20 Ways to Tell Someone to Get Their Life Together

A lot of people do not have it all figured out, and the few who do seem to fall off once in a while.

When you come across someone who falls into the former category, and you find yourself in the latter, you can be pressed to put in a good word for them.

That brings us to the topic of how to tell someone to get their life together.

If you must know…positivity is the best approach in this case, as you can also do that by speaking the truth as it is to the person.

While being blunt can help put perspective on the person in question; being positive towards them reassures them that they can pull the plug.

In this article, I’ll be discussing 20 ways to tell someone to get their life together. Happy reading!

20 Best Ways to Tell Someone to Get Their Life Together

Life can be cruel, but you have the potential to make it your best experience. Everyone can bring beauty into their life. This message also extends to the person whom you wish to give advisement on getting their life together.

Oftentimes, the best approach usually entails going straight to the point by telling the person ‘hey, you need to get your life together’.

But doesn’t that sound like they’ve been thinking to themselves or probably hearing from people all this while? Well, it does.

That is why you have to repackage your advisement to the person in question.

You can say things like, ‘Learning from your mistakes is your best bet for a better future’, ‘Procrastination steals your time and joy’, and ‘I believe you have potential, stop limiting yourself’.

Without further ado, let’s get into the best 20 ways to tell someone to get their life together.

  1. I respect you enough not to beef with you, but you should get something going on for yourself
  2. How long do you intend to be this wretched?
  3. The future holds an enormous blessing for you, start now!
  4. If you don’t want to plan, you will end up like your friends
  5. You and I know that time is of the essence; you should start making plans for management
  6. Learning from your mistakes is your best bet for a better future
  7. Reality is generally unfair, but you have to face it with courage and you’ll sail through
  8. You have to quit repeating the same thing and hoping for a different result
  9. It’s high time you owned up to your responsibilities because I’m tired of doing that for you
  10. I believe you have the potential. Stop limiting yourself and watch the growth
  11. Don’t you think you’ve suffered way too much?
  12. Procrastination steals; not only your time but also your joy in the long run
  13. Digital skills are now more potent than ever, so you should avail yourself to learn
  14. Don’t you want a happy family? Stop the vain chase!
  15. You’re going to be a sucker for jail terms if you don’t stop this questionable character
  16. All these years you’ve been having getting your priorities wrong; time to make a change
  17. I love you, so don’t make me doubt what I felt for you
  18. Vacations are nice. But if it is getting incessant, then your credit score is at risk
  19. You’re capable to change your condition, so just do it
  20. You now have the needed push to get along, don’t waste it
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I Respect You Enough Not to Beef with You, but You Should Get Something Going On for Yourself

Making the person whom you want to admonish on getting their life together comfortable, is a viable way of putting in a good word to them.

Since these types of people already feel alienated by life, you would be making matters worse for them if you try to come at them hard. Hence, there’s a need for you to be subtle towards them.

With that said, this line qualifies as a good one if you’re looking out for subtle ways to tell someone to get their life together.

The message you’re trying to convey with this line is that of love. Saying you respect the person is a factor that builds confidence in them, which in turn can make them formidable in their quest to rethink how to go about their daily lives.

How Long Do You Intend to Be This Wretched?

One way to get into the head of someone who seems finished with life is to pose a mind-boggling question to them.

This question can either make them or mar, but the chances of the former outcome are high so there’s no concern for panic.

If you’re looking for one of such questions, then I guarantee you that this one right here is good.

Asking the person if they tend to remain wretched will trigger their mind to snap out of any emotional misconception that they’ve held themselves in for far too long.

I know this question sounds too direct, but it is nothing but the truth. At some point, you have to say it without mincing your words or trying to impress the person you’re referring to, especially if the person’s case of self-negligence is high.

The Future Holds Enormous Blessing for You, Start Now!

Ways to Tell Someone to Get Their Life Together

Assurance keeps a lot of things going on without breaking. It does this magic to relationships, marriages, or contracts, and it also has the potential to revive the life of someone who’s perceived to be already wasted.

When you find yourself in the capacity to address someone who has lost it with life, you should assure them of the possibilities of life.

One way to do that is by using this line which brings such enormous hope into perspective for the person.

If You Don’t Want Plan Ahead, You Will End up Like Your Friends

This right here is another feasible way to tell someone to get their life together. With this line, you’re using the outcome of other people’s lives as a yardstick to measure the person’s life if they fail to step things up.

I know someone who uses this method to motivate people and guess what? It works magic.

Yes, you can as well, employ this and watch the person evolve into someone better than you met them.

You and I Know That Times Is of the Essence; You Should Start Making Plans for Management

I love emphasizing the importance of not waiting for time to do something, rather than doing what you have to do with the view that time will catch up with you later.

Funnily enough, not everyone (including me) follows this precedence of time management to the fullest.

However, that shouldn’t deter you from using the essence of time to talk someone into getting their life together. At least, that’s the major message of this line.

