How to Say “My Schedule Is Flexible”

Appointments, engagements, meetings, and interviews make up a schedule, and sometimes that can get very busy.

When you can easily adjust your schedule to suit others and both your needs, there are other ways to say it.

How to Say My Schedule Is Flexible

For example, you can say ‘I am available during work hours all through the week’ or ‘I can easily tailor my schedule to fit yours’ or ‘Tuesdays and Thursdays after 3 pm work well for me’.

Let’s go into the topic.

Let Them Know You’re Available During The Week

Let’s break it down to days of the week. Since work can be very overwhelming, it seems that there won’t be a place for you to keep your schedule for a while.

Trying to rank work on their scale if urgency rather is important under stressful conditions, will make your offer seem juicy.

It will tempt them to shove you far away from the present so telling them to fix a day leaves you with just urging them to pick a time:

Choose any day from Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm

You might give them the whole of your work week to choose a time since you don’t have as many engagements.

What this does is, it lets them know that there is a limit to the time and they have the whole of the week to choose a date. It shouldn’t spill into the next week.

I am mostly free this week so any day of the week will work

Letting them know you can give them any day at any time makes it easier for them to set a time when they can deal decisively with whatever they have to take off on the ground.

There will be no second meetings or calls to clarify things too hastily written emails asking for another meeting.

Suggest Different Ways of Meeting

How to Say My Schedule Is Flexible

You can schedule an online meeting if that works better, for example switching an on-site meeting to an online conference call.

It will be easier to deal with because even technology is flexible and it cuts down on some of the procedures necessary for a face-to-face meeting.

I can handle an on-site conference that works for you

If you want to move a complicated business call of a small team to an on-site meeting, then you should use this.

First, the team has to be free, just like you, and willing to take up the meeting at any time.

Shifting it to an offline meeting will make the other person pick a date so he doesn’t just keep you but the others waiting.

Whenever you are free, we can try a quick business call

If what you are handling is not too big, you can discuss it over a business call so try suggesting that.

You will still get a chance to talk, exchange ideas and opinions and reach a conclusion.

If it can’t be completely covered, the other people will be enthusiastic about setting up a meeting as soon as possible because of the progress made.

If you can’t find a slot, you can set up a virtual meeting.

Sometimes schedules get really tight but there can be free slots in between all these meetings where a virtual meeting can easily be held.

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You can also go on to suggest the type of meeting, and the app to be used and just leave them to pick a time and date. It will be very appreciated.

I’m open at any time to different forms of communication

Since forms of communication are not carved in stone, giving them these options tells them that you don’t mind as long as you can talk to them and get the matter over with.

It also means you can go for either onsite or online meetings, texting and emailing, and any other ways that you can discuss, officially or unofficially.

The open request might make them worry about which one is the best so you can streamline it to what you are comfortable with like, “I am open to emails.

Just be sure to be clear and detailed in them”.

An online chat anytime in the next few weeks is okay by me

After a meeting, there would still be some messages back and forth to finalize things.

Giving the choice and ease of an online chat will tell them you are flexible even via a phone.

It will speed things up as you will get to business directly, and fetch information faster.

Request a specific time for a meeting

How to Say My Schedule Is Flexible

Indecision can be a problem if who you are planning to see has a few free slots and is trying to add not just you but others to the list.

If you leave them to choose the day as it pleases them, they might forget altogether and only remember when you won’t be free or it is tight for both of you.

A great solution is asking for a specific time. This will slim it down to just picking a day and even that is limited.

If you are comfortable with a meeting by 12, I can meet you then.

If it is something that has to be handled in a few days, giving a specific time will help them just choose a date.

It is helpful so you don’t have to rush things and run into problems. If they can’t, you can reply with “what works for you?”

You can choose any day from 8 am to 1 pm this week

You can state your official work hours so that they know that first, you don’t want to work outside that, and second, your schedule is free only once this week.

Remember that you have other aspects of your life aside from work.

Now while you don’t want to discuss personal details or give reasons for why won’t be available at certain times, you can subtle say it like this:

“I am available all week during work hours”

Let them know you can make multiple time changes

How to Say My Schedule Is Flexible

Work can be unpredictable and with a lot of things coming in, sometimes you will have to reschedule clients and meetings and other important engagements that will come up.

