30 Best Responses to Jummah Mubarak

The phrase Jumah Mubarak is a special greeting for the holy day Muslims observe every Friday of the week around the world.

The best response to this greeting is under this post, they are well-written and formatted to give you the best results. Use this response to acknowledge anyone who greets you this way.

All our replies are practical and relatable. With the right words and phrases, we have written each one of these to remain appropriate in any situation.

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Meaning Of Jummah Mubarak

Responses to Jummah Mubarak

This means a good Friday in Arabic. It’s a phrase used commonly by Muslim faithful around the world to greet each other on Friday, which is regarded as the holy day of the week in Islam.

On this day, they are required to gather and pray in mosques. This phrase can also mean blessed Friday and it is used to greet other Muslims partaking in the ceremony.

30 Best Responses to Jummah Mubarak

1. Jummah Mubarak. May This Friday Bring You Peace And Happiness

A good response to Jumah Mubarak is saying may this Friday bring you peace and happiness. This response acknowledges the salutation of the speaker while praying for peace and happiness for them. Returning a kind gesture of greeting is essential in fostering a good relationship.

It tells the speaker that you are hoping they enjoy the rest of their Friday and remain peaceful. Wishing peace upon them is a very acceptable gesture, they will accept your kind words with thanks. When responding to Jumah Mubarak it is nice to pray for the speaker.

2. Jummah Mubarak. May Allah Bless You And Your Family

A good response to Jumah Mubarak is saying may Allah bless you and your family. This greeting is a good way to respond to people who are closest to you.

It’s a prayer of blessing directed at the speaker’s family. When they hear such from you, it makes them grateful and happy.

This response is a prayer for God’s blessing for the speaker’s family and loved ones. It shows the speaker you are concerned about their well-being. Anyone who you care dearly for should be greeted this way.

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3. Jummah Mubarak. May Your Requests And Wishes Find You Today

When someone greets you with Jumah Mubarak say may your prayers be answered and your wishes come true.

This response acknowledges the speaker’s greetings. It is a prayer for their heart desires to be fulfilled and needs met. Use this for colleagues who need support.

It tells them you have sympathy for them and you are rooting for them to win. This will show the speaker they are loved by you. If you want their dreams fulfilled, they will take you as friends for life.

4. Jummah Mubarak. I Send You Love And All The Light Of The Universe

Say, Jumah Mubarak, may your day be filled with love and light when someone greets you. It means you are wishing them a happy Friday with a personal prayer attached to it. You are wishing them a day filled with positive energy.

This response reminds them of the love of Allah and lights upon their day. It tells the speaker to expect the guidance and direction of Allah as they go about their daily routine.

5. Jummah Mubarak. May Your Soul Have The Depth To Remain In  Gratitude And With Peace

A response to Jumah Mubarak Is saying may your soul have the depth to remain in gratitude and with peace.

This reply acknowledges their greeting while wishing them a sense of peace in their soul and appreciation in their hearts. It is a lovely, meaningful, and intentional salutation that fits the holy day.

It’s a way to show you want inner peace and a sense of gratitude. The reply is a reminder to remain grateful for the life and the peace that only Allah can give.

6. Jummah Mubarak. I Pray For Allah’s Continuous Grace to Rest On You And Your Family

This response directs the blessings of Allah upon the speaker and their entire household. It’s perfect for individuals who have a large or extended family.

It shows the speaker you recognize the strength of their household and wishes the goodness of the land upon you. Such responses portray you as someone observant and caring.

When you reply with this statement, you are putting the speaker’s family as the recipient of God’s blessing. It serves as a reminder of the prosperity and comfort God should grant them.

7. Jummah Mubarak. Allah Will Hold Your Faith And your Heart Will Declare The Joy Of The Righteous

A response to Jumah Mubarak is saying Allah would hold your faith and your heart will declare the joy of the righteous. When you reply this way, you show the speaker you are interested in their welfare.

This is a prayer of hope directed to them while sending happiness to their life. Use this response to show support or encouragement to the speaker.

It tells the speaker that you are behind them every step of the way. It’s a way to show you will always think about them and send positive energy their way.

8. Jummah Mubarak. May Allah Find Your Prayers Acceptable And Grant  You The Desires Of Your Heart. 

If someone says Jumah Mubarak, respond by saying may Allah find your prayers acceptable and grant you the desires of your heart.

This reply is appropriate for the holy Friday. The reply asks for God’s acceptance of their prayers.

Anyone who hears this will feel glad in their soul because it gives them hope for their desires.

It tells the speaker you wish them good tidings.

They will be happy you have sent such gracious words their way. It presents you as a very thoughtful person.

9. Jummah Mubarak. You Shall Have A Day As Beautiful As The Light Of Allah

One response that serves as a salutation and compliment is saying you shall have a day as beautiful as the light of Allah.

It makes you seem like an observant person, for likening their smile to a beautiful day. With a response such as this, you are guaranteed to be remembered by them.

