20 of the Best Responses When Someone Says “You Mean a Lot to Me”

It is such a sweet moment when a person confesses their feelings to you, especially when their words are laced with so much emotion that you can feel it.

This could be the same situation you’ll find yourself in when someone says to you that you mean a lot to them. You can read a lot of meaning into the person’s statement depending on a couple of factors.

In the same vein, these determining factors will also be important if you’re on the lookout for the best replies to use when someone tells you “you mean a lot to me”.

I’ll be discussing these responses in this article. Keep reading on to know more!

Top 20 Responses When Someone Says You Mean a Lot to Me

The best response you can give when someone says “you mean a lot to me” depends on how you perceive the statement.

Similarly, you might answer the person based on the type of relationship you share with him or her. On that note, I’ve curated a list of replies to that effect by incorporating different scenarios and perceptions.

So, you might want to get hold of the line that best suits your circumstance as you go about employing any of these responses.

Moving on, here are the 20 best responses to when someone says “you mean a lot to me”.

  1. I feel the same way too
  2. Thanks for acknowledging me this way
  3. Awwwn, I feel so loved right now
  4. You seem to have only one job; putting a smile on my face
  5. You speak so sweetly
  6. Good thing you know that
  7. Really? I never knew
  8. I don’t remember doing anything remarkable for you
  9. With the way you act…I’m yet to believe that
  10. You’ve never been a sincere person
  11. Are you sure of what you’re saying?
  12. You mean much more to me too
  13. If that’s so, why are you still being edgy with me
  14. I don’t feel the confidence in your voice
  15. And then what?
  16. I won’t fall for that trick again
  17. It’s ironic to think I’m not the only one you tell that
  18. Why do you say so?
  19. Please, don’t start with your flirts
  20. You sure know how to flatter me

I Feel the Same Way Too

If you think you share the same emotional sentiment as the person who says ‘you mean a lot to me’; you can use this line of response to make them understand that you’re also in the same boat as them.

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There’s a sign of emotional relevance that is embedded in this response, so much so that it conveys a complete message of affectation to the person you’re responding to.

By using this line of response, you don’t only acknowledge the person’s gesture towards you but you also reciprocate it.

Like I said earlier on; this line is a viable response to when someone says ‘you mean a lot to me’, only if you feel the same way.

If you’re not convinced enough that you share in the person’s sentiment then there’s no need for you to utter this line as a response.

Thanks for Acknowledging Me This Way

Being appreciative to the person for acknowledging you in the form they did is a polite gesture to make. It says a lot about you being decent and accommodating regardless of the intent behind the statement.

Awwwn, I Feel So Loved Right Now

If it were your loved one who used this line on you, there’s no doubt that you’ll feel wanted and loved. And if you eventually feel so, you can express it using this line.

You Seem to Have Only One Job; Putting a Smile on My Face

Were you pleased by hearing the speaker say that you mean a lot to them? If that’s the case, you can use this line of response to acknowledge them.

You Speak So Sweetly

Just as the line can be a flirtatious statement; you can pay the speaker using their coin. I mean that you can also sound flirtatious while you reply, and you can do that using this line of response.

It good Thing You Know That

A person can say you mean a lot to them when you ask them what they see you as. When this happens, you can use this line of response to concede their claims and validate too.

Really? I Never Knew

As part of a response strategy, you can feign ignorance of the person’s claims. By using this response, you’re positing that you have no idea about what the person said.

I Don’t Remember Doing Anything Remarkable for You

It will be strange for someone whom you haven’t done anything outstanding for, to just conclude that you mean a lot to them.

In this case, you can call their attention to your confusion using this line. Hopefully, the person will come up with a veritable reason that substantiates their claims about you.

With the Way, You Act…I’m yet to believe that

Assuming the person who says you mean a lot to them is of a questionable character, perhaps, he or she is an infidel.

You might want to handle their claims against you with reproach. This way, it becomes clear that you do not believe them when they say ‘you mean a lot to me’.

You’ve never been a Sincere Person

Responses When Someone Says You Mean a Lot to Me

If you know that the speaker has a record of being untrustworthy, and you perceive that this statement could be one of his or her ploys then you should use this reply to call them out.

Are you sure of what you’re saying?

Sometimes it’s good to let people talk in detail about what they have earlier said. It gives room for more understanding between you and the person who says you mean a lot to them.

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This question which usually deserves a yes or no answer helps to rid the dialogue of any uncertainty.

You Mean Much More to Me Too

You can try to be a sweetheart to the person who says you mean a lot to them using this line. This line projects that you also feel the same way they do and you even feel way more than they can imagine.

