20 Best Replies to “See You Later”

After meetings and even seeing someone for the first or second time, the person may try to drop hints that they’re up for another meetup with you by saying “see you later”.

Perhaps, your company was worth it and they want to spend some more time with you, probably to learn from you or just chill with someone of your status.

In this scenario, the person will be expecting you to reciprocate their gesture by responding to them when they say “say you later” to you. If you feel short on words or tongue-tied as to what to say, I’ll be helping you with the 20 best replies to see you later in this article. Keep reading on for more!

20 Best Replies to “See You Later”

Your response to anyone who says to you “see you later” depends on what you perceive as the out outcome of your previous meeting with them.

That’s to say, you’ll have to oblige their gesture by sounding positive if you wish to see them again. Contrary, you could act indifferent if you don’t see anything happening between you two again. 

Now, here’s the catch…you can also try to sound positive with your response only to buy you time to exit the scene from the other person.

That means, you’re fed up with their presence and are looking for the best way to slip away, so when they present the opportunity by telling you “see you later”, you grasp it and reply as you take your leave.

Nevertheless, let’s get into the replies properly without incurring further ado. Below are the highlights of my best collection of replies to “see you later”.

There’s a brief note that follows thereafter for each of these replies to give you an idea of their use, both literally and contextually.

  • I’m sure we’ll meet again
  • And you too
  • See you soon
  • You also
  • I hope that happens
  • Okay, later
  • Bye, honey
  • I’m missing you already
  • Bet
  • I’m looking forward to that
  • Don’t take too long
  • Fantastic! Make it snappy
  • Let’s make it work
  • If God wills
  • Sounds like a plan
  • That sounds good
  • Do tell me when you’re free
  • Okay, I’ll be seeing you around
  • Sure, see you in a minute
  • See you later, and mind how you tread

I’m Sure We’ll Meet Again

“I’m sure we’ll meet again” is one of those affirmative lines which shows that you’re on the same page with the person who says to you “see you later”.

By affirmative, I mean that you would also love to see the person again just as they have tried to suggest by saying “see you later”.

This response is a good pick if you’re looking for a nice response to serve in a formal setting. Perhaps, the meeting in which the person says they’ll be expecting to see you later is one of business and there’s a hope that the deal between you and the other party will happen.

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If that’s the case, then you should make use of this line of the response with all its modesty and decisiveness. The use of ‘sure’ in the line of the response shows your unwavering resolve to meet up with the person, again which will happen later (sometime shortly).

And You Too

My aim while drafting this response is that it will be useful to cater to your need if you’re looking forward to replying to someone who shares personal ties.

This said person could be a friend, family or just anyone whom you don’t feel the need to be formally accountable. In that regard, this short and simple line of response has to be your best bet.

Similarly, if you’re not in the mood for long talks you can use this line of response too. Regarding that, the plan is just to move on ahead after you’ve said this to the other person.

See You Soon

“See you soon” is yet another line of response that you can employ when someone says to you “see you later.”

But there’s something different about this one…and that’s because it sounds a tad feminine. I’m not saying you can’t use it if you’re a guy but I think it fits better into the feminine narrative and tone than that of a male.

Subsequently, the physical gesture of flicking the fingers at the other person while saying this type of response is synonymous with the ladies and that’s inarguable.

Therefore, this line stands out as a great choice if you’re a girl and you want to reply to someone (male or female) who says to you “see you later”.

If the other person is also a girl, your response could be genuine. But you may use it as a way of disposing of a guy who tries to hit on you but you’re not feeling any of that.

You Also

There’s a certain reluctance that exists in this line of response that gives me the vibe that it is not coming from a place of seriousness or truth. This is because of the tone with which this line of response executes its function. 

It is too short and barely conveys a definitive message to the other person, which is quite bad for them.

Judging from these factors, it is safe to say that you can use this line if you don’t appreciate seeing the person for another time but says this to allow you to exit the premise where the discussion started at first.

From another point of view, you can utter this line if you’re in so much hurry that you didn’t have the time to employ more intentional words to tell the other person that you’re down for another meetup, later.

I Hope That Happens

Hope is the language of optimism. Yes, if you use this line of response for the person who says to you “see you later”, it indicates your interest in seeing them again.

Even at this conclusion, there’s another school of thought that sees hope as a term that breeds uncertainty. If the latter definition is true, then it means that you’re optimistic to see the person again, but is still skeptical about when, where, and how that would work out.

Your response is just to show your support for their gesture, and also let them know that you’re in for the ride but will rather leave everything at the whims of time and fate

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I love this line of response because it is following the works of nature which is unpredictable until it happens.