It shows the speaker you desire God to beautify their life. It tells them you are seeing how happy they are and pray that they continue to enjoy the day. They will appreciate your concern and care for them.

10. Jummah Mubarak. May Allah’s Blessing Be With You Always

When someone says, Jumah Mubarak. Say May Allah’s blessing be with you always. This is one of the most popular responses you can find.

It is simple and direct and carries positive energy directed at the speaker. This wishes the speaker continuous blessings as they live every day of their life.

It shows the speaker you are always thinking about them. This also tells them you care about their welfare because you have asked God to bless them always.

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Use this reply with people who are more advanced in age than you or senior citizens.

11. Jummah Mubarak. May Your Soul Be Filled With Peace And The Love Of Allah Be In Your Heart

Praying for the love of God in the heart of the speaker is a very heartfelt and caring prayer. This response doubles as a prayer and salutation.

It acknowledged their greeting while wishing the peace of God in their life. When you wish someone peace and love, they will be indebted to return the same sentiment.

Use this reply with people you just met and work colleagues or neighbors. It portrays you as an outgoing and devout individual. It is a reminder to hold Islamic virtues of love and peace in their heart.

12. Jummah Mubarak. May Allah Guide You On The Right Path And Protect You From Harm

A perfect response to Jumah Mubarak is saying may Allah guide you on the right path and protect you from harm.

This reply describes in detail how much you desire to see them succeed. The speaker will be happy and grateful to hear such meaningful and sensitive wishes from you.

It shows the speaker you are asking God to put them on the right path while offering them protection from the elements. This response is perfect for persons who require direction, it’s a prayer to the next stage of their life.

13. Jummah Mubarak. May Allah Grant You The Highest Level Of Paradise

A simple response is saying may Allah grant you the highest level of paradise. This is a very important and impressionable response. It means you wish the speaker to find peace in paradise.

This will gain you their heartfelt respect anytime and day. Use this response when speaking with older or aged relations.

It shows the speaker you are sensitive and has a warm and caring personality. You are wishing them a rewarding benefit in their afterlife. This is a prayer every devout will cherish.

14. Jummah Mubarak. May Your Day Be Filled With Kindness And Compassion

A rewarding response to Jumah Mubarak is saying may your day be filled with kindness and compassion.

Wishing this to the speaker is a great way to reply to them. Your words will soothe and calm them. In times like this, their love or trust for you will increase significantly because of this response.

It tells the speaker you wish them acts of kindness and love throughout their day. It will boost their confidence and they will be grateful for it. Use this response with close friends, lovers, and partners.

15. Jummah Mubarak. May Your Faith Be Your Strength And You Prayers Your Weapon

A response that doubles as a greeting and prayer for protection is this here. It directs the power and protection to the speaker.

This reply is perfect when you want to encourage them by strengthening their beliefs. Use this to motivate persons who you think need it.

It shows the speaker you will always put them in your prayers and that you are joining your faith with theirs.

Telling them this will motivate and renew their hope as they move about the day. If you are looking for some good points with a friend, use this response to show your support.

16. Jummah Mubarak. May Longevity of Life Be Yours

One suitable response to Jumah Mubarak is saying may Allah bless you with longevity of life.

Good health cannot be too much for anyone. We all want to enjoy the benefits of a long and prosperous healthy life. When you respond this way, you are praying for the speaker to reap these benefits from God.

The response shows them you have good intentions for them. It is you asking Allah to bestow both physical and emotional well-being upon them.

17. Jummah Mubarak. May Your Day Be Filled With Blessings And Your Heart With Gratitude

When someone greets you this way, respond by saying may your day be filled with blessings and your heart with gratitude. Being thankful to God is a fundamental teaching and practice of every devout.

Your response shows them you wish their day remains blessed and their hearts grateful.

This reply shows the speaker you are willing to receive the fortitude to have a grateful heart from God. it’s a reminder of the wonderful benefits of showing gratitude.

18. Jummah Mubarak. May The Mercy of Allah Grow Continually on You

One good response to Jumah Mubarak is saying may Allah’s mercy grow continually on you.

What makes this reply stand out is how it wishes for mercy upon the family of the speaker. It shows intention, love, and care from you.

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They will take this as an act of kindness and reciprocate the same with you.

This response tells God to show their family mercy. It tells them you have more love and tender care toward them and their loved ones.

19. Jummah Mubarak. May Your Prayers Be A Source Of Comfort And Peace For You

When someone says Jumah Mubarak to you, respond with May your prayers be a source of comfort and peace for you.

This reply acknowledges their greetings while wishing them comfort and peace of mind. Replying this way shows the speaker you carry them in your heart.

It will increase the trust and bond the speaker has for you. Use this reply when responding with friends who trust you.

It will increase the loyalty and trust between both of you. This response will be a source of solace for the speaker, they will be reminded of the power of praying.

