What to Reply When Someone Says Cheer Up? (19 Powerful Responses)

Telling someone to cheer up is quite a motivational phrase, and it does work wonders for some people.

Surprisingly, some people feel disgusted when they’re told to cheer up. They feel judged and mistaken for a bitter person.

However, where you pitch your tent between these two parties is unknown to me. But, that doesn’t make your search invalid when you seek ways to reply to someone who says cheer up to you.

In this article, I’ll be highlighting an extended option of responses you can explore when someone says to cheer up.

These replies feature the two different perceptions when someone says to cheer up. Read on to learn more!

19 Things to Say When Someone Says Cheer Up

When someone tells you to cheer up, how do you feel? Do you feel relieved from your stress, or do you feel loved in some type of way?

Sometimes, it may even occur to you that the person who said that to you cares for you. Contrastly, do you feel judged or pitied? You may think the person is trying to downplay your stoic physical nature.

Whichever way you feel determines what type of response suits you. Nevertheless, let’s get into the responses properly.

When it feels good

  • Thanks for the concern
  • I’ll have to keep trying
  • I’m fine now, thanks
  • Much love to you too
  • I’ve never felt better, but thanks for the thought though

When it comes off bad

  • I bet you don’t know how hard it feels
  • Is that the best thing to do now?
  • You do know you’re asking me to bury my feelings
  • I don’t find that sensitive right now
  • You can keep that to yourself
  • I don’t remember asking for your pity
  • I can’t get any happier than this
  • Are you asking me to be the joker for some minutes?
  • Well, now is not a good time for that
  • I don’t think that’s necessary
  • You might want to serve yourself some of that too
  • I don’t remember telling you I am moody
  • Can you not do that now? It icks me
  • Would love to, but it doesn’t work for me today

Thanks for the Concern

I think appreciation comes in line when you feel good about someone telling you to cheer up. You could be having the worse day and that phrase was what you needed to keep the energy running.

You won’t deteriorate if you say thank you to the person.

If you don’t see any reason to be grateful, then see what he or she said to you as a favor.

Yes, it is! I know how it feels to be down and clueless and in times like this, your face does not know how to act indifferent. It shrinks and looks way off, that people can’t help but notice.

Therefore, you should consider this line of response as a good one as it portrays you in good light and also shows the person’s words weren’t futile after all.

I’ll Have to Keep Trying

This response is an affirmative line and it acknowledges the goodness of the person who says cheer up to you.

Telling the person that you’ll keep trying is an optimistic act and it should show on your face and actions within the time frame of this acknowledgment.

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You can put up a little smile, or a grin on your face to show you’re indeed pleased by the person’s positive words.

This way, you assure the person that their effort to make you less gloomy didn’t go unnoticed, and you’re so going to try out their advice of cheering up.

I’m Fine Now, Thanks

What to Reply When Someone Says Cheer Up

Apart from saying thanks, you can also assure the person who says cheer up that you’re fine already. And that would be courtesy of their nice words to you.

It is one thing to acknowledge a person’s encouragement, and it is another thing to proclaim its effectiveness.

It does not only show how grateful you are, but it also shows that you didn’t toss away the person’s words, rather you chose to implement them and see how it turns out.

And given that the result was good, you can make use of this line as a response to when someone says to cheer up to you up.

Much Love to You Too

Humanity thrives on the religion and language of love. This is because love unites all and makes differences so insignificant that it is overlooked most of the time.

When someone says to cheer up to you up with genuine intentions, it shows nothing else but an act of love. It is a show of love, for humanity, for life, and for the sanity of everybody.

On that note, this line of response becomes a great asset that you can use to requite the love shown to you.

And by extending love to the person who says cheer up to you in good faith, you’re also attracting more love into your life.

With this realization, you become more lively and less gloomy and no one would have to continually tell you to cheer up.

The person’s words not only becomes an instant balm for your wound of sadness but also heal any other problems you have because love triumphs.

I’ve Never Felt Better, but Thanks for the Thought Though

It’s a different feeling to know that someone cares enough about you to tell you to cheer up. Life nowadays is fast and fleeting and trusts me when I say a lot of people don’t stop to see the hurt and pain in others.

While most people’s sadness reflects on their faces, others hide behind make-up, work, luxury, and even socialization.

You may be in the selection of those whose sadness speaks through their face, which is why someone would tell you to cheer up.

So, you should feel good about that. When you do, don’t forget you can use this line of response to acknowledge the good work of the person who extended their hands of solidarity to you, by saying thanks in the end.

