30 of the Best Responses to WYD Text

Texting is fun, and social media has made it even more innovative for folks who like to throw words around.

You may have gotten a text from someone that reads “wyd”, and you were like “What is this person even saying to me?”.

Well, you should know that your inquisition is valid, and getting that as a text from someone means he or she is trying to convey a message to you.

I’m glad you found this post because it is the perfect piece that you need to bring clarity to your doorsteps.

In this article, I will be discussing the meaning of the WYD text and a couple of temperamental responses to this text. Keep reading to know more!

What Is the Meaning of WYD?

WYD is a short form of the phrasal question ‘what (‘re) are you doing?’

To shed more light on why it appears to be so on your mobile or laptop screen, instead of the full sentence, you should know that it is nothing more than internet slang. Besides, what hasn’t the internet brought to us?

WYD is one of those inventories of the Internet age which surprisingly has now overtaken its full and comprehensive form which is ‘what’re you doing?’.

It is a question that seeks to ask about what activity you’re engaged with at the moment.

It is a common text messaging slang that also doubles as an informal greeting among people who consider themselves friends, buddies, and even at length, acquaintances.

I’ve used this abbreviation for far many times, and I’d tell you this…I use it exclusively for those I consider close to me, with whom I share no serious formal dealings.

I can also count a couple of times I used it in trying to talk a lady into a date or any other meet-up.

15 of the Funniest Responses to WYD

Do you feel like bringing laughter and liveliness to the conversation? If so, you can use any of these lines when someone says WYD to you.

  1. I’m watching my sad life like a show in the cinema
  2. I’m just minding my God-given business
  3. Thinking about how my life would’ve been without being broke
  4. Envisioning the mansion I can’t afford
  5. Considering sending you to an elder care facility
  6. Watching people clown on social media
  7. Imagining the world without humans
  8. Planning on being the richest man tomorrow
  9. Farming without tools
  10. Going through life like I was born for it
  11. I’m trying to catch my breath, silly
  12. Taking a break from parenthood, the questions are becoming too much
  13. Thinking about why you always ask stupid questions
  14. Preparing for my first circus performance
  15. I’m just living, don’t you see?

I’m Watching My Sad Life like a Show in the Cinema

It’s funny how this line of responses ends up in this list as a funny reply for WYD, because it may not be perceived as such by some people.

But the truth remains that I will be moved to laugh when I hear someone says they’re watching their sad life like a show in the cinema.

Life in its entirety seems not to have an elixir that eradicates all the problems of mankind in one go.

Therefore, a lot of people are forced to only exist and not live to the fullest. I presume that is what you would be conveying as your message by saying this line of response to anyone who asks you WYD.

I’m just Minding My God-Given Business

There’s no greater joy than knowing that you’re facing your tribulations alone, and going through the experiences and their frequencies with your full chest.

Although it could be a lonely path to tread, I still think it is worth it.

On that note, you can funnily tell the person who says WYD to you that you’re kindly minding your business.

This also goes along to mean that they should also get a life of their own and stop poking their nose into yours which is not theirs to interfere into.

Thinking about How My Life would’ve been without Being Broke

Money seems to be the answer to virtually everything in your world now, and that is not a new thing, but just that the rate of its relevance as against other values is extreme.

I know some people who would do anything to get the bag, regardless of the expense.

You could borrow your response from this ideology, even though it doesn’t look healthy.

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The main thing here is to incite laughter, or at least a lively atmosphere after you just responded to the person who asked you WYD through text.

Envisioning the Mansion I Can’t Afford

I have a bunch of funny replies and I think this one right here has got to be a blockbuster. How can one be thinking of a mansion they can’t afford? Well, that would be the answer a daydreamer will give.

I’m not saying you’re one for using this response, but it would be a very hilarious response to the person who texts you WYD.

This will be even funnier if the person you’re replying to knows something about your financial status.

He or she will have to strike out a smile from your mouth because it will be hilarious hearing that from you despite the status of your account balance. And they’ll certainly perceive that you’re pulling their legs.

Considering to Send You to an Elder Care Facility

Did you get the WYD from an older friend who is particularly annoying and acts like an unserious dwarf all the time? You can feed them their food by texting the above response back to them.

Once they see you mentioned sending them to an elderly people’s care home, they’ll certainly choke with laughter because they know you only say that because they’re like thorns on your butt.