20. Jummah Mubarak. May This Friday Be Filled With The Spirit Of The Divine Grace Of Allah

A wonderful response to Jumah Mubarak is saying may your Friday be filled with the divine grace of Allah. This is a way to wish the stranger a wonderful day filled with hope and positivity.

A reply like this will put a smile on the face of the speaker. You can be assured they will go out with more confidence.

It shows them you are an optimistic person and you want this reflected in their lives too. It’s a reminder to them that life is easier when you are looking through the lens of optimism.

21. Jummah Mubarak. May Allah Give You The Benefit Of Your Hardwork And Patience

A response that appreciates the speaker while saying a personal prayer is this here. It describes the blessings they will be rewarded for their good work.

It tells them that all their efforts will not be futile. Use this response with those going through difficulty or hard times.

It will strengthen their resolve to know they will be rewarded for persevering in face of challenges.

This response describes the Islamic teachings on the importance of patience and perseverance in achieving your goals.

22. Jummah Mubarak. May Allah Grant You Success In This Life And The Hereafter

This response talks about the speaker receiving a grant from Allah to be successful in life and the afterlife.

Use this response to show the speaker you are grateful for them. It is perfect when you want to show appreciation to the speaker. This tells them you are praying and blessing them for being there for them.

It is a reminder of the teachings of Islam that success is a spiritual pursuit and not a worldly one. This reply will let the speaker see your genuine concern for them and thank you for this.

23. Jummah Mubarak. May Allah Bless You With A Heart That Forgives And A Mind That Forgets

One simple response is saying may Allah Bless You With A forgiven heart and mind. This prayer is well suited for conflict resolution.

It asks Allah to give them the mind to forget any wrongdoing done to them, most of all the heart to let go of these things.

This reply is one way to show the speaker you have hope they will have a forgiven heart.

It shows them forgiveness and forgetting wrongdoing is a way to grow in wealth and wisdom.

24. Jummah Mubarak. May Every Good Deed You Have Done Be Fruitful And Multiply

This response is a proclamation of multiple blessings and forgiven sins upon the speaker.

It is a prayer that will put the speaker in a good mood. It is asking for their effort to yield multiple returns while their sins are forgiven.

When a prayer such as this is used as a response, you are showing them how much you care.

It follows the teachings of the importance of seeking forgiveness and doing good deeds to gain a sizable reward in the afterlife.

25. Jummah Mubarak. May Allah Protect Your From Harm And Put You On The Right Path

Respond to Jumah Mubarak by saying may Allah protect you from harm and put you on the right path.

This means you are wishing them protection from injury, sickness, etc. it tells them you care about them. The reply also asks that they receive guidance on their path in life.

Responding this way shows the speaker you have trust in them and their abilities. It also tells them you are willing to protect them from harm. With this response, they will see how much you love and adore them.

26. Jummah Mubarak To You Too

If you are looking for a straightforward greeting here, this serves as the best example. It acknowledges the greeting from the speaker while returning the same gesture to the speaker.

It is a way to wish them happy Jumah Mubarak too. Use this response when you want to be quick and polite.

It’s perfect especially when responding to strangers or those you have little relationship with.

27. May Allah Bless You On This Blessed Day

The day of JUmah is a blessed one and this reply wishes the blessing of the day upon the speaker. It extends the gratitude you feel towards the speaker by declaring they will experience some blessing.

It shows them that the blessing of the holy Friday is important and they should always partake in it. Doing this will increase the faith of the speaker. They will know you are a dedicated Muslim.

28. Wishing You A Peaceful And Blessed Jummah

When you need a reply to Jumah Mubarak, say wishing you a peaceful and blessed Jumah. This response is simple and clear. It expresses your good intentions for them.

It’s a reminder of the inner peace that comes from observing Jumah.

As a devout friend, the speaker will see you as a family when you reply to them this way. They will be grateful you have prayed for peace in their lives.

29. Jummah Mubarak. May Your Friday Start With The Goodness of Allah And End With The Blessing Of God

This response is used to extend wishes of good tidings to the speaker.

When this happens, you are reminding them of the goodness of the holy Friday. It shows the speaker you are well-read on the things of Islam.

They will respect your opinions and be glad you wish them such gracious and merciful prayers.

30. May Allah Blessing Be With You Always

When someone says jummah Mubarak to you, say may Allah’s blessing Be on you always.

This is a very needed and useful reply. It is simple. It wishes the speaker to be blessed by Allah.

Also, this response acknowledges the significance of the Day And Emphasizes the importance of seeking Allah’s Blessing in all aspects of life.

Can You Say Jumah Mubarak To A Woman?

Yes, you can say Jummah Mubarak to a woman. There is no law prohibiting anyone from saying “Jummah Mubarak” to a woman.

Every gender can be greeted with this phrase men, women, and kids.


Greetings of Jummah Mubarak should be responded to with a warm and inviting reply of your choice. Our well-read list contains 30 of the best responses you can choose from.

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