15 Nice View Replies

Have you ever been in a situation where somebody compliments your view, but you don’t know how to respond?

Well, no need to worry! In this blog article, we will provide some tips and advice on the best way to respond when someone says “Nice View” – so read on for more information!

15 Great “Nice View” Replies

Nice View Replies

  1. It certainly is.
  2. Thank you. I think so too.
  3. I don’t think so.
  4. Are you being sarcastic?
  5. Really? You’re joking.
  6. It’s nice to hear that from you.
  7. Is that the best you can do.
  8. Nice is an understatement.
  9. Beautiful, isn’t it?
  10. I worked hard on this.
  11. I’m glad you like it.
  12. I don’t see it.
  13. Definitely stunning.
  14. No one doubts that.
  15. Enough with the flattery.

Yes. It certainly is

The phrase “it certainly is” is an affirmative response indicating agreement to the statement or opinion expressed by the other person.

In this instance, it conveys agreement with the observation that there is a nice view. In other words, saying “it certainly is” indicates that you acknowledge and appreciate the beauty of whatever it is you are admiring in your surroundings.

If the “Nice view” comment was made on a picture of you, this will not sound as proud as it seems when you think about it.

However, that depends on how you say it. You can sound cheerful like you admire yourself. The person will find it amusing.

Thank you. I think so too

This combines appreciation with your view on something that another person has commented on. When we say this, we are implying that we agree with the comment that has been made.

The phrase “I think so” can be used as an affirmative reply to a statement or question.

When a person says “Nice view,” the response “I think so” would suggest agreement with the feeling expressed in the statement, that is, that one finds the view attractive or pleasing.

However, there is an expression of uncertainty with the use of “think” and that is normal in a case like this since a different person may believe otherwise while both persons are looking at the same thing.

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If this response is given to a comment on a picture of you or how you appear, you may sound unconfident.

I don’t think so

Nice View Replies

Saying “I don’t think so” after someone has said “Nice view” can be interpreted as having a negative response to the statement.

Saying this could either imply that you are not interested in finding beauty in the scenery, or you actually disagree that it’s a nice view.

If you are choosing to respond to the comment with this, it is important to state your underlying reasons if there are any.

It could also be a modest response if the comment was made on your looks. However, it could also be interpreted as a lack of confidence in how you look.

Are you being sarcastic?

This is closer to a negative response. If this response comes to you after you say something, it means that the other person either disagrees with the statement you just made or thinks you are joking.

Sarcasm is when a person says the opposite of what he or she intends to say, with the intent of mocking or insulting. From the tone in which the statement is made, you can tell if the person is being sarcastic or not.

However, saying this will pass the idea that you do not think the comment was made sincerely.

If the comment was made on your looks or a picture of you, this response would be seen as a show of modesty or lack of confidence.

Really? You’re joking.

Depending on the context, this can either be a great way to degrade and insult another person or a show of humility.

It is common for people to use expressions like “you are joking” as a form of self-deprecation or modesty, especially in situations when they don’t feel comfortable taking credit for something.

It is a polite way of deflecting praise and avoiding attention. This gesture can also be seen as an acknowledgment that someone has been given or done something beneficial or valuable, though it implies that the person does not think they deserve such recognition.

If the comment was made about you, you would appear modest. However, if it is someone else’s work, you may appear disrespectful.

It’s nice to hear that from you

There may be more reasons to even consider a comment nice. It is okay to appreciate a person who has said a compliment to you but, sometimes, it is even more surprising to hear it from some people.

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This response would be more reasonable if the comment has been made on your looks or a picture of you. That way, this response would be expressing your flattery and true gratitude.

However, the comment may also have been on another person’s work or looks. In that case, you would only be saying this response because you are astonished to hear the person say a compliment to anything or anyone.

You should say this if you respect the person that has made the comment or if it’s a person who hardly appreciates things.

Is that the best you can do

You may be shocked to find this option here but it is totally correct if you can think of the perfect scenario to have this uttered.

Compliments can come from anyone and they can be for any reason. Sometimes, compliments are truly how the speaker feels.

Sometimes, compliments are just the opposite of what the speaker means i.e. the person is only trying to mock or insult you.

In that case, this response would be perfect. You would be indirectly telling the person that the comment has no effect on you.

“Nice view” is also a kind of compliment you may hear from someone who is only trying to flatter and flirt with you. If you think there is nothing special about how you look, this may be the perfect joke to say at the moment.

Nice is an understatement

Well, Nice may just be an understatement for what you are staring at. It is okay to point that out.

When a person says Nice view as a compliment to something that he or she is looking at, you can respond by saying how you feel about it too. You can choose to agree that it is a nice view.

You can choose to point out faults that make you dislike the view. You can also choose to give it whatever adjective you believe qualifies it better.

By saying Nice is an understatement, you are telling the person that the view is more beautiful than being merely called Nice.

If it is a picture of you, this may sound proud or may be taken as a joke. However, that depends on how you say it and the person that you are talking to.

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Beautiful, isn’t it?

“Nice view” may not exactly reflect how a person feels about what he or she is staring at. You may want to share your views in the form of a question to know if the person shares the same view.

While staring at a picture that has been commented on, you can say “Beautiful background, right?”

By saying this, you are sharing your views about the same thing that the person has commented on but you are pointing out the part that you appreciate.

Thanks. I worked hard on this

This is an appropriate response if the comment has been made on something that you created. Compliments on how efforts can be very flattering so it is normal to say Thanks impulsively.

This response implies that you exerted some effort in creating something that is being appreciated. It also implies that may not have expected the compliment but you hoped that it would be considered nice.

This response would be considered a show of modesty

I’m glad you like it

This is pretty much the same as the response mentioned earlier. However, this response may also be perfect if you had prepared the object of the compliment for the person talking.

When you say this, you may or may not have expected it to be appreciated but you are happy that it is considered nice.

I don’t see it

This sounds like something an enemy would say about a picture of you or your artwork. This response implies that you can’t find beauty in what is being complimented.

If this is how you feel about a friend’s look, it may be better to not say it unless it is important for him or her to know the truth.

Definitely stunning

If you think Nice is an understatement for what is being appreciated, you can simply respond with an even bigger word. If the comment was made on your looks, this response would be funny.

If the comment was made on something else, you should say why you consider it stunning. That’s not important, however.

No one doubts that

You can consider saying this if it is not the first time you are hearing the compliment. This may sound quite dismissive but it is okay if you think the person is only saying so to talk to you.

By saying this, you are implying that you and everyone else also consider the view to be appealing.

Enough with the flattery

Use this in dismissing a friendly flirt. If you are trying to push a person away, this may not work. However, if it is a friend, this is a good way to respond to unwanted flattery.

This response may make you appear modest, especially if the person was not trying to flatter you with the comment.

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