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Learning from Your Mistakes Is Your Best Bet for a Better Future

Mistakes are not unfortunate happenings like most people think. Instead, they’re opportunities for better realizations

If the person who has had their life messed up in the past can understand this, I’m sure they’ll do better. In the absence of that, you can help them understand by telling them this line.

Reality Is Generally Unfair, but You Have to Face It with Courage and You’ll Sail Through

Life is not a grill full of barbecues, hence the need for everyone to hunt down their meat. While this is metaphorical, it explains why life seems unfair to a greater populace.

However, you can use this line to encourage someone to get their life together.

You Have to Quit Repeating the Same Thing and Hoping for a Different Result

Telling someone to get their life together just means advising the person against a mediocre attitude.

There are many ways to do that, but this line begs to differ by throwing realities to the very face of the person you wish to talk into hard work.

This is you simply telling the person to make a change of action execution if they’re expecting a better result.

It’s High Time You Owned Up to Your Responsibilities Because I’m Tired of Doing That for You

I know a lot of people who are responsible but fail to own up to it in severe cases. The person you want to talk into getting their life together could be an example.

If that’s the case, you should use this line. It will go a long way in letting them know you’re fed up with playing the good guy or girl.

I Believe You Have the Potential. Stop Limiting Yourself and Watch the Growth

Ways to Tell Someone to Get Their Life Together

Just like mentioned earlier; assurance has its way of making everything go right. You can employ it by using this line for the person you mean to talk into a better living.

Telling the person to STOP limiting themselves is an awesome call to action to them, don’t fret about saying that.

Don’t you think you’ve Suffered Way Too Much?

This is another question-like way to tell someone to get their life together. With this question, you’re trying to pulsate the person’s mind against procrastination and any other personal drawbacks which has been keeping them away from greatness.

I’m sure the person will want to rethink their life if you throw this question at them.

Procrastination Steals; Not Only Your Time but Also Your Joy in the Long Run

Just like the previous line emphasized the essence of getting rid of procrastination, this speech outlines the adverse effects of allowing oneself to wallow in it. You should use this line, because I heavily endorse it, having personally experienced how bad procrastination can be.

Digital Skills Are Now More Potent Than Ever, so You Should Avail Yourself to Learn

With this line, you’re not only asking the person to get their life together, but you’re also availing them of some ideas on how to go about it.

You’re asking the person to leverage the power of the internet and digital skills to make a life for themselves. This line can’t come out any better.

Don’t You Want a Happy Family? Stop the Vain Chase!

Yet another question that you can ask someone with the hope of making them get their life together.

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Here, you’re citing a happy family as an attainable feat if the person heeds your advisement to make something out for themselves.

Since everyone wants one, I’m sure he or she will try, at least, to work for change.

You’re going to be a Sucker for Jail Terms if You Don’t Stop This Questionable Character

While this line sounds like a threat, it is an important bid that you can say to the person who has failed to make something out for themselves.

You’re telling the person that he or she will have to serve countless jail terms if they fail to get their life together.

Giving them this as a reason can deter them from continuing on the wrong path, especially if they’re not yet hardened.

All These Years You’ve Been Having Getting Your Priorities Wrong; Time to Make a Change

Misplaced priorities are a real thing. Unfortunately, not many people realize this until it dawns on them.

If the person you want to talk to has been getting this aspect of their life wrong, you can leverage it to speak positively to them.

I Love You, so Don’t Make Me Doubt What I Felt for You

Love heals everything, it surely does. You can always count on its power to mold a person into a better human. With that said, you can use this line for the person in question.

Telling them this can trigger a resolve to change in them if they truly care about how you feel about them.

Vacations Are Nice. But if It’s Getting Incessant, Then Your Credit Score Is at Risk

This line also captures the issue of misplaced priorities and their woes. If the person you want to talk out of a wasteful life is fond of vacations at the expense of a good career and financial record, you can capitalize on that using this line.

You’re Capable of Changing Your Condition, so Just Do It

Ways to Tell Someone to Get Their Life Together

The famous Nike slogan ‘Just do it’ gets featured on this one. It is not only a fashion statement; it also addresses crucial life issues.

With this line, you’re charging the person to change their circumstance, not because you said so but because they can do it.

You Now Have the Needed Push to Get Along, Don’t Waste It

There are times I need push to execute tasks, and there are times I don’t need anything. However, the person in question could need one.

If that’s the case, you shouldn’t hold back from encouraging them and also talking them into taking action. This line does the latter function with much accuracy, so don’t hesitate to speak to them.


Humanity thrives in the presence of love and support. While life seems easy for a selected few; a greater percentage of people are having it tough.

If you come across someone who needs to be rejuvenated, don’t hesitate to do that. In this article, I covered a couple of ways in which you can tell someone to get their life together.

While some of the lines mentioned in this post come off as subtle and lovely, others bear hard truths and reality with them.

I’m sure they’ll have great effects on the life of anyone you use them for. In the event of any questions or suggestions, I’m waiting for your reactions in the comment section.

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