What to Say When Someone Asks if You Remember Them

Usually, when someone asks you if you remember, it is a supposed relative that you have never seen before.

And then they will act shocked or surprised or even wounded and try to remind you of when they wiped your ass when you were three months old or how you lived them and played with them as a kid. We always doubt it no matter how much they insist.

Aside from that, the question does come up in everyday life where people bump into you and ask and sometimes you don’t remember or you do but you are at loss for words.

Instead of speechlessness, you can try, “yes, it’s been a while old friend” or “of course, it’s good to see you again” if you remember them.

If you don’t you can apologize and say, “can you remind me who you are?” or “my memory is a bit bad”.

There are also replies if you don’t know them or if you are not sure you remember them.

Let’s dive in!

What to Say When Someone Asks if You Remember Them And You Do

What to Say When Someone Asks if You Remember Them

It is about memory so if you remember whoever is asking you this you’re saved. There are a few things to say. You can try a simple reply like:

  • Yes, I do. It’s been a while.
  • Sure, how are you doing?
  • Oh, I do. Long time since then.
  • Yes, good to hear from you.

Now they might not believe straightaway so you will have to bring a sort of proof.

For example, you can say something that only both of you remember, or an experience you both witnessed.

You can go for something simple like nicknames or special high fives and so on.

Sure, you are Myles Kinderson. Best football captain Kelvic junior high ever had.

Are you kidding? How can I forget Peter the porkhead? It’s been a while.

Of course Adams. How is your dream of becoming the world’s first astronaut, surgeon, and politician going?

If it is not someone you know from very far back like someone you met at a business conference last year, you can be formal.

Yes, Mr. Shirkens. How are the stocks doing this year? I heard the parliament wants to make a change to the transport system for your goods.

No one can forget you and your dancing feet. You rocked that party. Have you been to any more since then?

Yes. We met last March. How have you been?

Note how the questions introduce a conversation and help you catch up so you can remember exactly who they are or what you have done with them.

The key to convincing someone you remember them is mostly in their name. If you remember their name and nothing else about them, it makes a world of difference because it is their name. You can pick the rest along the way.

Yes! You are Carla Monroe. From the Monroe shipping company. So nice to see you again.

Lilian, right? Wonderful. You look great.

Now if you think about another way, you can keep your answers interesting with a little drama. Here are some:

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Are you implying I have a bad memory? Because I do remember you, Miss. Kayla, a dance teacher at the tap and dance.

Depends on how relevant you are to my memory. Kidding. Sure I remember you. You are…

What to Say When Someone Asks if You Remember Them And You Don’t

What to Say When Someone Asks if You Remember Them

If you are in this category, I can help you. Now one would be happy to have been forgotten but if you use these replies right, you should be good pals in a matter of minutes. Here is one:

  • I am sorry I can’t. My memory is not that good
  • My apologies but you don’t seem familiar

Blaming your memory will ease the tension. Any paranoid asker will wonder if your last meeting with you was so boring or insignificant that you can’t remember them even after talking with them.

This will only work for some people. For others who will not be appeased by that excuse, try this:

  • Forgive me but I can’t really recall our last encounter
  • Our last meeting must have been a long while because I can’t really remember you.

This will make them focus more on the last time you met. They might not also remember that and you two can try to recall while laughing at how both of you have forgotten.

If they do, you will easily remember them from the encounter and then you can apologize and catch up. There would be no offense.

Pretending to remember someone you don’t remember can end up being a disaster.

They could ask questions on things that they assume you should know and discover you really can’t remember them.

Or worse still, someone else can ask you to introduce your friend (who you don’t remember). What do you say then?

If you are willing to be open and unafraid, you can ask them to remind you if they are testing your memory. Something like this reply works:

  • I should. Try reminding me!
  • Give me a hint from when I last saw you. That would jiggle a few things.
  • I don’t think I do. Can you tell me where you know me from or where we have met before?

While you still pass the blame to other things, this time your age, it is a nice, honest reply and it should win anyone over.

Besides, you get the chance to know them all over again and become friends. This time maybe create some good memories so you don’t forget.

  • No, I don’t. I’m sorry. What can I say, old age?
  • I am getting old. The fun days of youth don’t come to mind easily. Remind me who you are, will you?

They say honesty is the best policy so you can try that in a more open way while being nice. What I mean is something like this:

  • I am sorry, do I know you?
  • I don’t think I know who you are
  • Funny that you remember my name when I clearly don’t remember you

It might make the other person feel bad but at least they know where to start when you are through with that you can go straight to asking about them and catching up.

