20 Best Ways to Respond to “You Are Not My Type”

Being rejected by someone is scary, and the whole thing gets even worse if you not only thought about it but also experienced it.

This is the case when someone says to you “you are not my type”; which in itself sounds derogatory in all forms. The best word to describe your mood at that point would be ‘disgusting’ because that would be exactly what you’ll feel. 

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t keep mute to such a statement on you, hence, the need to have a befitting response ready.

Even if you feel tongue-tied at what to say just know I’ve got you covered. In this post, I will be walking you through a couple of the 20 best ways to respond to “you are not my type”. Keep reading on to know more!

Best 20 Ways to Respond to “You Are Not My Type”

Having a good response when someone claims that you are not their type is a good move to debunk whatever preconceived thought they have about you.

Perhaps, the person thinks you’re dumb, and can’t properly express yourself. Hence, your response to them will have to prove you’re none of what they imagined you to be.

Additionally, if you feel like the person said that to make you feel less of yourself then you should refute their claims with a response that suits them well enough. On that note, below is a list of ways to respond to “you are not my type”.

  • Thanks for letting me know
  • You don’t look so fly yourself. So why the thoughtless remark?
  • 400;”>I’m so sorry; did you just talk?
  • Can you repeat yourself? This time, more intelligently 
  • I’m still in awe at whoever told you that you have the prerogative to have a type
  • Good to know. That makes the two of us. 
  • I’m glad we’re on the same page. Now you should go get a breath mint
  • Well, it doesn’t change the fact that I like you
  • Funny how you also repeated what the last dead person I saw said
  • I don’t have a problem with that, since I’m also like your father
  • What makes you think you’re anybody’s type?
  • There’s obviously a difference in taste, still, I’m shocked at how your taste buds still work
  • Sadly, I don’t have to prove anything to you
  • It’s funny how what you consider your type only reeks of boredom 
  • And I wasn’t trying to be one
  • That’s a pity, still, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m just managing your company
  • I actually thought about that, but I’m a confident person so here we are
  • What is your type? Ugly and stupid, because I’m better than that
  • Don’t act like you’re not trying to sound expensive
  • And who told you was hitting on you, dummy

Thanks for Letting Me Know

It is heartbreaking to hear someone say you’re not their type, especially if it’s coming from someone you’re emotionally invested in. This feeling can stick with you for a long time if you don’t let go of the thought of it.

However, you can choose to take your ‘L’ and move along without creating a scene between you and the person who says you’re not their type.

To be able to do that, you need a response strategy that allows you to simply walk out of the scene of the statement without raising any dust on whether or not you’re upset about the person’s hurtful remark.

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And this line of response is a perfect pick for this type of situation. This is because it saves you the time which you could’ve wasted in trying to prove a futile point to the person who made the statement.

Once you appreciate them for bringing such info to your notice, you should pack up and leave to avoid an unplanned outburst. 

You Don’t Look So Fly Yourself. So, why the Thoughtless Remark?

If you have plans to match up with the person that says you’re not their type of energy, then you can use this line of response to mature your plans.

I understand that many people set standards for other people, and unfortunately, they do not even measure up to the same high stake they try to raise for others. 

When you notice that the person who demeans you by saying you’re not his or her type falls under this category; don’t hesitate to call him or her out. And you can achieve that by employing this line of response. 

Firstly, you’re saying that they don’t look so fly (i.e. they don’t even look flashy) yet they tend to make that a rule for anyone who wants to hang out with them.

This could be the case of a girl who tries to dismiss you as a guy because you don’t have a Rolex watch, while in the real sense, she’s rocking a fake Rolex. This line is what I tag, “beating someone at their game”. 

I’m so sorry; did you just talk?

There’s this thing about sarcastic replies that always make me fall deeply in love with them, and this line right here does the same.

And this spice would be the ability to play on someone’s intelligence without igniting any form of annoyance from them. This is actually what you’d be achieving with this reply.

All you’re doing is carefully dismissing the person’s statement as a dumb statement; one that you can’t even hear.

How laughable is that? Asking the person if they just talked is you practically calling them dummies, as it is clear they did but since they were talking trash about you, then they weren’t making sense to you.

Can You Repeat Yourself? This Time, More Intelligently 

Have you been made a fool of, and you wonder how you fell so cheap for the trick? It doesn’t feel nice, right? However, that is the ploy that I was able to set up with this line of response.

You’re asking the person to recap what they said about you not being their type, but they should say it more intelligently this time around.

This perspective of response only points to one thing; the fact that the person’s first statement was gibberish. So, this response can pass to be a good way of telling the speaker that they’re talking trash without actually using the exact words which may sound rude and offensive.

I’m Still in Awe at Whoever Told You That You Have the Prerogative to Have a Type

Another good way to say that the person who says you’re not their type shouldn’t say that twice is with the help of this line. It translates to mean that you’re surprised at how the person has the confidence to even have a choice when it comes to picking people.

