20 Funny Replies to “Who Is This” Text

I bet you’ve tried calling or texting someone at some point and they had it rough trying to figure out who exactly it was that got in touch with them. At this point, the person could ask you “who is this” probably through text to confirm your identity.

While it is understandable to say that their question is valid, you might be bewildered if you expected the person to recognize you on the spot. 

However, you’ll certainly want to respond to the person but how do you intend to go about it if you want to bring in the fun vibe into your response strategy? In this article, I will be walking you through the best 20 funny replies to the “who is this” text. Keep reading to know more!

Best 20 Funny Replies to “Who Is This” Text

Being funny requires you to employ a lot of hilarious and unrealistic points that can twinkle the fancy of the other person. Since you’re texting back, you might want to be a bit more creative in how you craft your responses.

Nevertheless, I have done my assignment on these responses so all you have to do is to choose the one that suits you the most and apply it to your circumstance.

Below are the various forms of funny replies when someone sends you a text that read “who is this”. 

  • Hi, it’s me, your guardian angel
  • Is that you showing early signs of old age?
  • No, who is this? Dummy!
  • It’s your right kidney
  • The future that you’ve been chasing 
  • I’m your caterer in the dream world
  • Guess who you owed last. Yeah you guessed right
  • I heard you wanted to help the world, well, you guessed right. It is I!
  • Let’s say I’m you. Who will answer your question
  • The child you never wanted
  • Your other happy self. Just let the sun behold your dentition
  • I’m your lover that doesn’t want to get caught
  • Were you expecting it to be your pastor?
  • Your nose. Lol. I bet you looked for that
  • It’s me, your favorite coffee-drinking mate
  • What would you do if I said it’s your joy?
  • Definitely whom you’ve been dreaming about 
  • I’m a 4 out of 10, yet you love me
  • It’s your brains. I’m back from vacation, you can now start making sense
  • Can we get to the part you tell me why you ate my cookies?

Hi, It’s Me, Your Guardian Angel

It will be a funny experience if you used this line as your response text when you get a text that reads “who is this” from someone. Like, whose guardian angel sends them a message via text, and for what reasons?

And to think that you have to explain that you’re a guardian angel rather than let the person figure it out is enough reason to tag it as a ridiculous and hilarious thing to say.

The whole setup gets even funnier if you know the person is an atheist, so he or she doesn’t believe in the existence of a Divine Spirit. Thereby, you saying you’re his or her guardian angel is a mockery of their religious standings.

Let’s say you frequently have arguments with the said person concerning religious matters; then the person has a high chance of figuring out that it is you. All the same, I know this is a good pick for you as a response to the “who is this” text.

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Is That You Showing Early Signs of Old Age?

Do you intend to downplay the intelligence of the person who asked “who is this” through text? If so, then you’ll need a good response such as this one right here. This means that you’re trying to insinuate that the reason why the person wasn’t able to recognize you is a result of biological aging. 

Perhaps, you called the person on the phone before their text and they had it hard trying to decipher who called them. That is to say, they couldn’t recognize your voice right away and that could be a sign of aging in an adult human, in which the person develops hearing impairment due to weak or outworn tissues and cells.

So, if you use this on a person who is fairly old, they may laugh at it because they know that they’re aging.

No, Who Is This? Dummy!

With this line of response, you’re posing the same question the person asked back to them. The last word of this line shows that you have the thought that the said person is supposed to know you, but for some reason, they appear not to have recognized that you’re the one who reached out to them.

If you use this line, you’re indirectly telling the person to think harder as there’s a chance they’ll discover that you’re the one who either called or texted them, before their “who is this” text.

It’s Your Right Kidney

It is quite funny to tell the person that asked “who is this” over a text, that you’re his or her right kidney. While this may sound offensive to a few persons, a greater number of people will find it hilarious, especially if you’re they’re the type that likes reacting to jokes.

On that note, you can count on this response if you want to sound funny with your response to the person who asked you “who is this” over a text.

The Future that you’ve been chasing 

If the person that you’re trying to respond to is overly ambitious, you can use this line of response to cut into their lifestyle. I’m sure the person will put up a smiley face after they read this text as your response. 

This is because you’re referencing their hustle and goal, which they’ve been chasing for a while. To think that the future they’ve been chasing all these years decided to text or call them is funny. 

I’m Your Caterer in the Dream World

Funny Replies to Who Is This Text

If you have any idea that the person you’re responding to eats in their dreams, you can use this line to throw them off balance with laughter. It is extremely funny to think that the caterer of all those meals they used to eat in their dreams decided to reach out to them.

