20 Best Answers to “What Is This Regarding?”

This question is one you may hear from someone you are not very close to. There are different situations where this question may seem necessary to him or her.

You may be paying the person a visit. You may be giving the person a call. You may also be giving some sort of gift to him or her.

You may be wondering what this question is about since you probably don’t hear them often.

There are several reasons you may not hear this question when you pay a person a visit or give him or her a call.

One of these reasons is you both are close already and the gesture is not considered special.

The major reason this question is asked when you pay a person a visit is that you don’t visit the person often or you only visit him or her when there are complaints or issues to discuss.

The same applies when a person asks this question on a phone call.

 20 Best Responses to “What is this regarding?”

  1. I’m just saying hi.
  2. We have an issue.
  3. It’s a Sunday morning.
  4. It’s regarding you.
  5. I just stopped by.
  6. We need to talk.
  7. I am here to pass a message
  8. I wanted to ask a question.
  9. I need your help with something.
  10. Nothing serious
  11. I was sent to you.
  12. Come on. You know why I’m here.
  13. I was in the neighborhood.
  14. I just thought of checking up on you.
  15. It’s been a minute
  16. Can’t we chat for no special reason?
  17. I just wanted to greet you.
  18. The same issue we’ve been battling
  19. I haven’t seen you in a while. Where have you been?
  20. I am here for updates.

I’m just saying Hi

You are probably not just saying Hi. Of course, we all have friends that visit us often. They may have no special reasons for coming around and we never ask why they show up because they always come around whenever they are free. However, there are friends who we never expect to see at our doorstep.

This is the same way your distant friend feels when you show up at his or her doorstep. You can say that you just came by to say Hi.

There is a high chance he or she will not believe that immediately. You may have other ordinary reasons for choosing to show up at his or her place or give him or her a call.

We have an issue

This is the answer most often expected whenever this question comes. If a person you’ve known for a while visits you for the first time, there will be a silent suspicion in you that he or she has a reason or purpose for showing up at your place.

Then you will feel the urge to ask why he or she is there, as you express your surprise.

You can respond by saying there is an issue. This is if you actually showed up at the person’s place for an important reason.

Once you say this, you will be getting his or her full attention. Then you can say what issue you have.

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The use of ‘We’ implies that the situation may affect both of you. This will definitely give him or her the urge to help you out quickly.

It’s a Sunday morning

It’s not necessarily a Sunday morning. It could be a Saturday morning. It could be a Monday morning. It could be a Friday night.

It may even be a Tuesday noon. It is not about the day but about the message you are passing and how it relates to the day.

When responding to ‘what is this regarding’, you can give an implicit response. This is one. You may be paying the person a visit or giving a call.

When you say ‘It’s a Sunday morning’, you are implying that he or she is not meant to be surprised since it’s Sunday morning. You may say ‘It’s your birthday’. This implies that the person is not meant to be surprised about your visit or call.

Whichever day you are referring to, make sure it is giving an idea of why you are making the call, giving the gift, or paying the visit.

It’s regarding you

This is something you can say when you are about to make a complaint. This response simply means you are paying the visit or making the call because of the person.

There are several ways you can explain this but that depends on how you actually feel. You can say this if you are there to share the good news about the person.

You may also say this if you are sharing bad news about the person. It could be a complaint about what the person has done to you.

You may also just be there to thank him or her. Whatever you say has to be about the person you are talking to.

Nothing. I just stopped by

You may actually have no purpose for being at the person’s house. However, you also have to acknowledge the fact that the person does not expect you to have ever shown up at his or her house.

He or she may just find it impossible to believe that you just thought of showing up and you didn’t.

Most times, the only reason we visit some people is that we are in the area and the thought crossed our minds. This is a good and honest response.

The person may also ask what you were doing in the neighborhood but not in an interrogative tone, of course.

We need to talk

This makes it clear that you came for a special reason. You are not just here to greet him or her and the person had guessed right by asking this question.

