20 Best Responses to “Way to Go”

Having the best and ready responses to certain statements can prove difficult, especially for a socially awkward person or someone introverted.

It’s not everyone that knows what to say to certain things friends, colleagues or strangers say.

For instance, “way to go” is not an expression people use every day and so you might not know what to say when someone says that to you.

Luckily, that’s what this article is for, so you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll be discussing 20 best responses to “way to go.” First, however, I’ll explain what it means.

20 Best Responses to “Way to Go”

Knowing how to respond to “way to go” will be easy if you understand what it means. “Way to go” is an expression used to congratulate someone on their achievements.

It’s a compliment expressing encouragement and appreciation. For instance, you can use the phrase to tell someone they’ve done a good job and let them know there’s a chance for them to achieve more.

In addition, it’s used together with a complimentary statement. For example, “I love that guys, way to go!”

So, there are countless ways to respond to this expression. You can express your gratitude depending on your relationship with the person.

That being said, here are the 20 best responses to “way to go”:

  1. Thanks, I appreciate
  2. I appreciate your kind words
  3. Your words are kind
  4. You are kind
  5. I’m grateful for the encouragement
  6. Thanks for the push
  7. Thanks. We make a great team
  8. Thanks. I Will Keep Doing My Best
  9. I only do my best
  10. I wouldn’t do it without you
  11. It means a lot to me
  12. I’m glad you love it
  13. You did well too
  14. You did a nice job yourself
  15. I love what you do
  16. We will do more
  17. Let’s do more
  18. It is a pleasure
  19. Definitely
  20. Cheers to more

Thanks, I appreciate

When someone compliments your efforts, it’s ideal that you show appreciation. Words of gratitude express your acceptance of the compliment and will also make the complimenter feel good.

“Thanks, I appreciate” is one of the common expressions you can use when someone says you’ve done well.

So when someone appreciates you with, “way to go,” you can accept the compliment with this response.

In addition, this expression is a versatile statement that you can use with just anyone; whether it’s your boss, your colleagues or your friends, or even a stranger.

Furthermore, to convey your emotions well, you can smile at whoever is complimenting you.

I Appreciate Your Kind Words

Another way you can appreciate someone who acknowledges your effort is by letting them know you appreciate their kind words.

As I earlier established, ‘way to go” is also an expression of encouragement, letting you know of their confidence in your ability.

So “I appreciate your kind words” is one of the best ways to respond to “way to go.” It’s emotional and very effective in conveying your gratitude and at the same time, making the complimenter feel good.

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Your Words Are Kind

Another way of acknowledging a complimenter is to directly seek to be passionate with your response to them. “Your words are kind” is a very simple reply yet a deep one.

It directly acknowledges the affection and thoughtfulness of the complimenter. So, this is a very good response to “way to go.”

You can tell your boss, your friend, or a stranger that their words are kind when they compliment you with, “way to go.”

You Are Kind

Another proper yet simple reply that’s suitable for “way to go” is, “you’re kind.” This is another reply that acknowledges the sensitivity of the complimenter.

It lets them know you acknowledge their trying to make you feel good and encouraged.

I’m Grateful for the Encouragement

“I’m grateful for the encouragement” is another ideal way of responding to “way to go.”

It’s a cool reply that can serve someone you know or one you don’t know.

You can respond with this statement to someone who has always supported and motivated you, emphasizing their encouragement towards you.

For instance, a friend who has been by your side, your boss who gives all the good remarks, and just anyone who has seen and supported your journey.

Thanks for the Push

Perhaps the complimenter made you go for what you did, you can applaud the effort.

If it’s the case that they keep reminding you why you should go on with whatever you’re pursuing, you can appreciate them with these words, “thanks for the push.”

For instance, for a football or dancing coach that led their team to victory, this reply will serve as a good response to acknowledge their efforts in their wins. It’s a very good response to “way to go.”

Thanks. We Make a Great Team

Responses to Way to Go

In a scenario when the person who compliments you is part of the team, it’s ideal that you acknowledge them when they tell you you’ve done well.

A good way to achieve that is by saying something like thanks. We make a great team.”

This is a very good response, in that it doesn’t only appreciate their compliment, but it also includes them as part of the group effort.

Thanks. I Will Keep Doing My Best

You can also say your thanks and promise to do more. For example, you can reply with, “thanks. I will keep doing my best” when someone tells you, “congratulations, way to go!”

This is an appropriate response to a loved one who’s counting on you, your boss who believes in you, or anyone who looks up to you.

