20 Best Replies to “Let Me Know When You Are Free”

Knowing how to respond in certain situations isn’t always easy unless you are an adept speaker or an extrovert.

For instance, what do you say when someone says, “let me know when you’re free?”

This is a common request people use every day. However, it’s not everyone that might have the best replies to give.

So, in this article, I’ll be discussing the best replies to “let me know when you’re free.” They’re ready replies that’ll help you not to sound awkward when someone says that to you.

20 Best Replies to “Let Me Know When You Are Free”

“Let me know when you’re free” is a straightforward request that requires an affirmative response.

Anyone can make this request during a conversation and your response should show that you agree.

So, there are countless ways you can reply to this statement, and below are 20 of them.

  1. Okay
  2. Alright
  3. Alright, I will do so
  4. That’s fine
  5. I will let you know
  6. I will call you
  7. I will send a text
  8. You will hear from me soon
  9. Be calm, I will contact you soon
  10. You don’t have to worry, I will do so
  11. I will keep in touch
  12. There’s no problem
  13. I will reach when I can
  14. I will check my schedule
  15. I will be free…
  16. Call me…
  17. Send a text…
  18. Remind me…
  19. Please, keep in touch
  20. Talk to my secretary


“Okay” is a simple word you can use when someone requests that you tell them when you’re free to meet.

You can use “okay” when talking with anyone, whether it’s someone you’re just meeting or someone you know and have a relationship with.

However, this single word lacks emotions and would be appropriate or better suitable for a stranger.

For instance, if someone is booking an appointment with you, you can reply with “okay” to show you’ll fulfill the request.

Conversely, if it’s a friend or a partner hoping for a date with you or any other engagement, you could add endearments to make it more personal and express feelings.

For instance, “Okay dear,” “okay sweetheart,” and “okay babe” are good examples to use.

In addition, if it’s your boss or an elderly person, you could also say something like, “okay sir” or “okay ma’am”.


Another affirmative response you can use when someone asks that you tell them when you’re free is, “Alright.” Alright, works like “okay,” in that it shows that you agree or consent to the request.

However, just like “okay,” alright is a single word that you can use as a quick reply to an acquaintance or some stranger. But with your partner, you can add endearments to make it sweeter.

“Alright, dear,” and “alright babe” are good examples. You can always add yours.

Alright, I Will Do So

Another good reply you can use when someone requests that you let them know when you’re free is, “alright, I will do so.”

This reply is slightly different from the previous one, in that it emphasizes your reply more.

First, “alright” shows that you agree that you will tell them when you’re free, but when you add, “I will do so,” it gives more reassurance and builds their confidence in you.

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Understanding when you use this response is important in your daily conversations with people. You can use this reply for someone desperate to see you.

Here, this reply serves not only to give your consent but also to calm someone who wishes to see you badly.

Replies to Let Me Know When You Are Free

That Is Fine

When someone makes a request and you reply with “that’s fine,” it shows you’re okay and satisfied with it.

You can use this response with anyone to reassure them of your consent when they ask you to let them know when you’re free.

You can use this reply when you want to keep it simple and still sound unwavering.

I Will Let You Know

This is another reply you can use that answers the request directly. “I will let you know” expresses the desire to do as you’re instructed.

When using this statement- unless you’re someone who doesn’t keep to their word, you’re giving your 100% assurance that you’ll grant the request.

It’s a suitable reply for your boss; for example, “I will let you know, sir,” and also a good reply for someone you care about; “I will let you know, dear.”

I Will Call You

If you wish to get back to someone as instructed or requested, you either make a call or send a message through email, SMS, or other means.

So, you can directly respond with the method you wish to go about doing as you’ve been told. Therefore, if it’s the case that you wish to call, “I will call you” is the proper response.

This reply works like the previous one, in that you’re making a promise that you ought to fulfill.

I Will Send a Text

Just like “I will call you,” if you’re going to send your response as a text, you could reply with, “I will send a text.”

This is also a suitable reply that should prepare the person for your text. In addition, if your response is concerning a romantic date, a text message is one of the common means of communication.

It could be through email, iMessage, SMS, or any social media platform.

You Will Hear from Me Soon 

“You will hear from me soon” is another way you can respond to “let me know when you’re free.”

This reply is quite versatile as you can use it in different situations. For instance, you can use it to promise to grant the request as soon as you can.

However, you can also say this as a quick reply to someone who’s bothering you or you’ve no interest in.

