20 Funny Replies to “Who Is This?”

Have you ever had a text message that simply said, “Who is this?” You’re not alone! It’s not even texting messages alone. This question may be asked over a phone call.

Sometimes, a person may be required to walk up to you and ask the question. Before you call it absurd, know that you would probably do the same if a stranger walked into your house without hesitation.

Virtually everyone has been in a similar situation, and it may be difficult to know how to respond.

In this blog article, we’ll provide some helpful tips on how to reply when someone asks who you are.

20 Funny Responses to “Who Is This”

Funny Replies to Who Is This

  1. You know who I am.
  2. Your worst nightmare.
  3. I can give you a few wrong guesses.
  4. Just a stranger.
  5. Wrong digits
  6. Do you want to guess?
  7. Who do you think?
  8. Have you forgotten me so quickly?
  9. You don’t know me.
  10. I’ll give you a dollar to tell me.
  11. You don’t need to know me.
  12. I wouldn’t want to know me if I were you.
  13. Why do you care?
  14. Who do you want me to be?
  15. Nobody
  16. I have no idea. Who?
  17. Who are you?
  18. We already met.
  19. I was going to ask you.
  20. I am just going to ignore you

You know who I am

One may ask, ‘Why bother thinking of special responses when you can simply say your name?’ No one needs to bother if there is no reason to not say your name.

However, some people are not comfortable with saying their names to strangers. Some choose to be savage in their responses so the person would just stop disturbing with the ‘foolish’ question.

For this particular response, you may still have to say what your name is since the person knows who you are.

When you say this, you are implying that the person should know who you are. Instead of making the person wonder who you could be, you can simply add your name.

You may even proceed to give further descriptions of yourself in a way that the person would easily remember.

You may only want to consider this response when you are sure that you know the person that has asked the question.

Otherwise, you may end up unintentionally giving information about yourself to a total stranger.

Your worst nightmare

Responding to a joke is another good idea. This is more suitable on a phone. However, this is not something you may want to say to a stranger whose attention you need.

Even if you were talking to a friend, he or she may end the call when you say this silly joke.

When you say Your worst nightmare, you may want to answer the question quickly so the person does not end the call before you are able to get what you want.

Have you ever been called on a phone and the caller asks who you are? It is more common to be asked this question when you are the one calling the other person.

However, it is not impossible for it to be the other way around. When this happened to me, I had dialed the wrong numbers so I ended the call before the person could answer the phone.

When the person called back, he asked who I was. In this situation, you can just mention that you called by mistake or tell an annoying joke like this one.

I can give you a few wrong guesses

This is another bad joke which can waste your time if you really hope to get something from the person asking the question.

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When you have attracted a person’s attention and he or she asks who you are, you can say this if you are unwilling to tell the person anything about you.

This response may not achieve anything so you should not say this unless the person has a reason to listen or speak to you without knowing who you are.

You may simply want to ask a harmless question that anyone can answer. In that case, you don’t have to say your name to a stranger.

After giving this response, you can say why you have called the person’s attention.

Just a stranger

You can’t be asked this question (who is this) by someone who already knows who you are. It is most definitely a stranger or someone whom you know but doesn’t know you.

This response points out that fact but it may spark the wrong reaction if it is necessary for you to say who you are.

This response is more suitable if the person does not need to know who you are and if you can make the person understand that neither of you has to know the other person.

After saying you are just a stranger, you can ask your simple question or say what you have to say.

If the person must know who you are before answering your question or listening to you, he or she would say so.

Sorry, Wrong digits

Funny Replies to Who Is This

This response is appropriate if you are talking on a phone and the situation is exactly as this response states.

This response suggests that you have dialed the wrong digits and you did not intend to call the person you are currently speaking to.

In this case, you don’t have to tell your name or say anything about yourself. The person is a stranger. He or she could be any random person in the neighborhood or country.

Once you give this response, the person will understand that you did not intend to call and you will be expected to end the call immediately after saying this. You should not say anything further.

Do you want to guess?

This is a question that is often asked in several situations but you have to admit that it can be quite annoying.

You don’t want a stranger to tap you on the shoulder and start making you guess who he or she may be. That would be absurd but that is if the person is an actual stranger.

While it is okay to joke with a stranger with this weird question, it is more suitable to say this if you are calling a person that knows you and may not have your contact info saved.

As long as the person knows you, there is a chance that he or she may guess right. The person may also not choose to guess but you may get a reaction of surprise when you reveal who you are.