He or she may have asked this question because you don’t ever come to visit or place a call. It may also be because you only visit or call when there are things you want to talk about. The same applies to gift.

The question may come to you when you give a gift and this can be your response. People often give gifts to others so they can receive favors.

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After saying this, he or she will let you say what you need to say and you both can discuss the main reason behind your gesture.

I am here to pass a message

You can be visiting to pass a message. It may also just be a piece of information from a source.

The person may have asked this question because you are visiting from afar or you only come over when you have important matters to address.

Therefore, whenever you show up, he or she knows you are there with another important matter.

After saying this, you can mention your source or whoever sent you and you can give the message you came with.

I wanted to ask a question

When you receive a call from someone you know but have never called you, you may wonder why he or she is placing the call. It may also be a visit from someone who lives far away or has never visited you.

In response to this question, one just has to say why he or she has visited or called. The person may be at your place or calling to ask a quick question.

I need your help with something

As mentioned earlier, you simply have to answer the question with what your gesture was about. If you gave the person a call, you may say why you called.

If you paid the person a visit, simply say why you are there. If you have the person a gift, you can say what your intentions are or why you gave the gift.

If you are there to ask for the person’s assistance with anything, you can say so and the person will attend to you.

Nothing serious

You can give this response when a person asks what your gesture is about. Oftentimes, strange gestures are for self-centered reasons so the instincts of the receiver always suspect a hidden agenda behind every strange gesture.

This response implies that the reason behind your gesture is not a serious one. By asking what your gesture is regarding, the person is guessing that you are not doing it for nothing.

Your response however confirms that you came for a reason. You are agreeing that you have a purpose for your gesture but you are also claiming it is a light reason so it shouldn’t bother the person you are talking to.

I was sent to you

This is an okay answer, though it confirms the person’s suspicion. The question is often an indirect way of saying you can never make the gesture for the sake of nothing.

Your response will be confirming the person’s suspicion so the conversation will go straightforward as you only focus on the message you are there to pass.

Come on. You know why I’m here

The question may sound weird to you for certain reasons. One of these reasons may be that the person should already know why you are visiting or calling.

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You may have discussed your reason for visiting earlier. It is possible that the person has forgotten the previous conversation you had about it.

When you respond with this, he or she will also wonder what may have been forgotten.

I was in the neighborhood

Here is another possible reason for your visit. The person may be asking this question only because your house is distant from his or hers.

It would be very unusual to believe that a friend will travel miles to come and see you. Even if that will happen, the visitor should be placing a call first to avoid meeting your empty house.

You can say you are only visiting the person because you were in the neighborhood. This implies that you didn’t intend to visit but you felt it was the right thing to do since you were nearby already.

I just thought of checking up on you

The question may come because your visits are not very often. It doesn’t mean you have never visited him or her.

There is a high chance you are only visiting because you are bored. You can simply say so or say you only thought of checking up on him or her.

The same applies if you are giving a call.

It’s been a minute

This is the same as checking up on someone. You can’t keep checking up on a friend every day for no reason.

However, you can check up on a friend whom you haven’t seen or heard from in a while.

Can’t we chat for no special reason?

You can respond with this question to show that your visit or call was for no special reason. However, the question thrown at you may show that the person is not interested in chatting with you.

It may also simply mean the person finds it strange.

I just wanted to greet you

This means you didn’t visit or call the person for any special reason. You just wanted to greet him or her so you paid a visit or placed a call.

The same issue we’ve been battling

This implies that the person is already familiar with what made you visit or call. It also implies that the person was already addressing it with you.

The initial question from the person implies that he or she has either forgotten about the issue or thought that it was concluded.

After this response, you can talk about the progress of the situation and what the problem is.

I haven’t seen you in a while. Where have you been?

You can give this response if you are only calling or visiting because you haven’t seen the person. You should also ask about the person’s whereabouts and welfare.

I am here for updates

This response implies that you called or visited in hope that you will get meaningful information on a particular topic that the person already knows about.

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