Here, you might not have the intention of communicating with the person afterward, but this quick response is just to dismiss them.

Therefore, you can say this when you don’t have anything in mind regarding the person. So, when they wait and don’t hear from you, they may remind you or not, depending on what they want.

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Be Calm, I Will Contact You Soon

There are certain situations when you’ve to pacify or make someone who’s upset cool off.

So, when you want to be comforting, a reply that seeks to calm the person is adequate. “Be calm, I will contact you soon” is one of the best responses that can work here.

For instance, if someone has been requesting that you see and begins to sound desperate or angry, this reply should help them to relax.

“Be calm” seeks to make them calm while “I will contact you soon” gives them the reassurance they need.

You Don’t Have to Worry, I Will Do So

This is another reply that can work like the above to calm an over-anxious person.

Telling them that they don’t have to worry shows that you’re concerned, and so this response should work in pacifying the person.

I Will Keep in Touch

Another good response you can use to “let me know when you’re free” is “I will keep in touch.”

This reply works like, “you will hear from me soon.”  You can choose to say it even when you don’t have any intention to do so or when you don’t want to promise anything.

Also, if you want to dismiss someone and end a conversation, you can say you’ll keep in touch just to get them to leave or stop pestering you.

In addition, you can give this response when you intend to keep in touch.

Replies to Let Me Know When You Are Free

There’s no problem

Another response that’s adequate to “let me know when you’re free” is “there is no problem.”

This reply works like “that’s fine,” as it also expresses that you’re okay with the request. In addition, it tells them that you’ll do as requested.

If you’re responding to someone you like or are close to, you can add any endearment as appropriate.

I Will Reach Out When I Can

When you have no idea of the time or day you’ll be free and you wish to grant the request, telling the person you’ll reach out when you can is a proper response.

It gives them hope that you’ll make an effort to reach out to them.

I Will Check My Schedule

Another suitable reply is to tell them you’ll check your schedule.

If you’re a busy person with several things to keep up with, you could tell the person you’ll check your schedule if you don’t want to promise anything.

Here, the person would not expect much from you. This reply is suitable for a stranger trying to book an appointment, or someone asking for a date but you’ve no interest in.

I Will be Free…

Sometimes you may have to be specific about the time when giving your response.

Although “let me know when you’re free” doesn’t request the exact time you’ll be free, you can tell the person the time if you know your schedule well.

For instance, “I will be free next week” or “l will be free in a month.” In this case, you’re giving the person something to look out for.

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In addition, you’re also bound by this statement; that means the person can call you when you don’t reach out.

Call me…

Another way you can reply to someone who requests that you let them know when you’ll be free is to ask them to reach out to you themselves.

Perhaps you’re the busy type and wouldn’t have the time to remember their request and talk more about fulfilling it, this response is ideal.

One of the ways to go about that is to ask them to call you at a particular time when you think you’d be free or for a reminder.

This response will be suitable for your friend, your colleague, a stranger, or someone you’re a boss too. However, you shouldn’t ask your boss or someone in a higher position to reach out to you.

Send a Text…

Instead of asking the person to call you, you could ask the person to send a text. Sending a text here would serve as a reminder to you.

So, you should give them a specific date or period to send the text to which you would either send a text or call in reply.

In addition, you should be diplomatic when giving this reply. It isn’t everyone you should tell to send you a text.

Remind me…

This is another way you can reply when you want someone to reach out to you when they ask that you let them know when you’re free.

Here it’s necessary you ask them to make the effort to remind you if you’re the busy type.

For instance, if someone wishes to book an appointment with you, and you know you may not remember because of your tight schedule, it’s ideal you ask them to remind you.

This way, you’ll save yourself more stress and save the person from disappointment.

Please, Keep in Touch

One of the ways you can request that they reach out to you is to ask them to keep in touch.

Saying, “please, keep in touch” shows your eagerness to help them. So, it appeals to them, making them understand that you may not be able to follow up so they should keep in touch.

Speak to My Secretary

Replies to Let Me Know When You Are Free

If you’ve got a secretary who monitors your schedule and someone wishes to book an appointment, an appropriate response is to ask them to speak to your secretary.

Here, you relieve yourself of the stress of trying to create time for them since you’ve got a secretary who handles that.


When someone asks that you let them know when you’re free, your relationship with the person should influence how you respond.

You could be informal or formal with your response, depending on the occasion and who’s making the response.

So, the above examples are good responses to give when someone asks that you let them know when you’re free.

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