This question on a phone call may sound suspicious to some people. I have almost been duped by someone with this technique.

The scammer may choose to assume one of the names you are guessing, then the scammer starts talking to you like someone he or she knows till you are fully in the conversation.

Then the scammer will start to make simple demands while you think you are talking to a relative or a friend.

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Who do you think?

This is a good response if a person phones you and asks who you are. By asking this question, you get to know if the person has called you on purpose without having to say your name.

Have you forgotten me so quickly?

This may be much better than asking the person to guess. However, there isn’t much difference if you are doing it over the phone. The person you are talking to may start to suspect that you are being dubious.

When you ask this question, the person will look at you closely and wonder how he or she may know you. You can even play this joke on a stranger, especially if you don’t have to reveal your true identity.

You can just play with the person’s mind for a very short while before exposing your joke and saying what you really have to say.

However, it is more suitable to ask this question if you have been asked about who you are by someone whom you expect to know you.

You don’t know me

This is a blunt way of saying ‘You don’t know me. Don’t think too much about it.’ When the person asks Who you are, he or she expects you to respond with your name or anything important that may make him or her care about speaking with you.

In this case, you won’t be saying who you are. Rather, you would be saying why you have called his or her attention.

After giving this response, you can proceed to say your name if you think it is needed for the person to trust you.

However, if the person does not have to know your name to listen to you, you can just say what you have to say.

I’ll give you a dollar to tell me

Speaking of jokes, this is another one you may consider when responding to ‘Who is this?’ You can say this to a stranger whom you are just looking to play with. You may woo a lady with this after calling her attention.

Also, the question may not be about you. The person may be asking you about another person.

If you don’t know the person you are being asked about, you can respond with this statement. It would automatically tell the other person that you have no answer to the question.

You may also say this if you have been asked this question by someone who you believe should know and remember you.

When you say this, you must express your surprise to show that the person should really remember you. You can proceed to state your disappointment in the fact that the person has forgotten you so quickly.

You shouldn’t waste time waiting for the person to guess. You should say whichever name the person should have remembered you by.

You don’t need to know me

For a person to ask who you are, he or she definitely does not know you or doesn’t remember who you are.

There is a high chance the person would be guessing who you may be or where he or she may have met you in the past. If the person does not know you, you can simply say so.

However, if the person does not need to know you, it is very straightforward to say so. When you say he or she does not have to know you, the person will wonder why you have called him or her.

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You are required to say why you have called. You may also express why it is unimportant for you to know the person or for the person to know you before your request can be granted.

I wouldn’t want to know me if I were you

This inspires the idea of danger. When you say this to a stranger, he or she would probably look at you and wonder what could be dangerous about you or he or she would step back a bit.

However, this is more suitable as a joke. You should only say this if what you want to say is less about you and more about the person.

If you are going to say something serious, starting with this joke may be a pretty bad idea.

Why do you care?

You may want to ask why a person cares to know you. In many cases, it doesn’t matter. A person may just ask who you are just to get you to talk.

Who do you want me to be?

This is another cute joke you may want to employ in flirting with a stranger. When a strange girl asks who you are, this response would definitely suggest that you are trying to flirt.

She would probably smile to it. She could also look at you with disgust if she is not interested in flirting with you.

While you can use this weird question in other situations, it is more suitable for flirting and making jokes with strangers.


You can say this if you don’t think the person has to know who you are. It may sound quite dismissive so it is more suitable if what you have to say has less to do with you and more to do with the person you are talking to.

I have no idea. Who?

This sounds weird but it isn’t. ‘Who is this?’ can be a question addressed to you but not about you. A person can show you a picture and ask this question.

If you don’t know who it is, you can respond with this and wait for the person to tell you.

Who are you?

Sometimes, the question may seem needless or it may be coming from someone you don’t know. You can ask the person the same question.

This way, you can know if it is safe or necessary to tell the person about yourself.

We already met

When an acquaintance asks who you are, you can mention that you already met if you don’t want to say much.

All you have to do is remind him or her of how you met instead of doing the introduction over again.

I was going to ask you

If a person shows you a picture or points to a person and asks this question, you can respond with this.

This response implies that you already saw the picture or the person and you have no idea who it is so you planned to ask too.

I am going to ignore you

When you are asked about who a person is, it is better to concoct your introduction as politely as possible.

However, the person you are asking about may be quite unimportant to the matter under discussion.

If so, you can tell the questioner that you’ll ignore his/her question.

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