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Sometimes they cancel on you and reschedule.

I can handle a reschedule as my schedule is a little free

You will be appreciated for not just accommodating a rescheduled appointment but taking it in stride.

But right before you use this wonderful line that makes them smile and relieved, be sure that the new time doesn’t clash with anything.

I can easily rearrange that to fit into any time that seems best for you.

The inconvenience of rescheduling for both parties can not be fully explained with this. In this case, you are saying that you can easily tailor it to your schedule, it won’t be a problem and you are waiting on them for the next time.

Let them know you are prioritizing their schedule

Any time is fine by me

Here is a very straightforward way of putting it. Whoever you are speaking to knows that you are accessible at any time they are free so they have to worry about dates and times.

Be sure whatever time you schedule it you don’t have to worry about two meetings at the same time.

Don’t worry about the convenience, I can easily reschedule

Whether official or unofficial, things and events, even people who take up our time but are about to reschedule tell the other person that you prioritize that meeting and you can easily work at their time and pace without problems.

I can work with your schedule

It doesn’t literally mean that you trash your notepad, delete your to-do list and be willing to accompany them to their own businesses.

It is just a fancy way of saying, “your time works for me and it can fit into my schedule too without a hitch”.

I don’t have much at hand so your time won’t be a problem

Although this sounds more like you are less busy and you can take up anything available, you are still saying that the time of any meeting you are to have with the other party won’t worry you.

If you are trying to sound professional, especially if you are speaking to a senior in the office, this may sound like you are lazy and free so you will want to use it for your colleagues and others that you are familiar with.

Whatever time works for you is fine by me

Some events take a very high priority so others are secondary. In this case, you will drop everything to meet with whoever is setting the time and you have no worries that you will be available at the time they will choose.

We can hold the meeting whenever your schedule permits

Allowing them to choose a dare at their convenience tells them that as important as the meeting is to you, you also want them to be comfortable with it.

In case they just have to rush through things, they can easily work through things slowly, at a pace more productive than the others.

Arrange the meeting at your time, I will tailor my schedule to accommodate it

Letting them take their time to set up the meeting means that you will make a slot for whenever they are ready for the meeting.

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They will find it easy to work with you because of how you can quickly communicate your schedule and find other options that work for them.

Let them know you can adjust your schedule accordingly to an advanced date

How to Say My Schedule Is Flexible

If the issue at hand is not urgent in the least then you can set it for a few weeks or maybe a month from now, according to the person’s schedule of course.

That also means that you might get an impromptu meeting and that has to work for you so if your schedule remains that flexible and open you can tell me so they do not lose sleep over the matter

There is no need to rush, I am okay with any time and any date

If you are discussing something that can wait or that will take a large number of people, waiting for a schedule where both of you will be free to have even more than one meeting will be best.

Make sure that you notify them when this flexibility will end as there will be busy days and you don’t want to have to reschedule after such a long time.

Put a call across whenever you are free, I will be waiting

If it is something that is quick or has to go through a long process of approval, waiting is fine to avoid mistakes.

Also, giving the option of a call can ease the stress of scheduling more meetings when it can simply be handled with a simple business call.

After that, you can then decide if you will have a meeting or not.

Let them know that selecting definite flexible work times is your priority

You might be freer on Tuesdays, or prefer meetings during the week like late in

Afternoons, and there is no problem with that. Try to hint that in your replies so that you are not scheduled when you are busy or when you would rather not do anything:

Any day between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm is good for me

If you like to handle tough work at these times, then you will be scheduled there because you have told them so.

Just be sure that your timing doesn’t have a loophole because any day from ten to two means any day including the weekend.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are great for meetings as I don’t have much scheduled.

Tell them the days you are free leaving them to choose the time. This however lets them pick any of the days you have chosen in the month and at a time convenient for them.


It’s nice of you to give people that freedom to choose while it is really busy for them.

I’m not dating you will get back but they will appreciate that and you might get nominated for employee of the month.

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