Watching People Clown on Social Media

Funny Responses to WYD Text

The rate at which people backfire on each other on social media is alarming right now.

The streets of Twitter with their endless taunting and justification, while Instagram users continue to fashion out how to increase followership.

They’re so obsessed with getting the validation of others, that most of them miss out on the best experiences of their life which are hidden in the little things of life.

Facebook users seem to be the worse, with the unserious argument over unserious matters.

The obsession with getting likes and friends may have subsided, but the new trend of being a content creator is on the rise now, and trust them to be the ones bastardizing this cool career path.

So, you can use this response when someone texts you WYD, but it’ll only be if you’re on social media.

Imagining the World without Humans

It is both weird and funny for someone to imagine a world without humans. And this is because if that is to happen, he or she wouldn’t also be alive.

I think this is one of the most hilarious lines on this list because a lot of those who say these words do not even know what it means literally.

You could play the same cards with the person you’re replying to. If he or she has a knack for deep thinking like me, they’ll decipher the true meaning behind what you just said to them.

And when they do, they’ll surely laugh because they’ll assume you’re ignorant of what you said to them.

Planning on Being the Richest Man Tomorrow

Wouldn’t it be hilarious for your broke ass to say you want to be the richest man?

Well, it is quite funny, especially when you know you and the person you’re replying to know that it would be an IMPOSSIBLE feat to achieve in the space of 24 hours.

I’m sure the person you text back this response will have to share it with someone else, just so they can laugh at your unreal plan which is outrageously funny.

Farming without Tools

Who would possibly go to the farm without their tools? I presume that would be you because that’s what this line of response is trying to posit.

If you’re to reply to the person who texts you WYD, you should know that you’ll get another grown-up rolling on the floor because of your funny response.

Due to how unrealistic it sounds, the person will have no other choice than to believe you’re joking, hence seeing it as a funny response. Is this funny then? Yes, it is a bloody hilarious response.

Going Through Life Like I Was Born for It

Walking through life is a hard task, and only a few people enjoy the ride, especially when they’re short of basic provisions like good health and finance.

If you fall in any of these categories, you can use this line as the response when someone texts you WYD to know what you’re up to.

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They’ll certainly you’re high on something because they know you’re either on a sick bed or suffering from bankruptcy.

It gets even funnier when they realize that you said that you’re doing so like you were born for it.

I’m trying to catch My Breath, Silly

Funny Responses to WYD Text

If you were taking a quick morning run down the street and someone texts you WYD in the middle of the run, you can reply to them using this line above.

It sends the straight message that you were engaged in some kind of physical activity that came in the way of your fine breathing pattern.

You can use this line if you find yourself in any similar events, like getting a text from someone just after you dropped a lightweight lift a few minutes ago, or you just came off a treadmill, all in the gym.

Taking a Break from Parenthood, the Questions Are Becoming Too Much

It is quite funny to think that you want a break from being a parent to your kids, who like other kids are also a pain already.

The best part of it all is that there are other parents out there who would want the same thing you want already.

To even broaden the situation, it could be the person who texted you WYD is a parent too.

It now makes total sense why it would sound funny to him or her, and that’s because they also want the same thing which won’t be happening.

Thinking About Why You Always Ask Stupid Questions

It’s funny that you would wonder why someone always asks a stupid question. I mean, they’re already used to it so why spend a minute thinking about it?

The person you’re texting will treat the response as a matter of funny mockery from you, and then they’ll find it funny.

Preparing for My First Circus Performance

It would funny to assume that you’re performing in a circus when you’re a very shy person.

Therefore, this response would be funny to the person since they already know the plight of shyness.

I’m just Living, Don’t You See?

This is a line that relates to any of your dummy friends who would text you WYD.

10 of the Best Sarcastic Responses to WYD

  1. Assuming you were deaf and dumb
  2. I’d prefer you don’t know
  3. What good would knowing about it do you?
  4. Can you spare me the queries today?
  5. You’ll need a spreadsheet for that…that I know I can’t prepare
  6. Knowing about that won’t make you less skinny
  7. Exchanging air with the nature
  8. Trying to make a little me
  9. How about you act dumb and I’ll be the deaf one?
  10. It’s none of your business

Assuming You Were Deaf and Dumb

Are you tired of texting someone and want to get rid of them without being so rude? You can use this line to make your dreams come true.