In addition, it’ll increase their faith in you and encourage them to give more support because you’ve promised to keep doing your best.

I Only Do My Best

“I only do my best” is another cool and proper reply for someone who compliments your success. It’s a simple reply to a boss, colleague, or stranger.

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It shows humility and at the same time shows self-worth and respect.

I Wouldn’t Do It Without You

If you want to appreciate someone who’s a good part of your success, one of the best responses is letting them know you wouldn’t have done well without them.

It’s a good and humble way of acknowledging their effort. These persons in return would want to do more.

So if someone who tells you “way to go” is a big part of your win, don’t only say thank you, acknowledge their part in it with this response.

It Means a Lot to Me

When the complimenter is a loved one, you can let them know the depth of your appreciation.

You can tell your partner, a friend, or family that their compliment, support, and encouragement mean a lot to you.

In addition, this simple reply doesn’t only shows your gratitude but also expresses your value for them and will let them know you cherish them.

I’m Glad You Love It

Another way you can let someone know that their opinion matters to you is by saying, “I’m glad you love it.”

So when someone tells you “way to go” a good response is to let them know you’re happy they love what you did. It’s an appropriate response you can use on anyone, particularly your loved ones.

You Did Well Too

One way to respond to “way to go”  is to compliment the complimenter. In this case, it’ll be appropriate if the person did something that needs to be acknowledged.

For instance, in a competition, if someone who’s part of the competition compliments you on your win or effort, you can also return the compliment.

One response you can use is by saying, “you did well too.” This way, you’re accepting the compliment and also helping them to feel proud of themselves.

You Did a Nice Job Yourself

Another way you can also return a compliment to a deserving person is by saying, “you did a nice job yourself.”

For instance, when someone says, “good job! Way to go!”, you can respond appropriately when they’ve also done something.

It’s suitable for a colleague at work or someone who formed part of your team or some other team within the same group.

I Love What You Do Too

“I love what you do too” is another reply you can use to let someone know they’ve also done well.

It’s a nice reply that can get to the complimenter deeply. When you tell someone you love what they do, it would bring a sense of fulfillment, in that they know someone is watching them and their actions.

Someone who feels less of themselves will feel encouraged and better appreciate themselves with these words.

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So, don’t always be a receiver of a compliment. Learn to give one too when there’s a chance too. Therefore, you tell someone who tells you “way to go” that you love their work.

We Will Do More

Again, if you want to promise someone who compliments you that you’ll do more, you can use this reply; “we will do more.”

This response is appropriate when the person who makes the statement is part of the team.

Telling a team member who says, “Well-done guys! Way to go!”, “we will do more” is a good way of encouraging not only yourself and the complimenter, but also everyone on the team.

Let’s Do More

When you want to keep pushing your team to go for more, another way to achieve that is by saying, “let’s do more.”

So when one of your team compliments your efforts or the group’s efforts with “way to go,” you can reply with “let’s do more.”

In addition, this is a humble reply to give when you did an outstanding performance and are complimented for that.

It’ll make everyone feel involved and they’ll appreciate you more.

It Is a Pleasure

Another quick and appropriate response to “way to go” is it’s a pleasure.”

This response is appropriate when you wish to express your happiness in being involved with the person.

For instance, if your boss says, “I love your work, way to go!”, you could reply with “it’s a pleasure” or “it’s a pleasure working with you.”

Furthermore, it expresses your interest in doing more wonderful jobs. Your boss should be ready to reward you with more jobs.


“Definitely” is a simple response but it can also work. For instance, responding with “definitely” to “you did great, way to go!” is an affirmation that’ll you do more.

As I earlier stated, “way to go” doesn’t only compliment your efforts, it also tells you to strive for more.

Therefore, replying with “definitely” is an agreement expressing your willingness to go for more.

Cheers to More

Responses to Way to Go

“Cheers to more” is another adequate response you can use when you wish to include your team members in your win.

This expression is a motivation and a push to do more. It encourages their support for you and more teamwork.

Also, it’s an invitation to celebrate more success together.

Final Words

When someone tells you “way to go,” there are a good number of ways you can respond and express your gratitude.

“Way to go” is usually part of a statement that compliments one’s efforts and encourages one to do more.

So, when someone tells you “way to go,” appreciate them for the compliment, include them if they’re part of the team, and don’t forget to compliment them too if it’s a combined effort.

In addition, always acknowledge someone who played a good role in your success with your response.

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