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This could be because they have no moral standing and as such don’t have the right to talk down on you. This is simply you, telling the speaker to put their mouth inside an air-tight bag and zip it up.

Good to Know. That makes the two of us.

Best Ways to Respond to You Are Not My Type

Have you given thought to paying back people with their currency? If you haven’t then this line of response is here to open up your mind to endless possibilities on how to respond to “you are not my type”. 

With this line, you’re telling the speaker that you were just about telling him or her the same thing. But it’s all good that they mentioned it first. This line further means that you’re all squared up as you’re neither the person’s type, nor they’re yours. 

I’m Glad we’re on the Same Page. Now You Should Go Get a Breath Mint

I know you’ll be pissed when someone you’re interested in tells you that you’re not their type. However, it’ll be unfair for you to suffer the bad energy on your own which is why you should invite the speaker to dine with you at the table of “being pissed”.

And you can do that by using this line of response. This response shows that you’re indirectly insinuating that the person’s mouth is smelly. What a way to throw someone off balance!

Well, It Doesn’t Change the Fact That I Like You

If after the person tells you that you’re not type, you still feel indifferent about them then you can use this line of response to convey your heartfelt emotions.

For you to tell the person that their statement doesn’t change how you feel about them shows just how resilient you are, and how much you want things to work out between you two.

Funny How You Also Repeated What the Last Dead Person I Saw Said

How about you throw in another mockery as a response to the person who says you’re not their type? I guess that’d be a great move as it serves as a payback to the person for demeaning you.

To get on with that, you can use this line of response which suggest that the person is as good as a dead person.

I Don’t Have a Problem with That; since I’m also like Your Father

I love it when you use strong comebacks to reply to someone who seeks to disrespect you in any form. The comeback slaps harder when you involve someone which the other person holds dear to them in the comeback.

That’s what I did in this reply which posits that the person’s father is also not their type, as you’re more like their father. 

What makes you think you’re Anybody’s Type?

This question-like response is liable to break the camel’s back. Lol…but this is a serious response to the person who says you’re not their type.

Since they think you’re their type, you could ask them what gives them hope they’re anyone’s type. This would be you reducing the said person to nothingness…a perfect payback.

There’s obviously a Difference in Taste, Still, I’m Shocked at How Your Taste Buds Still Work

Do you mean to say the person’s taste buds are not working? Well, that could be true but the taste buds in question here are likely the person’s sense of reasoning, which is probably dead. This is a way of claiming that you’re not anything they’ve said and it is all a result of misconception.

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Sadly, I Don’t Have to Prove Anything to You

Even in the face of dejection, you should always maintain a strong stance for your self-love. Therefore, you can boldly tell the person who says you’re their type that you have nothing to prove to them, as you believe you’re wholesome and certainly loved by others.

It’s Funny How What You Consider Your Type Only Reeks of Boredom 

I don’t mean for you to sound like a jerk with this response, but whoever it is that says you’re not their type steps on a tiger’s tail and will have to deal with the consequences.

Let’s say you’re the tiger here and they punctured your ego by saying you’re not their type, you can give them a scoop of their soup by saying this reply.

And I Wasn’t Trying to Be One

Best Ways to Respond to You Are Not My Type

If the person who claims you’re not their type thought you would have to work on yourself to become their type, you can disappoint them using this response. With this response, you stand your ground not to change for another’s person’s gain.

That’s a Pity, Still, It Doesn’t Change the Fact That I’m Just Managing Your Company

There’s room for you to play along in the game of rejecting each other when someone starts with you. To reclaim your reign in the rather awful game, you can use this line of response to assert that you’re even managing their company.

I actually thought about that, but I’m a Confident Person So Here We Are

Do you still feel confident that you can pull the string when concerning having an affair with someone who says you’re not their type? If so, you can stand your ground with confidence by saying this response.

What Is Your Type? Ugly and Stupid, because I’m Better Than That

You can make a mockery of the person who says you’re not their type by using this line of response. You’re trying to suggest that the person’s “type” is likely stupid and ugly because you’re none of them.

Don’t Act like you’re not trying to Sound Expensive

There’s this trait most women portray and that is trying to up their worth by sounding hard to get. A girl could say you’re not her type just to make you up your game in trying to woo you. If you sense this, you can reply to her with this response.

And Who Told You Was Hitting on You, Dummy

If your move on a girl was mistaken to be that of trying to hit on her, and she ended up demeaning you by saying you’re not her type; you can use this line to refute her and whatever claims she has.


Here we are, at the end of this post which highlights different ways to respond to “you are not my type”. The replies on this list are the best, and I’m pleased to have brought it your way.

I indulge you to use them consciously and according to your taste. Kindly let us know what you think about them in the comment box below.


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