20 Best Replies to “Come Cuddle”

When someone asks you to “come cuddle”, they do that to tell you that they need your presence. It is a call for you to get physical with whoever it is that tells you so. This call is valid and proper if you got it from someone you know or even your spouse.

However, it becomes absurd to hear that from someone you know nothing about; this is more like a total stranger telling you to come to spend some quality time with him or her.

If you’re clueless about what to reply, in the first or second scenario, I will be discussing the 20 best replies to “come cuddle.” Keep reading on for more!

20 Best Replies to “Come Cuddle”

If you’ve ever been told “come cuddle” by someone, there’s a chance you took some minutes before you replied to the person.

Within this period, you may be tongue-tied on what to say and that depends on who the person is asking you to “come cuddle.”

If it’s someone unknown, the absurdity will make it hard for you to be polite if you want to respond to the person, while you could show concern if it’s someone you’re already acquainted with. 

Without wasting more time, let’s get into the highlight of the replies on this article and also short notes on each of them respectively.

  • And why would I do that?
  • Ewww, we just met bro
  • Thanks, but no thanks
  • Did I mention that I’m married? I guess not
  • I don’t feel comfortable doing that just now
  • You do know that sounds creepy?
  • I’m not a call girl, go get one for yourself
  • Can we take it slow?
  • Sure, why not?
  • You said that just about the time I needed it
  • Did your mom not hold you enough?
  • I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m cut out for that right now
  • Do you seriously think I’ll fall for that?
  • I don’t even know you that much to get physical with you
  • Ummmm, right now?
  • I’m not available at the moment, maybe later
  • Ouu, you clingy bunch of love
  • That sounds crazy, you know?
  • Sorry, but I’m only here for business
  • I can’t. We are not couples yet

And Why Would I Do That?

This is a good response if the person who asked you to come and cuddle with them is a stranger. Even if the person is not a total stranger, it could be that he or she is someone you least expect to say something like that to you.

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Perhaps, you guys are just friends or barely exchange greetings only for them to wake up one day and ask you to come and cuddle with them.

What you’ll achieve with this line of response is to ask the person why you should give in to what they’re asking of you.

First, it’s clear you have nothing sensual with the speaker which could’ve caused them to tell you such a thing, and you may have not had that discussion with the person.

So, when you hear the person telling you to “come cuddle” you can use this line of response to make the person dumbfounded because there’s a chance they’ll not be able to give you a concrete response.

Ewww, We Just Met Bro

This is a good response that you can use for those creeps who try to get physical with a lady just a few minutes after getting to know them.

These are the types of guys that would try to kiss a lady in the first 20 minutes of their date. I’m not saying it is improper, but there’s a way the person will initiate it and it looks off.

Therefore, if you notice that the person who’s trying to get to know you more is being creepy about it then you should use this line of response to declining their request and also mention why you wouldn’t be agreeing to their cuddle arrangement.

Thanks, but No Thanks

By saying this response, you’re telling the person who asks you to come cuddle that they can take their proposal elsewhere. This means that you don’t want to cuddle, and even if you wanted to, it would still be not with them.

With this line, you’re telling the person that you’re not interested but you’re doing that with another choice of words. I’m sure the person you’re replying to will get this message loud and clear and the person will probably leave you out of such conversations next time. 

Did I Mention That I’m married? I Guess Not

One of the major reasons why someone random would suggest you come cuddle with them is that they presume you’re single.

There’s this respect given to married people, especially those who admit to being single. The person who says you should come cuddle with him may not know your status, so you can use capitalize on that to craft your response.

Well, I leveraged that which is why I came up with this question-like response to the person that says to you “come cuddle”. Asking the person this question and disclosing your status thereafter is a good response strategy for enlightening the person and also declining their request.

I Don’t Feel Comfortable Doing That Just Now

If you don’t feel at ease with the person who asks you to come cuddle with them, you can let them know straight up instead of beating about the bush.

This shows how intentional you are with issues of physical touch, and helps give you more worth in the eyes of the person who asked you to cuddle with them.

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If that’s the case, you can use this line of response to convey your emotional status concerning the issue with the person who says to you “come cuddle”. 

You Do Know That Sounds Creepy?

Best Replies to Come Cuddle

There’s a possibility that the person who says you should come cuddle with him or her at that time doesn’t know that it is creepy.

Perhaps, you just met this person on a social media platform and instead of them taking the talking stage step by step, they decided to get into the part of physical contact. 