I Bet You Don’t Know How Hard It Feels

I get it; a lot of people say things just because it sounds pleasing to their ears and they haven’t taken time to consider what the next person is passing through.

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So, someone who knows nothing exactly what it feels like to walk in your shoes will say cheer up to you like it’s nothing.

It doesn’t make sense as it makes to them. They say it like cheering up would work the whole magic and get you back to your feet. That’s where it gets disgusting.

When you feel like being told to cheer up is almost like getting choked on mentos and Coke, you should let it off your heart by using this line of response.

Trust me, it will make the person understand that saying only that to you doesn’t count for anything.

Is That the Best Thing to Do Now?

What to Reply When Someone Says Cheer Up

Asking questions in the form of replies can’t be any better. With this line, you’re not only throwing the query to the person who says cheer up to you, but you’re also asking the same of yourself.

There are times we get too stuck with life that the only thing needed to do is to bask in the sadness and feel it.

Cheering up and acting like all is fine may work out, at least for some minutes, hours, or even days, and you find yourself crawling back into your little hole.

Sometimes, you need to accept that you’re sad and stay at it for as long as you have to before you release the sadness.

Therefore, you’re entitled to ask this question to the person who says cheer up to you. Perhaps, they can explain things better.

You Do Know You’re Asking Me to Bury My Feelings

The person who says you should cheer up probably doesn’t know that they’re indirectly asking you to bury your feelings, whatever they may be. And that right there can piss off a whole lot of people.

If you feel the same way, nothing should stop you from bringing it to their notice that they’re asking you to press down on your emotions, when you should be living through them. If you’re about to let them know, this line is a good start.

I Don’t Find That Sensitive Right Now

Sometimes, some words of encouragement sound off and insensitive. This could be your reaction when someone says to cheer up to you up when in real time you don’t need that.

Perhaps, all you need is to eat food and quench your hunger or you need a job to pay your bills. Hence, it is utter insensitivity for someone to say cheer up to you without offering to take care of your real problems.

You Can Keep That to Yourself

I don’t like it when I’m pitied, and I guess you don’t like that as well. If you’re wondering what pity has got to do with this response, then you just know some people say cheer up to you out of pity.

Seeing none of that works for you, you can use this line to address the situation.

I Don’t Remember Asking For Your Pity

Still on the issue of pity; you can use this line of response to reproach anyone who says cheer up to you out of pity. If you don’t need that, why tolerate it?

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I Can’t Get Any Happier Than This

If you’re looking for a quick and intelligent way of brushing someone off when they say cheer up to you, then this line should never leave your lips.

Are You Asking Me to Be the Joker for Some Minutes?

Funnily enough, you’ll not be anything far from a joker if you listen to someone who says cheer up to you.

The fake smiles, the forced grin and all other fake effects you put up to please the person are uncalled for.

Rather, you should be verbal about your dislike for the words of encouragement by using this response.

Well, Now Is Not a Good Time for That

If you don’t mean to be sassy when you feel bad about someone saying cheer up to you, but you still need a good reply then you can count on this.

I bet the person will be left with no other choice but to take back their words.

I Don’t Think That’s Necessary

Quite a couple of times, people may mistake your stoic face for an angry person and someone can even tell you to cheer up when that’s not the case.

In this scenario, you can use this line of response as a clarification to them.

You Might Want to Serve Yourself Some of That Too

Having good responses without a single comeback in them is improper. On that note, you can throw shade at the person who says you should cheer up using this line.

I Don’t Remember Telling You I Am Moody

When someone mistakes your natural not-so-funny face for a sad person, you can tell them you’re not moody with this line.

Can You Not Do That Now? It Is Me

The person who says cheer up to you could be a chronic mood spoiler and when they get on their game by saying that, you can rebuke them using this reply.

Would Love To, but It Doesn’t Work for Me Today

Although this response sounds sad and not particularly grateful, it does show that you acknowledge the good in the words of the person who says cheer up to you.

But, you’re being honest that their words don’t usually work out for you, especially on the day they say that.

For what it’s worth, this is a subtle but complete brush-off on the person who says cheer up to you, as you’re simply telling them their words are ineffective. What a way of throwing clueless words out the window.


Depending on the mood of the day, cheer-up can come off as either nice or irritating to me.

But whichever way it comes in, I’m always strapped with the right response to dish out. If you were in doubt about what to say when someone says to cheer up, I guess you’re now more informed.

This is because I did my due diligence in providing you with premium lines of response in this article. Quickly let us know your thoughts in the comment box below and help get this post to other people.

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