I’d Prefer You Don’t Know

Since the person who texts you WYD wants to know how you’re doing as a request, you can simply decline by using this response which sounds rather sarcastic if he or she were to have a sharp mind.

What Good Would Knowing About It Do You?

This is a good question that you can use to present a response when someone annoying texts you WYD.

With it, you seek to know what benefit the person will get from just knowing what you’re doing.

Can You Spare Me the Queries Today?

This is another question-like response in this section of replies, but this one is a rhetorical question that seeks to ask the person who texts you WYD to leave you alone.

It doesn’t have to be much complicated because he or she will understand you don’t need them around.

You’ll Need a Spreadsheet for that…That I Know I Can’t Prepare

How cunning can you be if you use this line when someone texts you WYD? It means that you don’t want to tell them but tries to say that by making the task difficult for them.

You would also be downplaying the person’s intellectual capacity if you use this line.

Knowing About That Won’t Make You less Skinny

This is another shade response to the person who texts you WYD. You seem to say that they’re already skinny and knowing about what you’re doing won’t make them fleshy all of a sudden because they want it.

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Exchanging Air with the Nature

Funny Responses to WYD Text

If you’re looking for another way to say you’re just living or breathing, you can use this line to do so. This line comes up a tad sarcastic of the complicated words used.

Trying to Make a Little Me

Men are fond of making jokes about each other and being sarcastic too. So this line could be your response to your buddy who texts you WYD late at night.

It means you’re having quality time with your wife. Women are also caught up in this scenario and the same result happens.

How About You Act Dumb and I’ll be the Deaf One?

Looking for the best way to say you don’t want to answer the question posed by the person who texts you WYD? Then this is the game changer.

It’s None of Your Business

You can choose to be blunt, plain, and direct with this line of response. You can prove to be a lonely man wannabe with this line.

5 of the Weirdest Responses to WYD

  1. Counting grains, what about you?
  2. Avoiding you by all means
  3. I’m doing things…things you don’t know
  4. DAMTKOQA (don’t ask me this kind of question again)
  5. I might need your government papers before I tell you

Counting Grains, What About You?

An ideal weird response should be able to shock the person who texts you WYD to their bones and marrows. And guess what?

This line of response meets those criteria with a massive margin on all grounds. How can you possibly be counting grains? That’s absurd and the person you’re texting back to will see it as it is.

Avoiding You by All Means

Funny Responses to WYD Text

And here we have yet another kinda absurd line to use as a response when someone texts you WYD. It means that you don’t want to talk to the person who asks you what you are doing.

It is even sarcastic too, but mostly weird for you to be sarcastic when someone asks you about what you’re up to.

I’m doing things…Things You Don’t Know

Using this response, you’re saying that you’re not ready to tell the person what you are doing.

But I made the response in a way that sounds polite from the beginning but sounds like a shade at the end of the statement.

You’re doing things, which the person doesn’t have any idea and that means you can’t tell them about it then.

You can use this line if you’re to respond to your kid who asked you what you’re doing while you’re spending quality time with their mother.

DAMTKOQA (Don’t Ask Me This Kind of Question Again)

This would turn out to be a funny but yet the weirdest response to give someone who texts you WYD.

The person to who you replied this will not only be flabbergasted, they’ll outrightly ask you what this abbreviation means. And then the question of if you’re playing with them comes.

I Might Need Your Government Papers Before I Tell You

How much absurd does it sound for you to request a person’s government papers before you tell them what you are doing? It only means you don’t want to tell them so you use getting their government to chase them away.

It gets even weirder if they have no government and you knew about it, still you requested they get it before you tell them what you’re doing.

This will be a hard task if the person resides in a country as an immigrant who is finding it hard to get permanent government papers due to some issues.


Since everyone from kids to adults wants to explore the vastness of the internet together, a lot of things have been coming up as trends that seem rather weird but cool at the same time.

The days of 2Go will attest to how much important it is for you to use abbreviated words to convey your message so you can say all you want to say.

Although those days are past, their aftermaths still live on and WYD is one of them.

In this article, I discussed what it means and possible replies to it in 3 categories, namely funny, sarcastic and weird responses to WYD. Do well to let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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