Okay, Later

Best Replies to See You Later

If you’re a small talker, and you need a line of response that matches your energy then you can use this line to make that happen.

Just saying “okay, later” when someone says to you “see you later” shows that you’re not in for the long talks and would rather settle for a small and precise reply to the person’s gesture.

In the same vein, you can also employ this response if you’re in a hurry and wouldn’t want to have yourself dragged behind while trying to reply to the speaker. 

Bye, Honey

Bye. honey is a response for lovers. I specially made this for my readers who are in love or committed to marriage, and love to bring the matrimonial vibe into their response when their spouse says to them “see you later”. 

Perhaps, your husband is going out for work and you feel left alone at home and just before he steps out of the door he calls out to you and says “see you later”. 

When this happens, you have the reassuring thought that he’s concerned about your welfare and can’t wait to see you after he’s done with work.

In another scenario, the line could’ve been said to you by your child is just started school and is already feeling nostalgic without you in school. 

On that note, you can respond to him or her by using this response. It screams of affection and cares from you to the person who says “see you later”. 

I’m Missing You Already

When someone you cherish leaves the house or exits a meeting somewhere to attend to another thing and says “see you later”, you may instantly feel the vacuum their absence will likely leave behind. If this happens, then you’re missing the person at that spot.

However, you can capitalize on that to draft your response to the person who says to you “see you later”. With this response, you’re openly telling the person that you already miss them even though they are still around.

This shows that their absence means a lot to you and you’d risk anything for it. You can also use this response if you’re replying to your spouse who’s just leaving for work or your kid who’s going to school, just as I pointed out in the previous response.


Americans are renowned for their short way of saying things and still passing different contextual meanings from the original and complete words. This is true for this response to when someone says “see you later” to you. 

When you say “bet”, it means something different from its original meaning which is to stake things against each other. Here, bet means okay, fine, sure, alright and so many other relative words or terms that denote agreement and affirmation.

So, if the aim is to sound as American as possible then you shouldn’t miss out on using this response when someone puts you in the position to say so.

I’m looking forward to that

If you’re optimistic to meet the person who says “see you later”, then you should do well to use this line of response. This response suggests that you also want to meet the person, and perhaps can’t wait for it to happen already.

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This response is ideal for business meetings or any other form of formal gathering between you and the person who says “see you later”.

Don’t Take Too Long

If you notice, you’ll notice that the predominant tone in this line of response is impatience. Yes, by using this line it shows that you can’t wait to see the person again, maybe this time under a better circumstance.

Hence, if the person who says to you “see you later” is a person of interest you can use this line of response to indulge them not to take too long before reverting to you for a possible meetup later. 

Fantastic! Make It Snappy

Just like the previous line of response, this line is also showing off the same vibe of impatience. That is to say that you can’t wait to meet up with the person who says to you “see you later”. 

The exclamation at the beginning of the statement shows that you’re elated to hear them suggest another meetup with you, and you’d love that to happen as quickly as possible.

Let’s Make It Work

Best Replies to See You Later

If you’re looking for how to indulge someone who says “see you later” into actually seeing them later, you can use this line of response. By saying this, you’re sharing the responsibility of making things work out between you and the person.

If God Wills

How about you leave the possibility of meeting up with the person at the hands of God? If you wish to sound religious, you can use this line to reply to the person who says “see you later”.

Sounds like a Plan

If you’ve been looking for a way to initiate another meetup with the person who says to you “see you later” and you now have it easy, you can use this line of response to let them know that you’re pleased about their gesture.

That Sounds Good

You can also try to express your happiness at a chance to meet up with the speaker once again using this line of response. 

Do Tell Me When You’re Free

This line of the response shows that you’re down to make things work out between you and the person who says “see you later”.

And you show this by telling the person to make sure they let you know when they’re free to enable you guys to meet.

Perhaps, this meeting refers to an important business or a growing relationship.

Okay, I’ll Be Seeing You Around

The idea behind this response is not to suggest that you’re out to meet the person again. It is a subtle way of excusing yourself from the speaker at the moment.

With this response, you give no definite answer of either yes or no.

Sure, See You in a Minute

You can as well employ this response when someone says “see you later” to you. With this, you’re telling the person that we’ll also see them later but with a different choice of words.

See You Later, and Mind How You Tread

This response is more like an admonishment than an acknowledgment of the person’s gesture of seeing you later.

You’re advising the speaker to be cautious of how they walk and talk to avoid problems.


I’m optimistic that you got value in the course of this article, which wraps up in the section. In this post, I was able to highlight and give short notes on the details of each line of response for when someone says to you “see you later”.

Remember to study your circumstance before using any of them, and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on these replies in the comment section below.

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