If that’s So, Why Are You Still Being Edgy with Me

If you suspect the slightest nervousness in the voice of the person who says you mean a lot to them, it could be a sign of lies.

The anxiety in the person’s tone shows that they’re either forcing out the words as they talk or they’re not conclusive about what they just said to you.

If this becomes the case, you can make a case out of it using this line.

I Don’t Feel the Confidence in Your Voice

Do you sense certain shallowness in the tone of the person who said you mean a lot to them? If so, there’s a huge chance that they don’t mean what they say.

When someone is genuine about matters of the heart, he or she says so with so much confidence and vigor.

If you don’t think the person’s actions are up to par with what they say, you can debunk their claims using this line.

And Then What?

Perhaps, the person who said you mean a lot to them is expecting you to fall head over heels for them, especially if they projected the line as a flirtatious statement.

How about you write disappointment all over their face? Sure you can do that with this line of response. With this reply, you first feign ignorance of the person’s statement and then go on to debase it.

I Won’t Fall for That Trick Again

Responses When Someone Says You Mean a Lot to Me

Toxic relationships are responsible for the breed of unforgiving persons we have nowadays. Funnily enough, there are still people in such a relationship that is finding it hard to call things to quit.

For them, there’s still hope for something good to turn out in the affair so they keep holding on, especially when their partner is fond of talking them into staying a little longer.

You may find yourself in such a situation where you’re in a relationship that is better off over, and your partner is still pushing their agenda by telling you ‘you mean a lot to me’.

If that’s the case, you can break the camel’s back with the last straw using this line of response. If you’re looking for a better way of saying “I’m fed up with this affair”, then you have it staring right in your face.

You can quickly cut the person off before their statement by telling him or her “I won’t fall for that trick again’. Say it and stand by it!

It’s Ironic to Think I’m Not the Only One You Tell That

Are you dealing with a serial lover, who jumps from one person to another? If so, you can make them retrieve their statement when you throw in this line of response.

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This reply combines sarcasm and is a bit hilarious for someone who goes around telling different people the same lame line, with the hope of deceiving them.

The essence of this line is to let the speaker know that you’re aware of their dirty game. It also asserts that you now doubt their every move no matter how clean they tend to play it.

Why Do You Say So?

Don’t be surprised if you see a question as one of the replies in this list. This is because I’m an all-inclusive type of person and this extends to how I see things.

If your relationship with the person who says you mean a lot to them is questionable, you can demand clarity by using this line of response.

If the person is genuine about what they said, he or she will try to come up with a veritable response to you. They’ll try to make a strong case for why they think you mean a lot to them.

Contrary, the person will be thrown into confusion when you ask the question if the intent behind their proclamation is not valid.

Please, Don’t Start With Your Flirts

While many people will view the line ‘you mean a lot to me’ as a casual expression of importance; I’ll always beg to differ. This line could be a flirtatious advance on you.

If you’re asking how I know this, then you should know I tend towards being overly observant when it comes to matters concerning social life.

And this trait of mine has put me in the position of seeing many tricks and antics of seduction. So, trust me when I tell you that this line is part of the many ways of bedding a woman.

The antic is what I term ‘verbal seduction’, which entails a manipulative process of passing a romantic advancement on someone by playing on their emotions.

I know some guys that would do this continually to one girl, and over time, this girl would fall for them.

If you’re a lady reading and you feel a sudden nudge that the person who says you mean a lot to him isn’t being truthful, you can rebuke him using this line of response.

It shows how alert you are to detect untrue expressions.

You Sure Know How to Flatter Me

From a different standpoint, the line could be a tool of flattery. Remember how our parents told us that we’re the children of God, just to get us dressed for church as kids…that could be the same function for which this line was projected.

It could be a statement meant to sweep you off your feet once you hear it. You’d now start imagining how important it must be for the person to use such a line on you.

Consequently, you end up nursing emotions that were induced by a statement that may not hold as much value as it sounds.

In most of the cases I’ve encountered, I came to understand that the majority of those who wield this tool of flattery are the guys.

It is more like; since the ladies are prone to flatters then they employ it to win them over easily while making vain promises on top.

Well, if you’re in for the flattery ride then you can use this line of response to acclaim the person for knowing the right buttons to push when it comes to flattering you.


When people make statements with emotional relevance, there’s a need for you to evaluate their statement before believing it as they say.

This brings us to the issue of perception as being a yardstick to measure the genuineness of intent when someone says ‘you mean a lot to me’. This in turn determines what you’ll offer back as a response.

In this post, I was able to successfully highlight and make notes on up to 20 best responses when someone says ‘you mean a lot to me’.

Take your time to figure out the most suitable reply based on your perception of the statement, and kindly let us know what you think about it in the comment box below.

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