20 Appropriate Responses to “We Should Grab A Drink Sometime”

Have you gotten an offer to grab a drink with someone? This person can be anyone, from friends to co-workers.

Its meaning usually lies beyond the causal guise of drinking and hanging out.

A person who is interested in you, and wants to become more than friends with you, will show their intention this way.

Your agreement often means that they have a chance of connecting with you on an intimate level.

You may have become stuck with the same dull responses when this happens to you.

You are in luck because I have highlighted the best reasonable responses you can find anywhere.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Says You Should Grab A Drink Sometime

When a girl says you should grab a drink sometime, it means she wants to hang out with you.

She is asking you out in the politest way possible. If a girl is interested in you and doesn’t want to make a big deal of setting a date, she will use subtle statements like this.

Dates, dinners, and drinks are dances that occur before the main steps of a relationship, friendship,  and partnership.

By asking you out for a drink, she hopes to use this opportunity to access you and tell you what kind of person.

Going out for drinks is also a great way she can show you she wants you romantically or intimately.

When you grab drinks together, you can easily break the ice and converse about any topic.

Such shared interest normally would lead to a relationship between two people.

So, next time a girl tells you to grab a drink with her, consider all your options and act appropriately.

Know that she has checked you out and wants to go on another level with you.

The choice is ultimately yours if you are interested in her. If you have doubts about what you feel for her, dates are a good way to explore them for what they are.

20 Appropriate Responses To We Should Grab A Drink Sometime

Say, ‘’ I’d like to do that with you’’, let’s set a date and time’’, whenever you call I’ll be there’’, ‘’can I think about this’’, are perfect responses for “we should grab a drink sometime.”

But there’s more, and they are here for you.

1. That’s the best news I have heard, let’s set a date soon

An appropriate response to we should grab a drink sometime, is saying that’s the best news I have heard. Let’s plan something soon. 

This is best when you are seriously interested in grabbing drinks with her. Maybe she has been a secret crush for you.

With a response like this, you have the opportunity to go out together.

This response tells her you are enthusiastic about grabbing drinks together.

It’s bound to make her happy because her advances weren’t rejected by you. After replying this way, you should search for the best possible hangouts.

2. I love that idea, let’s do this now

When someone says let’s grab a drink sometime, say I love that idea, let us do this now.

Grabbing drinks with a friend or potential love interest is an opportunity no one likes to miss out on.

If the opportunity shows, you have to grab onto it immediately.

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Telling them this is an appropriate response. It shows them you are equally eager to meet them and ready to go on a date immediately.

Doing this will assure the speaker that it was the right decision, to ask you out.

3. I know a great place we can go to whenever you are ready

If someone poses a question like this, you can reply by saying you know a great place and are ready to show them this spot.

Showing them you have an idea of a place where you can both hang out, says you don’t mind taking the lead in organizing the date.

This tells them that you are willing to sort out the details of the date yourself.

By saying this, you have taken charge of their date plans and made them yours.

It’s a good thing because it means you have an interest in them too.

4. I am down since you are, what time works best for you?

A response that is suitable when someone asks you to grab a drink sometime is saying you are down.

This means that the idea of going out with them sits well with you. You have thought about it and want them to set a time and place.

It becomes official when a date is set and this is what a response like this hopes to achieve.

The other speaker is aware of your interest and will set a suitable date for your hangout.

5. I am okay with having some drinks with you

This response is an affirmative way of agreeing with the question of the speaker. It positively tells them you are okay with grabbing drinks with them.

They know they haven’t coerced you or made you do it out of pity.

With a response like this, the speaker is assured of your cooperation which leads to a successful date.

If you are looking for a positively appropriate response what do you need?

6. My dear, I like that idea. I could use a drink and a friend

When someone offers you to grab a drink with them and you want to keep it platonic.

The appropriate response is saying you are interested in the idea and would like to converse as friends over drinks.

It’s essential to state your intentions so their expectations of you remain clear.

Telling them you could use a friend shows them you are not interested in the date becoming more than a casual chat between friends.

The ball is left with them and they will inform you if they wish to continue with the idea or not.

7. Pick a day and time I’ll be there

Grabbing drinks with someone is a bonding moment between friends, lovers, colleagues, and people who are estranged from each other.

It will allow both parties the opportunity to explore each other’s minds and interests.

Doing this will bring you much closer than before.

Answering the speaker this way demonstrates your readiness to hang out with them anytime they call for you.