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What to Say When Someone Asks if You Remember Them And You Aren’t Sure

You know that feeling when you see something that reminds you of another thing and you just can’t figure out what it reminds you of?

Or when you hear an old catchy tune from your childhood and you can’t place a finger on where exactly you used to hear it. That’s kind of how this is.

You know that you have seen this person before but you can’t remember where, what their name is, or how you are even connected.

When they come over and ask the question you dread, you can use these replies:

  • I think we have met I just don’t know where
  • Sure, I just can’t place your face
  • I think so but I am kind of blank now.

Time can do a number on a person’s memory so asking for a sort of reminder isn’t bad:

  • Can you give me a hint? I am not quite sure who you are.

What to Say When Someone Asks if You Remember Them And You Haven’t Met Before

What to Say When Someone Asks if You Remember Them

This happens. Someone you don’t know can walk up to you and ask if you remember them.

Of course, you don’t because you have never met them or seen them, or even had a conversation. There are two reasons they do this. First, to get information from you.

They are probably trying to flirt with you, or get to know you for whatever personal reasons they might have.

They will try to get you talking so you can drop a few details they can use to get even more information. In this case, try replies like:

  • I don’t because I don’t think we have met before
  • I don’t think I have ever seen you
  • I can’t remember who I don’t know

If you want to clear things up and not sound rude, you ask for an introduction.

With an introduction you can confirm you don’t know them without answering questions that would reveal anything about yourself:

  • Excuse me. Can you introduce yourself?
  • Tell me your name please maybe I will remember you.

Since most times only thieves or con men are the people who ask these questions for these reasons, a rude reply should shock them and get them out of your hair:

  • Back off, stranger! I don’t know you!
  • Another step and I will make a scene

If you want to get out of answering this question from someone you don’t know, either for protection or just to mess with them, use this:

  • Oh no. I am new here

And you better be or you will be cut in your lies.

The other reason people you don’t know ask you if you remember them is because they have mistaken you for someone else, and it might have been a while since they saw those people too. In this case, it is a misunderstanding do you can say:

  • I am sorry, you have the wrong person
  • There must be some sort of misunderstanding. I haven’t seen you before.

What To Say If You Don’t Remember Their Name

What to Say When Someone Asks if You Remember Them

What if you remember them, every single detail but their name? It sounds odd and it will be embarrassing if you say you remember them but not their name. Doesn’t sound like the truth.

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Some might understand but then either way you will have to ask them their name while answering them. These replies should work:

  • I do, just not your name.
  • Of course, I do, it’s just I don’t remember your name

If you want to sound cool, you can try this:

  • I am having a brain cramp. Can you help me with your name?

The rhyme in this one is corny but it is nice and it should make people smile:

  • Your face rings a bell but for your name, I can’t quite tell.

You can also just mention where you know them from. Asking any questions to show that you know them will make them worried that you know things you don’t need to know about them.

  • Yes. From the corporate society. What would your name be? I can’t just remember.
  • Yes, I do. You and I sat are members of the women’s movement and union. There were so many of us and it was hard to keep the names in mind.

What To Say If You Don’t Want To Talk To Them

What to Say When Someone Asks if You Remember Them

One time at a function my mum held, I ran into this rude woman who I had met before. I didn’t want to talk to her so I hurried but with the boxes I was carrying.

The next time, I couldn’t avoid it. She smacked me on the arm and asked if I remembered her. Here’s the reply gave her:

  • Yes, I do. Let me just drop these boxes

Pretty smart and then I avoided her for the rest of the day. If someone you don’t want to talk to for a certain tension walks up to you, you can’t deny remembering them. Or can you? Try these:

  • I am not sure I do. Who are you?
  • I doubt it. I haven’t been here before.
  • Your face isn’t familiar. Must be talking to the wrong person.

If you don’t want to go with telling a lie that you don’t remember them, then you can find a way to excuse yourself as I did. Let’s say you are in a place that has a lot of noise:

  • Sorry. I can’t hear you. Later.
  • You can pretend to take interest in something else
  • Oh that’s a chiffon dress. Excuse me I will see you later.

If you are carrying something:

  • Let me drop these first
  • These boxes are very heavy, how about I set this down and speak to you later?
  • I can’t have a conversation now. I am busy.

Parting Words

No matter the category you fall under I hope this article covered all of them.

You can spice up your replies to suit your personality and if you have got any replies that you think will be helpful, drop them in the comment section for us to learn.

Remember that. Have a memorable day.

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