your thoughts is a good start. However, depending on the setting, the statement can mean different things.

It can mean confusion on the part of the speaker or expectancy on your part.

Whichever way it goes, there’s a need that you understand what the true message is before you think of what to say in response.

To that effect, in this article, I’ll be discussing what it means when someone says “I’ll let you know” and also plausible replies to the statement. Keep reading to know more!

What Does “I’ll Let You Know” Mean?

As I mentioned earlier on, “I’ll let you know” can mean a lot of things and this depends on the scenario in which it was uttered.

However, I was able to read four different scenarios into what could be the real meaning of the statement and what the speaker is trying to achieve by saying it. These meanings include.

  • It could be the person is unsure
  • It might be the person prefers to decide later
  • It shows the person doesn’t know the answer or solution
  • It depicts another way of saying no

It Could Be the Person Is Unsure

This is the first scenario that I believe explains what it means when someone says “I’ll let you know”.

And this situation suggests that the person is not certain of what they want to say, so they use the line to postpone it to some other time.

This point also suggests that the person could come up with an answer shortly, probably when they’re now sure of what they want to say.

Picture this scenario…you asked a janitor about the state of the office storehouse on their first day at work.

The person is likely unaware or unsure of the answer, so instead of lying or quoting the wrong thing, he or she may say “I’ll let you know”.

This means they’re not sure at the moment but will provide details later.

It Might Be the Person Prefers to Decide Later

While this scenario looks similar to the previous one, it is not the same. This is because in this case, the person’s action of postponing answering your question is voluntary and not because they’re unsure.

This means that their action is that of convenience and nothing more.

It Shows the Person Doesn’t Know the Answer or Solution

Responses to I’ll Let You Know Text

Third, on the list is the meaning which has to do with when the person has no idea whatsoever on how to answer your question.

They don’t have any explanation so to avoid the shame of being ignorant; they chose to postpone explaining later. This is another voluntary act just like the second meaning.

It depicts another Way of Saying No

I have used the line “I’ll let you know” to say “no” to someone in the past. Therefore, I had to mention it here because it makes for a good reason why someone would say the same thing to you.

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My case was a conversation with an online vendor outlet for whom I asked for the price of a camera stand tripod.

The price mentioned was high and I had to go check on Amazon to compare prices. The price from the online retail outlet was lower than the vendor’s own so I stuck with it.

When the handler asked me my final decision on purchasing the item, I said “I’ll let you know” and I never did. So, this is another view of the statement.

20 Great Responses to “I’ll Let You Know”

Now that we’ve known the possible meaning when someone says “I’ll let you know”, it would be right to get into the best replies which suit the situation.

Moreover, I crafted these responses based on the different scenarios where the statement can play out in.

Here are the best 20 responses to “I’ll let you know”.

  • If you wish to
  • Okay, sure
  • Please do, it’s important
  • I’ll be patiently waiting for that
  • You can take all the time you need
  • It’s now up to you
  • I know you’ll do
  • Don’t play games with me on this
  • How fast can you revert?
  • How long should I wait?
  • Just be out with the truth already?
  • I’d rather take the bitter truth than wait for a sugarcoated lie later
  • You’ve let me down once, this should be different
  • If it’s being in the friend zone, I’m not cut out for that
  • Don’t bother saying, now or later
  • I know the card you want to play and you’ll be foolish to think I’ll fall for that
  • Arrgh, can you let it out already?
  • I won’t be that much patient
  • Don’t make this about the other time
  • I don’t have a problem with that

If You Wish To

There’s a need for you to exercise a bit of reluctance when someone says they’ll let you know but to escape answering a question that you’ve posed to him or her.

This could also be a viable response if the person using the phrase as another way of saying ‘NO’.

Well, if you don’t care if they talk or not, you can use this line to let them know about that. It doesn’t lie in your hands now but in theirs.

Okay, Sure

When someone says “I’ll let you know” because they are unsure and would love to decide later, then this becomes a good reply strategy for them.

It shows you’re looking out to hearing from them sooner or later. This line corresponds to the example I gave earlier on in one of the meanings of the line.

The example concerned a new janitor at the office who doesn’t know the state of the storehouse at the time you asked for it.

By saying the phrase, it means he or she would have to get back to you with an answer as they’re not sure of the place’s state at the moment you asked them.

Please Do, It’s Important

How about you emphasize a bit the pertinence of the question which you asked the person?