8. That’s the date I intend not to miss. You‘ve got a friend and confidence

It’s very common to use such a medium to share stuff with another individual over a drink. And often, you tend to become more chatty as the drinks come in.

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When someone asks to grab a drink, they also want a friend to listen to them.

This response is appropriate because it shows they can trust you. And drinking with you means they can freely talk, knowing all conversations will be said in confidence.

9. I would like to do that. When I am ready I’ll call you

An appropriate response when someone asks you to grab a drink with them is saying you would like to do that while promising to call. 

This is necessary when you want to postpone this hangout for a much later time.

It’s possible you are not ready to lead them on or don’t want to create the wrong impression by going on a date with them.

With a response like this, you have your bases covered and politely conveyed too.

10. We should put things in motion so this can happen sooner

When you are excited to have time alone with the speaker and you want them to know, use this response here.

It is appropriate because it transmits your excitement to them.

Showing them how much interest you have in hanging out with them will double their interest in you.

It tells them they did the right thing by asking you to grab a drink with them.

11. You know I was wondering when you were going to ask me

Saying, you know, I was wondering when you were going to ask me out is a fitting response to a question like this.

It’s a way for you to show them how much you have longed for them to ask you out for drinks. This is an opening they have been waiting for.

If you are interested in the speaker and you want to woo them, responding this way will put things on the right track for you.

12. Having drinks with you sounds like a fun idea. When are we doing this

A response that’s appropriate here is saying the idea of having drinks with them is fun.

When an idea is fun, it means you have pictured it and it makes you happy. Grabbing drinks with a close companion is a fun activity.

You get to catch up on a lot of things you would have otherwise missed out on. Replying this way shows them you are thrilled about the idea.

13. I will make time for this on my calendar

If someone says you should grab a drink sometimes, say you will make time on your calendar for this to happen.

Responding this way shows you are interested in having the drinks, but not immediately.

You also promise to find time to make this happen, so they don’t feel you rejected their suggestion.

14. it’s a great idea, but ill have to pass.  Thanks for the offer

An appropriate response when you want to politely decline the offer for drinks is saying the idea is great, but you will have to pass.

It’s the best way to reject such an offer without explaining your reasons for doing so.

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It is within your right to reject offers that don’t suit your boundaries. Also, it’s important to remain polite when doing so.

15. I agree, l have missed the talks we used to have

Great conversations are often shared over drinks with a good friend.

When you receive an offer of grabbing a drink, respond by saying you agree and missed the conversation.

This tells the other person that you have accepted their offer.

They will inform you soon of a date to share this moment with you and chat like you used to.

16. Anytime you are ready for some good talk, hit me up

If someone offers to grab a drink with you and you are not confident of their intentions.

You can reply by saying that you are ready to have a good conversation with them, too.

This shows you are interested in grabbing drinks with them, only for good talks.

It shows them that your interest lies within the range of a good chat between friends and nothing more.

17. That’s a lovely thought, when do you want it to happen

This response is appropriate when someone asks you to grab a drink with them.

It’s a way to tell them you approve of the gesture.

You have also found a way of asking them to set a time and date for the hangout.

If they were in doubt of your answer, they wouldn’t be after a reply like this.

18. That sounds wonderful, let’s catch up on some old times

When someone asks you out for a drink, say it’s a wonderful idea and you would love to catch up like old times.

This is perfect for a friend that you have missed and want to reconnect together. It tells them you want to use this date to talk about each other.

An old friend ages like fine wine and sharing stories helps create good memories.

19. I enjoy a good drink, let’s do this

When you want to show your interest in hanging out with the speaker, use this response here.

It is a way to let them know you are also a fun and outgoing person, who loves a good time.

This is positive feedback, and they will respond by scheduling a date soon.

It shows them they didn’t make a mistake in suggesting to grab drinks with you.

20. If you are paying, we can grab a drink anytime

This response is witty. It is useful when you want to add a bit of humor to the situation, without making it awkward by asking them to pay.

It shows them that you are willing to drink with them as long as they handle the bills.

It’s easier doing this than being forced to pay for drinks you didn’t plan for.

Parting Words

All these responses mentioned here are the best picks for you when you seek to reply to someone appropriately.

They have been tailored to fit a wide range of situations or scenarios for you.

Each of the mentioned responses is related to circumstances that happen daily.

With the right response, you can pass the right message to the speaker

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