When you get this type of request from someone you’re just starting to get acquainted with, you can opt to use this response to notify them that it is a creepy request to make then.

I’m Not a Call Girl, Go Get One for Yourself

Sadly, there is a breed of men that see women as sex toys and not as human beings that should be respected and treated with care.

Unfortunately, if you’re a girl and the person who said you should come cuddle is likely in this group, you can use this line of response to explain to the person that you’re not like anything they see women as. 

This is a good response, as you’re both declining the person’s request and are also defending the cause of other decent women who are seen as materials of sexual objectification by ruthless men. 

Can We Take It Slow?

Fresh and new relationships usually have few hinges in the start until things finally level out between the couples involved.

In this case, it could be that you’ve just entered into a relationship with the person who says to you come cuddle, and you’d prefer you guys take things slowly than rushing into it like that.

If that’s so, you can let the person know with this question-like response. You’re simply asking the person to slow down on the part of physical contact until you’re fully ready for it. On that note, you can see this question as more like an appeal than a sheer query.

Sure, Why Not?

If it were your spouse or partner that asked you to come cuddle with him or her, and you’re available to oblige them, you can use this line to do just that. This line shows that you’re very positive about accepting the person’s request to cuddle with you. 

This response also has an underlying tone of seriousness and firm positivity. 

You Said That Just About the Time I Needed It

Do you think the person who says to you come cuddle said that at just about the time when you feel like getting physical with the person?

If that’s the case, then you can use this line of response to let the person know. Perhaps, the person is your spouse or crush that you’ve been interested in for a long time but decided to wait for the opportunity.

Now, the opportunity presents itself so you should swing into action using this line of response.

Did Your Mom Not Hold You Enough?

This line of response is a little savage reply for the person who says come cuddle to you. On that note, you’re asking the person if his or her mother didn’t hold them or enough as a kid which is why they want to cuddle with you.

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I’m sure the person will feel pressured to leave you alone if they perceive this response as an insult.

I’m sorry, but I Don’t Think I’m Cut Out for That Right Now

If you’re not ready to have anything to do with the person who requests you come cuddle with him or her, you can gently reject their offer and tell them that you’re not ready for such.

It could be that you’re not into the same sex as the person asking you to come cuddle with him or her. Or it could be a result of our religious standings which forbid you from getting physical with someone at the moment.

Do You Seriously Think I’ll Fall for That?

Sometimes, as a girl, guys p can use tricks and impure ways to get physical with you. One such way is telling you to come cuddle with him. He knows that if you give in to that, then there’s a chance that you’ll end up sleeping together, which could’ve been your not wish and will.

Hence, if you sense that this is the person’s plot, you can break out of it by using this line of response.

I Don’t Even Know You That Much to Get Physical with You

This response is self-explanatory as it is verbatim to tell the person who requests you to come cuddle that you can’t do that since you barely know him or her.

Ummmm, Right Now?

You can draw back a bit before giving in to the person who says you should come cuddle with him or her. By asking the person this question means you’re trying to figure out when he or she wants to do that.

I’m not available at the moment, Maybe Later

You can simply use this line to tell the person that you’re not around to oblige their request. This response also explains that you may be available for such an activity later.

Ouu, You Clingy Bunch of Love

Best Replies to Come Cuddle

In case it was your spouse that asked you to come cuddle with him or her, you can use this line of response to extol them a bit. Calling them a bunch of love depicts your outward show of love to the persona and also speaks of you being verbal about how you feel about them.

That Sounds Crazy, You Know?

Yea, it is actually crazy when someone you know nothing about ends up asking you to come cuddle with him or her. However, you can use this line to do that.

Sorry, but I’m only here for Business

If the person who asked you to come cuddle is a business partner and you love to keep things strictly formal, you can use this line to make the person understand what you came for and that you can’t tolerate their sexual moves on you.

I Can’t. We Are Not Couples Yet

Perhaps, the person who asked you to come cuddle is just a platonic friend. If that’s the case, you can quickly dismiss the conversation that led to the request by using this line of response. Telling the person that you both are not a couple yet to indulge in such is a straight-up response.


Cuddling is a physical activity that has to be agreed upon by the two parties involved before it can happen. This is why someone will ask you to come cuddle with him or her.

You ought to have a response to the person and it should reflect who the person is to you. Nevertheless, I explored these two scenarios and from there I was able to draw out a couple of replies which I consider the best. 

You’re free to use any of them if you’re caught up in the situation and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about each of these replies in the comment box below.

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