That would be a good response plan, wouldn’t it? I guess this line will help fasten the need for the person to revert with an answer to you on time.

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This would go well if what the person meant is that they’ll have to decide later. That way, they’ll quicken the time they’ll have to take before replying to you.

I’ll be patiently waiting for that

Just like the previous response, this reply also suggests that you’re looking forward to getting a response, especially when their statement means they’re unsure or would love to decide later.

You Can Take All the Time You Need

This is a reassuring reply to the person, which posits that they can take all the time they need to decide before coming up with a response.

It’s now up to you

Responses to I’ll Let You Know Text

In the case of an important case that needs the attention of the speaker, you can use this line to let the person know that they’re now the determinants of whatever plan is in place.

I know you’ll do

Do you believe the person who said “I’ll let you know” would do that? If so, then you should use this line to let them know you have hope that they’ll come up with an answer.

Don’t Play Games with Me on This

When someone tries to cut you off or say no indirectly to you over a serious question, you can use this line to shun them over them.

With this line, the person would know you’re aware of the tricks they want to play with you by just saying “I’ll let you know”.

How Fast Can You Revert?

If you asked someone a question, and they say they’ll let you know, then it’s your right to ask them how quickly they are going to be with their research and finalization before serving an answer to you.

This question-like response is a good one as it seeks to draw information on how effective the person will be in coming up with a response.

How Long Should I Wait?

This is another question in this list of replies and it is a good one too. Just like the previous one, it also seeks to establish when you would be expecting an answer from the person.

It further tries to get you info on how long you’ll have to wait before you receive a response from the person.

Just Be Out With the Truth Already?

If you’re growing a lot more impatient when someone says they’ll let you know, especially over some serious matter, you can use this line to express the frustration which you already feel.

Due to the nature of the reply, it is safe to assume that you’re asking the person for the truth over some important issue, and they’re acting unsure about it.

I’d rather take the Bitter Truth than wait for a Sugarcoated Lie Later

It is very frustrating when someone tries to hoard the truth of a matter from you by saying they’ll let you know (later).

To show your stand, you can employ this line of response to tell them that you’d enjoy the bitter truth now than entertain a lie that has been decorated later.

You’ve let Me down Once, This Should Be Different

If the person who says they’ll let you know hasn’t upheld their words in the past, you can use this line of response to relive their memory and also tell them that you expect a different result this time around.

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I guess the person wouldn’t want to be guilty of the same offense twice, so they’d rather come up with a response for you at the instance.

If it’s being in the Friendzone, I’m not cut out for That

I asked a girl out and her response was, “I’ll let you know”. At that moment, I knew she wanted to friendzone me, so my smart ass didn’t take it from her. I quickly refuted her statement and said I’d rather take back my words of the proposal.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, I guess you don’t have to think too much about what to say as you have yourself a quick response here.

Don’t Bother Saying, Now or Later

Responses to I’ll Let You Know Text

If you no longer desire to hear anything from the person who had said they’ll let you about their response, you can use this line of response to make it known to them.

I Know the Card you want to play and you’ll be Foolish to Think I’ll Fall for That

When you notice that the true meaning of someone telling you “I’ll let you know” is to indirectly tell you NO, you can cut them off by using this line of response.

It means you understand the card they’re about to play on you and you won’t be taking any of it.

Arrgh, Can You Let It Out Already?

It is quite annoying when someone keeps holding back important information from you by saying they’ll let you know.

So, to relieve your heart of the burden you can use this line which incorporates even an emotional exclamation to convey how bad you feel.

I Won’t Be That Much Patient

Patience, they say is a true virtue. When you don’t have much of it left to give out, you can make use of this line to let the person know.

Don’t Make This about the Other Time

Have the person who said they’ll let you know ever broken their words before? If so, there’s a need for you to remind them not to go the same route as they did before.

I Don’t Have a Problem with That

If you don’t have any case to make when someone says they’ll let you know (later), you can say this line to them and get done with the whole charade already.


Deceit is a thing, and when someone says “I’ll let you know”, they could be treading that path.

For what it’s worth, you need to find out the true meaning of the line in the situation in which it was used.

After that comes the replies, which I believe I’ve done a great job of highlighting in this post.

You can go ahead and pick one or two for implementation based on what you perceive them to be.

Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment box below for better delivery in the preceding articles.

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