I’m convinced the person will be left rolling on the floor with laughter if they have the convenience to do that.

Guess Who You Owed Last. Yeah You Guessed Right

A friend of mine once pulled a prank on me via phone call. I had to stare at my cell phone for a couple of minutes while I try to figure out who had that deep masculine voice. I decided to text the number to find out who the person was, and guess what I saw as a response? “Who did you owe last?”

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I couldn’t help with the laughter, as I chuckled repeatedly. The dude was trying to get to me with that response and he succeeded. In the same vein, you can use this line as your response when you receive a text that reads “who is this” probably from a friend who didn’t know it was you.

I Heard You Wanted to Help the World, Well, You Guessed Right. It Is I!

This response is for the over-compassionate folks who would do anything to help others. You can use it on them when the person asks you, “who is this” via text.

Perhaps, you had a conversation with the person on how he or she was going to help you out and they couldn’t recognize you were the one, hence, the question “who is this” text.

Let’s Say I’m you. Who Will Answer Your Question

This is one of those replies in which you can mix up confusion with funniness. It is a cunning response to the person who asked you “who is this” via text.

The Child You Never Wanted

You may want to employ this response in the case where someone asks you “who is this” via text. This is a way of putting a bright smile on the face of the person, especially if they’re your parents who recently sent you to college.

I get it that a lot of college kids feel left out of their families, especially if they went here against their will. Hence this response is also valid.

Your Other Happy Self. Just Let the Sun Behold Your Dentition

If the person you’re trying to reply to is down with thoughts and feels depressed, you can use this line to make them feel good again. This response will do the work of making them smile, at least.

I’m Your Lover That Doesn’t Want to Get Caught

You can use this line for your spouse or partner, or even your crush. This is because it has the potential of sending smiles across their faces. The person may even decipher that you’re the one just by how you sound. 

Were You Expecting It to Be Your Pastor?

This is another line of response that you can use to reply to whoever questioned your identity via a text by saying “who is this”. However, you can use this line only if you’re replying to your close friend or acquaintance, as this sounds too informal and playful.

Your Nose. LOL. I Bet You Looked for That

You can employ this line of response if you want to crack the ribs of the person who asked you who you are via text. To do this, this line involves tricking the person into believing that you’re their nose. How silly can that be?

It’s Me, Your Favorite Coffee Drinking Mate

If the person you’re trying to reply to is a heavy coffee taker, you can count on this line of response to serve them a response when they ask you “who is this” via text.

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Perhaps, you got a new phone and had to reach out to them, but they failed to recognize your voice at once, then you can use this line to invariably remind them who you are.

What would you do if I said it’s Your Joy?

You can use this line of response for anyone who texts you “who is this”. This is because it envisions you as a feeling and the person, who might be feeling low at the moment, may find it funny that their joy is texting them back or calling them on the phone. 

Definitely whom you’ve been Dreaming About

Funny Replies to Who Is This Text

This is a response that you can use on your lover if you reached out to them using a different number or phone. When they text back to you by saying “who is this”, you should say this to them.

I’m a 4 out of 10, Yet You Love Me

If it was your spouse that asked you “who is this” after you texted or called them with a different number or phone, then you use this line of response. This is you trying to picture your shortcomings which they overlooked and still settled with you. It will give the person a hint about your identity.

It’s Your Brains. I’m Back from Vacation, You Can Now Start Making Sense

Friends can make a mockery of each other still there are no hard feelings attached to it. If you are friends with the person who texted you “who is this” is your friend, you can use this line to reply to your friend who you want to make a mockery of.

Can We Get to the Part You Tell Me Why You Ate My Cookies?

 This is the last but not the least response in this list and it is quite funny for you to say this. It’s possible that the person who texted you “who is this” didn’t recognize at the instance that you’re the one who reached out to them.

In this instance, it could be he or she took something that belonged to you (your cookies), and you tried reaching out to them with a different number.

Amid the confusion, they could ask you via text “who is this”. In response, you can say this line instead of abruptly saying your name. I bet the person will recognize right away that you’re the one. 


When someone texts you saying “who is this”, it means he or she is trying to know your identity. Perhaps you’ve either called or texted them, and they found it hard to figure out if it was you or not.

However, this post discussed a couple of funny ways to respond in this type of situation, particularly if you want to make the circumstance of your response more lively than moody or tense up.

I know these replies will play their roles perfectly, so, you might want to let us know what you think about them in the comment box below.


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